Sunday, October 14, 2018

Being Lonely

So many of us in our community are lonely. There are many reasons for this. Most of it can be boiled down to two many issues. We are never truly accepted in society and face isolation and harassment on a regular basis. The other issue being what it means to be us.  Every LGBT person will have a different answer.

This has been a problem for so long. The answer however is a lot simpler. The hard part is undoing all those forced gender norms and expectations. If we were honest it would sound like this. "I am sorry straight society you are dysfunctional even amongst your own."

What does it mean to be a man?, a woman?, to belong, to be a family?  Ask anyone and you will get different answers. They may have similarities but no absolutes. There lies the problem. You expect us to conform to something that never conforms to you.

Men can dress up in women's clothing and full make wanting to feel pretty and still be straight. Gay men can be masculine, outgoing and jocks. Lesbians can be beautiful and dainty. Transgender can be straight but the wrong gender.

For far to long the few who want their view of what is normal have forced, bullied, humiliated, and murdered us to fit a mould. It is not about religion, morality, or society. It has always been about power. If they can make you do what they want they keep you off balance.

The truth is we are all beautiful, we are all worthy of love. Their is no definition to love. It is instead a wondrous thing that enchants when we let if free. Try it sometime. Hold your tongue. Don't lecture, support.  Judge love not likeness. Accept even if its not you or you understand.

People are... Families are... Love is...  It is that simple. The definition is in what works for you and how you shape your life. You can't be anything or anyone other than you. As I have said society is not ready for us. It really has not been ready for its self.  So just love.

Now all this being said I am not advocating for anarchy or wholesale rejection of traditions. I am saying however take that which fits you and preserve that. But before you reject what you think is not you at least try to understand what you are rejecting. If you do not then you are on the same path  as what has hurt you.

My only other advice is when you love, truly love. Don't settle. Love and you are priceless. You don't have to do anything that does not feel right or enrich you. If someone is trying to say otherwise get away from them. You can only be you and you are capable of love and value.

Even in love there may be roads of pain but know are the light in the dark. The darkness is being consumed into the definitions that are not you.

To those who live in the dark I say you are wrong and always have been. It doesn't matter if you can be at the top, have power, or fame. It doesn't matter what you think on anything other than you.  If you truly cared you would celebrate all those wonderful differences we have in life and cherish those who make your life better.

Two life long friends can raise a child together and be a family. Two women who madly love one another can be a family. A family friend who takes in an orphan can be a family. All you need is love.

What's normal? The answer is you. What's not normal? The answer is anything that hurts another or yourself. To many take it upon themselves to dictate life. Never do that.

You can advise, support, love, even toss your hands up in frustration. But always love, always accept, even if its not you. Acceptance is not approval. It is love. I may not understand or agree but I love you and I want you to be happy, even if its not my life.

Life can be lonely but if we love we can be fulfilled. Go bask in that warmth I think you will find loneliness fades and people flock to you. You can't fake it. You can't imitate it. You can only experience it.

If you can't, find help. Find someone. Life is a journey of emotions and experiences. Don't miss the biggest part of your journey.

Live, Love, Forgive.

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Silenced/Ignored

Today I want to talk about something that affects society as a whole. However; it is quite problematic for our community as we can be the ones most unheard. I want to talk about child abuse. I need to talk about child abuse...

To often children are being used as punching bags, sex toys, cash machines, and targets for all sorts of demented rage. I've shared some of my own experiences in the past and I have heard countless more from others in my life.

Part of me wants to get everyone the help they need and then the other part says some people should not reproduce or be around kids. Either way we have an epidemic and it is festering. We complain about the oozing pus but never seem to truly treat the wound.

We have parents who use their kids as cash machines trotting them out like made up dolls just to make a dollar. We have some who think it is alright to sexualize a child... I don't think I need to go further down that path in this article. It says enough with just that. We have...

In our community we face beatings for not conforming to our gender. We face sexual abuse both to "correct us" and because we are the most vulnerable being the smallest minority in society as a whole.  We get bullied for being different, even into adulthood. We grow up most everyday hearing some form of condemnation that we are some form of evil. I have to say who abuses a child in such a way that is not themselves a monster for such words or actions?

In my own life I recall all the time hearing such words. I recall the hate and violence expressed that someone might even be called gay. Back then it was only gay or straight they really didn't recognize anything beyond that. My point is you have no idea how hard that is to hear for someone who knows they are different. You have no idea how hard it is to develop hearing such things.

Now imagine the further threats on life. In my own case I recall the young man found dead in a ditch after he came out. There was no hate crime laws then. The talk then was he's just a fag. He got what he deserved.

