Friday, October 21, 2011


I have known about OutServe for some time now and have watched how they developed. Happily they are doing much good in the new openness with their main site, a new magazine, and recently a conference was held. So today I offer OutServe to our active duty US service members.!/OutServeUS

OutServe Magazine!/OutServeMag

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spirit Day

Today is Spirit Day. It is a time when we wear purple, adorn our many social media sites with purple, or sport the Spirit button to show our support for LGBT youth and to help stop bullying. To learn more check out GLAAD's site.

Please show your support.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gay North Carolina: Transgender North Carolina

For my Trans readers I have some more links for you. Hopefully they are helpful.

Triad Gender Association is a social and support group for the larger Trans community. They have a few links and basic group information listed.

Phoenix Transgender Support is an education and support group in Asheville. Several links and resources are listed.

Carolina Transgender Society is a education, social and support group. They include support for significant others as well. Several links and resources are available on their site.

North Carolina Transgender Unity is a education and support site for the Trans community. Many links to all sorts of resources and needs broken down by area. If you need information check them out.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LGBT College Financial Aid

I found a wonderful article from the New York Times that lists how to apply for financial aid if you have two same sex parents, you are married to a same-sex partner, and your parents refuse to help. Some good advice is in the article. Please check it out if you are having these issues.

Love is Never Wrong

Gay North Carolina II

Today I continue my resources for North Carolina with education links.

The University of North Carolina has two resources. The first is their LGBTQ Center with some resources and information. The second is GLBTSA which is a Gay-Straight Alliance style group. They have several links available.

The University of North Carolina Asheville has Alliance. It is a Gay-Straight Alliance style group with only basic group information available.

Duke University has several resources for students. The first is their Center for LGBT Life that has several links and programs. The second is a LGBT student blog, Our Lives. Next is Duke OUT which is focused for graduate and professional students. Fuqua Pride is the LGBT group for their Business school. Finally their is
Duke LGBT Network for their LGBT Alumni.!/DukeLGBT

North Carolina State has two LGBT resources available. First is their GLBT Center. They have many links and resources listed. Next is GLBT CommUNITY Alliance. This seems to be a typical Gay-straight Alliance group.!/glbtcenter

Appalachian State University has GLBT/The LGBT Center. The site has little online but their is contact information and a few listed programs. Direct contact is necessary to find our their services.

Western Carolina University has Unity. They don't list all their resources but they are all inclusive and try to help with whatever your need. Check them out.

Davidson College has their Gay-Straight Alliance.This is a Facebook site with only limited information.

Elon University has a few resources. They have an LGBTQ Office and Spectrum a Gay-Straight Alliance group. Little is available online. You will have to make direct contact for more information.

The University of North Carolina Greensboro has PRIDE. Some basic links are listed but direct contact is recommended.

East Carolina University has a GLBT Student Union with some links available.

St. Andrews University has a Gay-Straight Alliance. It is little more than a listing.

The University of North Carolina Wilmington has a LGBTQIA Resource Office. Limited resources online so contact them directly for more information.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Right to Love: An American Family

I always try to support Gay families in our community when I can. Jay & Bryan are two wonderful guys who began sharing their family's life on YouTube after Proposition 8 passed in California. They are wonderful examples of family values and that being a gay couple is not so different than any family. We all have hopes and dreams, good times and bad. Most importantly we love and we open our hearts to others. This is the trailer for their upcoming story. Please check it out.

Love is Never Wrong

Gay North Carolina I

North Carolina, the Tar heel state. Today is your day.

Outright Youth is a education, support, and social support group for LGBT and questioning youth. They cover cover western North Carolina. However i am quite sure they would help anyone int he state.!/YouthOUTright or The Lesbian & Gay Community Center is a full service LGBT center. They have education, support, entertainment, Social events and health programs. Check them out.

PFLAG Charolette is only a cover page with groups email and links to the national PFLAG site. However most PFLAG groups have many resources available so by all means contact them if you need help with anything.

PFLAG Triangle covers the areas of Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill. This is a simple listing with contact information and meeting times. SO contact them directly if you are in their area.

PFLAG Alamance is a nice and simple site with several resources and links to other sites.

PFLAG Winston - Salem

PFLAG Greensboro

PFLAG Gaston is a Facebook site.

PFLAG Flat Rock/Hendersonville is only a listing with contact info.

PFLAG Wilmington is a simple site with only contact info and meeting times. Direct contact is necessary for more info.

PFLAG Sandhills is only a listing with contact information.

PFLAG Salisbury  is a basic site with several education and support resources and helpful links.

Project Rainbow Net is a domestic violence site for all levels of violence against he LGBT community. From youth to seniors they offer many resources. They list resources by county so be sure to check them out.

LGBT Center of Raleigh is a full service community center with many programs and resources. Simple and easy to use. They should be able to help with most any need.!/lgbtcenterral

Here is a wonderful listing of Crisis helplines for North Carolina

Equality North Carolina is and advocacy group.!/equalitync

Gay Straight Advocates for Education (GSAFE) is an advocacy group to make schools safe for LGBT youth and educators.

Time Out Youth is an advocacy, support, and education resource group for LGBT and questioning youth.Volunteers opportunities are available.!/timeoutyouth

The Charolette Lesbian & Gay Fund collects and donates funds to worthy projects throughout the LGBT community.

Campaign For Southern Equality is a advocacy and education group.

The following list a Pride festivals with many resources and events. It's good to get out meet people learn more or even help out. Pride support us all.

Triangle Black Pride

North Carolina Pride

Pride Charlotte

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, October 16, 2011

When do we care?

