Monday, February 28, 2011

Smells Like Equality

For some time now I have followed a talented activist in our community. He is Sean Chapin. His videos are always inspirational and he try's to appeal to all of us with his varying styles. Today I logged in to find his latest creation "Smells Like Equality". I must admit he did a rather good job at modifying the anthem of a generation. So today I am sitting back and letting Sean inspire you. I hope you enjoy his work.

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gay Florida: Transgender Florida

In my continuing focus on Florida I have some sites for my Trans viewers.

Trans Central Station is a support group for Central Florida. This is a Yahoo group so you will be required to log in. The message index is also a bit dated but that does not mean the group is in active. They may being using mail more.

T-House is health oriented and hosted by the Broward County Health Department. The information is useful but I found the site very cold.

Transgender Equality Rights Initiatives is part advocacy and part support oriented. This is a Facebook site.

Phi Epsilon Mu is a support group for the Trans community.

Gender Identity In Florida Today (GIFT) offers support, education, and advocacy to the Trans community and their friends and families. Many resources listed.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Links of Love International X

So many of you have visited internationally the last few days. I want to recognize that with more resources for you. My mission remains to help whoever needs it wherever they may be. Today sites are purely international in mission. They may be located in countries but their work is on a global scale. I hope they help.

The International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission is an advocacy group.

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, and Intersex Law Association in an advocacy group.

Global Respect In Education is dedicated to equality in education. They focus on the UK and the United States but I am sure they would probably help any who asked the best they could.

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, and Intersex Association is a kid of catch all group. Part activism and advocacy, part news and support. The site is available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Youth and Student Organization strive to better organize and help LGBTQ youth and student groups. Their focus is Europe but they do help beyond that.

The International Foundation for Gender Education is a resource for not only the Trans community but all of us. The last update I saw was 2010 but there is a lot of information nested in the site if you look. It may still hold relevance.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gay Florida I

Florida, The Sunshine State, today is your day. In this first section I am listing all the PFLAG sites I have for the state. PFLAG has many resources and helps not only the LGBT community but their friends and families as well. Please check them out if you need help or information. I will list today's sites by city or location as the descriptions will not change much. PFLAG chapters usually have resources to help with education, advocacy, support, and sometimes social events.

Tallahassee - Facebook site







Melbourne Space Coast

Vero Beach

Naples - Little online information

Kendall - Facebook site

Brandon / Valrico - Myspace page

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, February 21, 2011

Charity Begins at Home II

On Christmas eve I wrote Charity Begins at Home. My intent was to offer ways you can make a difference in the lives of those in our community. It was also my hope people would see it really takes so little to make change and help out.

Sadly in my many wanderings to search for links and resources I still find the same repeated questions. How can I help? How can I get help? So today I offer more ways you can make a difference.

Use your profession to help out! It is rather easy to forget we are all qualified to do something and that knowledge can help others.

If you work in the medical field you could make people more aware of health issues or offer your services.

If you work in business you can teach youth how to do everything from write a resume to interview tips.

If you work in the food industry you could offer your services, try to redirect excess food to those who need it...

Those are just a few fields and suggestions. You all have skills or knowledge. Share it.

Continuing with education help create libraries for our community to use. They can be at centers, schools, or public libraries. Donate LGBT books, dvd's, CD's, and print items to such institutions to further help educate and offer support. Its easy to do. See if they are willing to accept the donations and what they need. Most will be happy to accept your help.

Last time I suggested you advocate. Continue such by making your voice known. You and your opinion matter! Post replies on blogs or news sites. Create videos on YouTube, write a book or an information phamplet. It all adds up. No contribution is too small.

Do a mail or e-mail campaign on any LGBT issue or cause. Such things are not just for large organizations. You might be surprised how administrators, bureaucrats, and executives don't like being put on the spot and will try to accommodate you.

You shop all the time. Hold companies and stores accountable with your purchasing power.

These are just a few more suggestions on how you can begin change and make a difference. We must create the fire of change in each of our communities. It is easy for those who wish to hinder our progress to fight one or two large efforts but to try and extinguish a million brush fires is an inferno that can not be subdued. Light the fire of change in yourself, your community, and the world. Your actions do matter and can elicit change.

Raise your head in pride, foster hope all around you, and realize it all adds up. You just need to start doing so yourself. Don't wait on others to start something. Help is needed now and you all can do something, so do!

It all begins with you!

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Links of Love International IX

With so many international viewers this week I am doing another selection of resources for all of you. I hope they help.