Then we have the subtle abusers. I don't care what you do as long as its not in my face. I'm sorry two people holding hands, kissing, or smiling and having a flirty conversation offends you but we deserve to find love. We deserve to be loved. To the religious...  If you know love you know God.

To many children walk with bruises, tortured souls, scars that may never completely heal, and check out of life before their time. You know I find this harder to write than I thought. There is to much to say and to much pain for all involved. We hurt and we have little to no justice as a whole. It is time for wounds to heal.

When will society treat the wounds and begin taking care of those hurt and lost children?

We certainly have been taking about this for some time. It's even in our music. Maybe we should listen to all those songs that were viewed, some hits, and listen with our hearts. Maybe, just maybe, we would do the right thing.

The above are a few of many voices talking about crimes that have been and are being committed. When do the silenced and ignored get their justice and are allowed to heal? Can they all be healed? I hope so. I hope there is enough love in the world because the tidal wave of hurt could wash away a continent.

I hope, I pray, one day there is no more pain and all can find peace. We all deserve peace.

All my love to the others.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Let's Hear it for the L

Today is for all the powerful women in our community. Please enjoy!

With that please add your voice to the chorus.  Joy and love silence hate and warm hearts. Be proud!

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

If We Were honest

If we were honest we would know there can be no peace until all wrongs are undone and justice serves all. There can be no compromise on this.

Those who lie, cheat, steal, and worse must answer for their actions. Their wrongs must be undone. This also can not be compromised.

There can be no peace without justice. There can be no forgiveness without atonement and there can be no place for intolerance.

None of these words are violence or death. They are true as any can be. It is time to be honest. It is time to heal.

The saddest part is we can only progress and heal to the tune of those words above. Action is easy. The emotions of those actions are the hard part. You may very well cry, ache, and even fall apart but you must heal. We all must heal.

The bill for the abuse, pain, torture, and deaths of so many is now due.  Pay or go I say. The Earth can only sustain those with a heart, a soul.  If you can not be bothered to muster either you must go.

I chuckle at those who will surely abuse these words to other meanings. Because lies begin even at the top nowadays.  I only speak truth on this. Pay or go.

Since many will debate the debt, I shall say this:  As long as the hurt carry pain you carry debt. The dead and those who can no longer speak must still be granted justice. The disillusioned, sick, and tortured must be righted.

As I said there can be no peace until all wrongs are undone and justice reigns for all, living or dead. It is not enough to progress. It is not enough to survive. Life must have meaning and life must have love. If we all loved we would not be here now.

It is time. Love or don't. Stay or don't. Pay or don't.

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Our Mother

Today I want to talk about something that goes beyond our civil rights and oppression. I want to talk about our mother, Earth. This is no green article, hippie love fest, or new age thoughts. This is fact.

The pacific ocean has a mass of plastic the size of Texas in it. A good portion of the planet is in drought or ablaze from wildfires. Volcanoes are erupting. Toxic filled waters are fueling out of control flesh eating bacteria. Disease is raging where it should not.Climate change is happening.  Life, all life is under threat.

A reality is dawning and few are listening. You can gain all the civil rights in the world but if you have no world from which to live you are most certainly dead. Our house is on fire. Do we wait till we are burning to put it out?

I know many will read this and dismiss it. I know many will not believe it. I know many more will do nothing. I say to you go look, research, or even listen. You will find what I say to be true.

It is time to clean up from our wasteful party, it is time to restore our home so we can have shelter, breathable air, drink, and food. It is time we stop bio-assassination. It is time we stand up to those who dismiss and add to the problem.

Go forth replant those forests, restore those wetlands, return environments to what they should be not what we desire, clean up the trash, and most importantly stop creating it.

You want a quick reality check? Between 1-3% of our normal waste can not be recycled or repurposed. That means 97% can be used again or for something else. Why aren't we?

You can be selfish, you can be lazy, you can cover your ears and hum but this is not going away and even if we all began today it would take time to fix. So I guess that leaves the question why do you use and abuse your mother?

When she is gone we will be alone or dead, because one thing is true. We are most certainly all selfish arrogant children that need a wake up call and punishment. Do or don't it is all our lives. Live or die. It really is that simple.

Only then can we worry about how we treat one another. Let us hope our efforts for Earth are better than that.

Peace, life, love.

Love is Never Wrong!

Monday, August 13, 2018


Everyone worries about the current and future generations. Listen to them. They will tell you what they need and where we are going. Then and only then we can help them understand why we hold some things so dear.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, August 10, 2018


Have you ever realized the message is the same on all sides just executed differently? Makes you wonder if it's not the message it must be the people. Maybe we need to look, hear, and know those around us.

Love is Never Wrong!