Friday, November 6, 2020

The Greatest

 Someone reminded me maybe I should say something in the current times.  I am tired of our vivid colors being muted grey.  I am tired of senseless death, simply because we exist. I am tired of being told we are less than. 

No more! We are the greatest because of who we are. All people regardless of gender, color, ethnicity, and even identity are great. It is those who can not stand the colors who are not. I am a rainbow and I'm going to light up the sky. 

Even if I go grey I hope the diamond that is my soul splits the very Earth and the colors springs forth dazzling the world!

Love is Never Wrong!

Monday, July 13, 2020


The problem of purges is they never stop when you begin them. Somehow people always end up ashes.  It has happened before and may happen again.  Hopefully before that someone turns the lights back on.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, June 26, 2020


In this time I do not wish to dismiss anyone or reduce their needs. What I do want to say is while we are at it let's fix it all. Too much pain...

Sadly I could go on and on. Can we please stop hurting each other? Can we address issues when they arise with true justice? Could we protect one another like we should? Can we love, even when it hurts?

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Equality and Division

You know there are a lot of wrongs to right in the world.  There are a lot of people who need fairness and justice. We need equality.

I will not sit here and tell the stories that are already clear. What I do wish to add to our discussion is division. Equality does not mean erasure or forceful violation to achieve universal harmony.

The things that make us a great people are our differences. Our colors, shapes, identities, and very thoughts. Sometimes these clash and clash intensely. Books, movies, brands and even statues formed long ago can seem out of touch to us now.

This is fine. It is normal. We must look at such things with modern eyes. We must remove the pain they cause in our minds and hearts. But only there!

When you remove a book from library, tear down a statue, change a brand, or even censor a film you only become pat of what you protest against. We must hold on to and preserve the unpleasant and despicable. When we do not, we only ensure the future will repeat the past.

When you see a statue of a person who has done horrible things you should feel anger or rage and realize by example how far we have come. When you see a film or read a book from a different age when different thoughts were the norm, you are getting an insight to a different time. You have a comparison of progress and a remembrance of how things were.

In my eyes I want you to see a statue of a man who fought so hard for a slave nation so you remember what we overcame, not to honor him. I want you to go to a maintained concentration camp so you can envision the mass murder of millions. I want you to watch an old film and see the comical and side characterizations of minorities. Truth hurts. History hurts. Removing either only removes the pain and the rage. You are left with no reminders.

A world with no reminders is a world doomed to suffer time and again. Group after group. Person after person will suffer and die. Pain in our hearts and minds is a worthy sacrifice for the alternative.

The dangers of sterilizing division are to high. Creating equality by erasing, censoring, and legislating creates one people, one nation, one leader. Maybe we need to be reminded where this has lead us in the past.

Left or right, conservative or liberal the rebranding of a society can remove painful things but the question is should we? Should we erase those reminders? Should we lose touch with how far we have come, even if there is further to go.

For me I say we should keep them. We should hurt, mourn, and be angry at what has been done and leave with a sense of self and identity. We should feel history not just read about it. Only then does it become Human and tangible. Then it touches us.

I have written before about embracing the darkness in ourselves and acknowledging its place. We must sort such things and not bury them. Only through inspection and thought do we resolve. To do that the darkness must be there ready to examine. It won't be pleasant or kind. It may be a hell. But for those of us who have experienced the darkness turning on the light shrinks those horrible shadows and puts into place the crimes of men.

Equality only comes with respect. When we do not respect the past, even with its horrors and flaws we only bring forth that which has been buried. We have all walked enough in pain and darkness. Turn on the lights and look at that which has been done with clear eyes.

To me when I see one of those many things that remind us I stare back with dignity and say I survived you, I am still here, you were wrong, and now your monument is a testament to your cruelty not your brilliance. Let others look. Let others see. Tell your stories, share your heart. Then and only then are we equal.

Oh no I will not erase you. That would be to kind and foolish. Stand and be the what you were or are. You are your own testament.

In a world of confusion, narratives, and swirling dogmas the only truth is in our experiences and Humanity. Equality is innate. Division is good and bad.  Erasure is the tool of revisionists. Never forget! Never surrender your experiences!

Love should always win over hate. Even when things test the limits of our hearts and make it break. We are not one people, one nation, or have one leader.  We are are many in every shape, color, and variety. We celebrate our differences and thoughts. We freely exchange our thoughts and concerns.

We are Human, we love.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, June 5, 2020

No Surrender

Sometimes we have such rage and anger. We seek a battle cry or place for such emotions. Today I share  one of our LGBT rock icons.

Living your life with no surrender....

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Radio Ga Ga

Of all the times to invoke Freddie, now seems appropriate. "So don't become some background noise"

Love is never Wrong!

Monday, March 9, 2020

Living in Time of Plague

As we now enter the time of the novel corona virus I can not help thinking we in the LGBT community have unique insight into dealing with the plague of a new age. Allow me to share lessons from another.

The first thing anyone must do is to not let fear ravage your life. It is far to easy to let it steal away your power and spirit. Be cautious but approach with pride and dignity. A disease my infect a body but it is still your body and you can journey through it on your terms.

Isolation does not mean being alone.  We are in an electronic age. Call those who may be alone. Call are if you are alone. A voice, a text, even a friendly face can do wonders for the soul.

Make sure everyone who is isolated gets what they need. Even if one must don a bio suit and mask can still deliver food, medicine or essentials to someone in need. No one should want due to a disease beyond their control. Please volunteer, but safely.

Fight! Fight for a cure not a treatment. Fight for the right, dignity, and very salvation of those afflicted. Sometimes they lose their voices.

Remember and mourn those we lose. They are still people who lived or blessed our lives. We may not be bale to save everyone but we can be sure to use each one as a beacon toward an answer. There must be an answer.

For those who are concerned it is alright to sensibly prepare but do not horde. There are only so many supplies in a market and if you take to much you can hurt others. A perfect example would be alcohol. What about those who need daily injections like insulin or other diseases. When you horde it are you now taking sterilization items form them as well?

The greatest thing I can tell you is to love. When you do so many problems begin to fade. So many fears evaporate. Being alone is only a distant memory.

Love in body, spirit, mind. Let it flow where fear seeks to reign!

Love is Never Wrong!