Saturday, September 26, 2015

Filling the Heart

As I have already mentioned within you is beauty and love. Two of life's most wonderful gifts. They warm the heart and inspire it. But they do not alone make a heart full. That is our journey in life. We must discover what vivid colors, shapes, places, and people fit within.

So many times we feel so alone, we feel rejected, and we feel unloved. Some of us may feel alone in the world. But none of that is true. The world is full of beauty and love, even in the darkest places. Know they are always there but they may need nurturing.

We are rarely ever told how to fill our heart and find that which makes us whole and blessed. It's not really a secret or overly complicated. It is however up to us. We must choose to be open. We must share our self and allow others to do so as well.

So what do you do? Maybe there is a song that capture you so perfectly and lifts you higher. Share it. Maybe you have a passion for hiking and feel at peace in nature. Share it. Maybe you see another struggling. Help them. Maybe you see someone who takes your breath away. Smile at at them.

All the wonderful things that fill our hearts come from us. We choose to explore this amazing world and we choose what moves us. We choose what and who we store in our hearts.

Find the golden things in life. Find the people who shine. And fill your heart beauty and love. So what was the secret?

Live, Love, Forgive!

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Life is beautiful

Have you ever stopped and looked around you. Have you seen something so inspiring it instantly made you feel good? Have you been touched and felt alive? Have you been lost in a moment so rare time its self stopped as you were in different world?

Beauty, as they say, may be in the minds eye but it is also in our hearts. Be it a slow cup of coffee as birds sing of mornings arrival or sitting in a stadium watching the perfect game. Beauty is all around us.

Anything or anyone who can make you feel good, inspire you, or foster a sense beyond you has given you a precious gift. That gift is the blessings of a happy life. Even in the darkest sorrow the simplest of things can be salvation.

We are not perfect beings and should never try to be. We should strive to be good ones. We should strive for beauty. Gaze at that view. Breathe that sweet air. Laugh at that silly joke. Hold anothers hand. Smile for beauty is all around and it is most certainly in you.

If you think about it beauty is the expression of love. If you have beauty inside you then you also surely have love. And even just a sliver of love is a golden life. For it is the thing we build worlds upon.

This world has much pain, anger, and ugliness but it is not the only view. See that which is around you. Build the things of your dreams. Hope for tomorrow. Because life is beautiful.

And so are you!

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Freedom is such an elusive dream for so many. Even those with all the power seem to see themselves as needing more. It is the dream of all our souls to be who we are, free of fear and persecution. We strive to have open exchange and self determination. We desire free will.

It has always been our dream to be free. But in the the shadows, illusions, and abuses of others we have forgotten we are already free. Freedom does not come from the outside. It is in you. You have the power to be you at all times. You have the right to choose.

Now with this freedom we may encounter those who seek to lash us to their will and punish us for not following their vision. But as I have said before you can only be you, no one else. Your mind, your soul, and your very life are your own.

I can't promise you others won't try to hurt you or not allow you to do what they fear or do not want but I can tell you freedom is within you. You only have to choose to release it. Whoever you are, whatever you want, and whatever you believe are always yours.

Maybe we should listen to our own hearts and be true to them and ourselves. Maybe we should extend love instead of caution and pain all those around us have shown us. Maybe we should allow others to be free.

We are all Human. We are all equal. We are free!

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Breaking Free

You know I sometimes wonder if people truly know the level of hate leveled at the LGBT community. Do they truly understand the bitter rage they unleash upon us? Do they understand the cruelty they so casually put forth?

In my life I can not tell you how many times I hear gay jokes, blatant hate and threats to hurt or kill anyone who is gay. I have seen people so enraged that they could kill. All because I exist. Nothing more, just my existence.

I've had a  minister vandalize my property simply because he thought I was gay. I didn't even know him. Politicians, new anchors, and religious leaders have called for my imprisonment or death.

Where I live I can be fired from a job simply for who I am. I can be tossed out of my apartment simply for being who I am. I can be denied services ever so subtly because of who I am.

I must at all times be aware of where I am and who is around. I can not hold hands or give a loved one a kiss without great threat of physical harm.

Religious groups can safely form groups and yell obscenities, protest, at sacred Human times like funerals, marriages... That is not religious liberty, that is cruelty.

