Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

To all of you out there who observe Christmas I wish you a very merry one. May you know the laughter and joy of friends and family.

To all who may not observe Christmas I wish you all joy and happiness. May you take the time to appreciate those special people in your lives and treasure them.

To all I wish you a life of love.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Life of Love

As I sit here this Christmas eve I can't help but think of those many many people in our community around the world who are facing terrible repressions, violence, and even death. The allegations against them may be religious, cultural, or even pseudo science. The truth ;however, is we are strong, creative, and people of passion and love. All these things threaten those who wish to control or dominate a society.

It is when you live a life of love that you dismantle all that the hatemongers have built. You shine light upon their misdeeds. Your efforts rekindle the light of hope in the distraught. You become a beacon of what life can be.

There are many good men and women around world. Light and reason always exists. It is like anything of worth though. You must invest your time and labor into it. Sometimes your very life must be put at risk to do the right thing, to be who you are. Such is love. Love of yourself and others.

So to all of you out there in places where life is not so kind, love and nurture those around you. Stand and demand your humanity. If you are an LGBT ally support us, be a Harriet Tubman, oppose the wrongs like Gandhi, preach truth and tolerance like Martin Luther King Jr. The world is and always has been blessed with good people. It is merely the courage to stand with love, honor, and reason that one must muster.

A life of love is not an easy road. It will be filled with trials and challenges. But if you face them with all sincerity of being who you are then the darkness that surrounds you will slowly fade and all that you have been looking for will be apparent. It has always been there, shrouded in the night.


Love is Never Wrong

Monday, December 5, 2011

When People and Money Collide

This is not a typical topic I usually cover but I will make an exception. So many in our community are talking about the Occupy Wall Street groups and many LGBT people are just as hurting if not more by the current economy. So here are a few thoughts.

I don't believe any one group bear complete blame for the situation we are in. It is a culture of greed that has brought us all to this point. In that 100% of us are responsible.

Banks, corporations, and stock markets all answer to their investors and stockholders. How many of us take the time to invest our own stocks, attend stockholder meetings, review our banks policies, or even demand accountability of corporations?  Do you buy gasoline that has jumped 20 cents in an hour even though its the same gas sitting the tanks? Do you follow important votes? The system works both ways. If we can not invest the time to keep things ethical then we are just as much to blame.

Its not my goal to point fingers. There are plenty of places to draw attention. I find it more helpful to offer solutions. Hopefully some of you have some as well.

How can we repair decades of greed and neglect? I think the issue is putting people once again in the forefront. In the rush for the almighty Dollar, Euro, Yen...we have forgotten the goal of all business is to serve people. And when it some down to it efficiency is not a mantra to hold when dealing with people. We are not machines and cattle to be herded through a coral.

People take time. They need respect and dignity in all situations. Above all people are essential for business to succeed. So what exactly am I saying here?

First of all demand and give service. I don't mean "Hello! May I help you?" We have over time removed many jobs from our society in an effort to streamline and be more efficient. Some may have called it cost cutting or downsizing but the fact is jobs have been removed and few have replaced them.

How many full service gas stations still exist? Do all buildings still have doormen, shoe shine stands, news stands? Do department stores still have lunch counters or greeters? When you go to movie theatre's are there still attendants to seat you? Do police officers still patrol your neighborhoods on foot or do they drive by in cars?

When we remove all the services from society to cut costs are we really saving money or are we removing another person from that economy? Some might say we are saving money to create better jobs. But if you remove 20 to create 2 then you have left 18 people out in the cold. Its not about efficiency. It never has been. Demand service and return people to importance.

Ethics in a system of greed are usually the last thing to be focused on. Maybe we need to revive personal ethics and honor as being higher than making money. If that means your retirement account has to be invested by you, you have to vote for less profit, or pay a few pennies more for something then do so.

If you have a broker or a retirement/investment account find out how they handle things and hold them accountable. Attend bank meetings or correspond with with them and let them know what you think of their policies. Hold corporations and business' accountable for their actions, political funding, and most importantly prices. Demand the attention of your politicians. Keep an eye on how they act or vote on issues. Don't be apathetic and believe you can not change the system. It may seem like an uphill battle but you can overcome.

Finally return to charity. People need help and not enough business' or the wealthy give back to communities. The success of any society rely's upon giving others an opportunity to achieve and succeed. Everyone deserves a chance. Give generously of both time and money. If you as an individual, business, or government official have the means then lift people up. It only takes a little to start most people down a path of self reliance and prosperity. One must give to receive.

Well my fellow readers these are not all the answers but it is a start. What do you all think?

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Links of Love International XIV

Today I would like to offer some more links to my international viewers. As always I try to offer help to anyone wherever they are.  I do have language barriers and would appreciate any reviews of listed sites. I hope these are useful.

GayEcuador seems to be a links/news/entertainment site. (Ecuador)

Diverso Ecuador is a news/links site with several resources. (Ecuador)

Proyecto Transgenero is an advocacy group for transgender rights. They available in Spanish or English. (Ecuador)

Sociedad de Integracion Gay Lesbica Argentina or SIGLA is an advocacy group with several links as well. (Argentina)

Labrys is a multi service group. They offer news, entertainment, advocacy, and many helpful links. The site is available in Russian or English. (Kyrgyzstan)

Justice for Gay Africans is an advocacy and news group. Their mission is equality for Africa as a whole.

