Sunday, July 31, 2011

Links of Love International XIII

Today I have some more links for my international viewers. Hopefully you find them useful.

Queer Guide offers many resources for LGBT life in the UK's North East.  (UK)!/QueerGuide

Bent is the Uk's largest free Gay magazine.   (UK)

Northern Pride is a festival offering support, education, and to promote equality.   (UK)

MESMAC North East is a Gay & Bisexual Men's Health Site. They offer many resources, testing , and health counseling.   (UK)

Out! North East Magazine is a gay lifestyle magazine that is downloadable for free.   (UK)

GMFA is a Gay men's health charity with many resources.    (UK)

LGF or The Lesbian & Gay Foundation offers many online resources, a support line, and clinics. They have a lot of good information.   (UK)

Yorkshire MESMAC is another Health site for Gay & Bisexual men.   (UK)

The OutPost Housing Project is dedicated to helping young LGBT people find places to live.   (UK)!/OutpostHousing

NE Gayscene offers many links to places and event in the UK's North East.   (UK)

Darlington Pride is a festival offering education, support, entertainment, support. Go and meet new people and have fun.    (UK)

Pride Radio offers good music and news. I think that transcends borders.    (UK)!/PrideRadioNE

Gaydio is another news and music broadcaster.    (UK)!/gaydio

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Say It 2 My face

Today I found a nice link I would like to share. It focus' on combating cyber-bullying. Please check it out and give it support or use it if you need help.

Say It 2 My Face

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

National Groups

I have focused on state level links for a while so here are some national groups that may be able to help.

Matthew Shepard Foundation is a group dedicated to helping LGBT youth. They have many resources and ways to help. Check them out.

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund is dedicated to advocacy for the LGBT community. Their goal is to support LGBT candidates and help promote positive change. Volunteer positions are available.

The National Center for Lesbian Rights is an advocacy group.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is an advocacy group.

Lambda Legal is an advocacy group focusing on litigation.

National Center for Transgender Equality is an advocacy group.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sand of Life

One of the saddest things I find in life is how many of us struggle with who we are. The visible people in our lives that influence us are distant or share views that may defy how we were raised. Society in general has no true definition of us or if it does, does so badly. Like the sand of beach waves crash upon us washing us about and erasing our form and shape.

But what is sand? Sand is the countless variations of earth, rock, and life. If we were to magnify it you would see tiny shells, crystals, even soil. I think we are all like that. All the myriad of wonderful things that shape and create us are represented. A true beauty.

Sand is such a fine material. Its is blown by the wind, tossed about by the waves, and molded by man. But in all this it never changes. The wind may pile it into great dunes. The water may wash away design. Man may try to shape castles. But the sand does not change.

In life we are the sand. Many things try to sway and shape us but it never really changes us. Only we can change our selves. Even when the ocean of our life in in full storm and lashes out at us with such fury, we are the sand.

We are still here. We will always be here. We are the culmination of many great things. We know violence and pain. We know who we are. We just have to realize we are the sand. Things come and go. Life may toss us here and there but we are still here. We are still beautiful. We are still us.

Take all those things in life that matter to you let them be the grains of your life and be like the sand. If the wind blows you, start life in your new location. If the sea ravages you, know the storm will end and when the sun shines again you are a pristine beach, a place of beauty. And when man tries to shape you into the castles of its will know things of free particles crumble.

A grain of love can change the world. So be the sand of life and embrace the beauty that you are.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, July 11, 2011

Life Should Fit to a T

One of the few things in life we all struggle with is finding who we are and then accepting ourselves. Its not always easy or glorious. It is what it is, a journey of many roads and destinations. One surety along the way is our life needs to fit us to a T, as the old saying goes. For those who are Trans, even more so.

I can't say I understand everything that it means to be Trans but I know it has to be a constant struggle. Being stuck in a body that does not match your sexual identity can be depressing and frustrating. Even more so to those around you who care.

As one begins to be more confident in themselves and sure in who they are it can cause those around us to question themselves. This is probably more so true for the Trans community. I can see a parent, a child, a spouse questioning not only their relationship but themselves. Its not an easy thing to deal with for anyone.

Just as a Trans person struggles to find their identity the ones around them struggle to find theirs. A mother might question how she raised her child. A child might question their relationship, since they see a new person emerging. A spouse may question their own sexuality or relationship.

The reasons may be countless but the struggle is the same. A great upheaval or change is occurring in peoples lives. When you change yourself in life you change how you deal with those around you. You may not realize it but you do. Others see it even if you don't. Maybe not always consciously but they feel it.

When we make changes in life we have to remember those around us. The bigger the change in us the bigger the change in those around us. It may take time for its ripple to impact but it will hit and it will ripple back. Hopefully those in our lives can absorb change and the ripple is love and accepting.