There are people who think they have the right to take my rights away. They think my rights should be voted on. Simply because they don't see me as Human.

Ironic a society so believing in freedom and justice can so easily place chains upon me, can judge me, and can so easily threaten my very life.

When did I stop being Human? When did I stop being a citizen? What did I do so horrible to deserve such hate? What did I do to deserve such cruelty?

As a person of faith I am here and ready to forgive. I am ready to talk. I am ready to teach you I am none of what you say. I am no threat. And in spite of what some may say I don't wish to condemn or take your rights away. I only want mine.

If you really wish to make your world of hate and intolerance let me offer you some advice. I have seen it and felt it. It will consume you. It will eventually turn on you. It will destroy your soul. And when you have been sufficiently broken it will kill you.

Please love! Love yourself, love others, and act only in love. Life is sacred. People are sacred.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Expectations of Love

Let's talk about love. In our community it is such a precious thing. For some of us it is a thing we search our whole lives for. Some, ever so sadly, never get any. Many of us cling to whatever we can get ever hoping. We are not wrong in our search but we may be in our expectations.

Love is a delicate dance, like fine lace blowing in the wind, it dazzles and soars. Its beauty leaves us in utter heights. We fall in love with an image or expectation. We seek to fulfill what we don't have ourselves.

One thing I can tell you is love is rarely an expectation. It is a wild embrace of souls, giving and taking. It is an exploration of the unknown and the joys at what you find. At times it is an inferno about to explode and others it a pleasant day. So what is it we seek?

Our search is not for completion, beauty, or an end to loneliness. It is the ability to embrace in harmony knowing you are always safe and supported. You are accepted how you are and loved for every quirk and imperfection.

Forget what the movies tell you. Forget the tips of magazines. Forget all the romance novels. Love is not a single picture, model, or quest. Love is your union. Nothing more. I know it sounds simple but you should know when you put expectation on love you are usually disappointed.

There are only three things that come with true love. Those are trust, friendship, and mutual adoration. So wipe away misty eyes and see what is before you. Appreciate what is before you. Explore what is before you. Who knows you may find the greatest joy of your life.

Stay away from the dark places that deceive the heart. Never sacrifice or give up a part of yourself unless it feels right. To many times we succumb to lust in the hopes of love. Don't get me wrong free love is fine if that is you. But don't mistake lust for love.

When you find love nurture it. It will rarely be all consuming. Most of the time it will be a pleasant existence, a comfort. Love is not perfect. If it falters tend to it. Forgive a fight. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Most importantly help them without expectation.

You should also know love can change. There may be a point when your union no longer works, even with diligent attention to its care. That is ok. It may hurt and you may not want it to happen but you must love. If that means letting them go, then do.

Sometimes love is about putting the other first. And it is most certainly best to let go in love. Fighting and arguing over what we can not control is futile and only hurts our soul more than if we accepted the tears of the parting.

Love with passion. Love with all your heart. Love with compassion. It is the thing that makes the heart sing. And when you press your ear to the heart of your love you hear that song that is only for you.

Love is Never Wrong!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Till It Happens To You

This is a powerful video and some parts may be disturbing. This is not just a women's issue but a LGBT one as well.

If you or someone you know needs help follow the links in the video or on this site. Please get help!

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

It's Movie Night: Take V

Let's take a break from all the serious talk for a moment and just enjoy stories many of us can touch.

Caged is a short film about discovery that things are never what they seem and what truly matters in life.

Brace is a story that reminds us sexuality and attraction are sometimes much more than any of us know.

Happy Sharing is just a sweet short. All those cute things we do when we are in love.

Transit is one of those all to familiar stories we experience on first encounters.

Support LGBT shorts and cinema. It is the stories of our lives.

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Sometimes we must remind ourselves of the past because the present and future still need to learn. I have posted some of these before but we still must see what they say, sadly.

Existence is not a crime. Thought is not a crime. Love is not a crime!

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Maybe One Day

Sean is known for his wonderful LGBT advocacy through music and song. His latest work is so nice and and heartwarming. I think we all need romance. Maybe one day Ill have someone sing to me like this. Either way Sean thank you.

Love Is Never Wrong!

Be You

A bit rough but it has truth. Just be you. You can be no one else.

