Monday, January 31, 2011

Gay New York I

New York, the Empire State. Ever Upward is your motto. Noble words to live by. Please continue to forge a path of ever improving civil rights for all. Today is your day. Today's links are PFLAG sites. PFLAG offers many resources to the LGBT community. If you have a need please contact them.



Canton/ St. Lawrence County - Only a listing.

Oneonta Otsego County - Only a listing.

Long Island




New York City

Families of Color and Allies New York City

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gay Louisiana

Louisiana, the Bayou State. Union, justice and confidence is your motto. Powerful words from a state that endures so much. Let's hope they ring true for all who call it home.

PFLAG has chapters in New Orleans and Lafayette/Acadiana. PFLAG offers many resources. If you have a need check them out and ask.

Gay Pride New Orleans offers social events and education resources to members of the LGBT community and seeks to raise community awareness.

The Human Rights Campaign has a chapter in New Orleans. This is an advocacy group.

The Center is a LGBT community center located in New Orleans. They offer many services. Check them out.

The New Orleans Gay Men's Chorus seeks to lift and entertain the soul. Join in or go and experience a night of entertainment. Music is good for the soul.

The Gulf Gender Alliance is no longer in operation but they have left up their resource directory and that is helpful. Many trans resources are listed.

Tulane University has two resources. The first is their office of multicultural affairs. The button does not seem to work but if you navigate around you can find the resources. The second resource is their Law Schools, Lambda Law Alliance.

Louisiana State University has Spectrum. They offer education, Support, social events, and advocacy to the LGBTQ community on campus.

The University of New Orleans has Unity. Their focus is education, support, and advocacy.

Centenary College has Outreach. Their mission goals are education, support, and advocacy. This is little more than a listing. Direct contact is necessary.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Viewer Poll

Up to now I have resisted using other social media sites for this site. I have been told on several occasions that Facebook and twitter would greatly enhance my ability to help those in need. I have never used either. So I would like to hear from my viewers. Would either of these make a difference in your life or those you know?

Please take the time and let me know. Thank you all for viewing.

Friday, January 28, 2011

It Get's Better! Musical Edition

To celebrate some of my new changes to the site I would like to highlight some musical contributions to the It Get's Better Project. I hope they lift, inspire, and vent pain and frustration. So listen and enjoy for they are done with love.

It Get's Better Project

The Music

"It Get's Better" by Broadway sings for the Trevor Project

"True Colors" by the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles

"It Gets Better" by Chris Salvatore

"It Gets Better" by Sean Chapin

"It Gets Better" by Rebecca Drysdale

"It Gets Better" by Todrick Hall

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New Site Look and Update

My first round of changes are up. I hope everyone likes the new background, colors, and such. To the side are now two new pages. Please let me know how you like the additions so far.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Quick Update

I wanted to let everyone know things have gone slower than I anticipated but hopefully some of the new additions will be available for viewing tomorrow. In the mean time here is a site I support.

Born HIV Free is a group dedicated to creating a generation born free of the disease. I think we can all support a noble cause as this.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Site Update

I will be doing some site updates the next few days to further improve the blog. Regular post updates will come as I have time. Hopefully the end results will be worth it.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Today I want to remind everyone to dream.

Dream of the world as it should be.
Dream your joy.
Dream away the fear.
Dream away the tears.
Dream what you can not see.

Dream of love.
Dream of hope.
Dream of laughter.
Dream of peace.
And dream of love again.

I may not be a great poet but I can dream and so can you. If for a time it has to be your world then so be it. Dreams can become reality, if we so choose. So if dreams keep you with us then dream the best world you can. Be a dreamer! Great things spring from dreams and those who dare to dream. And when your ready share those dreams do so because what a wonderful world they can make.

For we are such stuff as dreams are made on
And our little lives rounded with sleep.

- William Shakespeare

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Links of Love International VII

Today I want to offer some more resource to my international viewers. I find it much harder to find good resources internationally. I guess due to language and lack of knowledge how they are listed in different cultures. I'm slowly finding more however. So Bear with me and if you know of a good site please let me know.