Boys of Bangladesh is a social and support group. (Bangladesh)

Coalition of Activist Lesbians or COAL is a Lesbian advocacy group. (Australia)

Sofia Pride is an LGBT pride festival. (Bulgaria)!/sofiapride

Accept LGBT is and advocacy group  The site is available in Greek, Turkish, or English. (Cyprus)

The rainbow Alliance of the Bahamas is a blog style organization dedicated to advocacy and support. (Bahamas)

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today is Thanksgiving, a time when we give thanks for the people and bounty we have received during the year. This morning I want to thanks those who have touched something in me. Maybe they will touch you as well.

Elton John: Flare, music, travelling a rough road.  I know some of those well.

George Takei: Your rapier wit, acting, and activism always makes me happy.

Jay & Bryan: Shining examples of family and values. Both inspire me.

Sean Chapin: Activism, spirit, and non-violence. A man of honor!

Davey Wavey: A kindred soul of discovery and love.

Kevin: You give me a new perspective.

Biki: My friend in the snow. :)

These are some of the many who have touched my life in some way. Some may not know it but they have along with many others. So to you all and my other friends I have not mentioned Thank you for being in my life.

To those who have stumbled here or came looking for help I wish you peace and a life of love.

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Too many have been hurt or lost. Today we remember those who should still be here. 

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Charity Begins at Home IV

As we enter into fall then winter and celebrate so many holidays this time of year I am reminded of all those in our community who don't have what many of us do. So today I would like to put forward more suggestions that we all can do to help.

When I do my browsing for links across the internet I repeatedly come across two main groups in our community that either get ignored or need help. Both LGBT youth and seniors deserve better than they receive. Today I focus on them.

The one thing both have in common is they don't need miracles. They need hope. Something most of us take for granted. Do you hope for your next meal, a  bed to sleep in, or even just someone to talk to? It's something many of us take for granted and really don't think about. Maybe we should.

Giving hope is such an easy thing to do but somehow it doesn't always get done. Light someones life, even if with just a spare ember from you life of plenty. It doesn't take much to ignite a flame in someone, to give them a chance to grow. Everyone deserves that chance. Let's give them that chance, that hope.

An area I never hear about much is LGBT seniors in homes or even living alone who have few people in their lives. Much like any elderly person in such cases we can advocate for their representation in such places, create visitor programs to give them LGBT friendly people to talk with, make sure they get the health care they need, are represented in medical facilities, and make sure they get to eat right. Our seniors have led the way for us and made our lives a little bit easier. Let's return the favor and help them.

Our youth face many of the same problems. They need a clothes, a bed to sleep in, a good meal, a friendly face to talk to, even medical attention. So many flee or are thrown from their homes. Some forced into things just to survive. They don't deserve that. No one does.

What I propose regardless of your abilities is give time. Talk to someone who is need or struggling and be the calm in their life. Listen to their stories and offer advice if they want it. Give respect and show compassion.

I've talked before about gathering food to donate to organizations that help those in need. Some additional things you can do is work with a local LGBT center or organization that is LGBT friendly and try to start a meal program. Maybe its a food bank or even a dinner once a month that's open to anyone in the LGBT community. It all helps. No one should be hungry.

With those same groups you can create clothing programs. Gather new and used clothes to help those who need them. Maybe work with LGBT friendly stores or fashion groups to create a work clothing program so those seeking jobs look their best.

A place to clean ones self and sleep is very important. Our health can deteriorate quickly if we don't have those opportunities. Create safe shelters or places where people can go. I know this one is a little harder with regulations and facilities but its not impossible. You have a voice, advocate for them. Ensure local facilities exist for them. Make sure no one is turned away or restricted simply because they are LGBT.

During the holidays we always think of friends and family. Let's not forget those who don't have them or have been turned away by theirs. Whether it is youth or seniors work with local groups or centers and maybe host a visitor for your holiday meal. Maybe you could adopt a person for the holidays and treat them like friend. Feed them, maybe buy them a small gift, and just listen to their life. Something most of us have.

There are so many options available to us in life to extend hope. And they all begin with one person reaching out their hand to help another and investing time in their well being. Please do so and make a difference to someone who may need you.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why We Sing

Recently I had a discussion with someone about the value of song in our struggle for equality. We ultimately did not agree but there was value. So allow me to share my thoughts on why we sing.

When one of us sings in our community we tell of our pain, struggles, love, even victories. The melody can educate others to things they may not know. Maybe we bring ourselves together in unity for a common cause. Of course lets not forget the essence of song, us.

When we sing we add our voice to the world. We share what matters to us and our lives. It doesn't matter if it moves others or makes great change because singing is our liberation. If anyone else is moved or empowered then we have a common bond.

Song is our story, our life, our very soul. If we express it in love then the value is priceless. Singing may or may not touch someone but I don't think it has ever been about that. I think song its self is valuable because one person rose up to say something that mattered to them. Being LGBT I think we all know that alone is sometimes a victory of a lifetime.

I say sing in whatever tune you can muster and let the world hear your voice. What do you think?

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, October 21, 2011


I have known about OutServe for some time now and have watched how they developed. Happily they are doing much good in the new openness with their main site, a new magazine, and recently a conference was held. So today I offer OutServe to our active duty US service members.!/OutServeUS

OutServe Magazine!/OutServeMag

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spirit Day

Today is Spirit Day. It is a time when we wear purple, adorn our many social media sites with purple, or sport the Spirit button to show our support for LGBT youth and to help stop bullying. To learn more check out GLAAD's site.

Please show your support.

