Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

To all of you out there who observe Christmas I wish you a very merry one. May you know the laughter and joy of friends and family.

To all who may not observe Christmas I wish you all joy and happiness. May you take the time to appreciate those special people in your lives and treasure them.

To all I wish you a life of love.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Life of Love

As I sit here this Christmas eve I can't help but think of those many many people in our community around the world who are facing terrible repressions, violence, and even death. The allegations against them may be religious, cultural, or even pseudo science. The truth ;however, is we are strong, creative, and people of passion and love. All these things threaten those who wish to control or dominate a society.

It is when you live a life of love that you dismantle all that the hatemongers have built. You shine light upon their misdeeds. Your efforts rekindle the light of hope in the distraught. You become a beacon of what life can be.

There are many good men and women around world. Light and reason always exists. It is like anything of worth though. You must invest your time and labor into it. Sometimes your very life must be put at risk to do the right thing, to be who you are. Such is love. Love of yourself and others.

So to all of you out there in places where life is not so kind, love and nurture those around you. Stand and demand your humanity. If you are an LGBT ally support us, be a Harriet Tubman, oppose the wrongs like Gandhi, preach truth and tolerance like Martin Luther King Jr. The world is and always has been blessed with good people. It is merely the courage to stand with love, honor, and reason that one must muster.

A life of love is not an easy road. It will be filled with trials and challenges. But if you face them with all sincerity of being who you are then the darkness that surrounds you will slowly fade and all that you have been looking for will be apparent. It has always been there, shrouded in the night.


Love is Never Wrong

Monday, December 5, 2011

When People and Money Collide

This is not a typical topic I usually cover but I will make an exception. So many in our community are talking about the Occupy Wall Street groups and many LGBT people are just as hurting if not more by the current economy. So here are a few thoughts.

I don't believe any one group bear complete blame for the situation we are in. It is a culture of greed that has brought us all to this point. In that 100% of us are responsible.

Banks, corporations, and stock markets all answer to their investors and stockholders. How many of us take the time to invest our own stocks, attend stockholder meetings, review our banks policies, or even demand accountability of corporations?  Do you buy gasoline that has jumped 20 cents in an hour even though its the same gas sitting the tanks? Do you follow important votes? The system works both ways. If we can not invest the time to keep things ethical then we are just as much to blame.

Its not my goal to point fingers. There are plenty of places to draw attention. I find it more helpful to offer solutions. Hopefully some of you have some as well.

How can we repair decades of greed and neglect? I think the issue is putting people once again in the forefront. In the rush for the almighty Dollar, Euro, Yen...we have forgotten the goal of all business is to serve people. And when it some down to it efficiency is not a mantra to hold when dealing with people. We are not machines and cattle to be herded through a coral.

People take time. They need respect and dignity in all situations. Above all people are essential for business to succeed. So what exactly am I saying here?

First of all demand and give service. I don't mean "Hello! May I help you?" We have over time removed many jobs from our society in an effort to streamline and be more efficient. Some may have called it cost cutting or downsizing but the fact is jobs have been removed and few have replaced them.

How many full service gas stations still exist? Do all buildings still have doormen, shoe shine stands, news stands? Do department stores still have lunch counters or greeters? When you go to movie theatre's are there still attendants to seat you? Do police officers still patrol your neighborhoods on foot or do they drive by in cars?

When we remove all the services from society to cut costs are we really saving money or are we removing another person from that economy? Some might say we are saving money to create better jobs. But if you remove 20 to create 2 then you have left 18 people out in the cold. Its not about efficiency. It never has been. Demand service and return people to importance.

Ethics in a system of greed are usually the last thing to be focused on. Maybe we need to revive personal ethics and honor as being higher than making money. If that means your retirement account has to be invested by you, you have to vote for less profit, or pay a few pennies more for something then do so.

If you have a broker or a retirement/investment account find out how they handle things and hold them accountable. Attend bank meetings or correspond with with them and let them know what you think of their policies. Hold corporations and business' accountable for their actions, political funding, and most importantly prices. Demand the attention of your politicians. Keep an eye on how they act or vote on issues. Don't be apathetic and believe you can not change the system. It may seem like an uphill battle but you can overcome.

Finally return to charity. People need help and not enough business' or the wealthy give back to communities. The success of any society rely's upon giving others an opportunity to achieve and succeed. Everyone deserves a chance. Give generously of both time and money. If you as an individual, business, or government official have the means then lift people up. It only takes a little to start most people down a path of self reliance and prosperity. One must give to receive.

Well my fellow readers these are not all the answers but it is a start. What do you all think?

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Links of Love International XIV

Today I would like to offer some more links to my international viewers. As always I try to offer help to anyone wherever they are.  I do have language barriers and would appreciate any reviews of listed sites. I hope these are useful.

GayEcuador seems to be a links/news/entertainment site. (Ecuador)

Diverso Ecuador is a news/links site with several resources. (Ecuador)

Proyecto Transgenero is an advocacy group for transgender rights. They available in Spanish or English. (Ecuador)

Sociedad de Integracion Gay Lesbica Argentina or SIGLA is an advocacy group with several links as well. (Argentina)

Labrys is a multi service group. They offer news, entertainment, advocacy, and many helpful links. The site is available in Russian or English. (Kyrgyzstan)

Justice for Gay Africans is an advocacy and news group. Their mission is equality for Africa as a whole.

Boys of Bangladesh is a social and support group. (Bangladesh)

Coalition of Activist Lesbians or COAL is a Lesbian advocacy group. (Australia)

Sofia Pride is an LGBT pride festival. (Bulgaria)!/sofiapride

Accept LGBT is and advocacy group  The site is available in Greek, Turkish, or English. (Cyprus)

The rainbow Alliance of the Bahamas is a blog style organization dedicated to advocacy and support. (Bahamas)

Love is Never Wrong