Regardless of outcome our journey does include those around us. So if one of us falters or questions along the way maybe we should stop and take the time to reassure or help them as best we can. If people matter to us then our struggle is their struggle and that is our relationship.

I don't want to say this is a magic answer for things but it is an important step if we want to try and keep special people in our lives. It may not work and the issues may be ultimately to large or personal for someone to accept. Not everyone is strong enough to accept core change in themselves or those around them. But we should know if we change who we are, we change our relationship with those around us.

We may be the same person to ourselves but simply expressing it more outward. The problem is our view of change and that of those around us is usually far different. What may be simple or logical to one may be unfathomable to another.

I wish I had a magic answer but there isn't one. People are people and they have to adjust. Some will bounce back freely and others will never absorb the hit of change. That is true of any relationship in life. But I do believe if we truly try and extend patience and love to those who matter to us we can at least maintain a level of connection if not make it stronger.

With all that I have said one must be ones self. Our journey in life may need camp sites to allow those around us to rest but it it should not stop the journey. Because life should fit you to a T.

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Monday, July 4, 2011


Today here in the United States it is our Independence day. I am thankful for the country I live in. Even with all its problems its a good place to live. As I sit here this morning however I can't help but think of the larger picture.

Independence is something we all desire and deserve. We as Humans constantly strive to be masters of our own destiny and to just be who we are. We fight to love. We fight to exist. We fight to make a better future for those who come after us.

Being LGBT we battle so much with ourselves as well as society for the very things the majority take for granted. We struggle to make them see we are not so different and we are Human too. A conflict where we only want to define our lives. Something everyone wishes to do.

In the grand ebb and flow of this struggle we all pay such high prices. Time, wealth, even life its self is sacrificed for freedom. It is a lesson Humanity seems to have to learn again and again. It reminds me of another time when my own nation fought its self and our President Abraham Lincoln spoke these words.

"These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have."

Wise words from a man who understood equality needs to be extended to all or equality is not secure for any.

So declare your independence. Be you and live your life as any Human deserves. It does not have to be today or even tomorrow but muster your forces and fight the good fight that is freedom. It is your right as a Human. Let no one stop the revolution that is you.

I dream of the day when all of us can stand together after the last hurdle is crossed and the last person is free. I dream of the day when we look back and celebrate our victory. I dream of our Independence Day.

A just liberty is waiting. We only need to declare Independence. 

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, July 3, 2011

LGBT Emergency Services

Today I would like to offer some links that focus on the LGBT Emergency Services around the world. Police, Firemen, EMT's and Paramedics are just a few of the many people who help us every day. So today is for them.

Gay Officers Action League of New York (GOAL-NY)

Gay Officers Action League Chicago

Gay Officers Action League New England

Michigan Gay Officers Action League  (MI-GOAL)

Blue Pride is a LGBT Law Enforcement discussion board.

Protect and Defend

Gay Peace Officers Association of Southern California

Florida Law Enforcement Gays and Lesbians (LEGAL)!/flalegl

FireFlag/EMS is dedicated to serving the LGBT Firefighters , Fire Officers,  Emergency Medical Technicians, EMS Officers, and Paramedics. It is New York City based.

Law Enforcement Gays and Lesbians International

Serving With Pride  (Canada)

Gay Police Association  is still under construction so check back.  (UK)

European Gay Police Association

Gay Cops Austria  (Austria)

Polis Aperta   (ITALY)  This site is in English and Italian.

Pink Cop  (Switzerland)

VelsPol  (Germany)

Queer Officers Switzerland  (Switzerland)

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gay Alabama II

With Alabama searches being the second most accessed links I would like to offer some more resources today.

PFLAG Mobile

PFLAG Montgomery   - Only a listing

PFLAG also has a chapter in Anniston-Gadsen. It has no site I could find. The only listing I have is on the PFLAG master list of the state which I shall provide. Select Alabama from the state list to find it.

Health Services Center is located in Anniston. They provide education and medical care to those living with HIV/AIDS.

AIDS Alabama is dedicated to offer education and support. They teach prevention and help those with HIV/AIDS live better lives. They are based in Birmingham.

Birmingham AIDS Outreach offers clinic services and education and support services.

Montgomery AIDS Outreach, Inc.  is a full service care provider. They offer everything from education and testing on up.

West Alabama AIDS Outreach offer education, support, and services to those affected by HIV/AIDS. They are based in Tuscaloosa and serve several surrounding communities.

Rites of Spring is a HIV/AIDS Fundraising group.!/Rites_of_Spring

Bay Area Inclusion is an advocacy group.

Southern Poverty Law Center is an advocacy group. They fight for equality and to end hate. It is not LGBT specific however.

New South Softball League is based in Birmingham and is open to player with no experience to very experienced. A great way to stay in shape and meet new people.

Birmingham Shout is a Gay-Lesbian film festival. Go and enjoy a day out and immerse yourself in all that is LGBT.

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