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gay North Carolina: Transgender North Carolina

For my Trans readers I have some more links for you. Hopefully they are helpful.

Triad Gender Association is a social and support group for the larger Trans community. They have a few links and basic group information listed.

Phoenix Transgender Support is an education and support group in Asheville. Several links and resources are listed.

Carolina Transgender Society is a education, social and support group. They include support for significant others as well. Several links and resources are available on their site.

North Carolina Transgender Unity is a education and support site for the Trans community. Many links to all sorts of resources and needs broken down by area. If you need information check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LGBT College Financial Aid

I found a wonderful article from the New York Times that lists how to apply for financial aid if you have two same sex parents, you are married to a same-sex partner, and your parents refuse to help. Some good advice is in the article. Please check it out if you are having these issues.

Love is Never Wrong

Gay North Carolina II

Today I continue my resources for North Carolina with education links.

The University of North Carolina has two resources. The first is their LGBTQ Center with some resources and information. The second is GLBTSA which is a Gay-Straight Alliance style group. They have several links available.

The University of North Carolina Asheville has Alliance. It is a Gay-Straight Alliance style group with only basic group information available.

Duke University has several resources for students. The first is their Center for LGBT Life that has several links and programs. The second is a LGBT student blog, Our Lives. Next is Duke OUT which is focused for graduate and professional students. Fuqua Pride is the LGBT group for their Business school. Finally their is
Duke LGBT Network for their LGBT Alumni.!/DukeLGBT

North Carolina State has two LGBT resources available. First is their GLBT Center. They have many links and resources listed. Next is GLBT CommUNITY Alliance. This seems to be a typical Gay-straight Alliance group.!/glbtcenter

Appalachian State University has GLBT/The LGBT Center. The site has little online but their is contact information and a few listed programs. Direct contact is necessary to find our their services.

Western Carolina University has Unity. They don't list all their resources but they are all inclusive and try to help with whatever your need. Check them out.

Davidson College has their Gay-Straight Alliance.This is a Facebook site with only limited information.

Elon University has a few resources. They have an LGBTQ Office and Spectrum a Gay-Straight Alliance group. Little is available online. You will have to make direct contact for more information.

The University of North Carolina Greensboro has PRIDE. Some basic links are listed but direct contact is recommended.

East Carolina University has a GLBT Student Union with some links available.

St. Andrews University has a Gay-Straight Alliance. It is little more than a listing.

The University of North Carolina Wilmington has a LGBTQIA Resource Office. Limited resources online so contact them directly for more information.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Right to Love: An American Family

I always try to support Gay families in our community when I can. Jay & Bryan are two wonderful guys who began sharing their family's life on YouTube after Proposition 8 passed in California. They are wonderful examples of family values and that being a gay couple is not so different than any family. We all have hopes and dreams, good times and bad. Most importantly we love and we open our hearts to others. This is the trailer for their upcoming story. Please check it out.

Love is Never Wrong

Gay North Carolina I

North Carolina, the Tar heel state. Today is your day.

Outright Youth is a education, support, and social support group for LGBT and questioning youth. They cover cover western North Carolina. However i am quite sure they would help anyone int he state.!/YouthOUTright or The Lesbian & Gay Community Center is a full service LGBT center. They have education, support, entertainment, Social events and health programs. Check them out.

PFLAG Charolette is only a cover page with groups email and links to the national PFLAG site. However most PFLAG groups have many resources available so by all means contact them if you need help with anything.

PFLAG Triangle covers the areas of Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill. This is a simple listing with contact information and meeting times. SO contact them directly if you are in their area.

PFLAG Alamance is a nice and simple site with several resources and links to other sites.

PFLAG Winston - Salem

PFLAG Greensboro

PFLAG Gaston is a Facebook site.

PFLAG Flat Rock/Hendersonville is only a listing with contact info.

PFLAG Wilmington is a simple site with only contact info and meeting times. Direct contact is necessary for more info.

PFLAG Sandhills is only a listing with contact information.

PFLAG Salisbury  is a basic site with several education and support resources and helpful links.

Project Rainbow Net is a domestic violence site for all levels of violence against he LGBT community. From youth to seniors they offer many resources. They list resources by county so be sure to check them out.

LGBT Center of Raleigh is a full service community center with many programs and resources. Simple and easy to use. They should be able to help with most any need.!/lgbtcenterral

Here is a wonderful listing of Crisis helplines for North Carolina

Equality North Carolina is and advocacy group.!/equalitync

Gay Straight Advocates for Education (GSAFE) is an advocacy group to make schools safe for LGBT youth and educators.

Time Out Youth is an advocacy, support, and education resource group for LGBT and questioning youth.Volunteers opportunities are available.!/timeoutyouth

The Charolette Lesbian & Gay Fund collects and donates funds to worthy projects throughout the LGBT community.

Campaign For Southern Equality is a advocacy and education group.

The following list a Pride festivals with many resources and events. It's good to get out meet people learn more or even help out. Pride support us all.

Triangle Black Pride

North Carolina Pride

Pride Charlotte

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, October 16, 2011

When do we care?

I've read a lot of things lately as I have taken much time off from updates this year. Some of these have disturbed me. One of those is a casual lack of caring by many. A cruel mindset that only seeks to make life a colder and darker place to live.

One of the many things I see is "No Drama."  It might be a personal ad, a blog, or even a YouTube channel. It is a attitude becoming more prevalent. Sadly it is also a attitude causing harm. Drama/problems/trauma are Human and everyone has them. They may not admit it or they may suppress them but they are there. They do occur and exist. Don't deny it or those with them.

