Thursday, November 17, 2016

The End

I have written to and for you you all for so long now. You have the knowledge and understanding of how to be good people and solve all the problems in your lives. It is now up to you all to do the right thing, to love.

I guess the last lesson I will give is know every soul is sovereign. Remember that. Rushing to fix or love must be their will as well or you only hurt. Be you, whoever or whatever you envision.

In my own life I've had life dictated to me far to often. People have made my life a living Hell. I still wish them better than they have treated me. It is my hope they receive better than they have extended to me.

So many have felt the need to judge, hurt, and force who, what, and how I am. All I can say is you all owe me debts so great they can never be repayed. I can never get those times back. I can never unforget your hate, intolerance, selfishness, and pain.

Still I have hope for you all. I hope and pray one day everyone is happy and prosperous. I have never hidden my faith in the blog but out of respect to all who have been hurt by men abusing such I have kept such things minimal. However as this is my last post I will leave you all with this.

"Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."

- John 4:7-8

Regardless if you believe or not or how you believe the message is true. It is divine to love. If you love you know the divine. Love is about us all. You can not limit it or choose only part of it else you diminish it or remove it.

We have all seen loves absence in life. Maybe if we stop trying to limit that which is and bounds us all we could see what truly exists. We could see beyond the clothes, skin, hair, eyes, and many other wonderful differences.

It can be scary to open yourself completely to love. You are not sure you can watch others in pain. You are not sure others that are different are right or safe.  You are not sure where others fit. There is a secret though.

Love fits and encompass' all, no exceptions. Say what you will and believe what you will but love is always there. It is you who must embrace it. Anything less is a lie and deception. As such it serves no one.

So these Links of Love are for you all. My words free and hopefully inspiring. My love welcomes you, whoever you may be. You are and always have been safe with me. Be safe with you and everyone else.

Now to those of you living less than love, I am truly sorry you choose to live life in lies, deceptions and pain. I am sorry you extend that to others. I however give you no power, no authority, and certainly shall not change.

Do I walk in pain due to others, yes. Do I love, yes. You see it is about love.

The world still needs justice. People still need to pay their debts of pain. Lastly people must honor free will, choice, and life. Don't be one of those that accumulate so much debt that love would take millenia to repay.

I wish you all love, happiness, and wonderful lives. Be you and love, you, others, and all things in life. As I said before love is the only harvest that sustains all. With love all things are possible.

Hopefully my time here has helped or inspired some of you. If so please carry the light I have given to another. Maybe one day we can all see with the clarity of day and the darkness will be banished from our lives forever.

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Trumpet of Love

Yesterday I talked about when we fight. I've certainly talked plenty about love. So today I have a simple message. The world is not a perfect place. It may never be. However people are hurting and in great need.

The trumpet of love is now sounding. Will you heed it's call?

Life is not always beautiful. It's preservation and uplifting however is. Go forth and lift every soul. Feed the hungry. Help the needy. Give hope when their is despair. Heal wounds ever so deep. Give love to the unloved.

Love's clarion call echo's forth. You are the love, the hope, and the power. If we act the harvest of our lives will be bountiful. If we do not our fields will be barren and full of vultures.

Everyone on this Earth deserves dignity and a life of love. It is time we do it together. We may be many but we are and always have been one. The choice is yours. Live and honor life! Hear the call of love's trumpet. Go where it takes you. Help the ones it sounds for.

Spread love and tend it well. It is the only harvest that sustains all.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When We Fight

Since I have covered so much about love and avoiding the conflicts that tear us apart I thought I should cover when we should fight. Fighting is not a always physical conflict but it is always a struggle.

We should always fight when we have no other option left. We should never allow a person to be hurt or left behind. Human history has had enough of that and we simply can not afford it any more. To much blood and pain has been let. It's time to heal and its time to move forward.

So skipping the poetic, I say we fight for every dignity, life, freedom, and love. This world, right now, is all we have. We fight so that we preserve the integrity of each and every soul. No one is less than or worth leaving behind.

Now as a measure of balance I also need to say don't be reckless and stay on message. When your efforts divert from the topic you make it about a person or group. In other words you give them the power not the issue.