Belgian Pride: The Pride, Pride4Every1 is a social event offering education and support. (Belgium)

Baltic Pride offers support and education for not only the LGBT community but for the greater community's awareness.

Rainbow House is located in Brussels and seems to be a sort of community center. They offer education, support, and advocacy resources. The site is available in French, English, and Dutch. (Belgium)

EGN or Estonian Gay Youth  is focused toward helping the youth in our community. I do have language problems with this site so I can't tell you everything they offer. If someone would be kind enough to relay the info to me I would be appreciative. (Estonia)

Arc-En-Ciel Wallonie seems to be a collection of sites throughout Wallonia. (Belgium)

Cavaria or the Gay Federation seems to be an advocacy and support group. (Belgium)

 Glik I believe translates to Gay and lesbian Information. (Estonia)

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association has a Europe focused site. They work to offer education, support, and advocacy throughout the world.

SiQRD or The Slovenia Queer resources Directory offers links to Slovenia sites. There is some good material but the site is menu heavy.(Slovenia)

Out in Slovenija is a sports group for the LGBT community in Slovenia. (Slovenia)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gay Georgia

Georgia, the Peach State. Justice, wisdom, and moderation are your motto's. Noble things to aspire to. Today is your day.

PFLAG has chapters in Albany, Atlanta, Macon, Marietta, and Valdosta. PFLAG groups usually have good resources for most any need. So if you have a question or need help contact them. Some of these are only listings so you may have to do direct contact.

Georgia Equality is and advocacy group.

The Rainbow Center is a community center serving the LGBT community. They have many resources online. Check them out.

Gay Fathers of Atlanta is a support group dedicated to helping gay men who are married or going through divorce.

Stand Out Youth, Savannah is a group dedicated to youth ages 14 to 23. Education and support resources seem to be their focus.

South Georgia Pride is a social group dedicated to education and support.

Atlanta Pride offers social events to educate and support the LGBT community and raise awareness.

Atlanta Gender Explorations is a support group for anyone questioning gender.

The University of Georgia has three resources. The first is their LGBT Resource center. It offers education, support, and advocacy resources. The second is Lambda Alliance. It seems to be support and advocacy oriented. The final source is GLOBES. It is a group comprised of faculty and staff of the University to foster positive change and environments for our community.

Georgia Southern University has a Gay-Straight Alliance. Education, support, and advocacy with some social events thrown in are their mission.

Oglethorpe University has Oz. Education, support, and advocacy are their mission.

Emory University has their Department of LGBT Life. There is little directly online but they seem very Trans friendly.

Kennesaw State University has Pride Alliance. Little directly online but they do offer support and advocacy.

The Savannah College of Art & Design has Queers and Allies. It is support and social oriented.

Georgia Tech has Pride Alliance.  Simple and easy to navigate. They offer education, support, and advocacy resources.

Georgia College has Pride Alliance. It is little more than a listing. Support, education, and advocacy are their mission goals.

The University of West Georgia has Lambda. Education, support, advocacy, and social events are their offerings. They even have a video to direct you through the site. Simple and helpful.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Quick Update

I've had connection problems today so today's update will be added to tomorrows. So far it seems stable now. A quick preview of the topic is Georgia.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Health and Well Being

Today I am taking a break from state links to post some more national ones. Specifically those dealing with LGBT health and well being. It's not enough to live. We should thrive and have resources to help us do that.

The National Coalition of LGBT Health is dedicating to improving our health on all levels.

AIDS United has a powerful mission, End the AIDS epidemic. I think we can all support that one.

Stop the Hate is part of Campus Pride. They strive to make changes to make our lives safer and less stressful due to hate and associated crimes.

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates do exactly what their name implies. They fight for fair treatment and equality in the workplace. We should all be safe and treated fairly while at work.

Fight OUT Loud is a group that aids members of our community and our allies by offer support and education resources for those in need. They also do some advocacy work.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gay California V

Today is the last in new posts for California. I hope these have helped everyone. Today's focus is Pride events. They offer us support and education, for not only us but the greater community. Greater understanding is a good path to acceptance.