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Becoming Change

I'd like to talk today about change. Change is a sore point for many. They fear it or resist it. Be it greed, pain, or the unknown the reason is irrelevant. What matters most is the path we seek.

Our community has many issues but one at its heart is the approach to change. All to often it is the few or the one left to drive the way forward. They struggle, they ache, they cry, and they die to make the world a better place.

Some bear loads so heavy and cruel. They do their time hoping and praying it matters and changes lives. They are forced to be martyrs, whipping posts, and the tortured. All in the name of love. Love for themselves and others, desperately trying to make life better.

So here we are. Time to choose. I and many others have stepped forward. We have shown you the way. We have taught you the way. Now it is your time to choose.

Do you continue your path or do you become the change the world needs. Do you become the change you wish life to be? No one or few can do it all. You must be a part of this. Because if you can not, change will never come.

No more lies, excuses, no more pushing it off onto others. Step forward and be the solution. If you know the end goal and you know what makes it better then do it. Because if you don't you are forever condemned to a path of brambles or worse.

This soul is tired, achy, and hurting. It is your turn. I nor any other can make you change or do it all for you. You must begin to bring joy, happiness, and love into your own life. You must lift others up.

There are no excuses. Begin with the most simple thing if you are unsure. Sacrifice a apart of yourself. Step out and make change. Even if it is only you, you add a new voice to the chorus. You have made the world better.

I'm not here to condemn or judge. I'm here to make the world better in the way I can see to do so. You are most welcome to join me. But it has to be your choice. Do you become the change or do you continue to wait for it to come?

Life marches on but a life without love is a bitter existence. Please touch the world share the beauty that is you. Make it better. Paint it the colors of your soul. Maybe that vibrant rainbow will be the guide for many more. Maybe that investment of love will be the beacon of a new world.

Either way the choice to change is yours. Do so or do not. The time of the few or one is passing and we must be a chorus or be forever stuck in a mire.

Truth and love or deceptions and pain?

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


All to much in life people seek to control everything and everyone around them. Some may have good intentions and others not so. In their rush to further their goals they forget the Human spirit.
They forget free will.

We all are unique and beautiful creations. We have our own joys, pleasures, and sorrows. We are the sum of every action, event, and choice we have every experienced. We are precious spirits dancing on a galactic sphere.

That seems to be the issue with those seeking control. They are so sure of their desires or goals that they wish to deny free will to others. They seek to manipulate events, places, and hearts. They force what is not their right.

In my life I have known many who have played the role of master. In my naive youth I dabbled myself, ever so sure I could change hearts and minds. But I was wrong. I can not control what is not mine.

If I'm lucky in life, however, I can touch and influence those who are open. I can be there for those who need me. I can love without expectation of return. I can hope my example, my path, and my love can matter in at least one life.

Our community knows all to well the directors of control. They seek to hinder that which does not belong to them and their views. And what they can not get they surely devalue and destroy.

There is a wonderful secret all these manipulators do not know. Our heart, our love, and our very minds are our own. No one can control what we do not allow. It may take time for us to realize that but it is true.

Time and place has no bearing on the soul. We laugh, we cry, and we love. I know to some this sounds naive or unrealistic but is it? If we do not hold love in our hearts love dies. And when loves dies we are left with a cold, barren, hell.

So to the deceivers, manipulators, dictators, and crusaders I say the soul is forever and try as you might, control is not. People learn, love, and awaken. The more you seek the more the multitude rises. And one day with one voice they will banish your kind for all time.

So dance your dance and try your trade for you are the path to your own end. Love is the liberation that will shine in the forever time.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Today I had a completely different post in mind. I wanted to complete the messages I've sent this week. But digging up such things can leave the soul grieving, yearning, and lonely. I've shed many a tear of late touching on old things.

However, thankfully, a special person heard my heartache. He gave me a wonderful blessing of hope, love, and beauty. It's one of the reasons why I love him so. He is my knight in shining armor when I need him most.

So today we touch beauty. It is all around us but sometimes we get caught up in our own struggles we don't see what is right before us. That is why love is so important. We lift others up when they need it most.

Beauty is personal and emotional so I won't pretend to tell you what it is or is not. Open your eyes, share another's vision, and share love. Maybe in that golden moment you become beauty.

So to my beautiful hearted knight you have earned a hug and kiss. When I next caress your cheek you owe me a dance for this lonely heart.  All my love!