When you give power your struggle is now on their terms. Never do that and never leave anyone behind. Passion, struggle, and all the other confusions of day to day life can divert us from our focus. So if you must fight for yourself or others then remember do so purely for the issue.

In a struggle of ideology it is always about beliefs, never the person or group. We are all worth saving. Remember that. It will serve you well. Defeat the belief and the people who follow it will fade. Finally fight with love.

Now as I have said peace is the expression of love. This does not mean we can not struggle and have love. Love is the the tempering of conflict. Know when to show honor, respect, and reconciliation. Know when to forgive and extend your hand.

People get lost, hurt, or simply do not know any better. Maybe they were never given the tools to look beyond themselves and their world. You must reach them just as much as the ones they hurt. Because if you do not we trade one set of lives for another.

I can't say I support fighting as any option other than a last one. But I can say when it comes to the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of all you must stand. Stand in surety that all people matter and deserve equality.

I abhor violence but I abhor the defenestration of love and life even more. Everyone has different levels of tolerance before they are ready to fight but we all have a choice in how we fight. Ive told you all when we fight and how to fight. When is up to you.

Fight with love. Fight for love. Always honor life.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Since the election here in the U.S. there have been so many embroiled in a struggle for absolute expression of their side and their side alone. They have forgotten decency, honor, respect, fellowship, and love.

Both sides exert their pull as if it is a life and death battle. A couple of centuries ago there was a real life and death battle and our forefathers expressed some very fundamental truths that we are still trying to solve.

"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness..."

We founded a nation on these very principles because a hostile government sought to dictate our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Everyone in the nation barring the Native Americans are from someplace else.

We came here and some of us fled. We sought a dream where all can live in peace. We believe all should have an opportunity with enough work to rise and overcome. We believe humility in the face of others is utmost respect.

Somewhere along the way some of us have gotten lost. Life, all life is precious. Liberty is innate. Happiness I am sorry to say is a much more personal quest.  What I can say is  if you wish to express your views and express your concerns then engage in peaceful communication.

Dignity, honor, respect, and communication are all expressions of love. If you can not love your fellow man, even in disagreement, then you shall not receive it. I am reminded of an old biblical quote.

"Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God"   - Matthew 5:9

I know some of you may not believe in God but the message is still valid. If we can not believe in the good of our fellow man and love them then we are surely doomed to division and strife.

Love is a beautiful path but it takes time and work. We may fall but we shall pick ourselves up and try again and again. We do this because no one deserves to be abandon of love.

We are the expressions of our soul. Sometimes we get hurt and lost but if given time we find our way home and that heart wrenching journey may leave us bloody and in tears but love is about overcoming and finding solace in each other. 

There is no victory if it does not benefit us all. That is Human decency. I am not saying there is no struggle but know when to stand and when to open your hand in peace and reconciliation. Fighting a battle before a declaration of war as another U.S. president once said is "a date which will live in infamy"

Democracy is about being vulnerable and a free and open society. We extend peace and fellowship even when we lose. We love our nation and our fellow man. We believe in the good of men. We love.

I can not tell you to be a decent person but I can tell you walking a path of love sometimes means you are vulnerable and you get hurt. If all you ever do is protect yourself then you will never find love, at least not true love.

Love is decency. Is there love in you?

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Secret of Life

Philosophers for the ages have debated the secret of life. So many have delved deep into the psyche of so many and pondered. They have always put forth this idea or that. It never quite covers all however. The irony is the secret also does not cover all.

Now I am sure many will debate my explanation but think about it for a while. The secret of life is simply love. Yes that lofty emotion I have written so much to you all and implored you to embrace.

A life of love... It may not eliminate all of life problems but it is the solution. Love... You care to listen to those around you , even when you disagree. You extend dignity even when you don't receive it. You help even when you don't have enough yourself.

Maybe if we gave love more of our power all those problems and obstacles would fade away as we finally realize what you give is ultimately what you get back. If you truly loved when you hurt another the first thing in your mind would be accepting the price of your act. For that is love. You acknowledge the wrong and do what is needed to repay whatever debt you owe.

