Wednesday, March 30, 2011


You know I hear so much of late how my existence is a threat to family. How my love can undo family values. So let me answer your statements with all candor.

I was born to parents like an other. They love me, my family loves me. I love them and the special people in my life. I believe in family and family values. I believe in love, honor, and compassion. The world has enough hate and intolerance. I shall not contribute to it.

When you legislate the terms of love and existence you become what your rhetoric proclaims. If in love I choose to spend my life with someone, I create a family. If in that love we choose to share our lives with children the world has ignored, I extend my family. If in love my family shares their lives with my greater family, we are family values.

I have never told anyone who they can love, how they can love, or whether they can love. I have never passed judgement on what a family is. Because family is unique. It is the lives and traditions of countless generations. Beyond that we are a Human family. Which ascends higher than any. Who we are and how we treat one another shapes us all.

I have never threatened the family. I am family! It is you who seeks to tear mine asunder. So in all honesty who is the enemy of family and family values?

Love is Never Wrong


Of all the things in life I thought I might be, a dissident was not one of them. As I mentioned a few hours ago now my state has gone from no recognized rights to the process of restricting rights by way of our Constitution. As of 3-29-11 I am now a dissident in my own state.

My voice, my rights, my life is not topic for government to privilege or deny. I am Human and by that right alone deserving of Respect, Dignity, and Equality! Know this, my candle burns to cast light on the deeds you do in dark spaces.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Step Toward Oppression

Today the Senate in my state voted to further suppress LGBT rights. They even had to close the session from the public because a church group showed up to defend our rights. If the will of the people, the press, business, and now at least some religious groups do not move you what will. Who do you truly represent? It's easy to hate when you remove the Human equation.

If my last quote from Thomas Jefferson did not move you maybe these men will.

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself.

- Thomas Paine

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.

- Abraham Lincoln

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending to much liberty than to those attending to small a degree of it.

- Thomas Jefferson

When the founders of our nation echo through time will you listen or continue your walk toward oppression?

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Light in the Storm

Now and then you can come across a lighthouse in the stormy sea. Clarity and direction can help us all find safe harbor. Thanks to Michael Hamar of The Bilerico Project I have found two wonderful pieces. Here is also his original post.

"It's Okay To Be Gay"

"End The Fear"

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I never sit here when I write and pretend to know all the answers. I've lived enough life to know a good deal and learn many lessons. One of those is compassion. It is sometimes the rarest thing in Humanity.

We all know about giving and volunteering. However we seem to ignore showing dignity and respect with compassion. In my own life I have erred and been less than sensitive. The biggest mistake we can do is to dismiss someone.

In our lives we may not agree with people, care for their styles, or even their personality. This does not give us liberty to dismiss them as less than worthy of respect and dignity. Compassion is respect and dignity.

In compassion we feed the hungry, clothe the cold, and treat the sick. But let's not forget to extend compassion to all those we meet in life. Disagree, be concerned, change a subject, or even leave but never forget you are speaking or interacting with another Human. It's important how we treat others in life.

Compassion grows like a vine in the fertile earth. It's up to you to nurture it. That which you extend shall grow and thrive. For your vine is Humanity and you its caretaker.

Know compassion, extend compassion!

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011


I mention love quite  bit in my writings on here because I believe it to be a powerful force in the world and all our lives. Its is not just the fleeting affection of new love, or the security of old love. It is life.

In all things we should show love. If you disagree with someone do so in love. Never put out hate because everyone is Human and words can be silent daggers. Extend respect and dignity. Only with tireless patience and example can we unlearn the hate and intolerance.

When you are wronged show love. Forgive them as well as yourself. For Human reaction is lash back. But don't fuel the exchange. Unlearn fear.

Stand against hate, stand against intolerance. Stand with love and be the immovable force in this world. Only in love will we reclaim the territory hate squats upon. Deny it light and fertile field. Let it wither upon its own vine for it will strangle its self.

Grow love for it is the only crop that can sustain.

