Thursday, April 28, 2016

The LGBT Soul

Alright I think we need to talk about the role of being LGBT in spiritual terms. It seems to be the issue that sticks with so many conservatives now days. The issue they have is they say we are condemned by God. I contest no we are not.

First of all let's talk about our existence. We do exist and that possibility means by default God planned for us. Now some would say God created evil to but you don't have to choose it. Ah but there we go, the big one. Sex, sexuality, and gender identity are not choices.

Now before we go down the path of the ex-gay argument let's be clear. People can choose to experiment in life to find who they are due to many reasons. Maybe they simply don't know and make a mistake. This does not mean all people are like that. 

So we are back to God planned for us. This means we have both a purpose and a place. We love! Many of us worship. We fight for justice and not just ours. We honor family and friends, sometimes beyond what is reasonable. I don't know about you but that sounds like a path to the divine.

For those of you who like the God makes no mistakes defence. God created us and planned for us. Are you saying he made a mistake?

About those places in whatever religious text that say this or that. Did you bother to read the whole story? Do you understand different laws were given at different times to preserve the faithful. You do realize everyone has a path and everyones path is different.  There maybe certain truths but how, when, and where you get there varies.

The certain truths in life are we all have free will, we all have a soul, regardless of birth we all have a path to the divine, and we are all loved. Yes back to love. That one word that means so much but so many forsake. If you don't know love you can't achieve anything beyond a Hell of your own design.

I'm LGBT I have a soul. God planned for me and has a place for me. God loves me. God gave me free will. With this free will I am now speaking to you all. Here is what I have to say.

Put down that stone for you are not without sin. Only he who is without sin can judge. No man or woman who walks this earth is without sin.  It is the nature of the world.

God has not made a mistake. He knows every possibility. Mistakes are the fault of man. Just a few...

God we are lonely. God created woman. Woman was not a mistake but now man has to deal with duality. Masculine and feminine.

We were given paradise and asked simply to not eat the fruit from two trees. Yet we did and were cast into a world to ever work for things. 

God we need a leader. His reply  I am your leader. No God, on the Earth. So we got a king. We asked for and got a system that would never be perfect.

Are you seeing the issue yet? In love God gave us what we needed and desired. He did so with love. He did so knowing we were making our own paths harder.  Maybe it's time to stop clinging to people and words in a book and start living and embracing love.

From love all things spring. From hate all things disappear. Think about that. Do you really wish for your world to grow smaller, darker, or colder? Or do you wish your world to grow larger, brighter, and warmer?

Quite simply no matter what a book says, a person says, or a thing seems odd you do not have any right to harm it. That includes yourself.

Have you heard the old phrase you are perfect as you are? God made you the way you are. Yes people can and will hurt you in life. You may get confused or not understand but it will pass. Your path is your own.

As a fellow person on this grand journey may I suggest you worry more about your journey than your destination. Why you may ask? Because your journey determines your destination.  If your not paying attention you may very well miss all the wonderful things that have been placed in your life and all the wonderful clues how to get where you want to go.

Go where you will. But know your choices determine your outcome. Others may not like who you are, how you look, or how you express yourself. But that does not matter. What matters is in you. The first step in understanding that is being honest in who you are.

Back to the LGBT soul. We are, always have been, and always shall be children of God. We are loved, planned for, and thus intended. Who are you to come between God and his will? Who are you to say God made a mistake? And as such being created with divine power and spirit who are you to blaspheme the spirit of God?

Love! No one said you have to understand, agree, or like all things or people but you should love. For it is the only path.  Anything else is an illusion.

Love! Love yourself! Love others!

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Every one of us at some point has been judged by another or we have judged others. But how many of us actually examine how we judge people? Some of us judge by looks, actions, even words. But are all of those true representations of people?

I know in my own life people have mistaken my words at times to be arrogant. However when I quizzed the person on it they felt as though I was talking down to them simply because my vocabulary was larger than theirs.  That was not arrogance.

There have also been times when people judged me by my actions. I recall one time when someone saw me doing something that at surface value would look wrong. But they never asked why I was doing what I was.

Another time when I was not feeling well I went out with rather muted hair and baggy clothes and I clearly recall being stared at as if I were some wild person who popped out of a cave. Yet none asked me if I was alright.

If we add in the times I've heard blind comments on LGBT people and every other little nit pick wow what a life. Imagine that. People are quick to judge and they think they are right to do so. They think they know best.

You know this is sad thing. So many of us rush into judgement to remove people from our lives. We view them as unworthy, untrustworthy, and unlovable. How sad.

In my own time I to have succumb to such thoughts but I grew and overcame. I talked to people who didn't look good, dress well, or seemed odd. I said hello to those with different hairstyles, tattoo', and piercings. I sat down and talked to those who seemed to be isolated from others. I tried.