Love is Never Wrong!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Act of Forgiveness

As I touched on yesterday one of the most important things we must do when we have been hurt, for whatever reason, is to forgive. We strive to do this as much for us as for others. Holding on to pain and burdens only weighs us down in life and if to heavy a load it collapses upon us in a suffocating embrace.

Forgiveness is never easy. Some will tell you there is no forgiveness, as you control all emotions. I however can say I have no such mastery over all the things I feel. To be honest even the toughest can break. That makes us Human.

As Humans we must release all that pain and heartache. To do that we must forgive ourselves first. It's the step so many of us miss. We have to forgive our ignorance, innocence, lack of strength... The list is long. But it is a truth.

Even the deepest wounds must be forgiven in ourselves first. We are not perfect beings and if we make mistakes, don't spot danger, or can not fight off violence it is not our fault. As I said we are not perfect and should not attempt to hold ourselves as being such.

Almost as hard is forgiveness of others who have hurt us. The worse the pain, the more difficult to release. But we must. Pain is a horrible companion. It only devalues our lives. Trust me on this one I have had a life of it.

When you begin your search to forgive do so in love. Love yourself, seek the embrace of others who love, and finally express love by letting the hurt go. It may take time, you may need help, and you will need love. Never loose hope. Never doubt your value. And never, never forget love exists in and around you, even if you don't see it right away.

Forgiveness is a soul wrenching process. But it is also a liberation, a victory for love. There is no time table, no map, and no right or wrong. It is quite simply the triumph of love over pain and darkness.

As beings of love the final act of forgiveness is helping others. Being there for them. Being the strength to hold them up,  Be a road for them to find forgiveness. We should all be here for each other. We are all each other has.

Lift up a sullen face, caress with compassion, cry in sympathy, hug away the pain, and love. Love generously. Because, love is life.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

When Sex Becomes a Weapon

One of my earliest posts was to those who have been abused. It is an important and personal issue with me. I know all to well the savagery and cruelty sexual abuse can bring. The lives it destroys or cripples is horrifying.

Beginning when I was still a child I had a family member rape and molest me for years. They were some of the darkest times in my life. The pain, guilt, and confusion haunted me for far to long. The legacy of that time resonated across my life. Some things you can never forget or un-experience.

I've mentioned before sometimes you can have problems that would take many lives to resolve. As far as I have come in life I can say with surety I still have  a ways to go. But I am at a place where I have forgiven the pain inflicted upon me. Some things you can not hold onto without a cost ever so high.

One of the hardest things of this time was sorting my sexuality from the abuse. That was a task to be sure. However I am sure of who I am and who I always was. For all of you who have or are going through this know this, no one is your master except you. You are the key, the lock, and the walls you erect to defend yourself.

Love your self. Forgive the pain. Let go of the pain. It is ever so hard. Some shadows walk in the light but the truth is they are merely reflections that trick the heart into believing they are real. And you know what? What has happened is the past, not the present.

Everyone is different but the one true step to peace is letting go. Tell someone. Find a person you trust and tell them. Don't worry when those tears begin to fall and your body aches and your mind screams you are going to forever break. Beautiful things survive to remind the world of hope. And you are beautiful. You are deserving of love and peace.

In my adult life I have known the pain of a love beating me and raping me. If you read my last post that would be "M".  Using sex to get what you want or drive home a point is horrific and vile. M lashed out in a horrible way.

Dealing with this after a childhood of this was quite unbearable. I made "A" cry when he came to my aid. At that moment not even his love could ignite a spark in me. It took a very long time for me to heal.

And the good thing is I did heal. Oh I won't lie, I have my scars. However, such things slowly fade and become less noticeable.  You know they are there and why but they no longer hurt. I guess that's my message. You have to love.

You must love yourself. You must extend trust to others and allow them to show you love. You must leave the past in the past. Like the scar that gently fades you must know that is but a part of you not all the wonderful things that make you who you are.  And it certainly does not define you.

Your soul, and your love is yours. No one can hold onto those without your permission. So shine and rise above the cruelty shown to you. Release it to others who love. And please raise your head and let the sun fall upon your face. Sometimes we need a warm embrace.

Hope and love are the greatest ointments for the soul. Use regularly!