Oakland Pride

Fresno Rainbow Pride

San Diego LGBT Pride

San Gabriel Valley Pride

Sacramento Pride

Palm Springs Pride

Los Angles Black Pride

San Francisco Pride

San Jose Pride

LA/Valley Pride

Pacific Pride Festival (Santa Barbara)

Orange County Pride

Sonoma County Pride

Santa Cruz GLBT Pride

The Chinese Rainbow Association is not a pride event per se but it does offer pride to a distinct group of us and I can support that.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gay California IV

Sorry for the delay everyone. Hopefully I can resume where I left off. Today's California focus is for the Transgender Community.  I hope these help.

The Lou Sullivan Society is located in San Francisco. It offer education support, advocacy, and general information. It is Female to male focused.

The Diversity Center is located in located in Santa Cruz County. The offer Transgender support and education services. This is a listing.

TansVision is a clinic focused for the Trans community.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has a listing for a Trangender Clinic.

The Pacific Pride Foundation, in Santa Barbara County, offers education, support, and health services.

T Girls Nights offers Transgender friendly social events in southern California.

FTMInternational offers information and resources to those needing them regardless of location.

The Transgender Law Center is an advocacy group.

The Los Angeles Gender Center offers a whole experience list of services.

Gender Wellness of Los Angeles  is a counseling and support center.

The FTM Alliance of Los Angeles offers support and basic services.

TransGender San Francisco offers support and education services.

Trans families in Sacramento offers support services to not only to members of the trans community but their families and friends as well.

The Sacramento Transgender Coalition offers education and support services.

The Rainbow Gender Association of the south San Francisco Bay area offers education, support, and some advocacy.

The Orange County Transgender Coalition is an advocacy group with resources to refer to.

The Stanislaus PRIDE Center has a support group listed.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011


I want to apologize to everyone for not being more consistent lately. My health has not been the best. I will continue my updates as I am able. Thank you for understanding.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Gay California III

Today's California focus is on student resources. So as not to constantly repeat myself I will give a general overview for most of these sites now. Almost all will offer support and education. The University sponsored sites will offer social events and advocacy as well.

The City College of San Francisco has their Queer Resource Center.

Humboldt State Has their Queer Student Union.

University of the Pacific has their Pride Center.

University of California, San Francisco has their LGBT Resource Center.

The University of California Santa Barbara has their Resource Center for Sexual  & Gender Diversity and they have their Queer Student Union.

The University of San Diego has Pride.

The University of California, San Diego has their LGBT Resource Center.

San Jose State Has their LGBT Resource Center.

UCLA Has their LGBT Campus Resource Center and their Law School has OUTLaw.

Santa Clara University Law School has BGLAd.

The University of California, Davis has LGBT Resource Center and their law school has Lambda Law

Skyline College has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Berkley has Queer Berkeley and their Gender Equity Center.

California State University, San Marcos has their LGBTA group.

Sacramento State has their Pride Center and a Queer-Straight Alliance.

California State University, Chico has Pride.

Caltech has Prism.

Cal Poly, Pomona has The Pride Center.

The University of California Riverside has a Trans guide.

The University of Southern California has their LGBT Resource Center and their law school has OUTLaw.

Whittier Law School has a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Law Association.

Loyola Law School, Los Angeles has OUTLaw.

Sacramento City College has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

California State University, Los Angeles has their Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

California State University, Long Beach has their LGBT Student Resource Center.

Cal State,  Fullerton has a Queer Straight Alliance.

The City College of San Francisco has their LGBT Studies Department.

The San Francisco Unified School District has this site.

Agoura High School has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

West Hills High School has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Los Angeles High School has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Gunn High School has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Santa Cruz High School has their Rainbow Alliance.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gay California II

Today I continue links for California with more support sites.

The Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County offers education, support, health, and advocacy.

Bakersfield LGBTQ offers many services. Some include education, marriage information, and support.

Tri-City Health Center offers education, support, and health resources.

