Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When a Letter Says It All

I was going through my daily news and found this on Towleroad. Listen to the video if you can but at the very least read the text of the letter. Sometimes a letter speaks such truth and passion it becomes much more than what it is.


Love is Never Wrong!

The Burning

I try not to do negative posts but instead lift people up. There is to much pain and cruelty in the world as it is. However today I am going to make an exception and touch on darker things. Bear with me.

Right now the world in the midst of change. It could go good or bad. There are people right now who could be or are leaders of the world, who think noting of burning the world and slaughtering millions in the name of their beliefs or desire for power.

We as a people have worked so hard to come above that. We fought for thousands of years to create a society where we can be free and secure, each one of us.

There is no time left. You must act. You must embrace this world and everyone in it and come to peace. Lift each other up and remove those who so hatefully seek to march over the blood and bones of others.

Each of you has the power to say no. Each of you has the will to stand up for what is right. It is not right to hurt. It is not moral. It certainly is not the will of any God.

I can not make you act but know this. When the world burns remember you had a choice. When those flames finally reach you your cries will join the host of others.

Put out the fire before it is out of control. It's your choice.  If you do we can grow. I you do not the world burns. This is not an exaggeration or distortion. This is fact.

I wish us all love and peace.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


In life we face many obstacles sometimes these are so difficult and heart breaking. Sometimes you find a depth of cruelty no Human should ever know. Sometimes we suffer unjustly. No matter how hard the path we must walk it.

I have known some very cruel people and paths in my life and I can tell you, you must stand. No matter how much you hurt, ache, or bleed you must stand. You must stand and resume your journey. The things and people who bring us down should not keep us down.

It's never easy when we walk a dark path. The Human journey in all its glory also carries many tears and shattered lives. Sometimes it's hard to see the light with the dark phantoms that haunt some lives. Sometimes those shadows walk in the light.

So the answer is simple. Stand and walk. Walk to a bright place and bright people. Be! Know those shadows only follow you because they can not exist in the light. Know you dispel them by becoming beings of light. Dispel the darkness. Be free!

What I propose is not easy and many in this world will hurt you and try and keep you down. But stand anyway. You are Human, you have dignity, and you have beauty. Leave dark things to their places of misery and bask in brightness.

The simple truth of life is power comes from within. Every soul matters. Cry out your beautiful song, dazzle the world, and send out vibrations through the very fabric of Humanity. Let them know you matter, you exist, and you love.

Blind the unjust with truth and stand in glory. Such a simple thing of me to say but such a difficult task. Don't fear though this soul has already reached out to you. I'm telling you it's ok. I'm telling you live your life and love. Most especially love you.

When you finally stand please take a sweet moment to smile. Smile in the knowledge you just got up. Smile in the hope your act of strength has now inspired others. Most importantly smile in the knowledge you can and have overcome.


Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Curtain Call

Here we are six years later and I have offered so many links, advice, and personal stories. I know I'm not a big blog and it's certainly not what I have ever strived for. Quite honestly I am not sure where to go from here.

This began as a way to help whoever needed it, wherever they may be. I must have resonated to at least seven of you that subscribed. My hope is that all this has mattered to at least one person. Hopefully you have found support here.

As for me I am tired in poor health. It is time to allow this project to remain as is and let whoever needs it to read. I may not stop posting all together but any regularity is probably now finished. It is my sincere hope that if I have helped you that you will pass such grace onto others in life. We must preserve and lift each other up.

In all due honors I have a few people I would love to thank. They have kept me going for so long.

Sean Chapin. I always wanted to meet you. A long chat would have been quite enjoyable. Your music was inspiring. I hope your life is full of love and hope.

Biki, my dear perky yet rebellious friend just be you.

Jay & Bryan, just lead, inspire , and share.

The many LGBT news providers that have now dwindled, thank you. Sometimes we need perspective from our views.

Now to all of you my dear readers live your life. Enjoy your life. And pleas love in your life. To borrow a line "All you need is love."

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, January 11, 2016


Today I am writing for me and one other person. So read if you wish or don't. Hopefully it reaches the intended soul.

My dear I know you walk in pain and hurt oh so much right now. I know your scarred and proud. I know you are hiding and in many ways all alone. You carry your brave face and try to march on as if little has changed.

However, things have changed for you and you need help. You need to swallow that foolish pride and ask. You need honesty, humility, and love. I know you would gladly sit and suffer than do some of that but will you for once in your  life bow down and accept you are not invincible? Will you look beyond you and know someone is here for you?  Will you do it for your life?

Life is such a huge mystery to many of us. When we think we have it all figured out it can swoop in and upend us. It can carry messages of our actions and failings. It can also carry hope and love. When you reach out in honesty, humility, and love you have begun the process to heal.

I won't pretend to tell you your path is easy or you won't suffer but you won't be alone. I don't care about your pride, your fears, or your regrets. I care about you. If you have not figured that out by now then I guess you never truly knew me.

If you have not got it yet I am here. I won't judge, I wont leave you alone, and I will tend to you with love. My hand is open you just have to reach for it. I am here and always shall be. I'm just waiting for you.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Holding Hands

Most of us in life think of holding hands as something only parents do with children or those in love share. This is a problem I think. So  many of us in our journey need a hand and it is such a touching act to simply let another know you are there for them.

Many of us get lost, feel alone, or just hurt. We need another to just reassure us at times. We need someone to help us find balance or focus. We need comfort when we hurt. The gentle truth is we need another to let us know we are not alone and we will be alright.

Life can sometimes be so difficult and painful and we are not always sure where we stand or what to do. Because of that no one should ever be left alone, denied help, or ignored. Everyone in our lives deserves respect and honor. We may not be able to solve all the problems in someones life but we can let them know we are there and we care.

We can show love, compassion, and provide a stable point for them to anchor in their violent storm. We can guide the lost to a source of help or knowledge. We can shelter the exposed. We can guard the wounded.

I've already told you all so much about love. This is Humanity. Have you ever wondered why the term Humane come from the same word that describes us? It is in all simplicity the depth of our hearts when we shine. We tend all those in our presence and sacrifice to ensure they are alright. We do this willingly and without question.

Love, the greatest bandage, shelter, guide, and nourishment in existence. Maybe we should use it more often. Could you see a world where love graces all who need it? Now that would be a true sight indeed.

Love, love the world and all those in it!

Love is Never Wrong!