When you exclude people in life that may be having rough times you deny someone. You deny them Human contact, help, even an outlet. People are not a selection on a computer or shelf that you can pick and choose from, they are Human. As such they deserve respect.

I am not saying you should date or be friends with someone who does not click with you. I am saying love and extend care to someone in need. How many  of us in life have had vulnerable times and we reached out only to be slammed back? How many have we lost because we did not care?

Life is not always grand or glorious, recognize that. No one is asking you to have all the answers or do everything but you can care, refer, or help those you meet in life. Who knows what impact  a polite bit of mail or a simple chat my bring. Maybe, just maybe, you might lift another person up and help them regain stability of life.

I care. Do you?

Love is Never Wrong

Faith: Vision or Version?

Today I would like to talk about faith. Many of us have faith but we have been alienated or had our beliefs turned against us in life. We are subject to men who twist religious text for their own power and vanity. They preach fear, hatred, even death.

So how do we combat such usurpers? We love and reclaim our faith as our own. Faith is a personal relationship between you and whatever God you worship. No one has the right to condemn you or deny you that. Faith is more powerful than any mans will.

Know those who lure you into dark places by their grim mantle. Do they blame others for causing God's will? Do they use natural disasters to reinforce their points? Do they preach hate, intolerance, or even advocate death to those who do not meet their demands? All are hallmarks of a dark cleric, priest, or minister.

I may not be an expert on every religion but I do know God. If God wishes something done it will be so. Bear that in mind when you are told you do not conform or you are a heretic. Is it not interesting that man murders in the name of God? Bible, Koran, Torah... whatever your faith is the message love or death?

When you answer that last question you will know who and how you have been raised to worship. I'm not here to tell any of that. My effort here today is inspire you to ask yourself what do you believe?

Is the faith you practice or listen to vision or version? Vision comes from within. Version comes from outside. When you discover your vision with 20/20 eyes adhere to it because it yours and whatever God you believe in. And know that relationship can not be broken by any man. It's well being is solely dependant upon you.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, October 7, 2011

Links of Love International: Gay Africa

Till now I have resisted posting links for Africa. Many nations there penalize or hurt those in the LGBT community. Today that ends. People need help and in spite the risks we are stronger together than alone. So for those in Africa these are for you. I hope they are helpful.

Gay Egypt is a news, information, and pride site. It has not been updated for a bit but it still holds use. (Egypt)

Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL) is an equality and information site focusing on full equality and Human rights.(South Africa)

The Durban Lesbian & Gay Community & Health Center seem to offer a lot of resources but their web site is not fully updated on their services. (South Africa)

The Lesbian and Gay Equality Project is an organization dedicated to full civil rights and equality for the LGBT community.(South Africa)

Behind the Mask is a wonderful news, information, and pride site. They have many resources available. Check them out.(South Africa)

Out in Africa is A LGBT film festival in Cape Town. Its a great way to meet people, learn more, and just have fun. By all means go and enjoy just being you. (South Africa)!/outinafrica/

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association's Africa site. They offer news and information nation by nation.

Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe is a news/equality site. (Zimbabwe)!/galz1

African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights is a equality and rights organization dedicated to help all of Africa. It is not LGBT specific. The site is available in English and French.

The Botswana Network on Ethics, Law, and HIV/AIDS (BONELA) is primarily focused on HIV/AIDS but they do have programs to help LGBT people.  (Botswana)

Afrol New is a LGBT news site covering all of Africa. Some of the stories are  a bit dated so I am not sure if it is still active.

Africanveil is sot a of news and culture site for the African LGBT community. They have helpful resources available as well.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Equality Means

Of late there has been much talk about equality and what it means. Some of it has been correct but we all have our own spin on it. Frankly we tend to twist its meaning to our lives. It is easy to do but we should resist such temptations.

Equality is simply as the word says, being equal and fairly treated by law, government, and society. As any equal rights movement can tell you such things rarely come quickly or easily. It takes time, lots of time, to undo the tedious threads of discrimination and hate. It is a process that if rushed only leaves resentment and bitterness. However, when it is time one should push the boundary.

In our lives we tend to define equality by how it will affect us. In some ways that is not bad but we should not think of it only from that way. Our movement is simply about just being able to live like anyone else. Its not about special rights or concessions. It is equal justice. 

Many view this as a test or a time to prove ones self as things change. It is not true however. The wrongs of yesterday can not be undone by the present. We can only hope the present and the future bears a better and just life for us. We can know we have always been equal. We can know we have been good enough.

The only competition anyone truly has in life is with them self. That is difficult enough. Never try to be what you are not or prove someone they were wrong. That is not equality but instead vanity and folly.

We are Human and as such equal. That is what we fight for. All the words, conflict, shame, and pain will never go away unless we bury it ourselves. When we allow it to linger to shape our lives we continue the legacy of the past. Break those chains and just be you and when we are truly equal know your part was just as important as anyone's. You made a difference and always have. You matter.

So in the days that come please listen to the motto I have for myself. Live, Love, Forgive. They all must start within us and from that seed equality will bloom.

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Remember The Fallen

Let's take a moment to remember those we have lost.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Charity Begin at Home III

Last year I wrote about how we as individuals can make a difference to help the LGBT community. Today I would like to offer some more suggestions.

So many of us take the small things for granted in life and our own community. But I would like to point out it is the small things that matter most. It's the small things that those in need, need the most.

