Friday, October 13, 2017

The Game

I'm sure many of us know the grand game we are sucked into by racists, bigots, radicals, and so many more. They seek to debate and contest everything about us. They are much like a street hustler with a shell or card game. Their slights of hand and speech distract you from the perceived target so that you fail.

So how do we win this game that seeks to question our very lives and existence? It is simple. We don't play the game.

If someone is engaging you in slight of hand and speech you don't engage a ruse. If you do you are then reacting and the it now becomes their timetable and structure. Never dignify the thoughts or ideas that tear people apart or cause them harm.  You only validate their views as worthy of debate.

By no means ignore them either. In time they can entice and stir up those who are not informed or educated enough on things. You do however walk up to them eye to eye and you tell them:  How dare you question another Humans dignity. How dare you try and treat a fellow citizen as anything less than equal. How dare you even consider violence or murder towards another as a preemptive strike. How dare you treat people as anything less than Human.

Look them in the eye, stand! Do not back down. Do not waiver. Ignore their slights of hand and speech. Condemn the man who would even think of demeaning or hurting another simple because they exist.

This is not about violence but they may very well make it so. If that occurs then defend yourself in and with love. Know even in their violence it is a distraction not meant for you but for others. They will use it as evidence they are being persecuted for their beliefs.

Love, Honor, Dignity, and Justice are the only discussions and actions in a true society. Anything else is a disservice to someone. And when someone is treated so we are all in danger, for it never stops there. In time we all become judged and targets.

Never play the game. Love and love with surety. Those who seek to play with your lives can not survive in love. Hate is their game.

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Let us talk a bit about limits today. It seems to be all the rage in talk of late. Some people talk of limiting gun laws. Some want to limit LGBT rights. Others want to limit police power. It does not matter which aspect is chosen as it does the very topic.

Normally I walk you down a path of understanding to a conclusion. Today let us go directly to the point. There are no set limitations to your life. However you must also be accountable to your actions. As such you have no authority over anyone but yourself.

For the sake of a greater achievement and unity sometimes we come together and set rules or goals for us to work by. All is fine if each and every person is respected. However when you decided to limit or harm another it is you who are in violation of the ultimate rule of life.

All people are sovereign and all are priceless. Sometimes we lose our way, get scared, hurt beyond belief, or even go mad. It does not dismiss the rules of sovereignty, however.  In order to be sovereign you must love. 

Love is the anvil from which all things are lain in judgement. It allows us the understanding to take into context our actions and those of others. For without it you remove Humanity. And when you do that you have lost all authority, even over yourself.

One can commit a horrible murder but do we stop at the surface or look further. The question should always be why. Who or what pushed a person to such an extreme?  Was there any other path or anyone to prevent such a path? Did anyone bother to try to intervene in such a path? The questions are many.

There are few absolutes in our existence. One however is love. Never turn it off. Never judge without it. Never deny it.

So back to our point, limits. When do we limit power or authority? We do not unless the sovereignty of one or many have been affected. However with that statement goes the fact only the one who has violated said sovereignty shall be limited.

You can argue people need restraints or modesty. You can argue a need for security. However if you can not in love be fair to all your point has no merit.

The truth is and always has been that we and I are the same. Guilty until proven innocent, punished for the acts of others, censored for disagreement, murdered for existence... Examples of a lack of love.

Whatever or whoever you chose to limit must be held to the anvil of love. It is only Human.

So can you love another and accept all the vulnerabilities that come with that? Can you accept it may cause you pain? Can you accept it may charge you? Love is the heights and depths of the Human soul.

There are no limitations except for those which you set for yourself. Set those in love else it is you for which the anvil shall judge. Hopefully you judged with love. Anything else is inhuman.

Love is Never Wrong!

Monday, October 2, 2017


In these times we must look beyond the surface and search for the roots of our problems. We must hold people accountable for their words and actions. We must enlighten.

We live in an age where people seem to have lost connection and responsibility. From the highest office to the entertainment and media we see a society that strives for more; more fame, more power, more money.

Anything to achieve their goals seems to be the rule they employ. But I say no. You are accountable and always shall be. When your words and actions drive people to extremes, depression, insanity, or even death you bear that sin. You bear that sin alone.

It matters how you achieve your goals. People are not toys to be manipulated, isolated, subjugated or hurt. They are free. I don't care if you agree. It is so!

When you harm you become evil, even if only slightly. This world is ours, all of ours. It is our lives, not just yours. It is one thing to wage a campaign of thought evolution and wider vision. It is another to limit, harm, or remove those you disagree with.

As I said it is a sin. You who originate it bear it alone. Those you have hurt, misguided, or enthralled must still pay their dues but you who lain its origin bear its weight, alone.

Society is not a perfect place and never will be. If it did become so we would stop being Human. All people are not on the same level of development or thought. Taking advantage of those who do not know any better or are not ready to change is wrong.

Prompting change by any means necessary is evil. Pushing people by any means necessary is evil. Hurting people by any means necessary is evil.

You are accountable for your words and actions and by proxy those you drive before you. The good soul will hurt when they see though your lies and deceptions and hurt for all things. The origin however must carry that sin.

This is not a battle of good vs. evil. It is a quest for justice. For justice allows all accounts to be settled.

Everyone is accountable and everyone has things on their account. The question is do we right them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote "No man can have society upon his own terms."  I disagree. When we achieve justice and strive for justice all are served. Will we have perfect terms? No! Will we have acceptable terms? Yes!

You see when you love and it is true your heart can forgive and mend. When you love, you make right however you can. You can not erase all that has gone before but you can love. Love sustains. Love heals.

My terms for life are love. Maybe one day everyone will know such grace.

Love is Never Wrong!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Stand By Me

Sometimes in life we get bogged down by details, people speaking, and all sorts of distractions. We get lost in the tide of negativity instead of realizing whats most important.

Stand! Help another stand! Stand together!

Amazing words what old music can teach if we actually listen and not get distracted.

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

For You

For all of you out there who have needed help, information, even just some encouraging words, this has all been for you. I may not have all the answers and I am far from perfect but I have been here. So today is for all of you. I leave you with this lovely song.

Love is Never Wrong!