There can be no resolution without love. If you can not extend grace, kindness, forgiveness, and yes love then you will not receive it. Some say I am naive with such thoughts but I say to you what is more honest and true?

No one is a perfect person. We all get hurt, lost, and afraid. We make errors and poor choices. The question is do we learn, make amends, and heal? Love, in all it's splendor, is quite possibly the most complex thing to understand and live.

Love is the root of it all. It is the light in the darkness and the road to all recovery. Will it erase all hate and violence in your life? No! Will it change minds and hearts? Yes! Love is not as voluminous as hate but it is far far more potent. You want to solve the worlds problems then begin with love.

Love people, love life, love your world. Most importantly love you. You may not be the shape, size, form, or even color you want but if you love anything can happen. Never settle! Never settle for anything but love.

Reach into your heart, embrace that inner part of yourself, and let it show to the world. Be vulnerable, be honest, and be sincere. Appreciate the medley all about you. See the stings of our grand chorus. Maybe just maybe if enough of you love, those wonderful strings will resonate into the song of a wondrous life a wondrous world.

Let your heart sing. Listen to others hearts sing. Love is in the tune. Believe in you and believe in them. And when that infectious smile finally rises upon the crown of you lips you will finally understand the secret of life. Love!

Never settle! Love the tune of your life, your soul. Love, even in the darkness. For the secret has never been hidden, only obscured by darkness and clutter that shrouds our lives. Clear the clutter, turn on the lights and see that wonderful you.

Our only limitation is our vision. Love has no limits.

Love is Never Wrong!


I think we can all use a nice entertainment break right now. Hopefully this lovely piece resonates with you all.

Love is Never Wrong!

Monday, November 7, 2016

I Want a Dyke For President

Maybe one day we will have someone who touches reality. So today I give you this to ponder and hopefully get a smile from. In life the humor is in the reality that truth is rarely given credence.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Prayer

I don't often do much with the religion. Mostly I talk of our spirits. I do this because so many of us have been hurt with religion and we have been soured to God by men who have lost their way. However I do believe we should never give up our beliefs due to misguided people. In all honesty God didn't betray us, man did.

So with such an important decision to make soon I think I should cover this for all the faithful out there. This one is for us all. Believe or don't that is your choice. The words though I hope do not fall upon deaf ears and provide us all with a clear path.

Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue.

- Psalm 120:2

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Right Thing

All around lately are people in a back and forth battle for some cause, injustice, or notion. They march out so sure in their justifications and confront those around them. They fight for their view. They see only their view.

You know I can admire a cause or even protest to right a wrong. However when you see only your view and only carry it out you have lost your mandate. This world is about us, all of us. Never take up the actions of those you protest to prove a point. If you do you only reinforce those on the other side because you are living up to their perceived threats.

I have been hurt and abused. I have known fear and pain due to being relegated to lesser than. I've had to hide to avoid conflict. Of all things I understand is frustration at every single action that makes you feel hurt or pain. However, I also know it must be me that swallows all that load I carry for the sake of peaceful change.

If I can not forgive and allow things to move forward I will become part of the problem. Yes we must nudge progressively forward to enlighten others but we must also realize they are Human and have little notion just how everything they do, say, and act impacts us. It is easy to not understand if you have never lived a life of struggle.

Our burdens may be heavy and our pains must go on longer than we wish but we must honor Humanity even when it falters or does not understand. Reach your hand out and forgive. Educate and chat in all due respect, even when you don't receive it.

The path of peace requires love. You must have love for you, them, and all things in life. Anything else is merely a victory in a war that you continue. And in wars you leave losers who bear the marks of your attrition and another generation will carry the torches to avenge that battle.

I don't know about you but I don't want war and I don't want another generation to fight the same things before us. This world, this universe has enough space and resources for all. It is us who must decide to share, learn, and lift each other up.

Equality begins in respect. Respect begins in love.  Love begins in you. Love or do not. Just know the right thing begins in you. If you can not or will not take that step then whoever or whatever you seek to change will not either.

Love, the right thing.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Conflict is one of those things most every minority knows. Sometimes it is subtle and deliberate and others it is open aggression and war.  However it is always about someone trying to take something from you, be it power, resources, or even life.