The Pacific Center offers education, support, social events, health resources, and advocacy.

Community Link offers education, social events, and community awareness.

The Stonewall Alliance Center offers many programs and resources. online sources are limited however.

Bienestar offers education, health, and advocacy resources.

The South Bay Alliance offers education and social events.

Azteca is a unique group offers support resources for over 50 year old Lations/Latinas.

Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing strives to bring affordable housing to elder LGBT members of our community.

The Center in Long Beach offers many programs from education to health and youth. Check them out.

The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center offers pretty much whatever you could need. Certainly check them out.

Stanislaus Pride Center offers educations, support, social events, health resources, and advocacy.

The Golden Rainbow Center SAGE in Palm Springs offers education, support, social events, health resources, and advocacy.

Blind LGBT Pride International offers a variety of support services for the blind in our community. They do work on a global level.

The Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center offers many programs but they did not do a very good good at defining those so please inquire if you need something.

The San Diego LGBT Community Center offers education, support, social events, advocacy, and health resources.

Aging as Ourselves in San Diego County focus' on the seniors in our community.

The San Francisco LGBT Community Center offers many programs and works with many groups. No matter who you are in our community they can probably help. Easy to navigate site as well.

The Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center of Silicon Valley offers education, support, social events, and some advocacy.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Gay California I

California, the Golden State. Today is your day as well as the next few. I am now beginning to tackle the monolith of resources you have. Today's focus will just be PFLAG sites. This is not a complete list but these are the ones I know of. PFLAG has many resources so if you need help contact them. Unlike normal there will not be a description for each site. So here they are by location.

San Francisco

San Diego


San Jose/Peninsula

Oakland-East Bay

Palm Speings/Desert Communities


San Joaquin

North Bay

Monterey County


Los Angeles

Orange County & Long Beach


Placerville/El Dorado County

Greater Placer County

Central Coast

Tulare & Kings Counties

Temecula Valley



Danville/San Ramon Valley

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gay Maryland II

Today I continue yesterdays post on Maryland.

Hearts & Ears is a organization the specifically works with the mental health issues in the GLBT community. Since we as a group have a higher instance of such due to our stress in life I am very happy I found this site to offer everyone. They also have a hotline.

The Baltimore Trans-Masculine Alliance is a Myspace group offer support for the Trans community.

The Community College of Baltimore County has PRIDE Coalition. They offer education, support, and some advocacy.

The University of Maryland has four resources for you to utilize. The First is their LGBT Studies Department. Next is their Graduate Coalition. They have their Pride Alliance and finally their LGBT Equity group. All together they offer many resources and ways toward advocacy. Check them out.

Towson University has their LGBT Student Development department. They offer several resources. Education, support, social events, and advocacy are among those. It takes some trips through the many links but you can find what you need or a way to find help. 

Community Triangle of Washington County is a community center. They offer education, support, social events, and some advocacy.

PFLAG Has three chapters in Maryland. The first is Columbia-Howard County.  They have good resources listed. The second site is Central Maryland. They also have good resources listed.  The third is one in Carroll County. Little is available on the site but they should have more locally. Check them all out if you need something.

Rainbow Youth & Allies is focused on youth up to age 22. They offer education, support, and advocacy resources.

The Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf strives to help all those in our community dealing with being deaf. They offer support and advocacy resources.

Equality Maryland is an advocacy group that offers many resources.

Hereford High School has a gay-straight Alliance. Its just a listing but if you go there and did't know you now have a resource to seek out.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gay Maryland I

Maryland, the Free State. Nestled in the middle of the Atlantic coast its a unique blend of north and south to form its own definition. Today is your day and so will tomorrow since you have so much to offer.

Baltimore Pride offer social events to foster community awareness and offer education and support to the LGBT community.

Chesapeake Pride is a social event to support our community and offer education to both us and the greater community.

The GLBT Community Center of Baltimore & Central Maryland offer a wide array of services from education and support to social events and advocacy.

Loyola University has two resources. The first is Spectrum. It is a gay-straight alliance. The second is OutLoyola. It is comprised of the faculty and staff to foster awareness to issues for the LGBT community.