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Lessons of the Heart

I always talk about love but rarely romantic love beyond the greater soul. So today is my attempt to share a bit, resolve a bit, and forgive a bit.

One of the greatest gifts in life is love. We crave it so dearly and don't always receive enough of it. It's value is beyond priceless and can make a life or destroy it. But either way we take something from it, whenever it touches us.

In my time I've been touched by some. Some I have touched. Still more I chased after with the silly notion love conquers all. Love can melt a heart but the heart must be open to it and the love given must be unconditional.

Some in life we must love without return. Others we must caress in their anguish and sorrow. And sadly some we must rekindle the very spark that can set the flame of love ablaze. In these wondrous adventures we can find solace, resolve, and utter joy.

What some won't tell you though is sometimes we find pain. Sometimes we must shed tears and mourn in regret. Love is not perfect. It is a wild thing that when we are ready can be that which is indescribable.

I've loved or tried to love everyone I have ever told such. And I have failed miserably at times. But even then I still hold those in my heart. And those who did light my flame into a raging inferno you are treasures I will always remember and call upon for guidance, strength, and to brighten the dark times.

Sometimes with you all I wish I could share all the love, pain, joys, and sorrows of my life. At times it has been cruel and dark yet when it was bright it was a glorious unending day. So to the few that haunt my heart roaming down its many halls and chambers I say this...

A, thank you for your undieing devotion. You are more than I deserve. I am glad you have been there. If I had a chance with that precious heart of yours I would fight to the end of time for you. But I know it belongs to another. So I accept humbly to just be your loving friend. 

M, you were quite possibly my favorite on many levels. I fought to ignite that spark and lift you up. I'm sorry I could not be there for you in the end but life does not always give us choices. You know I have forgiven all the pain you gave me and you are still a fond memory. Wherever you are I hope you finally have peace.

T, you my dear love were pure energy and excitement. You made me happy when your time was mine. But sadly that was always the problem. I was an accessory to your life not the focus. Your quest for life and excitement colored your world to an extreme I am not quite sure you even know. I have always been there for you and always shall. And I am thankful, so have you. Find love and embrace it without question or restriction. Share that beauty inside you with someone special.

R, you were and are my most dearest regret. It took you so long to realize my value and sincerity. Then you pull the rug out from under me at the end. The flame still burns but is forever off limits. Sometimes things burn to hot and hurt.

E, what can I say. You never truly let me all the way in. In my blindness I forced my way in, only for you to blame me for the love you would not give. I have my suspicions why but I don't know for sure. What I do know is I wish you shared that bit of your soul. You would have been safe and loved.

To all I have hurt, it was never intentional. I certainly don't pretend to know it all or how to handle all things. But I can assure you all I have been here with love.

I think in our lives we must acknowledge all of our loves, even those that are utter disasters. If we don't we leave holes that we can spend eternity trying to patch aimlessly. But like the wave crashing into a sandcastle it fades away. Only solid things can support weight.

Love in your life. Enjoy it for what it is. It may not be glorious or all consuming but it is the song that makes our lives beat in time with the heart. Good or bad it is a treasure that can fuel a thousand suns. And what a wondrous glow when it does. <3

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What is Pride?

The other day while with an old friend I heard something utter from his lips that made me stop in heavy sigh. He didn't approve of the outlandish displays at Pride festivals and parades. Like many people he thought it was to much in his face.

Taking a breath I began to explain. For most people who go to pride it may they only time they can surround themselves with people who are like them, won't judge them, won't hurt them, and will support them.

Imagine living all your life having to conform or suppress personal expression or flair. Having to always edit ones self for the sake of security. Always someone somewhere is saying something bad about you. And in some cases if you don't act straight enough you may end up dead.

Now imagine once a year you have the chance to go to an event where  you can be you and are encouraged to. Imagine you will be praised and accepted. Imagine the freedom that entails. The joy the heart feels. To be you and love.

If you have never lived in the shadow of oppression it is difficult to relay every detail that hampers life and the the souls wonderful song. But the one sure thing it is a liberation of the Human spirit. People may go overboard or to extremes but for that moment the soul soars, peace transcends, and love fills the air.

There are no extremes in a life that gets set free so rarely. Is it in anyone's face? Yes if you choose to look. But is that bad? If you choose to look then do so. See the people, see their joy, see their freedom, and see their story.