There are always people who believe their way is right, even at your expense. They see only what they gain. As such these kind of people usually devour things like locusts in their greed. Doing the right thing is not their concern only satisfaction of their desires.

Dealing with such people means we must be ever so vigilant. You must observe things far beyond the surface. Always examine intent and actions. Else you will find yourself in a war your not even aware is happening.

Is a very public hate crime truly what it seems or a distraction? Is an emergency time for others to change the rules of the game while your in disarray?  Is hopelessness the tool for which to hook you upon their salvation? Is salvation truly salvation if it is not in practice, vision, and reality?

The reasons for conflict vary and in some ways are not as important as detecting them. Know this:
There is no problem or challenge you can not achieve on your own.  There is no shortage of resources from which to draw. No situation is hopeless. Finally life, all life, is the most important thing in the universe.

I'm quite sure many would argue these points but it is true. The blessings of life are innate and endless. Only when you begin to limit life do you begin to suffer from shortages.

Call it what you will but life, love, freedom, and prosperity are the hallmarks of true progress. Our own self made limitations are what hold us back. If we add in those from conflict then you further create shortages. The path to abundance is freedom.

A free soul, life, or journey allows you the opportunity to engage and learn anything and everyone. It is this diversity and exchange that lifts us higher. Think of this wonderful existence as a jigsaw puzzle. Each and every piece has another piece of wisdom. The more you assemble and touch the more you grow and understand.

Science and technology are nothing more than tools in the path of knowledge. Why you may ask? Because science measures only what it knows and can see. It is your spirit and soul that drives for what is beyond. They fabricate the blueprints for what is to come and how to overcome.

Conflict is not always avoidable but it should never be policy or any option other than your last. Conflict is pure selfishness. You already have enough limits by your own vision why create more with a conflict with others?

Stand in the light, discuss ideas and needs, share your resources even when you have little yourself. For the strength of life is in the sure knowledge we are all one. We may be different shapes, sizes, colors, even origins but we are one.

Precious things: If the price of gold is equal to your desire, what is the value of life?  Is conflict worth its destruction, harm, or change?

I don't know about all of you but when I look around, I see we are in a war, a war we are not aware of. A war most devious seeking to manipulate and control not just us but the very foundations of life on our world.

Well as one citizen of this celestial sphere of nearly seven and a half billion souls I claim my right to my fourteen and a half square kilometers as my birthright and say no more. This is my home, my life, my soul and if you can not come in peace then leave and never return.

Know this, whenever a issue of the whole is concerned no leader can speak for the whole. Some things are so sacred they must require the permission of each and every soul. As I have said the value of the one is equal to the value of the whole.

Life no matter how small is priceless. I know that is a difficult concept to live by but it is most true. So my dear friends I entreat you to look around and observe what is in your vision and world. Are you in a conflict? If so deal with it in the light of day for things done in darkness never end well.

Love! Love life and live love. The opposite of conflict is peace. Peace is the product of love.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, October 21, 2016

What Really Matters

I find it interesting that so many people find one issue or another the most important thing to focus on for our community. Having just finished an article on gun control to save LGBT lives I shook my head. They seem to miss the point even when they state it in their article.

Let us be very honest and simple. The most important thing in LGBT terms or even Human is people. Nothing more and nothing less. You can dance around this point or say we have to do this first but you still miss the point.

We are at a time and place where it must be done. No avoidance, no diversions, no petty selfishness and half measures. Take care of people! Respect people! Lift people up! Freedom!

It is people who shoot one another. The reasons are many but it still boils down to people. Some may need help. Some need help and protection from others. Some just need to be made aware what the truth is. Change minds and change lives. Yes it is far more expensive and time consuming but the fact is Human life is priceless. No investment is to much.

Some say we must have protection from religion where the other side say they need protection from violation of conscience. What's the truth? The truth is we are both right. It's never easy when you have two people of free will in a difference of opinion. However the truth is you have the right to your beliefs so long as yours do not violate mine.

As I already said it's about people. Whatever the issue its' about all of us. It is time we see the people on the other side of our issues. It's time we stop being selfish and thinking its our way or no way. It's time we embrace our fellow man, even in disagreement.