William & Mary has their Gay and Lesbian Alumni group. Support and advocacy are their focus.

Johns Hopkins has the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance. The site is a bit dated from earlier 2010 but may just be neglected so contact them to find out more.

Morgan State University has Rainbow Soul. It is a gay-straight alliance. They offer education, support, and advocacy.

Goucher College has Prism. This is only a listing. Direct contact is required for more information.

The University of Maryland School of Law has their LGBT Law Student Alliance. This is just a listing.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County has Freedom Alliance. The is a easily navigated site with many resources of all topics. Check them out. 

The Baltimore Men's Chorus offers a great way to join in and express yourself or just get out and enjoy the music.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, January 3, 2011

Gay Kentucky

Kentucky, the Bluegrass State. United we stand, Divided we fall is their motto. It's one we in the LGBT community should always remember as well. This is your day.

The Kentucky Fairness Alliance is an advocacy organization.

The Fairness Campaign  is and advocacy group.

The Gay and Lesbian Services Organization is a community center based in Lexington. They seem to have a lot of programs but I had trouble with their menu and access. If it continues please let me know.

PFLAG has chapters in Bowling Green, Lexington, and Louisville. The Bowling green site is blog style and a bit dated from October. Not much online. The Lexington site is also blog style and up to date with news/events. Little in actual online resources though. The Louisville site has general info online and refers you to contact them for your needs. They usually have decent resources to help so do so if you need something.

The Louisville Youth Group is focused on support and social events. Like most youth groups ages from teens to college age is usually their core. They have a nice list of local resources and tips. Check them out.

Eastern Kentucky University has Pride Alliance. Many resources and links are available here. A definite place to check out.

The University of Louisville has two resources. The first is their Office for LGBT Services. They offer education, support, and some advocacy. The second source is Common Ground. It is a gay-straight alliance style group. Little directly available online but it seems support focused with some social events.

Western Kentucky University has GLBTQ. It is a basic site with decent resources. They need some more definition of their services but it does seem support and education are their focus.

Berea College has a Gay-Straight Alliance. This is a Facebook site so there is little online other than support so you will need to contact them directly for more information.

Northern Kentucky University has Common Ground. This is a Myspace page and I am not very impressed with it. It is dated and not very informative. I am only listing it because it may help someone needing help. If anyone has more info on this group please let me know. I am posting a warning with this site proceed with caution.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gay Idaho

Idaho, the Gem State, is dominated by mountains. Today is your day.

The Boise Gay and Lesbian Community Center offers a safe environment for the LGBT community to gather. They offer support and educational resources. Check them out.

PFLAG has a chapter for Eastern Idaho. The resources are basic but easy to navigate. Most PFLAG groups have more resources than they list so contact them if you need anything. This chapter also sponsors a youth specific group. It is only a listing.

The University of Idaho has two resources available. The first is the LGBTQA Office. They offer support, education, and advocacy. They have some good resources that include financial aid and work programs. The second resource is their Gay Straight Alliance. They offer education, support, and social events. Check them both out.

Boise Pride is mainly focused on social events to provide education, and support to the the LGBT community and raise community awareness.

Boise State University has BGLAD. They offer education and support resources. This is a Yahoo group so you will have to log in to access it.

The Youth Alliance for Diversity if focused toward support and social activities for LGBT youth. The web site is currently under reconstruction. It can be noted however it is a sub group of the Boise Center above so if nothing else refer to them for help.

Inland Oasis is a volunteer run community center in Moscow. They have resources for youth, health, and general support. They also hold social events.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!  2010 was a year of many conflicts and battles for the LGBT community as a whole. Still here in the U.S. and around the world there was continued progress. So celebrate that.

Hopefully everyone took the time to make a difference in our struggle and improved all our lives. If not try making it a resolution for this year. It all helps and adds up, no matter how large or small the action.

Links will resume tomorrow as promised. Enjoy the last day of the holiday season and recover if you need to.

Happy New Year!

Love is Never Wrong