Thursday, December 13, 2018

We Are Sovereign

Considering the news lately I need to repost this video.

Rape culture is real. There is a network of abusers that support one another. There are those for all practical purposes are above the law. Wealth can buy silence. Power can intimidate. Fame can dismiss the unknown.

The sovereignty of our bodies are our own at all times. No means no at all times. No cancels an earlier permission. A person not of sound mind, inebriated, or unconscious can not give consent.  Youth and the innocent are sacred.

To many don't listen or act when rape occurs. Justice is not usually served and society pays for it. The abuses pile up and from that ugly mound violence, darkness, pain, and death emerge. Sex should be about love.


Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Reflection

Every year at this time I urge you all to help others and select links to some suggested sites.  It is not going to happen this year.  You all know what to do and how to do it. It is your turn to make the world better. It is your turn to right all the wrongs wrought upon the multitudes of us so brutally treated.

I don't think I need to point out world events to direct you to problems. You have eyes, ears, minds and hearts from which to observe and think with. If you use them then there is hope. If you don't our world will quickly descend into a Hell and the suffering continues. It is your choice and always has been.

What I will do is give you all some reflections of my life. One lonely person who really fits no molds, designs, or places. One person who has believed in the goodness of man and tried time and again to fight for those others gave up on. One who has been punished for doing so. One who has been broken and lashed out themselves.

I am no martyr. I am just another person. However I am a person! Like all of you I have deserved a life and opportunity to be welcomed, loved, and even protected by the whole that is us all. What I have received however is much different.

In the past I have talked about the sexual abuse by a family member and the quietly hushed under the rug attitude of my family. Ironic, err the slightest offense to them and they scream bloody murder. They demand justice when they refused mine, and others.

A suicidal teen from that abuse got no recourse of concern from the local hospital when I finally reached out. Not even a return call to check on me. The very people supposed to treat you didn't even care.

Being LGBT... I don't think I even need to talk about the sins of society upon all of us. The Internet and world at large is full of those stories.

Faith, all faith.... You fail us.  We have always been here. Regardless of which religious path you follow I can solemnly say if we have always been here so has whatever God you follow placed us here. We have a purpose and place. And no it is no to punish and revile. If God created us we are as beautiful as you. To deny that means you question God. Be careful of judgment and usurpation of Divine right.

 Government.... Where do I begin. We are here. We are citizens. We are equal. Legislation of our existence or rights is and never shall be your power. I don't care who you are or where you are in this world. People are people. The idea you get to pick and choose people based on your preference is wrong.

If someone is actually hurting another then you have a point of recourse but it must be true and not perceived. The idea Human rights are even a thing to voted on is absurd. We are all equal. Any other idea is pure evil because your intent is quite clear. You want to hurt another. That makes you one of the monsters that ravage our world.

Normally I do not like negative posts and I try to minimize my direct life but this year I will make an exception. To all of you who have judged and hurt it is my turn to share my views of you. So we shall begin...

If I were to be true I would judge  this world to be wiped clean of all the horrible people, government, laws, all memories of such now and forever, through all realities and dimensions. Once the darkness was gone and the ghosts of the past and present purged then and only then would the world be ready for a new group of people.

Then I would say all those that start anew never be allowed to be influenced by evil again. The world is hard enough without people of darkness making it worse. To all the faiths I would say we don't need a God. We need a parent. This does not dismiss whatever gods place just their role. To many of us hurt or are left isolated and alone. You can not expect submission from people denied love.

Before I hear a comment on that last paragraph I say to you I am a person of faith.  I firmly believe when I say we need a parent.  We all need love. We need the unquestioning love of a father or mother when we have no other. We need it when those around us fail us, for whatever reason.

This is no condemnation just an observation. A parent loves and nurtures. A parent punishes. A parent guides. A parent cheers us on and helps us make our dreams. A parent protects us. Love, unconditional love.

I think to many of us have become over privileged and unappreciative of what we have. It has become normal to steal, lie, cheat, and hurt. People in power can violate laws and Human Rights without impunity.