Simply be there for someone. I'm not talking of major commitments but simple ones. Maybe smile approvingly at someone or chat with them over coffee. Even a a pride symbol can offer encouragement. For every person who is out, there is at least one who is not. Open your heart and let them know its ok and someone is there to stand with them.

Another important thing is to stand. Stand for what is right. Stand for equality. In or out of the closet this is something we can all do. It is not gay or straight to fight for Human rights. It is simply the right thing to do.

In my other posts I have already talked of donations of time and resources but here are a few more ideas.

Mentor our youth. We all know how hard it is to discover ourselves and resources are usually not that good. So simply be a role model. You don't have to be perfect to do so. A good mentor simply shows a path in life that is successful. It can make a difference to someone to see a LGBT person living, working, in love, even a family.

Educate! Education can take many forms. Whether you are giving a lecture, advising on life topics or even donating to a LGBT scholarship. We have to many hurdles to jump, let us not leave anyone behind because they don't have a chance to learn.

Ensure those in need can communicate with our community. Maybe a LGBT center needs computers or Internet access. Maybe start a social group. Being who we are is hard enough sometimes. Lets not do it alone.

Finally extend dignity. Offer help but always allow dignity. Sometimes in our rush to fix a problem we do things for people and that can squelch pride and independence. Help people help themselves. In the long run we will be much more successful if we allow people such dignity.

I end this today with a challenge to my readers. Make a difference. I have listed many ideas in these three posts. Choose one or make one yourself and make a difference. I'm not asking for grand schemes or success just make a difference in one life. Love can can change the world.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gay Utah: Transgender Utah

For my Trans friends I have some new listings for you. I hope they are helpful.

Transgender Education Advocates of Utah I wish I could tell you more about this group but they don't have a lot listed. You will have to do direct contact to find out more.

The Utah Pride Center has been listed before but if you search on their groups category they have many listings for Transgender. Check them out.

Engendered Species is a social and support group for the greater Trans community and their friends and families.

Love is Never Wrong

Gay Utah II

With the advent of so many new attacks on LGBT people in Utah of recent I have decided to try and find more links for those of you in that state. If you need help seek it. If you can help do. Either way it shows there is much education to do and fears to allay. I hope these links help.

Utah State University Pride Alliance is a site that seems a bit dated with no new info for a while now but it may still exist.

The University of Utah has their LGBT Resource Center. Everything from safe zones, to scholarships, and library materials are available. They have a mentor program and a Pride week. Check them out.

Southern Utah University has their Center for Women & Families. They have several resources listed.

Westminister College has their Diversity and International Center. It doe snot list what services they have so direct contact is necessary.

Weber State University has a Gay Straight Alliance. It is in the process of reorganization so here is their old name and site. There are a few resources listed.

Utah State University: College of Eastern Utah has a Gay Straight Alliance. This is only a listing. Direct contact is necessary for more information.

Logan High School in Logan has a Gay Straight Alliance. This is only a listing.

Pink Dot Utah. Pink Dot is a wonderful group I first came across in Singapore for my international viewers. There is now a group here in the Untied States. Pink Dot offers support, education, and advocates for equality. By all means check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


If your mind knows the sting of words, love. Though your body feels the stone, love. If your tormentors threaten your life, love. Stand, stand for love. Love never dies. When you touch someone or something it shines. It shines because you shine. What a wonderful thing to add to this world.

As much as anyone tries you can not erase love. You can not stop its brilliant radiance. For all it touches is transformed. It becomes the legacy of us all. It may not be apparent or visible but it is there and it does matter. It does make change.

If I smile at you, do you? If I laugh, do you? If I love you, do you love me? It is that simple, a chain from man to man that illuminates us all. A chain that can not be broken because as much as anyone tries you control what is in you.

One kiss to a love, goes to a hug to parent, that goes to smile to a friend. Like a flash of lightning loves warm embrace radiates out lighting the dark night. It's power makes the strongest tremble. So love and know though our time is not ours to know, our love is.

Love is Never Wrong

Marriage Equality

I came across a wonderful and informative video today on the Joe My God news blog. It touched me and reminded me of a different perspective on LGBT marriage equality. The video is focused on Ireland but its message resonates globally. Please watch it.

Rory's Story

Marriage Equality (Ireland)!/marriagequality

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today I have Y-CARE a short by the Trevor Project talking about suicide prevention. It has some good basics we should all know.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Movie Night: Take III

Today I thought we should have another movie night. Maybe some thing to make us think and remember the many issues we all deal with in the LGBT community. So here are some short films.

No Son of Mine is a dark and sad film dealing with a couple of topics that have been too prevalent of late.

Pristine Books is a familiar tale of young and old, abusive relationship, and struggle with confidence. It made me sad and I think the implications go far beyond the description noted on the video description. It does have a lot to teach however.

Signage is a film about discrimination and fear. It is not the typical take on it however.

Thirteen or so Minutes is about love, sexuality, and nature.

Who We Are is another short film about discovery, coming out, and family. It's a story many have known.It has two parts.

The Boy Next Door is a short film about fear, selflessness, and discovery. It has two parts.

One on One is a story about Pride and coming out.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gay Oregon III

Here are some more various links for Oregon.

Love, Commitment, Marriage is a marriage equality group. I believe they are part of Basic rights Oregon.

CAUSA is an immigration rights group. They do however support LGBT rights as part of their core principles.

