Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today is Thanksgiving, a time when we give thanks for the people and bounty we have received during the year. This morning I want to thanks those who have touched something in me. Maybe they will touch you as well.

Elton John: Flare, music, travelling a rough road.  I know some of those well.

George Takei: Your rapier wit, acting, and activism always makes me happy.

Jay & Bryan: Shining examples of family and values. Both inspire me.

Sean Chapin: Activism, spirit, and non-violence. A man of honor!

Davey Wavey: A kindred soul of discovery and love.

Kevin: You give me a new perspective.

Biki: My friend in the snow. :)

These are some of the many who have touched my life in some way. Some may not know it but they have along with many others. So to you all and my other friends I have not mentioned Thank you for being in my life.

To those who have stumbled here or came looking for help I wish you peace and a life of love.

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Too many have been hurt or lost. Today we remember those who should still be here. 

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Charity Begins at Home IV

As we enter into fall then winter and celebrate so many holidays this time of year I am reminded of all those in our community who don't have what many of us do. So today I would like to put forward more suggestions that we all can do to help.

When I do my browsing for links across the internet I repeatedly come across two main groups in our community that either get ignored or need help. Both LGBT youth and seniors deserve better than they receive. Today I focus on them.

The one thing both have in common is they don't need miracles. They need hope. Something most of us take for granted. Do you hope for your next meal, a  bed to sleep in, or even just someone to talk to? It's something many of us take for granted and really don't think about. Maybe we should.

Giving hope is such an easy thing to do but somehow it doesn't always get done. Light someones life, even if with just a spare ember from you life of plenty. It doesn't take much to ignite a flame in someone, to give them a chance to grow. Everyone deserves that chance. Let's give them that chance, that hope.

An area I never hear about much is LGBT seniors in homes or even living alone who have few people in their lives. Much like any elderly person in such cases we can advocate for their representation in such places, create visitor programs to give them LGBT friendly people to talk with, make sure they get the health care they need, are represented in medical facilities, and make sure they get to eat right. Our seniors have led the way for us and made our lives a little bit easier. Let's return the favor and help them.

Our youth face many of the same problems. They need a clothes, a bed to sleep in, a good meal, a friendly face to talk to, even medical attention. So many flee or are thrown from their homes. Some forced into things just to survive. They don't deserve that. No one does.

What I propose regardless of your abilities is give time. Talk to someone who is need or struggling and be the calm in their life. Listen to their stories and offer advice if they want it. Give respect and show compassion.

I've talked before about gathering food to donate to organizations that help those in need. Some additional things you can do is work with a local LGBT center or organization that is LGBT friendly and try to start a meal program. Maybe its a food bank or even a dinner once a month that's open to anyone in the LGBT community. It all helps. No one should be hungry.

With those same groups you can create clothing programs. Gather new and used clothes to help those who need them. Maybe work with LGBT friendly stores or fashion groups to create a work clothing program so those seeking jobs look their best.

A place to clean ones self and sleep is very important. Our health can deteriorate quickly if we don't have those opportunities. Create safe shelters or places where people can go. I know this one is a little harder with regulations and facilities but its not impossible. You have a voice, advocate for them. Ensure local facilities exist for them. Make sure no one is turned away or restricted simply because they are LGBT.

During the holidays we always think of friends and family. Let's not forget those who don't have them or have been turned away by theirs. Whether it is youth or seniors work with local groups or centers and maybe host a visitor for your holiday meal. Maybe you could adopt a person for the holidays and treat them like friend. Feed them, maybe buy them a small gift, and just listen to their life. Something most of us have.

There are so many options available to us in life to extend hope. And they all begin with one person reaching out their hand to help another and investing time in their well being. Please do so and make a difference to someone who may need you.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why We Sing

Recently I had a discussion with someone about the value of song in our struggle for equality. We ultimately did not agree but there was value. So allow me to share my thoughts on why we sing.

When one of us sings in our community we tell of our pain, struggles, love, even victories. The melody can educate others to things they may not know. Maybe we bring ourselves together in unity for a common cause. Of course lets not forget the essence of song, us.

When we sing we add our voice to the world. We share what matters to us and our lives. It doesn't matter if it moves others or makes great change because singing is our liberation. If anyone else is moved or empowered then we have a common bond.

Song is our story, our life, our very soul. If we express it in love then the value is priceless. Singing may or may not touch someone but I don't think it has ever been about that. I think song its self is valuable because one person rose up to say something that mattered to them. Being LGBT I think we all know that alone is sometimes a victory of a lifetime.

I say sing in whatever tune you can muster and let the world hear your voice. What do you think?

Love is Never Wrong