Our very neighbors, family, would deny us what they have simply because they do not agree. Pain has become the norm.

I am not saying I or anyone else is above reproach. I know in my own pain and depression from the horrors of my life I have lashed out horribly. That is my point however. To many of us who do lash out are doing so due to not being able to sustain the cruelty dealt to us. Some of us just die. Some slowly and others by their own hands. It must stop.

The world is not ready for the gifts we have. We are not ready for the beautiful minds, souls, and creations of so many. They may make your world brighter but all you do is consume them and want more, and more, and more... Love is not your personal debit account to withdraw from without limit. Love is only sustained by more love.

You must contribute, however you can. You must add to that which sustains.

All the parasites to our system and world must be removed, permanently.  You are entitled to what is given. You have no right to steal.

So do we burn the world clean of that which devours us and hurts us? Do we purge the evil?  Sound familiar?

All wrongs should be righted, no matter who has done them. If that means all that exist disappears or changes then so be it. Then I would say remove all of us with the deep scars from the old world. Why should be carry that into the new. They deserve a chance to not know the horrors of the old world. My last message to them would be would be Love and never allow anything but. Heal the broken. Never abandon anyone. Always deliver justice.

Ironic isn't it.  My reflections are all that is lain against me and so many others. Except mine are true.

As I sit here I can say my reflections go on for so  so long and in great detail. That should not be necessary however. This isn't just about me. It is about so many others all over. I am one amongst many in a multitude. We are wronged and we are hurt. Some of us are no longer here due to it.

My request this year is undo all the wrongs to the beginning. And yes even the dead need justice. Without it we deny their pain and by proxy accept the horrors unto them.

Love, love you. Love others, Love the world. Wash away the hate, the pain, the very evil that poisons our society and let's try again with Love.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Yesterday another attack upon children was announced in the news.

Trump Administration Forces National 4-H Group To Drop Welcome To LGBT Youth, Iowa 4-H Head Fired

Simply because we exist they seek to exclude us from having LGBT youth the same abilities to develop and participate.  Government power was directly used to threaten children. Shame!

How ironic of Robert Browning to say,

"Your children are not dead. They are just waiting until the world deserves them."

And for the people of faith I give you Psalms 127:3

"Lo,  children an heritage of the Lord: the fruit of the womb reward."

Any group or person who attacks the weakest among us who can not defend themselves is a monster. Children should not suffer monsters.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, November 9, 2018


Before you begin to read I want you to know these may very well upset you or others. However, it must be said and it must stop. This is not a debate this is a fact.

The other day I posted Queen for a day. I would not be a good Queen if I did not love my people. So with all due love I do decree:

Any person who sells themselves or sells others in porn should not hold Title, place, or position of power. Sex is an act of love. When you place a value upon it or the people sharing themselves you devalue not only the act but the people.

Before I hear one word of counter I will say I am not against porn. If showing your body or embracing others makes you happy, brings people a sense of healing and love then that is fine. It is only when you add a price to it you destroy that which is priceless.

Every person is priceless. Your love is priceless. Never apply a value to it. When you do, you set a value to not just your time but your very love. You then begin to diminish the very thing that makes you shine. You sell the light. Do so enough and you will live in the dark, The dark can be a horrible place.

Sex is about love and it always should be, even when it is just you. There is no shame in sex. There is no shame in sharing yourself. There is shame in applying a value to love. For it is priceless, no matter what another tells you.

I don't condemn sex. I condemn the act of of selling it and the love it is. Some things are priceless. If you do price it you are now a thing to be bought and sold. It is not a normal profession. It is a form of slavery. No person should ever be enslaved.

Those few of you in this dark realm who lure, abuse, force, and violate others for such ends I decree to be enemies of the people. You enslave, you hurt, and you devalue people. May you names be cursed and you be imprisoned as you have done to others.

To those of you who have been led to believe sex work is a normal profession I say no it is not. You are not just selling your time and labor. You are selling your very spirit and soul. No society should ever endorse that.

