Monday, June 23, 2014

Is Equality for Sale?

The other day I saw a video that reminded me of one of the reasons I started this blog. That reason being the lack of equality if you do not live in a larger city or a college community. The fact is many people get rejected by out LGBT personalities, organizations meant to help, and those that have made their visibility into a career.

I guess before I continue I should show you the video that sparked this.

Jay & Bryan at Gay Family Values channel are two wonderful guys. I confess I don't always agree with Jay but at least he is honest and open to discussion. I respect that. In this case I think they have a point of interest.

Please don't mistake me; however, making a living is fine. Making a living at someone else's expense is not.

So when is it at someone else' expense? That's not always an easy question. What I can say though is if you have the ability to inform or change opinions and you are out there in some way, you should. Only through diligent exchange can we all learn and know why it matters.

I don't think everyone needs to lead the charge for equality but it does matter you contribute. It matters when you do contribute that you are not at the same time accessing another persons pocket for money. If you wish to entertain, then do so. If you wish to make your career in equality, then do so. Please do not use equality for profit.

With that said there is a very good reason for my statement, as I began above. So many people in this world are still struggling. So many need help. Violence, oppression, intolerance.. still rage. It's easy to get wrapped up in slogans and ideas. The fact is though we are talking about lives.

No one should have to live in fear, be hurt, or murdered. These are the reasons we all must be accountable to equality. Until the day where all LGBT people can walk free, live a life in peace, and not have to struggle, ever so much, we have an obligation to lift them up. We have an obligation to make the next generations path easier than we had.

The struggle does not end with money and it should not be held hostage for it. Make your living, by all means. But do so knowing 'you' made it. Making it from those who need you is not ok.Make it in honesty, openness, and pride.

So to answer the question Is Equality for sale? Only if you make it so. If people or organizations drift away keep them focused. Don't be mean or harsh but let them know they have crossed a line. Let them know the changes they have made do not seem right to you.  You can not make people do things but you can be a positive influence in their lives. You can make changes.

So Jay & Bryan thank you for the reminder. I wish you and all those who read this peace and the strength to stand.

Love Is Never Wrong!