South Oregon Pride Festival is a good social event that promotes equality, peace, and basic rights for all people.  The event is held in Ashland.!/SOPrideFestival

Queer Eugene is an online resource for many local events, resources, and other items for the LGBTQ community. They primarily serve Eugene and Springfield but also cover Lane County, Corvallis, and Salem.  They have a lot of good information. Be sure to check them out.

Eugene/ Springfield Pride is a pride festival. Like most festivals they are a great resource to meet new people, gain education, and finds helpful resources.

Rainbow Vista is a LGBT retirement community. It is gay owned and operated. They are located in Gresham.

Outside In helps homeless youth and others find self sufficiency. They are not LGBT specific but are friendly.They are located in Portland.

Q Center is located in Portland and has many resources. Please Check them Out. One program I want to point out is their Persons with Disabilities group.  I usually don't find many of these so use it if you need it.!/qcenter

Portland Pride or Pride Northwest is a festival offer many resources. Get out meet people, learn, and find support. We should all have pride.

Capitol Pride is a festival in Salem. They have resources online and offer many at their event.

Love is Never Wrong

Gay Oregon: Transgender Oregon

Today I have some resources for the Trans community in Oregon. I hope they are helpful.

Northwest Gender Alliance is a group fostering education, support, and social events.

Trans Active offers education, support, and advocacy resources.

Laura's Playground is an online Chatroom and Suicide prevention help center.

Salem Transgender Network is an online resource and referral site.

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Cold Star

I always try to support gay cinema and LGBT friendly shorts. So today I have Cold Star a unique short with many lessons to teach. Some not so blatant. So I hope you enjoy this link.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today I have something light for your enjoyment. Games, most of us enjoy them but maybe now and then we want to get a perspective or just play with others who share who we are.

Gay Gamer is a gaming site focused toward the LGBT community.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Power of Change

Since my friend Biki asked this question I thought I would answer it for everyone. How do we change people who bear us ill will?

In my experience such things come from from fear, ignorance, or anger. The first two are usually taught or a lack of willingness to change. Anger is usually a sense of being wronged or generally being upset their lot in life is being ignored.

Needless to say the power to change anyone's point of view is not yours. People have to change on their own. They have to be willing to change and as much as you will them to, you can not make them. In fact most people will rile harder against you the harder you try to force change.

So how can we make change. True and lasting change always begins in you. Will you get bogged down in a war waged in hate or rise above it and continue your life? Will you allow people to vent there venomous tirade while remaining calm and unwavering? Will you extend an olive branch even after a dagger in the back?

The path to change as I said begins in you. You have to be willing to love even when your hated. You have to be willing to do good when you are portrayed as evil. You have to educate when ignorance is afoot. You have to be you, a truer thing in deed.

Only tireless vigilance can begin the path of change but ultimately people have to make that change in themselves. So vanquish the fear with love, educate away the ignorance, and reply to anger with love. Then, and only then may change begin to occur.

If you want change, be it. Its that simple. You may not always succeed but change is not always about just what you perceive. Sometimes your efforts affect things in ways you never know. And that benefits us all.

So be the change and live a life of love.

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, August 21, 2011

To Struggle

One surety of being LGBT is we struggle in life. It is the one thing we all share and try to make less harsh for the generation after us. It is a long and difficult road and we must constantly repair flat tires, fill in potholes, and avoid sudden perils darting in front of us.

Lately I have heard so many share their struggles and that is a good thing. We make people aware of what we must endure. However it is also a sad thing. The hate, cruelty, and intense sadness that covers so many peoples lives can suck you in if you allow it. But that's not always a bad thing either.

So many of us turn our sensitive sides off to avoid the hurt and pain being waged against us. We try to deny it power but in the process take power from ourselves. One must integrate the negative things in life to truly grasp the positive. If someone lashes out at you remain calm and rise above it but allow it to sting or hurt. We should not lose our sensitivity to such things. If we do we then begin the path toward hate and unconcern. There is enough negativity in the world, don't add to it.

Our struggles are also with who we are. Society as a whole has few definitions of us. If they do it is usually wrong or badly interpreted. This adds to our difficult journey because most of us have to define ourselves and without the support of society many of us never feel comfortable or truly sure of ourselves.

Its not easy living life without role models, reassurance, or positive images of who you identify as. Many of us never know any accomplishments of the LGBT community or even that we can achieve. That is our struggle of education. Never allow the flame of knowledge be denied fuel to light the way. We are its caretakers and the guardians of those who follow us.

In life to be LGBT also means we are more likely to be abused, hurt, raped, abandoned,  mentally ill, even killed all because someone somewhere refuses to acknowledge us as Human or love us unconditionally.  It is a legacy of hate.

Still with all that is stacked against us I say be proud, stand tall, and be you. I would rather take my chances with the many perils of a road of horrors than to succumb to the smooth path of hate and intolerance. I would rather live a life of love and be alone than hide in fear. Denial of who we are does not serve us, in any form.

Survival sometimes mandates us to detour from ourselves but it should only be a temporary thing, not a lifestyle. Be true to yourself and one another. Be humble and know life's journey can be harsh. But most of all Love. Love yourself, love others, and love life.

Your path is your own and never fear walking it. It is only when you deviate from it you truly regret.

I know today I have listed many of the things so many don't talk about or mention when they give advice but they are there and to deny them denies your journey in life. Be proud of every pain and scar you receive because you are here and you are living your life as it should be. You are the triumph over hate and intolerance.

Love or hate? It's your choice but we all know what hate has wrought so try love. Life is not about the destination but the journey to it. So why even bother wasting precious time on things that will only make you miserable and tired.