As I said I do not condemn porn or sex. I condemn the act of affixing a value and diminishing the people. All this being said I don't condemn people who are hurt, lost, confused, or even mentally struggling who fall into bad places. . You all have value and this is what this is about.

Someone has to love you and the beautiful priceless people you all are. If you act in love, share your life in love. Then there is no crime or shame. When you affix a price or  hurt the value of others then there is shame beyond what should ever be done.

Fight for love, fight for yourself. Fight for your value and only give that which makes you more valuable.

All this being said I have one final decree this day. I decree if you our leaders or society can not or will nor take care of one another then you forfeit your rights to title, position, and power as well. 

We only have each other and there are some things you never compromise on. Everyone has value. Everyone has needs. To deny any is a crime. This is not a political statement or ideology. This is a fact of existence.

All people have rights. If people go without when there is enough that is a crime. When people are ignored or hurt that is a crime. When people have to devalue themselves just to live that is a crime. When you don't act in love that is a crime.

We live in a world where there is enough for everyone. It is greed and selfishness that brings us down. I am not condemning people who have worked and earned money, fame, or power. However if you do not use it to help others then you are part of the problem ravaging our great family.

If someone is hungry you feed them.  If someone is without clothing you cloth them even from yourself if necessary. If someone is hurt you help them however long and as much as is needed. 
The idea that anyone is to be cast away or had enough chances is despicable. Everyone matters and everyone deserves love.

It is time we abandoned parties factions, even empires. It is time we do the right thing. Everyone is different and has different needs and problems. It is time we move forward as one or not at all. If you can not see or do that then you are the problem.

Many people can fake emotion and words. But love is. There is no mistake about it. It may take time to see a persons intent or identity but it will show. If you are an enemy of love then you are an enemy of me and all people.

It does not mean I give up on you. It means you need to see who you truly are and we need to help you. The idea if you can not make it, you deserve your place, has shed enough blood and pain upon our society, 

If you will not change in spite of a loving hand extended to you time and again you must go. We have had enough darkness.

I decree love. There will be those who use and abuse my words. They may very well try to imitate me. But judge them in love. If it is not returned question why. Help them if necessary but never dismiss the value of anyone.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Election Day

Here in the U.S. we are having our midterm elections. How we move forward as a nation maters this time around. I won't tell  you who to vote for. Blue or red are just colors. What I will say is vote for Love. Love for everyone.

From many we make one. Let us consider that when we cast our ballot. We are the keeper of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers... If your vote does not help all in some positive way then choose another. It is not about agreement or approval. It is about acceptance and love.

In the end is is about the red, white, and blue. Remember that. We are one. Take care of one another and always honor and respect.  If you can't give it you will never receive it.  Vote for love.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Mental Illness

Today we need to talk. We need to talk about things that are so prevalent in our lives. The stigma and pain of mental illness. Being LGBT we suffer so much from depression and many other issues due to society and our families. It is a pain we struggle with and not enough of us talk about it.  We suffer so much already.

I'm going to share some things from my life and those I know. The first thing I can say is there is always someone in or near you, dealing with issues, that may need help greater than they can deal with on their own. It is alright to get help. Talking about such things is also ok. There is no shame in someone needing help. There is only shame in those who refuse help or ridicule those in trouble.

Throughout my blog I have talked about my sexual abuse by a family member beginning when I was ten. This person assumed we were in a relationship. We were not. I had no concept of sex at that time. I truly was an oblivious child lost in worlds of wonder my mind provided.

Even to this day that family member walks free and never truly accepts the impact that he had on my life. His mind sees it as a consensual relationship. My mind views it as a horrible awakening into a world of nightmares. There are things I may never forget or truly let go of but I take each day one step at a time.

I talk to whoever I think can handle such, who feels safe. Sometimes I think some of them need to be awarded medals for hearing my stories. They are not easy or kind things to the hear. They can elicit such rage. But I try to remain calm. For me my faith was my comfort.

