Wednesday, May 16, 2018


It does not take much to look around the world today to see so much chaos, violence, and despair. The truth about all this is that so much of it is quite intentional. There are those for whatever reasons choose to hurt you, divide, you and even confuse you.

If they can achieve these things they can direct you where they will. They can delegate what and how much you get. They can choose who lives or dies. They set the pace and it never out does them. But then that is their weakness. They see the brillance that is you and can only achieve by bringing you down.

Oh I know this not apply to all but it does apply to many. To many are hurt, stirred up by , or oppressed by a small group of very selfish people. To many suffer.

I am not telling you anything I am sure most of you know. That is not what this post is about.  What I do want you to know is love. I talk about it so much.

You see all the things that make you who you are go beyond the physical body and into our hearts, minds, very soul. What you need to know is good people can do bad things but good people learn and grow. They seek forgiveness and try to right wrongs.

No matter what happens to our bodies no one can take our very core. That is ours and ours alone. It is why some hurt and oppress. They wish to crush that resistance in you. However only you have that power. They can't touch that which is us. Only we can.

If we base our core on love and try to live, love, and forgive then all their work is for naught. And in the end it only takes one lonely, tired, and very hurt soul full of love to undo all their hate and division.

Many times I have told you all to stand int he light. Evil things can't hide themselves there. It means they will be seen and that very sight is an account of their wrongs. It is an account of things they must pay for. And with time and love they shall.

The only thing that truly matters is what is inside you. Hopefully it is love for it heals and sustains all.

I wish you all love.

Love is Never Wrong!

Monday, May 7, 2018

A Return?

It is apparent some seek to return us to division and discrimination.  Maybe I should remind those who wrap themselves in flag and country...

U.S. Constitution, Amendment 14

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce
any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life. liberty. or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of laws.

So quite simply... The rights of one are the rights of all. Life, liberty, and property are immune to legislative removal or undue requirements.  I find it sad when politicians legislate morality by silencing their opposition by punishment, harassment, and worse.

We are citizens and we are most certainly equal. It is you who seek to abridge, who are the enemy of the people. You know the one this grand document attests to,  We the People...

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Prayer

O brothers and sisters I reach for you. We stumble, we fall. I do my best to lift you up.
Now your down, look around. Our world is full of the fallen. Will you help me lift the others up?

A blessing I pray:

Bless us all. May we all know peace, love, and justice.
Bless us all to know resolution and grace.

May we all know we are one. We lift each other up.
May we all know love so that it grows in our hearts.
May we all know to cast out the dark things.
May we all know to get the dark ones help.

Bless all of you who hurt!
May the blessings of peace, love and justice reach your hearts as well.
May you, most of all, know to unload your burdens upon broader shoulders.
May you know that unburdening is not to be feared but embraced.
May you know you are the whole, the voice, the power, the love.

To this I pray may we all know love and with that justice.
All good things spring from love it is only our burden to embrace it.
So brothers and sisters of the rainbow, or not , faithful or not I pray in all things,
Love visited upon you.

I know this is a bit different than my usual posts but when all else fails pray and love. Whoever you are whatever you believe one can not deny putting good thoughts out into the world are anything but good. Bless you all.

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Arena

In ancient times men battled in large arenas providing a huge spectacle of violence and death. Who would think today we face the same barbaric display, albeit by other fashion. There most certainly is something wrong with the world today.

When politicians are elected in spite of their dishonesty and moral and ethical failings. When those same politicians take food, medicine, housing, rights from the weakest amongst us. When good people jump into that arena in rage.

The struggle has never been a war. It is simply right and wrong. There is no war of ideologies. There is no war period! There is however an abundance of selfishness and greed. Toss in an unhealthy dose of self importance.

We have so many problems and as I have written for some time now the answer is and always has been love. It is simply up to you to overcome your self imposed limitations. Pain, upset, anger... realize all those are the expressions of things wrought unto your life.

The challenge, the struggle, is to overcome and love rather than lash out.  We may fall at times but if we love we can again stand. There is no greater pride than standing in love.

Confront the wrongs in the world. Do so with love. We all falter and we all hurt. Let us not add any more. It is time to heal.

So now you know what the arena is. That vile pit where some in their own hurt, pain, selfishness, and self importance seek to draw you into in order to bring you down to their level. Just a warning, never go in. For it is a pit of vipers and their bites will linger long and painfully upon your flesh.