ANG LADLAD is a Filipino social and political group. (Philippines)

Pro-Gay Philippines is an advocacy group. (Philippines)

Task Force Pride is a Filipino  organization seeking to educate, offer social events, support, and advocate for the LGBT community. (Philippines)

FELGTB or National Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals, and Bisexuals is an advocacy group.  (Spain)

The Campaign Against Homophobia is an advocacy group. The site is available in Polish, English, and Russian.  (Poland)

Accept LGBT Cyprus is and advocacy group. The site is available in Greek, Turkish, and English.  (Cyprus)

People Like us is an advocacy group.  (Singapore)

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Are Beautiful

One of the many blogs I read is Break the Illusion by Davey Wavey. Today he had a video that although not his best had a good message. Since I believe we can never have enough love I am taking his challenge to pass it on.


You can find the video here. 

Love is Never Wrong  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blogs & Vlogs

Today I want to offer some unique sites that make their mission covering LGBT topics on YouTube. It's a short list today but they offer many videos to view and if you explore the links from there you open a whole world of things to see.

The LGBT Media Guide

Equal and Free - LGBTQ Guide to YouTube

GLBT Playlist

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is always touted as for those only romantically in love. I don't think that is really true though. There are many types of love and ways to show it. The picture above for example is a yellow background symbolizing friendship, the red outline bestowing the love that goes with being friends, and the white core a purity of trust which is the foundation of all relationships. This is my Valentine to all of you this day.

Love should know no bounds. To many know it not enough. So just love in all its splendid forms. Love one another, love yourself, and show it today and every day. LOVE!

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gay New York IV

Today I am continuing my New York links with student resources. There will be no summations as normal so that I don't have to repeat the same things. Most student resources offer the same things. Those are education, support, and advocacy resources. A few will also offer social events and health resources.  There may be a future addition to this list. New York is unusual the way they work associations and schools. So as I further investigate it to determine its merits I will post them.

Vassar College has their LGBTQ Center

New York University has three Resources. The first being their LGBTQ Student Center. Second is their law schools OUTLaw. Finally their Business school has OUTClass.

Harvard has their Gay and Lesbian Caucus.

Dartmouth has a LGBT Alumni Association.

Syracuse University has two links but they seem to duplicate one another. I will list both anyways. This listing is their LGBT Resource Center.

Cornell University has an LGBT Resource Center and their business school has Out for Business.

Columbia University has three resources. The first is their Queer Alliance. Next they have a Pride Blog. Finally their Law School has OUTLaws.

St. Johns University has two resources. They have a Gay Straight Alliance and their law school has a Gay and Lesbian Law Association

Ithaca College has their Center of LGBT Center of Education, Outreach, & Services.

The Rochester Institute of Technology has two resources. The first is Their Gay Alliance. The second is their GLBT Center.

Barnard College has Q.

Hofstra University has The Pride Network.

Queens College has GLASA.

Brooklyn College has their LGBT Alliance.

Binghamton University has their Rainbow Pride Union.

Hunter College has Queer Student Union.

Baruch College has GLASS.

City College has an LGBTQ Alliance.

Yeshiva University's law school has OUTLaw.

The Culinary Institute of America has a Gay Straight Alliance.

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I sit here and write this tonight for all of you out there who are younger. This blog is a  response to all the suicides by our youth. In recent days while doing my searches for links I have had the chance to read many sites and replies by many younger people. I have hope for all of you and I hope you do as well.

My concern is so many think it acceptable to be pessimistic and complacent in the status quo. Please don't be one of those people. Hope! It is not a fleeting emotion that is the luxury of the few. It is something you must create on your own.

Hope is all that you aspire to be and wish to change. Without it there is no life, only stagnation and despair. Set your goals, strive to achieve them, and make the world as you would dream it. Will is a powerful force of change in the world and you are a powerful force in in it.

Never accept things will never get better. Never accept the place others will relegate you to. You are the master of your own life. Remember that and live life with hope.

I am not saying life is not difficult but do not dwell in it. At some point we have to pick ourselves up and realize hope is always there, because we are. So many of us know pain and cruelty. So rise above that and soar in the knowledge you will not continue the bitterness and pain.

Maybe we all need to change our points of view. That mountain that seems so insurmountable before you can become a pile of rock if we all take a pick to it and begin change. We are a force and so are you. All things are possible. And yes things can change and get better.

I know to many of you I am only the words on the screen of a computer before you. But I am a person just like you. I have hopes and dreams. I have known pain, fear, and darkness. Of all the things I have learned in life hope is the most important.