The sad thing is we have a few in my family with issues. One is the mother of my abuser. When my cousins husband found out about the abuse  he was a good man. He wanted to get me help and call the police. I wish he had. Maybe things could have been resolved better.

But that didn't happen. The mother of my abuser intervened. She is a very xenophobic person and rules with an iron fist. I still recall her words to him as if some stoic iron willed titan glared into his soul. "You married into this family . You are not a part of it. This will be dealt with by us." Sadly it was not.

So my family member was now supported by someone who's xenophobia is so extreme she believes in arranged unions and selective partnerships. In other words if you do not pass her muster you are not worthy of the family. Like I said I have a few in my family.

If she were to read this now she would lecture me and badger me into removing these accounts. To her only her world matters. Even when she does help others it becomes a story to promote herself. I believe there are good intentions there but therein lies a problem.

She in her own minds traumas desperately tries to mold the world around her. If everything is not in place or proper order or if things are not controlled she begins to falter. It is never good to let issues go for to long and not face them. She is proof of such. Her world is a glass menagerie. You can look and admire but do not touch. If one of the animals falls and shatters, so does she. 

I have a friend who is a good man. but being burdened with a failing marriage and working in health care one night a baby died while he was trying to save it. He has never been the same after that. Sometimes we just snap when our minds can handle no more.

Thankfully he got help. Therapy and medicines now give him a much more normal life. He is not healed but I think he is slowly getting better. It forced him to understand his limits and explore more about who he truly is. And that is a good thing. I wish him better days and a brighter future with lots of love.

Another friend of mine has had a life of hardships and family problems. I can't say any one was enough to cause his problems but together they were a weight to great to bear. He still struggles but did get help and he acknowledges the problems he has. I think that is a good beginning.

These are a few examples I can share. Many people have struggles but we have to be most careful. We, the LGBT,  have the extra burdens of violence and lack of acceptance and care.

If you have a problem, are sad, or whatever seems to much for you to handle please get help or find someone to unload your troubles upon. A friendly ear can do wonders. It may not be enough but try. Don't let the darkness shroud your world.

The world right now is full of people who fear, don't understand, or refuse to understand. There is violence, hate, and a lack of love in so many. Raise your beacons and proclaim your existence and needs. Help one another.

We lose to many lives. Let us not lose beautiful minds as well. Be well and be free. When a community helps each other we build things of wonder.

I have love for all people. Even those who have hurt me. It is not always easy and many can not understand. All I can say is love. It may not solve everything but it can heal. Hopefully in time with enough love that part of you that struggles is smaller than the love in your life. Then and only then you can look upon things and realize how small they can become in the scope of of life. 

Live, Love, Forgive!

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

If I were Queen for a day...

Amazing how old songs can make you think. There is wisdom in music, if  you listen. So the song that inspired today's post.

"Cause in your dreams
The Demon screams
I know he's going to
Hurt you blind."

I would abolish all the Demons & Devils who haunt our lives. Life is painful enough without outside forces interfering.

"I've heard it said
Or maybe read
Only money makes
The world go round

But all the gold
Won't heal your soul
If your world should
Tumble to the ground"

Money does not make the world go round.  It is people who are the most precious things and their dreams propel us into realms unknown. I would decree if one of us falters none of us progress until the fallen can stand and join us. 

Funny we know what our hearts crave and we sing about it but we never make it happen. Life is about Love! Love for you and for the others around you. If you can't love then you must go. There is no place in a society that seeks to thrive. 

That is the point I think. We all must thrive. Everyone! So if you seek to lead and you leave anyone behind, torture, hurt, or violate the sanctity of the individual you forfeit your power, That is my decree. 

Live, Love, Forgive! 

So this lonely Queen on her day declares you all free as long as Love, Compassion, Duty, Honor, and Equality are in your minds, hearts, and very soul. And if they are not expressed in your actions then you must be imprisoned as you imprison love.  Let love reign for nothing else sustains.

Long Live the Queen?  ;)

Love is Never Wrong!