Love is Never Wrong

An Open Note to Jester


To combat all that is wrong and vile in the world is a noble cause indeed. Your passion and sense of justice are admirable.

I am a strong proponent of free speech even those who tread upon the vile and dark. Be careful whipping the fervor of fanatics for they can unleash horrific things. The ends do not always justify the means.

Still thank you for your efforts. Venom has damaged enough!

We need more love in the world.



Love is Never Wrong

Gay Michigan II

Today in my Michigan focus are community Centers. Community Centers offer many resources. You can usually find education, entertainment, support, advocacy, and maybe even health resources. Check them out.

The Resource Center is located in Kalamazoo.

Out Center is located in Benton Harbor.

Affirmations is located in Ferndale, near Detroit.

The Jim Toy Community Center is located in Washtenaw County.

The Network is located in Grand Rapids.

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Step Toward Oppression

Living in the state of Indiana, here in the United States, my state government has begun the long march toward official removal of LGBT rights. Since they deem the will of the people unimportant along with the press and every major business in the state maybe they will hear the words of one of our wise forefathers.

All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.
- Thomas Jefferson

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gay Michigan

Michigan, the Great Lakes State.  Today is your day. To begin my coverage of LGBT resources in Michigan I will begin with PFLAG sites. PFLAG offers education and support to not only our community but our families and friends as well. If you need help seek them out.

PFLAG Detroit

PFLAG Detroi-Downriver - Just a listing

PFLAG Southwest Michigan

PFLAG Ann Arbor

PFLAG Holland/Lakeshore  -Just a listing

PFLAG Tri Cities: Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland Counties.

PFLAG Keweenaw

PFLAG Genesee County

PFLAG Richland  - Just a listing

PFLAG Jackson  - Just a listing

Love is Never Wrong

Marriage Equality

You know every know and then I find something that says it all. So lets take a trip back in time and hear some wise words from a time when things were even more limited.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, March 21, 2011


In western society justice is usually depicted by a woman holding the scales of truth to balance truth and innocence, a sword to defend the innocent and meter justice swiftly, and a blindfold to be impartial to that which is around us so our hearts are not unjustly tugged toward emotion. If good men and women hold these seats of deliberation justice is served.

Throughout our history much good and fairness has ruled and allowed contintious issues to be settled fairly. It may have taken time and it may have been compromise between two sides but it was fair as justice saw it for its time.

Sadly however we never gave Justice a shield to defend herself. It has been the solemn duty of good men and women to accept they are in the wrong and abide by decision. Today however we face men and women who seek to remove the blindfold, dull the sword, and pre-weigh the scales.

How does Justice combat men and women who seek to change the letter of law because they will not accept the decision metered to them? How does justice maintain blindness when every person is not equal under law? How does Justice swiftly defend the innocent when she has no power left to do so?

Some may say I am overreacting. Some will say it is the duty of society to clarify law according to society's views. Some may even argue justice was never intended to judge morality.

Justice; however, is supposed to be impartial and removed from such things. It is the duty of Justice to clarify and interpret the law fairly for all under its protection. Justice should be observed because the honor of good men and women can admit they are wrong and stand in fairness.

So what is the answer? I am not Justice but I believe in the system of law. Justice may be blind but we are not. It is our duty to observe and record all that is wrought improperly. It is our duty to stand against those who would corrupt Justice, to their own means. When justice can not defend herself it is our duty to pick up the sword of truth and defend her. For any society that is judged by the will of some, not all, is a society in contention with its self. Revolutions have been started on less.

I advocate no violence. That not the answer. Violence only sets people in their ways and fosters resentment. I do advocate we defend our system, our laws, and our freedom. Without such we begin a path to oppression  that is rarely solved by internal populations.

Become the sword and shield that defends Justice. It is the duty of good men and women to preserve Justice. We are protected and judged by her. So in her image should we not hold such true?

Stand and protect that which is right.


Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Have you ever felt like the earth swallowed you up bringing you to its depths as the world ever pressed upon you? Your very breath being sucked away, like your a dirty cast off only good for fueling fire? A world of darkness all about you as you seem ready to implode from all that is assailing your soul?

A bleak picture it is. Or is it? What I just described is the process to form a diamond. Ironic isn't it that beautiful things are formed the same way? We as LGBT know this process very well. Some of us struggle our whole lives trying to escape the pressure and heat all about us by hate and intolerance. We seem to suffocate from demands to be what we are not. And when we can not be what is demanded of us we are little more than fuel for a harsh society.

But you know we are like the diamond. Place the purity of light upon us and we shine with a brilliance like no other. Every scintillating beam, varied color, and slight imperfection adds to the treasure of our lives. Like the diamond we are forever. Our beauty, our value has enriched this world as long as any others heritage, and shall do so as long as Humanity exists.

Like the diamond we can feel trapped as a lump of coal for so long, waiting to be free. And when we are we shine. We shine with the brilliance and joy of being allowed to be who we are. A just freedom from being contained so long.

Unlike the diamond ;however, we can free ourselves. There are always options in our lives no matter how oppressive they may seem. We have to realize we can shine. We have to realize the key to our freedom is to shine. Our beauty and our brilliance can change the world. As long as we believe we are only a dirty lump of coal, that's all we will ever be.

Blaze your life in the world and add to its beauty. We are all beautiful. Show your value, your beauty, your very soul. And like the diamond we are pulled by greed. The greed of those seeking to control and hold us. And for some if they can not have us seek to destroy us, all because our beauty shows the world we are more than that dirty lump of coal.

As I said before, it's ironic how beautiful things are born the same way. So add your brilliance to the crown jewels of Humanity and show the world value comes from within and if we choose to look upon it from truthful eyes it shines as wondrous as any.

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder!

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Eclectic Day

Today I have a variety of links. Since a little chaos now and then never hurts anyone, enjoy!

365 Gay is a news and information site.

OUT is a magazine site covering cultural interests.

The Advocate is a News and Information site.

GLBTQ is a online encyclopedia of our community. Its part news, part information, and part entertainment.

GLAD is an advocacy group based in New England.

In Our Own Voices serves the needs of LGBT people of color. They are based in New York.

Global Gayz is an international travel and culture site. They have many links dealing with civil rights and social issues as well.

The Estate Project helps Artist with AIDS through support and advocacy. They are based in New York.

The Michigan Womyn's Festival offers music and performing arts.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Time for a B Day

I've kind of neglected the B section of our LGBT community. So today is for all who are Bisexual. I hope these links are useful.

BiNet USA is a social and support group. They have an interactive map with known Bi groups.

Bi Community News is a magazine that covers many topics dealing with Bisexuality. They are based in the UK but some information is universal. (UK)

The Bisexual Index is a wonderful site covering many topics dealing with Bisexuality. Check them out. (UK)

Bi Irish is a social and support group in Ireland. (Ireland)

Bi New South Wales is a social and support group in Australia. (Australia)

The American Institute of Bisexuality is part social and support and part advocacy and health. A lot of links here.

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Links of Love International XI

Today I have some more links for my international viewers. I hope you find them useful.

FFLAG or Families and friends of Lesbians and Gays is similar to the US PFLAG. They support members of the LGBT community as well as their friends and families. (UK)

Broken Rainbow is a support and information group. To me it seemed a bit sterile but they are factual from what I have read. (UK)

Gay Dads Scotland is a social and support group for Gay fathers. (Scotland)

The Safra Project is a support group for Lesbian, bisexual, or Transgender women who are Muslim. (UK)

LGBT Centre is a nicely done support and education site in Mongolia. Portions of the site are in English but the majority is in Mongolian. (Mongolia)

My last link for today is a listing of International grants in LGBT Programming.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its Movie Night: Take II

Today I have some more works for your viewing pleasure.  There is nothing quite like sitting down and watching a story you can relate to. I hope you enjoy these selections.