Craft your hopes and dreams like a master architect. Build them with care, paying attention to every detail. Take pride in its construction and share your joys with all those in life who matter. When completed gaze at the beauty you have given not only yourself but the world. All from a humble hope.

To the young man who inspired me to write this please know hope is alive. Open the window of your heart and let its story soar forth. All you need is you and hope. From there all things can change.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Links of Love International VIII

Today I have more resources for my international viewers. To my many Russian viewers I am fulfilling my pledge. I have found more sites for you. I hope these help.

Moscow Pride  (Russia)

Lesbiru  (Russia)

Gay Russian Radio  (Russia)

Gay Russia  (Russia)

Gay Serbia  (Serbia)  This site is available in Serbian and English. They have several Serbian links listed.

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gay New York III

Today I continue my coverage of New York with equality sites.

The Long Island GLBT Community Center has a listing for a Marriage Coalition group. I can't seem to find out more about it online so if your local check with them directly.

The Campaign to End Homophobia

Equality Long Island

The East End Gay Organization

Empire State Pride Agenda

Ithaca LGBT Task Force

BiasHelp is a advocacy group specifically focused for hate crimes, discrimination, and bullying.

Freedom to Marry

Good as You

Marriage Equality New York

Queer Rising

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gay New York: Transgender New York

Today I have more resources for the Trans members of our community. I debated adding them to the regular state listing but decided it's easier to find them if they are separate. I hope these help. I believe New York has the most Trans friendly resources I have found so far.

The Center, in New York City has CARE. (Counseling, Advocacy, Recovery, Education) It is not Trans exclusive but all help and information is useful.  They also have the Gender Identity Project.

The Trans Solidarity Project has many resources available for whatever the need. I am listing their main page and their support group.

Spectrum is a Transgender education, advocacy, and support group for western New York.

Community Healthcare Network has a Transgender Program.

The Mid Hudson Valley Transgender Association is a education and support group for the Trans community, their friends, and families.

Expressing our Nature is a support group in upstate New York.

The Orange County Transgender Support group. This is a Yahoo group. You will have to sign in to access it.

The Southern Tier Transgender Alliance is a support group for the Trans community, their friends, and family.!/pages/Southern-Tier-Gender-Alliance/121615841182103?v=info

The Transgender Law and Policy Institute is and advocacy group.

The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund is an advocacy group.

The New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy. They do have a healthcare provider directory worth looking at.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, February 4, 2011

What is Gay?

What is gay? To most it is having sex with a member of the same gender. Many very negative traits have been assigned to it. It has been so maligned as to cause offense upon even being slurred at someone. Gay for many is a powerful and hurtful term.

Gay has been so divisive that our own community tries to define themselves as other names. We are now lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, and yes gays. I've never liked other people defining me. It takes power from me and reduces who I am to a single term or phrase that really has little to do with all that I am.

Now that I have given the maligned definition of gay let me tell you of its original meaning. Gay originally meant being happy or carefree in spirit. To be gay used to be a compliment. It meant you were a good person to be around and brightened peoples lives.

I've always liked that definition. We struggle so hard in our community to find out who we are and define ourselves. In our process we are lured and waylayed into other peoples definitions of who we are. Is it a wonder we go through so much pain and sorrow?

In that struggle we eventually come to a peace with ourselves and the paths we wander down. Still many of us do so uneasily, haunted by the nightmare forest that awaits those who stray to far from hope. It is for all of you I write this today.

Be gay! Ultimately we all have to learn to be happy with ourselves and be carefree of those who wish to taunt and malign us. So be gay! Live happily in the knowledge you know who you are, you are happy with who you are, and you are carefree of others allusions. Be gay and brighten the lives of not only those in our community but the whole world. Only in love will be take back a word that hate has twisted.

I'm Gay! Are You?

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gay New York II

Today I would like to continue the New York listings with community centers. They can provide many services to us in the LGBT community. Education, support, advocacy, social events, and sometimes health resources are all the hallmarks of a center. They are a great asset. Use them! There may be more out there but these are the ones with web pages.

Queens Pride House in Queens.

The Staten Island LGBT Center

Brooklyn Community Pride Center

Bronx Community Pride Center

The Long Island GLBT Community Center

The Center, LGBT Community Center, in New York City.

Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center

The Loft covering the Lower Hudson Valley.

The Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley.

The Pride Center of Western New York

Pride Center of the Capital Region

The Cube in Binghampton

The Audre Lorde Project in New York City.

Love is Never Wrong