You are the struggle! It's up to you to claim victory.

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundatiuon

Today The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation launched its website. They are striving to end bullying and advance LGBT equality. Funds they raise go to the Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN, The Trevor Project, Campus Pride, The Matthew Sheppard Foundation, Stonewall (UK), Bully-Free Zone (UK). Please help them make a difference.

The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation

Here are links to those who are helped. Many of these have been listed before but they are always good links.

Human Rights Campaign


The Trevor Project

Campus Pride

The Matthew Sheppard Foundation

Stonewall (UK)

Bully Free Zone (UK)

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Fabulous Disease

My fabulous Disease is the interesting story of Mark S. King and his journey as an HIV + gay man. I have followed Mark for some time in his writings on Bilerico Project and now and then on his YouTube channel. I like his spirit and openness. He truly has things to teach you and share. So please check out his story and learn what he has to offer.

Here is Mark's YouTube channel.

Here is Mark's latest article on Bilerico Project.

Mark's website, My Fabulous Disease.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sex, Gender, & Sexual Orientation

Chris is a very fun lady that found me on YouTube. After watching her videos I liked her spirit so I accepted a friend invite. One of her better videos is this one on sex, gender, and sexual orientation. I think it helps identify and demystify things. So here's Chris's breakdown. Enjoy!

Chris's channel is here.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Links of Love International XIII

Today I have some more links for my international viewers. Hopefully you find them useful.

Queer Guide offers many resources for LGBT life in the UK's North East.  (UK)!/QueerGuide

Bent is the Uk's largest free Gay magazine.   (UK)

Northern Pride is a festival offering support, education, and to promote equality.   (UK)

MESMAC North East is a Gay & Bisexual Men's Health Site. They offer many resources, testing , and health counseling.   (UK)

Out! North East Magazine is a gay lifestyle magazine that is downloadable for free.   (UK)

GMFA is a Gay men's health charity with many resources.    (UK)

LGF or The Lesbian & Gay Foundation offers many online resources, a support line, and clinics. They have a lot of good information.   (UK)

Yorkshire MESMAC is another Health site for Gay & Bisexual men.   (UK)

The OutPost Housing Project is dedicated to helping young LGBT people find places to live.   (UK)!/OutpostHousing

NE Gayscene offers many links to places and event in the UK's North East.   (UK)

Darlington Pride is a festival offering education, support, entertainment, support. Go and meet new people and have fun.    (UK)

Pride Radio offers good music and news. I think that transcends borders.    (UK)!/PrideRadioNE

Gaydio is another news and music broadcaster.    (UK)!/gaydio

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Say It 2 My face

Today I found a nice link I would like to share. It focus' on combating cyber-bullying. Please check it out and give it support or use it if you need help.

Say It 2 My Face

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

National Groups

I have focused on state level links for a while so here are some national groups that may be able to help.

Matthew Shepard Foundation is a group dedicated to helping LGBT youth. They have many resources and ways to help. Check them out.

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund is dedicated to advocacy for the LGBT community. Their goal is to support LGBT candidates and help promote positive change. Volunteer positions are available.

The National Center for Lesbian Rights is an advocacy group.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is an advocacy group.

Lambda Legal is an advocacy group focusing on litigation.

National Center for Transgender Equality is an advocacy group.

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sand of Life

One of the saddest things I find in life is how many of us struggle with who we are. The visible people in our lives that influence us are distant or share views that may defy how we were raised. Society in general has no true definition of us or if it does, does so badly. Like the sand of beach waves crash upon us washing us about and erasing our form and shape.

But what is sand? Sand is the countless variations of earth, rock, and life. If we were to magnify it you would see tiny shells, crystals, even soil. I think we are all like that. All the myriad of wonderful things that shape and create us are represented. A true beauty.

Sand is such a fine material. Its is blown by the wind, tossed about by the waves, and molded by man. But in all this it never changes. The wind may pile it into great dunes. The water may wash away design. Man may try to shape castles. But the sand does not change.

In life we are the sand. Many things try to sway and shape us but it never really changes us. Only we can change our selves. Even when the ocean of our life in in full storm and lashes out at us with such fury, we are the sand.

We are still here. We will always be here. We are the culmination of many great things. We know violence and pain. We know who we are. We just have to realize we are the sand. Things come and go. Life may toss us here and there but we are still here. We are still beautiful. We are still us.

Take all those things in life that matter to you let them be the grains of your life and be like the sand. If the wind blows you, start life in your new location. If the sea ravages you, know the storm will end and when the sun shines again you are a pristine beach, a place of beauty. And when man tries to shape you into the castles of its will know things of free particles crumble.

A grain of love can change the world. So be the sand of life and embrace the beauty that you are.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, July 11, 2011

Life Should Fit to a T

One of the few things in life we all struggle with is finding who we are and then accepting ourselves. Its not always easy or glorious. It is what it is, a journey of many roads and destinations. One surety along the way is our life needs to fit us to a T, as the old saying goes. For those who are Trans, even more so.

I can't say I understand everything that it means to be Trans but I know it has to be a constant struggle. Being stuck in a body that does not match your sexual identity can be depressing and frustrating. Even more so to those around you who care.

As one begins to be more confident in themselves and sure in who they are it can cause those around us to question themselves. This is probably more so true for the Trans community. I can see a parent, a child, a spouse questioning not only their relationship but themselves. Its not an easy thing to deal with for anyone.