I've read a lot of things lately as I have taken much time off from updates this year. Some of these have disturbed me. One of those is a casual lack of caring by many. A cruel mindset that only seeks to make life a colder and darker place to live.

One of the many things I see is "No Drama."  It might be a personal ad, a blog, or even a YouTube channel. It is a attitude becoming more prevalent. Sadly it is also a attitude causing harm. Drama/problems/trauma are Human and everyone has them. They may not admit it or they may suppress them but they are there. They do occur and exist. Don't deny it or those with them.

When you exclude people in life that may be having rough times you deny someone. You deny them Human contact, help, even an outlet. People are not a selection on a computer or shelf that you can pick and choose from, they are Human. As such they deserve respect.

I am not saying you should date or be friends with someone who does not click with you. I am saying love and extend care to someone in need. How many  of us in life have had vulnerable times and we reached out only to be slammed back? How many have we lost because we did not care?

Life is not always grand or glorious, recognize that. No one is asking you to have all the answers or do everything but you can care, refer, or help those you meet in life. Who knows what impact  a polite bit of mail or a simple chat my bring. Maybe, just maybe, you might lift another person up and help them regain stability of life.

I care. Do you?

Love is Never Wrong

Faith: Vision or Version?

Today I would like to talk about faith. Many of us have faith but we have been alienated or had our beliefs turned against us in life. We are subject to men who twist religious text for their own power and vanity. They preach fear, hatred, even death.

So how do we combat such usurpers? We love and reclaim our faith as our own. Faith is a personal relationship between you and whatever God you worship. No one has the right to condemn you or deny you that. Faith is more powerful than any mans will.

Know those who lure you into dark places by their grim mantle. Do they blame others for causing God's will? Do they use natural disasters to reinforce their points? Do they preach hate, intolerance, or even advocate death to those who do not meet their demands? All are hallmarks of a dark cleric, priest, or minister.

I may not be an expert on every religion but I do know God. If God wishes something done it will be so. Bear that in mind when you are told you do not conform or you are a heretic. Is it not interesting that man murders in the name of God? Bible, Koran, Torah... whatever your faith is the message love or death?

When you answer that last question you will know who and how you have been raised to worship. I'm not here to tell any of that. My effort here today is inspire you to ask yourself what do you believe?

Is the faith you practice or listen to vision or version? Vision comes from within. Version comes from outside. When you discover your vision with 20/20 eyes adhere to it because it yours and whatever God you believe in. And know that relationship can not be broken by any man. It's well being is solely dependant upon you.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, October 7, 2011

Links of Love International: Gay Africa

Till now I have resisted posting links for Africa. Many nations there penalize or hurt those in the LGBT community. Today that ends. People need help and in spite the risks we are stronger together than alone. So for those in Africa these are for you. I hope they are helpful.

Gay Egypt is a news, information, and pride site. It has not been updated for a bit but it still holds use. (Egypt)

Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL) is an equality and information site focusing on full equality and Human rights.(South Africa)

The Durban Lesbian & Gay Community & Health Center seem to offer a lot of resources but their web site is not fully updated on their services. (South Africa)

The Lesbian and Gay Equality Project is an organization dedicated to full civil rights and equality for the LGBT community.(South Africa)

Behind the Mask is a wonderful news, information, and pride site. They have many resources available. Check them out.(South Africa)

Out in Africa is A LGBT film festival in Cape Town. Its a great way to meet people, learn more, and just have fun. By all means go and enjoy just being you. (South Africa)!/outinafrica/

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association's Africa site. They offer news and information nation by nation.

Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe is a news/equality site. (Zimbabwe)!/galz1

African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights is a equality and rights organization dedicated to help all of Africa. It is not LGBT specific. The site is available in English and French.

The Botswana Network on Ethics, Law, and HIV/AIDS (BONELA) is primarily focused on HIV/AIDS but they do have programs to help LGBT people.  (Botswana)

Afrol New is a LGBT news site covering all of Africa. Some of the stories are  a bit dated so I am not sure if it is still active.

Africanveil is sot a of news and culture site for the African LGBT community. They have helpful resources available as well.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Equality Means

Of late there has been much talk about equality and what it means. Some of it has been correct but we all have our own spin on it. Frankly we tend to twist its meaning to our lives. It is easy to do but we should resist such temptations.

Equality is simply as the word says, being equal and fairly treated by law, government, and society. As any equal rights movement can tell you such things rarely come quickly or easily. It takes time, lots of time, to undo the tedious threads of discrimination and hate. It is a process that if rushed only leaves resentment and bitterness. However, when it is time one should push the boundary.

In our lives we tend to define equality by how it will affect us. In some ways that is not bad but we should not think of it only from that way. Our movement is simply about just being able to live like anyone else. Its not about special rights or concessions. It is equal justice. 

Many view this as a test or a time to prove ones self as things change. It is not true however. The wrongs of yesterday can not be undone by the present. We can only hope the present and the future bears a better and just life for us. We can know we have always been equal. We can know we have been good enough.

The only competition anyone truly has in life is with them self. That is difficult enough. Never try to be what you are not or prove someone they were wrong. That is not equality but instead vanity and folly.

We are Human and as such equal. That is what we fight for. All the words, conflict, shame, and pain will never go away unless we bury it ourselves. When we allow it to linger to shape our lives we continue the legacy of the past. Break those chains and just be you and when we are truly equal know your part was just as important as anyone's. You made a difference and always have. You matter.

So in the days that come please listen to the motto I have for myself. Live, Love, Forgive. They all must start within us and from that seed equality will bloom.

Love is Never Wrong