Pride is exactly what it says. It is pride in one's self, those who struggle with you, and the love that all to often is silenced. Anyone who does not harm another and seeks love should be filled with pride.

So as I told my friend Pride is the love we get so rarely or any place else. And that is a joyous thing.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Trans Dilemma

Lately I have been sad at mounting reports of trans women being murdered. They are beaten, denied basic Human services, and treated as a disease in some cases. Be it fear, hatred, the unknown whatever reason has crashed many lives.

I know many people have a difficult time understanding the extremes, if you will, that trans people go through to become who they feel they should be. Maybe part of that is our own communities fault as well for not teaching the conflicts and struggles the T in our group has to endure and figure out.

Most of us in life struggle just figuring out who we are or who we are attracted to. A person who is trans has an additional problem of being the wrong gender. Imagine everything about you is a woman. Your thoughts, attractions, desire for clothing...but you are a man in gender.

That is a struggle I wish no one had. The constant reminder of the wrong anatomy, looking into the mirror not to see you but a sculpture of someone else built around the soul that is you.  Trying to discover you and who you belong with but again your gender is not matching who you are. If we add in societies reactions it is enough to make anyone want to run and hide.

The problem is people fear and hate what they don't know. They encounter a person and see only the unknown in the minds. I know over the years I've heard many gasp at the concept of wanting to remove anatomy and add something else. They gasp because they have no basis of comparison, so they think. They see only an outcome not a process of getting there.

The first thing we should all remember is your looking at another person. They are flesh and blood like you. They love, cry, and feel just like you. They struggled to figure who they were, just like you. They think long and hard about every step they do. They are mothers, fathers, children, and loved ones.

The journey of anyone in life is a difficult trek through the unknown. It's a personal one. The one thing we all share is love. We love ourselves, others, and life. When any of those falter we become accomplices to a horrible crime. We have hurt another soul. We have caused pain, tears, or blood to be shed.

If I may suggest a pause when you meet anyone in life. Breathe and embrace the unknown. Ask about another's journey in life. Share your own. If you don't know, please ask. It does not matter if you agree with another or like their choices but it does matter how you treat a person. It matters that you show love and compassion. It matters that give them respect.

Quite simply life is love. And the greatest love you can extend is the sure knowledge everyone is different, equal, and deserving of respect. So please love everyone you meet in life because we are all Human and connected. We are expression of our souls. It's up to you whether you fill it with love or hate.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Religious Freedom

So much lately I have listened to the back and forth claim of religious freedom, right of conscious, and oppression. Public officials using their positions and voices to hurt others has become the norm.

I have never subscribed to the belief that any person may use their beliefs to hurt another. We as a people must hold each and every person to the same standard and equal treatment. If we do not we set a precedent that can build until whole sections of society are isolated, hurt, or even dead.

Somewhere along the way people have confused free speech and hate speech. You may disagree with someone or something. You may not agree with a persons life or choices. This however gives you no right to deny them their rights.

In a true representative and free society all are valued, all contribute, and all have a  voice equally. It is the foundation of truth, freedom, and respect. To remove any of that stains the hands of many with blood of the innocent.

Might I remind all who take the righteous path you are not God. Judgement is not yours. Persecution is not yours. Coming between any mans soul and God is the true abomination. Remember that when you deny any person respect, hospitality, and anything less than love.

To clerks who refuse to issue or sign marriage license': you are not performing the ceremony only filing a registered form.

To Politicians who wish to criminalize being LGBT: removing people to stack the cards more in your favor or garner favor is sign you can not win unless you devalue Humanity. Have the despots and dictators of the last century already fallen silent? How many more must hurt or die before you realize life is sacred?

To religious leaders who preach hate or even death: Be careful your path because you to shall be judged. Taking the mantle of god as your own is blasphemy. I hope your sure of yourselves.

To those who are apathetic: Be careful of your willful ignorance. Dark things done in the light of day will eventually reach you. Who will be there to help when it happens?

As a person of faith I know a lot about religious freedom. I also know the double standard many twist it to be. Everyone has the right to their beliefs. You do not have the right to deny others theirs. And in a world of many beliefs and faiths yours must be balanced equally. Doing so is the right thing in any religion. Because only in respect and dignity can divine truth shine.

Love is not a sin. Denying it is.

Love is Never Wrong!