Just as a Trans person struggles to find their identity the ones around them struggle to find theirs. A mother might question how she raised her child. A child might question their relationship, since they see a new person emerging. A spouse may question their own sexuality or relationship.

The reasons may be countless but the struggle is the same. A great upheaval or change is occurring in peoples lives. When you change yourself in life you change how you deal with those around you. You may not realize it but you do. Others see it even if you don't. Maybe not always consciously but they feel it.

When we make changes in life we have to remember those around us. The bigger the change in us the bigger the change in those around us. It may take time for its ripple to impact but it will hit and it will ripple back. Hopefully those in our lives can absorb change and the ripple is love and accepting.

Regardless of outcome our journey does include those around us. So if one of us falters or questions along the way maybe we should stop and take the time to reassure or help them as best we can. If people matter to us then our struggle is their struggle and that is our relationship.

I don't want to say this is a magic answer for things but it is an important step if we want to try and keep special people in our lives. It may not work and the issues may be ultimately to large or personal for someone to accept. Not everyone is strong enough to accept core change in themselves or those around them. But we should know if we change who we are, we change our relationship with those around us.

We may be the same person to ourselves but simply expressing it more outward. The problem is our view of change and that of those around us is usually far different. What may be simple or logical to one may be unfathomable to another.

I wish I had a magic answer but there isn't one. People are people and they have to adjust. Some will bounce back freely and others will never absorb the hit of change. That is true of any relationship in life. But I do believe if we truly try and extend patience and love to those who matter to us we can at least maintain a level of connection if not make it stronger.

With all that I have said one must be ones self. Our journey in life may need camp sites to allow those around us to rest but it it should not stop the journey. Because life should fit you to a T.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, July 4, 2011


Today here in the United States it is our Independence day. I am thankful for the country I live in. Even with all its problems its a good place to live. As I sit here this morning however I can't help but think of the larger picture.

Independence is something we all desire and deserve. We as Humans constantly strive to be masters of our own destiny and to just be who we are. We fight to love. We fight to exist. We fight to make a better future for those who come after us.

Being LGBT we battle so much with ourselves as well as society for the very things the majority take for granted. We struggle to make them see we are not so different and we are Human too. A conflict where we only want to define our lives. Something everyone wishes to do.

In the grand ebb and flow of this struggle we all pay such high prices. Time, wealth, even life its self is sacrificed for freedom. It is a lesson Humanity seems to have to learn again and again. It reminds me of another time when my own nation fought its self and our President Abraham Lincoln spoke these words.

"These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have."

Wise words from a man who understood equality needs to be extended to all or equality is not secure for any.

So declare your independence. Be you and live your life as any Human deserves. It does not have to be today or even tomorrow but muster your forces and fight the good fight that is freedom. It is your right as a Human. Let no one stop the revolution that is you.

I dream of the day when all of us can stand together after the last hurdle is crossed and the last person is free. I dream of the day when we look back and celebrate our victory. I dream of our Independence Day.

A just liberty is waiting. We only need to declare Independence. 

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, July 3, 2011

LGBT Emergency Services

Today I would like to offer some links that focus on the LGBT Emergency Services around the world. Police, Firemen, EMT's and Paramedics are just a few of the many people who help us every day. So today is for them.

Gay Officers Action League of New York (GOAL-NY)

Gay Officers Action League Chicago

Gay Officers Action League New England

Michigan Gay Officers Action League  (MI-GOAL)

Blue Pride is a LGBT Law Enforcement discussion board.

Protect and Defend

Gay Peace Officers Association of Southern California

Florida Law Enforcement Gays and Lesbians (LEGAL)!/flalegl

FireFlag/EMS is dedicated to serving the LGBT Firefighters , Fire Officers,  Emergency Medical Technicians, EMS Officers, and Paramedics. It is New York City based.

Law Enforcement Gays and Lesbians International

Serving With Pride  (Canada)

Gay Police Association  is still under construction so check back.  (UK)

European Gay Police Association

Gay Cops Austria  (Austria)

Polis Aperta   (ITALY)  This site is in English and Italian.

Pink Cop  (Switzerland)

VelsPol  (Germany)

Queer Officers Switzerland  (Switzerland)

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gay Alabama II

With Alabama searches being the second most accessed links I would like to offer some more resources today.

PFLAG Mobile

PFLAG Montgomery   - Only a listing

PFLAG also has a chapter in Anniston-Gadsen. It has no site I could find. The only listing I have is on the PFLAG master list of the state which I shall provide. Select Alabama from the state list to find it.

Health Services Center is located in Anniston. They provide education and medical care to those living with HIV/AIDS.

AIDS Alabama is dedicated to offer education and support. They teach prevention and help those with HIV/AIDS live better lives. They are based in Birmingham.

Birmingham AIDS Outreach offers clinic services and education and support services.

Montgomery AIDS Outreach, Inc.  is a full service care provider. They offer everything from education and testing on up.

West Alabama AIDS Outreach offer education, support, and services to those affected by HIV/AIDS. They are based in Tuscaloosa and serve several surrounding communities.

Rites of Spring is a HIV/AIDS Fundraising group.!/Rites_of_Spring

Bay Area Inclusion is an advocacy group.

Southern Poverty Law Center is an advocacy group. They fight for equality and to end hate. It is not LGBT specific however.

New South Softball League is based in Birmingham and is open to player with no experience to very experienced. A great way to stay in shape and meet new people.

Birmingham Shout is a Gay-Lesbian film festival. Go and enjoy a day out and immerse yourself in all that is LGBT.

Love is Never Wrong