Do I still judge, yes. Do I try and overcome those bias and move forward anyway, yes. I think we all eliminate to many people in our lives simply based on observations that we don't know the motives or situations behind.

Life is full of people. Some don't look nice, feel good, have much money, or even understand how people are viewing them. Maybe we should take the difficult path and approach others outside our comfort zones and try finding out more. People are worth the time.  People have value, even the bad ones. People need help.

I'm not proposing you put your safety at risk but the next time you see someone you would normally stray away from try finding out more about them before you instantly say no. Who knows you may find a new friend, love, or even save a life.

Love, even when people discourage you.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fixing Broken Ladders

Have you ever had a trusty ladder you have used to climb on for many years? You use it for everything. Slowly over time however they wear down or are ignored. A rung may breakor a crack may form yet we still use it. We adjust our step or climb gingerly. Then one day after enough neglect we fall.

Each of us has a trusty ladder in our lives. The difference is ours is not not a physical object but an internal one. It allows us to climb from ledge to ledge, issue to issue. Our internal ladders are the very foundations one which we step. Each of those steps takes us higher and higher. If we are not diligent tenders our internal ladders will also break sending us crashing down.

Unlike the physical damage of a traditional ladder that which is inside us can be much more destructive. Flesh can heal and bones can mend. The mind and heart however take much more. Sometimes when our ladder gives way we fall such a distance that we hit with a force that shatters our lives. And like the story of Humpty Dumpty we to may not be able to be put back together.

Ideally as good tenders we would fix every broken rung, season its wood carefully, and repair every crack as they occur. However in life we get busy, distracted by pain, or just dread taking the time to fix something we may not understand or even know how to fix.

A good ladder is essential to help you climb to all the difficult places in life. Without it you are stuck in the same area all the time. You may miss things that can define your life or make it distinct and special.

I know what I propose is a difficult task at times. Sometimes our ladders are damaged not by us but abused by others. Regardless of cause rungs need replaced, cracks mended, and the aged wood seasoned to stay firm.

The ability to climb is a beautiful thing. It gives you views you would not otherwise see. It gives you opportunities to grow and expand beyond a certain point. Tend your ladders with care. If you don't know how or lack knowledge then find someone who can help you. Never be stuck on the ground or falling back to the earth due to a broken ladder.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Lonely Heart

Like many out there I know how it is to be lonely and desire love in my life. It has been far to long since anyone treated me to such joy let alone treated me right. I know the yearning to be free and happy with the knowledge someone is there for you. So many of us cave and bow to pressures to settle and find anyone instead of the right one.

But you know what? You can find lots of company in life but only the right one soothes the lonely heart. Whether you have never known love or have not known it in some time the truth is, love is precious and so valuable. Never squander it and never let anyone take it from you. Even if your relationship falters hold on to those memories because they are the things that warm your heart on those cold lonely nights.

One that sustains me is with M. It is a simple memory of us dancing to an old song but it was fun, carefree, and just one of those special connections you can make with your heart. To this day it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. Even with all those who are against me and M I will never forsake it.

Relationships can come and go but love doesn't have to. Maybe that's a new thought to you but it is true. Just because you are not with someone does not mean you have to give up all those wonderful thoughts, feelings, and memories. Honor any love in your heart and carry its ember with you always, even into new love. When you do that love only grows.

Loneliness is painful and hard. But embrace love, any love in your heart, and huddle around its spark for from it you can light anew.

Now M if your out there somewhere reading this I'd love one more dance like that just gazing into your eyes and heart. That gentle caress that stokes flames that tickle the moon. Mmmm....that sweet lingering kiss that's memory leaves you yearning for more and yet satisfied like nothing else can. I may not be with you in the flesh but oh my soul is talking to you now and forever.

No one should ever fear the lonely times. Love is always there. You just have to embrace it. It will sustain you and give you hope for the future. So my dear readers feel that special rythm in your soul and dance. Never let anyone take it from you or tell you to settle for anything less. For it as different as dancing in a rancid alley to dancing in a disco with lights shining down illuminating the beautiful things.

Let love flow to the lonely heart. It is your life blood.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Finding Peace

Peace seems to be such an elusive thing in much of our community. We desire it so much but never seem to quite get enough of it. There always seems to be someone who feels the need to intrude in your life, force their will upon you, or just wishes to eliminate you from their world. They try to make you into something you are not and if they can not seek to remove your influence.

Regardless of the reason or cause peace is elusive because most of us have not been taught exactly what it is we seek. Peace in Human terms is freedom to be you. Yes it does include the the right of self-determination but it is much more. It is a life.