Confront the wrong, confront the pains. Stand and defy those who dare introduce an arena. As a community we most notably know about hiding. We should be able to spot those who hide things in the guise of vicious debate and personal berating.

Anyone who would tear you down and not help you rebuild or heal deserves nothing from you but defiance. Let them know in no uncertain terms NO!  No you will not stand for their vile actions and their war against anyone who does not benefit them.

Go in peace. Go in love. Go with surety.

The world is ours and it always has been. All of ours! The time of anyone being ignored, hurt, abused, or even murdered is done. Do not allow ancient gladiators to drag you back to a time when pain was acceptable and not everyone mattered.

It is a big world with countless peoples all with different lives and ideas. We all matter and we all deserve love. We all deserve peace.  Equality, dignity, respect, compassion, and love are! They are not a thing for debate, legislation, or voting.

One day we will have our day in the sun. Nothing to hide. Just the warm bask of a bright day where no monsters hide in wait and the warmth of love lets us know the only struggle is within ourselves.

Overcome and stand. It has been to long a night. And love has to long waited

Ignore the arena in your life. Justice is the answer not the fight. If the clothing of justice is love then no one wants.

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Dangerous Ideas and Trends

I don't care to be in the negative on things in life. I believe people should have a great deal of lee-way and room to make mistakes. However; a dangerous trend is appearing in LGBT media. Compassion and Humanity must exist for all of us but endorsing and enabling self-destructive behavior is not either of those.

Some will greatly disagree with me on some of the positions I am about to take and you are entitled to your thoughts but I shall have nothing to do with harmful actions.

First of all you have the right to be free and equal. That being said you do not have the right to revenge, special rights, or freedom to do anything. Freedom is a glorious thing but to much is bad like anything else.

Sex! It is not my place to comment on what adults do in their bedrooms as long as it is consensual and not harmful. However listing yourself like a market product on a hook up app is not healthy. Neither is the wide use of nude pics to entice people. If your aim is truly happiness why are you giving all your intimate details before you even meet someone?

Anonymous sex may be a form of release but it is very bad for the soul. Look for love and love yourself in the process. You are not a product to be displayed, ogled, and touched by whoever roams about. You are wonderful person and if someone can not appreciate you or wait for you without such things then they are not a person you want to be with.

Oh I have heard the odd success story but if you follow that person up it still falls apart. Lust is not love. Now if you choose to live that life by all means do so but realize what you seek and it's costs. Love is much more precious.

Alright now about sex workers that seems to pop up in our media so much. I don't condemn people in such professions but I will not endorse it either. And in no case should it be considered normal. I do not see it healthy to have a society that young people aspire to such work. It is a dangerous path. As I said before even the best intentions and goals can be eroded by constantly giving yourself in such ways. You put a price on yourself. You to become a product instead of a person. And because of it people think of you as a product.

Each and every one of us is priceless. We can fail and make mistakes. We can be free spirits. But always love! Love yourself!

Drug use... whether it is a problem or recreational this is a bad idea. Giving up some amount of self control to a substance just so you can avoid thoughts, ideas, stress... It is not a solution and it is not a enhancement. It is avoidance from facing realities and making better choices. Love my dears, love! Love you, love your body, and love having fun without the need for drugs. Life is a wonderful high if you just give it a chance. 

Racism/discrimination what can I say. It is all to often some people don't practice what they preach in life. They are perfectly happy dismissing or alienating those they don't care for in life. Get over it! Whether someone is feminine or masculine,  black, white, yellow..., thin or heavy, hairy or smooth, tall or short... It does not matter.  If you are not attracted to certain traits that is fine. That is Human nature and desire. However brutally criticizing and completely eliminating such people form your lives is cruel and all that you seek others to not do to you.

Be open in life. Some of the greatest people you will meet will be in those wide categories you rule as not your type. We are the rainbow. Without all those wonderful colors we diminish the beauty that is us. I don't know about you but I find it all beautiful.

There are other things I could say right now but these are the most important. Life should be about love and you should love life. You should love your life. It is the people who seek to steal your love you need to worry about. Don't feed into them by selling your love to them. Love and value yourself as a priceless masterpiece.

