Sunday, October 23, 2016


Conflict is one of those things most every minority knows. Sometimes it is subtle and deliberate and others it is open aggression and war.  However it is always about someone trying to take something from you, be it power, resources, or even life.

There are always people who believe their way is right, even at your expense. They see only what they gain. As such these kind of people usually devour things like locusts in their greed. Doing the right thing is not their concern only satisfaction of their desires.

Dealing with such people means we must be ever so vigilant. You must observe things far beyond the surface. Always examine intent and actions. Else you will find yourself in a war your not even aware is happening.

Is a very public hate crime truly what it seems or a distraction? Is an emergency time for others to change the rules of the game while your in disarray?  Is hopelessness the tool for which to hook you upon their salvation? Is salvation truly salvation if it is not in practice, vision, and reality?

The reasons for conflict vary and in some ways are not as important as detecting them. Know this:
There is no problem or challenge you can not achieve on your own.  There is no shortage of resources from which to draw. No situation is hopeless. Finally life, all life, is the most important thing in the universe.

I'm quite sure many would argue these points but it is true. The blessings of life are innate and endless. Only when you begin to limit life do you begin to suffer from shortages.

Call it what you will but life, love, freedom, and prosperity are the hallmarks of true progress. Our own self made limitations are what hold us back. If we add in those from conflict then you further create shortages. The path to abundance is freedom.

A free soul, life, or journey allows you the opportunity to engage and learn anything and everyone. It is this diversity and exchange that lifts us higher. Think of this wonderful existence as a jigsaw puzzle. Each and every piece has another piece of wisdom. The more you assemble and touch the more you grow and understand.

Science and technology are nothing more than tools in the path of knowledge. Why you may ask? Because science measures only what it knows and can see. It is your spirit and soul that drives for what is beyond. They fabricate the blueprints for what is to come and how to overcome.

Conflict is not always avoidable but it should never be policy or any option other than your last. Conflict is pure selfishness. You already have enough limits by your own vision why create more with a conflict with others?

Stand in the light, discuss ideas and needs, share your resources even when you have little yourself. For the strength of life is in the sure knowledge we are all one. We may be different shapes, sizes, colors, even origins but we are one.

Precious things: If the price of gold is equal to your desire, what is the value of life?  Is conflict worth its destruction, harm, or change?

I don't know about all of you but when I look around, I see we are in a war, a war we are not aware of. A war most devious seeking to manipulate and control not just us but the very foundations of life on our world.

Well as one citizen of this celestial sphere of nearly seven and a half billion souls I claim my right to my fourteen and a half square kilometers as my birthright and say no more. This is my home, my life, my soul and if you can not come in peace then leave and never return.

Know this, whenever a issue of the whole is concerned no leader can speak for the whole. Some things are so sacred they must require the permission of each and every soul. As I have said the value of the one is equal to the value of the whole.

Life no matter how small is priceless. I know that is a difficult concept to live by but it is most true. So my dear friends I entreat you to look around and observe what is in your vision and world. Are you in a conflict? If so deal with it in the light of day for things done in darkness never end well.

Love! Love life and live love. The opposite of conflict is peace. Peace is the product of love.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, October 21, 2016

What Really Matters

I find it interesting that so many people find one issue or another the most important thing to focus on for our community. Having just finished an article on gun control to save LGBT lives I shook my head. They seem to miss the point even when they state it in their article.

Let us be very honest and simple. The most important thing in LGBT terms or even Human is people. Nothing more and nothing less. You can dance around this point or say we have to do this first but you still miss the point.

We are at a time and place where it must be done. No avoidance, no diversions, no petty selfishness and half measures. Take care of people! Respect people! Lift people up! Freedom!

It is people who shoot one another. The reasons are many but it still boils down to people. Some may need help. Some need help and protection from others. Some just need to be made aware what the truth is. Change minds and change lives. Yes it is far more expensive and time consuming but the fact is Human life is priceless. No investment is to much.

Some say we must have protection from religion where the other side say they need protection from violation of conscience. What's the truth? The truth is we are both right. It's never easy when you have two people of free will in a difference of opinion. However the truth is you have the right to your beliefs so long as yours do not violate mine.

As I already said it's about people. Whatever the issue its' about all of us. It is time we see the people on the other side of our issues. It's time we stop being selfish and thinking its our way or no way. It's time we embrace our fellow man, even in disagreement.

I don't care if your leftist, conservative, fascist, communist, or whatever. What matters is people. Whatever government or society owes its people the best they can do, not whats leftover. At the same time you owe every other society or government the same respect.

The most important things in life are people. Everything in your life is affected by you and everyone else. You may not like everyone and everyone's choices but life is about us. We are one, made up of many. Every individual is just as important as the whole. It is an inconvenient truth but a truth none the less.

So now we understand whats most important how do we choose what to focus on? That's simple, people. All people and all issues share equal value. There is no shortage of time and resources. That is an illusion. The only thing that has been short is will.

Maybe we need to take those blinders off and see all those around us. Maybe if non LGBT people saw how we are hurt and struggle they would understand. Maybe if we saw how they don't understand or fear the unknown we might be more patient on helping them understand.