Peace begins when you are happy with you. Peace begins when you live as you. Don't mistake my words however. There may still be those who try to interfere in your lives or hurt you. Peace however begins in you. You choose to be you and live your life as you.

Short of some drastic revolution of the Human soul there will always be someone who thinks it is their place to bother and harass you in some way. With that knowledge accept you can not control everything, especially others. You can only be you.

What you can do is educate and show a life that is not so different than what others live. Be the example for people to see what they don't like or fear is not what they think. If  your life is about love no one can truly dismiss that. They may try but honesty paired with love is one of the greatest weapons we can wield.

I understand that some of us may put our lives at risk by being ourselves openly. I don't blame you for wanting to live and stay safe. With that statement though I must say, stay you. Educate in quiet places and if you can not hide anymore find a new place to live. It is a shame people must flee their homes but its a greater shame to die in darkness. A darkness forced upon you by your oppressors and your fear of leaving that which is familiar.

In the past I have taught you all so much about love and how it begins in you. So does peace. Peace is the extension of love. It is the love of ones self and desire for others to be themselves. Is it such a wonder why it is so elusive? So many of us are taught to judge others and to exert our will upon their lives.

The only will you should enforce in life is that to not harm others or yourself. So many roads lead back to us and our ability to love. Our ability to let go, forgive, and have faith in others as well as ourselves is powerful when seeking peace. But the most important power is love.

You probably get tired of my talks about love but know it is the origin of good things. It allows you to give the world good things. The first good thing you should give is yourself. As cliche as that may be it is true. When you honor and love yourself you share with the world the beauty that is you.

Life may always be a struggle but peace is not. It is already in you. You merely have to embrace it. Be you, live your life with pride and embrace who you are. If you must move a thousand times, forgive horrendous atrocities, or even tend wounds ever so deep, be at peace.

Love with others just happens but love of you begins with you working to accept that. Touch that inner light and feel the relief flow. Tell all those doubts and fears to dare walking in the light that is you. You will find they can not. You know why? Peace!

Love you and embrace the peace of being true to yourself. It will not solve all your problems but what a wonderful foundation to live a life, a pedestal of certainty and joy.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, April 8, 2016


I always find it interesting when people reflect on the past. It show just what they hold dear. Recently I was listening to a conservative politician refer to the 1980's and the Reagan years. They were opining how great it was. They were inferring the absence of the LGBT community.

The 80's without the LGBT community...really now?

Do I really need to go on? The 80's ok I get it you want good music, high fashion, men with long hair and glam make up, and a happy party culture... ok I'm with you on that. I'll agree if you finally see what your longing for.

Break free from your perspective!

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Kaleidoscope

Have you ever had the chance to play with a kaleidoscope?  It's such a simple device. A cylinder with mirrors and bits of colored glass, pebbles, or beads. When you look through it you see beautiful patterns. Each time you turn the cylinder a new pattern comes into view. There are so many possibilities depending on how the light and objects fall.

Each and every one of us enjoys beauty and has our own definition of what is beautiful. Like the kaleidoscope we may stop at a pattern and smile in delight. Some are content to gaze at the same design all of our lives. Others like to change their image now and then. Then we have the very few of us who are ever turning our kaleidoscope to see all the wondrous possibilities.

Life is ever changing and some of us change with the blowing wind.  Some of us stand out more vibrant than others. Still in all that wild adventure of fancy there is beauty. We create, dazzle, and amaze the heart and mind.

The problem with being one who constantly shifts their kaleidoscope is some can not understand why we are not happy with just a one or a few views. They don't understand life is ever evolving. There is nothing wrong with being content to live in an image and treasure it. However there is nothing wrong with constantly shifting your view either.

The simple truth is we all seek our definition in life. Some of us find it right away or are happy with the view we have. Others have not yet found a place where they wish to be. And the very few are happy embracing it all. Their definition is the whole.

Think about that concept for a moment. Some souls in this life shine with the brilliance of it all, not just a view. If that's not you then it's hard to understand. Try turning a nomad into a settled farmer. Try uprooting a family working a farm for generations. You cause great harm to not only them but society as a whole.

Life whatever your view is full of endless possibilities. It's ok to find your view on the first turn and it's ok to never stop turning. The point of life is find you and embrace that. Share it with the world, even if it does not understand.

Love and beauty go hand in hand. In order to enjoy a view you must have love for it. And for the few they love it all. Find your view and find your love. Like the kaleidoscope you are a brilliant display that enchants the heart and mind.

Dance  your dance and allow the light to shift and fold. Wear your many colors and treasure designs great and small. Shift and glimmer with each turn and fall where life allows. Each is a masterpiece of design, each of you are a masterpiece of design, your design.

Love is Never Wrong!