A masterpiece is wonderful work of art that ravages our soul with thoughts, ideas, desires, beauty,  and yes love.  It should be rare and precious. It is not a mass produced image in a cheap frame touched by hundreds before someone buys it. It is unique and one of a kind. Value your masterpiece properly else all you will ever have is market you sell it upon.

Love is priceless. It is us who fail to realize its value. To all of you I wish you love in all things!

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Have you ever wondered how freedom gets eradicated? You have Jew vs. Muslim, Black vs. White, Christian vs. Gay, dismiss all things respectable, and use others to do your bidding for you. Amazing how the tired, hungry, poor, ignored, and ambitious can all be offered scraps from a table to unify behind one that in plain sight divides them and takes more away than they receive or had to begin with.

So how do you hold on to freedom? You stand together, the many, the whole. You celebrate your differences and you help the fallen. You love! You gaze upon the divider and in one voice say NO!

Please don't fall into the trap of division and strife. Don't get drug into the muddy pits of unsavory debate. Return love in the face of hate.  And yes, use your voice, your will, and your hearts to say NO!

Freedom is so precious and so hard to get back once you lose it. Rise above, dismiss those that deceive and serve all. When we love others as ourselves the world truly becomes free and that seed of love is tomorrow blossom of our hearts.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, November 17, 2017


With so many scandals of late we should discuss ethics. It is a difficult topic for some but a necessary one for society.

Ethics are essentially how we treat each other. As you can guess love should be the rule of the day. What I can tell you it is not just about our failures. Many of us in life fail or fall from grace. The true test of ethics is how do we proceed after such.

Everyone talks about what is wrong and how you should treat others but few talk about if what you do if you fail or fall. So lets discuss that.

When we fall in any way we must examine ourselves. We must ask the hard questions of where did things go wrong. Why did we stumble into a path of despair. We must ask ourselves who did we hurt and how can we make right.

The trick with ethics is even after a fall we must continue and rebuild ourselves. It is not easy but neither is love. That quite frankly is usually the problem. At some point we stop using love and disregard someone somewhere for some reason.

I've stumbled many times in my life. I have even fallen. But I accept my errors as best I can and try to pick myself up and learn. Hopefully I can make right for whatever I have done or do better in the future. Because that is part of ethics. Always acknowledge your failures as well as your success.

When you acknowledge both you show you are trying. You show you care enough to learn and heal. You show love.

The reasons why we fall are many. Sometimes it is out of our hands and we get drawn into things unintentionally. Sometimes we dive in.  The latter being the worst. As I have mentioned before we must approach people and life with love.

I realize we are not perfect but neither is love. It requires work, support, and so much devoted energy. Sometimes we have to forgive ourselves and sometimes others. Sometimes we must forgive the unforgivable.

Life is not perfect and neither are we. I think that is the point though. We all have flaws. The only way to work with each other is to hold a standard of compassion and love. When we abandon that then we are in an ethical quandary.

Oh I could tell you so many times in my life people have left deep and bitter scars. There have been times in deep pain I lashed back at them. There have been times I lashed out at whoever stumbled upon a deeply hurt soul.

However I can, I try. I don't have every answer or idea how to fix it all but I do try. In that I love. I forgive, both myself and others. It is and always has been the origin of a problem for which we must resolve and heal. For without this we only treat the symptoms.

As for ethics we should begin in honesty, dignity, respect, and yes love. People may not return it but we must try. We may feel the sting of reprisal for falling but it is a result of our path. Sometimes we end up in thorns.

Justice in such matters vary. It is difficult to tally up a response because every persons pain is different. However, it must be done. It is an ethical soul that when they hurt acknowledges their pains and accepts censure or punishment to balance the pain.

And if it is justice it will not outweigh the pain caused. It is just as much about love when we deal justice as it is when we pay for it. We must acknowledge our imperfections in judgement as well as payment.

Love is our only path if we are to ever exist and thrive as a society. Without it you will only know pain and division. It is not perfect and we may be hurt but if we refuse to give up and do try then we give love a chance. And in the end love is the only thing that will heal us.

The ethical soul lives in and for love. It knows when to pay and when to forgive. It is the anvil of  of perfection.

I am imperfect but I love. As such it makes my path that which leads to perfection even with all my flaws. Please lead an ethical life and choose love. It serves us all.

Love is Never Wrong!