Beautiful Thing is a wonderful story of self discovery and coming out. There are 10 parts.

Omar is a short film about the harsh realities and masks we sometimes must wear. It is in French with English subtitles.

Protect Me From What I Want is another short film about discovery. It contains adult material so you will have to log into YouTube to view it.

Love is Never Wrong

Gay Florida III

Today's Florida focus is on community centers. Community centers offer a wide range of services. If they don't offer something they can usually help you find what you need. Check them out.

The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Key West.

Pridelines Youth Services is focused on youth in Miami.

Sunshine Social Services. covers south Florida. They have a very wide range of services for everyone.

The pride Center is in Fort Lauderdale.

Compass is in Lake Worth.

The Living Room of Brevard in Melbourne serves the Space Coast.

The Center in Orlando.

The Pride Community Center of North Central Florida is located in Gainesville.

The GLBT Center of Northeast Florida, OASIS is located in Jacksonville.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Remembrance and Wishes

I want to take time to remember all those that have been lost in the disasters going on in Asia. In such a  short span there have been earthquakes in Japan and China, a volcano erupting in Indonesia, Japan inundated with a tsunami due to the earthquakes, and now Japan is facing a nuclear disaster if their nuclear reactors fail.

Let's take time to remember all those who have been lost. We have lost to many, too soon.

Many organizations are gearing up to help. So if you can, donate to a worthy cause.

To all those suffering you are in my heart and prayers. May you know comfort from your long night and peace in your realization of day. I know words are not much comfort right now but know this soul is with you.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, March 11, 2011

Gay Florida II

Today I am focusing on student resources. As usual for the larger states I will not so individual reviews unless necessary. Most student resources offer education, support, advocacy, and social resources.

The University of Miami has two resources. The first is Spectrum. It is a Gay-Straight Alliance style. Second is Their law schools OUTLaw.

Nova Southeastern University has two resources. First is their Lambda Law Society. The second is their gay-Straight Alliance. It is a Facebook site. Little direct info.

The Florida Gulf Coast University has their Gay=Straight Alliance. They have a website, Facebook, and Twitter. Well Done.

The University of Florida has Pride Student Union.

The University of North Florida has a LGBT Resource Center.

The University of Central Florida has Equal.

The University of West Florida has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Eckerd College has Pride. It is listed on their page as EC Pride. It is little more than that, a listing. You'll need direct contact to find out more.

Florida State University has Pride Student Union. It is only a listing and the link to their site is not working. You may need to contact the email address listed.

The University of South Florida has P.R.I.D.E. Alliance. The have a website and Facebook.

Rollins College has Spectrum. Its a gay-Straight Alliance style.

This last link covers many schools in Florida without listing web sites. It is hosted by Queer Theory. I hope these help as well.

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Challenge

Tomorrow I will resume my links for Florida. I know it has been a big break in between but we can't always control what life sends us. We can however make the best and pick ourselves up and continue.

Today I have a challenge for all of you who read this blog. Find a link I do not already have, wherever it may be in the world, and post it in the replies. Try as I may the odds are I will miss many along the way. So help contribute a site for people to find whatever they need. I will add your links in a upcoming post. Make a difference.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Few things in life are as prevalent as expression. Everything we do is an expression of who we are. The book we read shows our interests, the colors we wear our preference, even how we speak the care and thought we place in things.

In life you will express many things. We are a wonderful rose in full bloom. Every leaf shows our stretch to grow, our varied colors show our pride, every petal is unique. Its color, its shape, its very texture a definition unique to each of us.

Nurture the seed we are all given and tend it well. Bloom in magnificence. You are the expression of countless expressions. Like the rose if given love and attention it can grow almost anywhere. We must cultivate it however.

Express yourself! Nurture the world with love!

Love is Never Wrong

An Update

To all my readers I do apologize for being so long to update but I do have health issues that arise now and then. So bear with me during these times. I am beginning to feel better again so I will attempt to resume things.

Love is Never Wrong