No one should be hurt and no one should suffer or die. People are people and we are all imperfect beings. Maybe if we embraced love in vision and action you would see all those problems melt away.

Say what you will but if your actions are for anything but love it is only about you. Like I said the world is about us. It's certainly not convenient and may frustrate us greatly but as I mentioned life is priceless.

Choose your topics and address how to handle them but understand it is people you are dealing with and tending to. The universal language is love. Have that and you have a host of wonderful things like respect, compromise, help, peace...

Hmm... Love... The root, the life, the solution.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Those Who Care

This election cycle here in the U.S. has certainly been an adventure down some of the nastiest halls of Human history. As before I still say educate yourself and choose who you believe in. Allow me to add a level of criteria for you however.

Being LGBT we have had many things thrown at us. Namely others in our community who claim to support a candidate or another. So with this back and forth of who to side with here are a few points for you to note.

If a candidate strolls out 3-4 people who claim to be LGBT that support them question it. Are their lesbians, LGBT parents, transgender, and proud bisexual people who stand with them as well? It is easy to find a few who will flock to one side or another but if it is not a wide support then question their motives toward you. People who truly care embrace all.

Remember we are like any other communities we have our rich and privileged elite, trouble makers, racists, and deluded like any community. Don't be swayed by them. Choose carefully. It only takes a few to undo years of work.

If a candidate promises things examine their history. Do they live up to their statements or are they here for the election and gone tomorrow?  Choose a person who will stand with you today and tomorrow.

Like any community we all have special interests and needs. However, like any minority will tell you focus on the whole first. If we can not attain a place to stand then lesser promises mean little. We are and always have been equal. Never settle when it comes to Human rights!

Examine how a candidate treats other minorities. You will see how things will go with you as well. If they will mistreat one they will mistreat you. Even Hitler used the LGBT community in the early days and we saw how that ended, privileged or not.

Finally will a candidate stand with you? Will they visit LGBT centers, youth shelters, senior centers, and medical clinics to see what we need? Are we worth the time in their eyes?

As I said choose wisely and bear in mind some of the things I just mentioned. Scroll further down for more tips as well. Stand with those who care. Don't be fooled by idol promises and rhetoric.

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Immoral Garbage

Recently I had the displeasure of reading a prominent minister proclaim people who are transgender and any policy that benefits them is immoral garbage. I sat and shook my head. Then I read the article to another who was appalled.

You know I have been trying to think about how I want to reply to this time and time again since it was written. Yes I could rip it apart with religious text, but why? Anyone who has already given up on free will and the welfare of another Human has already crossed to a dark place.

This to makes me sad. Dark places are not pleasant. Take it from me these sort of people make life Hell. Having walked path' pitch black I can only tell you no one is safe in those areas, even those of you who proclaim in righteous indignation.

So let me say simply and in dignity for all involved....

The rights of the one, the few, are equal to the rights of the whole or majority. You can not distinguish the two. You can not divide the two. Like it or not we are one, made up of many. Like the rainbow we take on many different hues.

When you dismiss one or any you have only achieved removing yourself form the whole. You have begun a path of inhumanity, you have become a beast. And yes think of that in spiritual terms.

Life is not always pleasant and life is not always grand but each and every person is. Every soul matters and every one deserves the freedom to be themselves in peace. Good men legislate the rights of all. Bad men legislate the removal of rights.

The righteous lift others up. The immoral judge and tear them down. Which are you? Can you disagree and grant another the freedom to be themselves? That is the point I do believe. Each of our lives is our own.

However we choose to live, however long we have, and in whatever way life is each of ours. I think if I were to phrase it in spiritual terms it would be God selected each soul and gave it life. He gave them free will. He set the rules and left it to you to decide. You were even instructed not to judge.

In all things, every soul, is free. Every soul must choose their path. It is not our place to hinder or hurt. The beauty of life is how it unfolds and blossoms in the morning light. Ripping out weeds, wild flowers and plants simply because it is not your design doesn't make it more perfect. It makes it your will.

In life it is our will, whenever we go beyond ourselves. Like drifting seeds upon the wind we are carried to far and different corners. We land and take root. The soil or rock from which we make our home nourishes us and the light above grants us energy and warmth.  We blossom into our own.

You see I dislike the term garbage for I don't believe anyone should be thrown away no matter how much we have been hurt, don't agree, or understand. As for the immorality that is apparent. When you hurt, damage, or remove that precious seed that has taken root, God's seed, you have become immoral.

Don't get me wrong I am not a perfect person. I have lapse' and failings like any other. However, I try to respect all life, as best I can. I certainly don't agree with everyone but I never advocate for the removal of their rights to be themselves, even if it is difficult.

So now allow me to share a spiritual lesson. And yes it applies to those of you who do not believe in God.

The blessings of life are innate. All life is the same. We may be different colors, shapes, sizes, even textures but we live and we share an existence. Yes  you have the freedom to deny that but it does not mean you are right.

Immorality does exist but no one is garbage. So what is immoral garbage? Immoral garbage is the idea you have right or place to judge and remove any other life. Maybe if you allowed that wild dandelion that landed in your garden to grow you would see its brilliant yellow bloom gaze back at you. Near its end you would see it transform into a lofty white plume that blows with the wind to land in another distant place.

All things are beautiful in the garden of life. You just have to stop and look at it. Love even what you do not plan, understand, or envision. Love people and things that choose shapes and colors that don't resonate with you. In the garden of mankind it is us, all of us. Love knows no bounds and love grows where it will.

It may not be your style, color, or choice but it is beautiful. Love!

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Lately I have repeatedly encountered contempt. Such a simple word that so many overlook or use poorly. A word that says so much but we seem to pass by on to bigger brighter topics. Contempt,  the feeling with which a person regards anything mean, vile or worthless; disdain; scorn.

I try not to preach or lecture. My goal has always been to educate or present questions for you all to explore. As hard as it is on this one I shall try to stay true to that. So let's talk about contempt of late.

When you publicly disgrace a person for race, gender, sexuality, or really anything that fall into a trait of being you are contemptuous. When you post mean and hurtful words and meme' you are full of contempt. When you deny basic respect you are in contempt.

Before I hear the arguments of it's free speech, grow thicker skin, or any of the other ilk realize it's not about being politically  correct. It is simply about Human decency. Society built all those social rules for thousands of years to lubricate interaction and foster communication amongst ourselves. yet in recent years we seek to toss away the old simply because we think it to heavy in ritual.

Like it or not we are all here. We are all equal. We all deserve basic respect.

Contempt is not always bad. But it's use must be proper and sincere. It is fine to mock or make fun of an idea or ideology.  It is not ok to make fun of people or things they can not help. Communicate in decency and respect. Else it is you who who become mean, vile, or worthless, not your target.

We as a people have come so far. Don't throw it all away because you find structure and ritual to be limiting.  Realize we are all the architect' of civil discourse. The structure is that which we decorate and live within. Express yourself all vivid nature within those confines. Live greatly or in a hushed murmur.

Whoever you are however you so choose to live do so without pulling down a central support of society else soon enough you will see the roof collapse upon you. We have lost enough people to structural failures. Please let us preserve what we have built, for it shelters us all in equal respect and abundance.

Love begins in respect.

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Cost

Today I would like to talk about the cost of all things.  To many times we see people charge ahead without regard to cost. They rush in with ideas, designs, and goals. They only seek the end ignoring the cost to get there.

Imagine a teacher who drives their students to succeed, always pushing. Students burn out, lose control, and desire. Some may even commit suicide. Is success worth those we lose?

Think about a politician who may rightly point out faults but charges ahead toward their goal ignoring dissent and forcing their will upon others. People get hurt, lost, or die. Is the goal more important than Human life?

Contemplate a research Dr. They seek a cure to a nasty disease but they cut corners testing on Humans and combine things that were never meant to be. Is mutation, disregard of will, and death worthwhile?

All of these examples and many more have a common thread. That would be ignoring the cost to achieve your goal. There are many people in life who believe the end justifies the means to get there.
This is not true.

The path to whatever your destination matters on how you get there. It matters that you stop and take in all that you are doing at every step. It matters to observe the concerns and objections of others. We all share this world and as such we each matter and we each have a voice in how it is ruled and used. 

Some may say this is a revolutionary thought. I however say it is not. It is respect of the cost. When we talk about Human life it is always more valuable than a goal or idea. When we barter Human life, welfare, and happiness for a destination we have already failed.  We have already paid to high a price.

The cost, whatever progress, teaching, desire, or goal is never worth more than a Human life. When you disregard or play with such then you are little more than a monster. You have already written off Human life and as such that makes you inhuman.

I know all to well some will debate this till they are blue in the face but I dare you to sit and live each of those lives you wreck, tear apart, or kill. Maybe you would see just how your progress impacts people.

With this we come to personal sacrifice. This one is more tricky. However the cost must still be weighed but the one thing that separates it is that it's the choice of one, over themselves. It may impact others but it is their determination.

All this being said there are many things in life worth the cost of a goal. However those things usually take into account the welfare of all involved. Disregard that and you will find your ledgers in the red.

Never barter, trade, use, or even disregard Human life and welfare. The cost is to precious. Even considering it treads upon a darkness that is catastrophic. You can justify whatever you want in your own mind but let's be honest anything beyond you is us, all of us.

I hope and pray you all consider the cost of things in your life. Realize the value of what have and seek. Some things you can never replace. People can not be replaced. New ones may appear but there is always a hole with those we lose.

Be frugal with your goal and life. Know when to invest and when to withdraw. Sometimes the price is to high. Barter and trade in love for it only grows and returns dividends that are priceless. Realize wealth is vested in the welfare of all.

Pay in love! Progress in love! Celebrate in love!

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Always Question!

Sometimes we forget we must always explore and vet events and people around us. Just as terrorism seems more prevalent now days maybe we should question it. What would history teach us on that?

Always question! If you do not you will never see anything except what some may want you to see. Sometimes it may just be the surface event others much deeper.  Either way be sure for the road to darkness is built on ignorance and fear. I think the world has enough of that. Let's love a bit more.

Love is Never Wrong!