I don't care if your leftist, conservative, fascist, communist, or whatever. What matters is people. Whatever government or society owes its people the best they can do, not whats leftover. At the same time you owe every other society or government the same respect.

The most important things in life are people. Everything in your life is affected by you and everyone else. You may not like everyone and everyone's choices but life is about us. We are one, made up of many. Every individual is just as important as the whole. It is an inconvenient truth but a truth none the less.

So now we understand whats most important how do we choose what to focus on? That's simple, people. All people and all issues share equal value. There is no shortage of time and resources. That is an illusion. The only thing that has been short is will.

Maybe we need to take those blinders off and see all those around us. Maybe if non LGBT people saw how we are hurt and struggle they would understand. Maybe if we saw how they don't understand or fear the unknown we might be more patient on helping them understand.

No one should be hurt and no one should suffer or die. People are people and we are all imperfect beings. Maybe if we embraced love in vision and action you would see all those problems melt away.

Say what you will but if your actions are for anything but love it is only about you. Like I said the world is about us. It's certainly not convenient and may frustrate us greatly but as I mentioned life is priceless.

Choose your topics and address how to handle them but understand it is people you are dealing with and tending to. The universal language is love. Have that and you have a host of wonderful things like respect, compromise, help, peace...

Hmm... Love... The root, the life, the solution.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Those Who Care

This election cycle here in the U.S. has certainly been an adventure down some of the nastiest halls of Human history. As before I still say educate yourself and choose who you believe in. Allow me to add a level of criteria for you however.

Being LGBT we have had many things thrown at us. Namely others in our community who claim to support a candidate or another. So with this back and forth of who to side with here are a few points for you to note.

If a candidate strolls out 3-4 people who claim to be LGBT that support them question it. Are their lesbians, LGBT parents, transgender, and proud bisexual people who stand with them as well? It is easy to find a few who will flock to one side or another but if it is not a wide support then question their motives toward you. People who truly care embrace all.

Remember we are like any other communities we have our rich and privileged elite, trouble makers, racists, and deluded like any community. Don't be swayed by them. Choose carefully. It only takes a few to undo years of work.

If a candidate promises things examine their history. Do they live up to their statements or are they here for the election and gone tomorrow?  Choose a person who will stand with you today and tomorrow.

Like any community we all have special interests and needs. However, like any minority will tell you focus on the whole first. If we can not attain a place to stand then lesser promises mean little. We are and always have been equal. Never settle when it comes to Human rights!

Examine how a candidate treats other minorities. You will see how things will go with you as well. If they will mistreat one they will mistreat you. Even Hitler used the LGBT community in the early days and we saw how that ended, privileged or not.

Finally will a candidate stand with you? Will they visit LGBT centers, youth shelters, senior centers, and medical clinics to see what we need? Are we worth the time in their eyes?

As I said choose wisely and bear in mind some of the things I just mentioned. Scroll further down for more tips as well. Stand with those who care. Don't be fooled by idol promises and rhetoric.

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Immoral Garbage

Recently I had the displeasure of reading a prominent minister proclaim people who are transgender and any policy that benefits them is immoral garbage. I sat and shook my head. Then I read the article to another who was appalled.

You know I have been trying to think about how I want to reply to this time and time again since it was written. Yes I could rip it apart with religious text, but why? Anyone who has already given up on free will and the welfare of another Human has already crossed to a dark place.

This to makes me sad. Dark places are not pleasant. Take it from me these sort of people make life Hell. Having walked path' pitch black I can only tell you no one is safe in those areas, even those of you who proclaim in righteous indignation.

So let me say simply and in dignity for all involved....

The rights of the one, the few, are equal to the rights of the whole or majority. You can not distinguish the two. You can not divide the two. Like it or not we are one, made up of many. Like the rainbow we take on many different hues.

When you dismiss one or any you have only achieved removing yourself form the whole. You have begun a path of inhumanity, you have become a beast. And yes think of that in spiritual terms.

Life is not always pleasant and life is not always grand but each and every person is. Every soul matters and every one deserves the freedom to be themselves in peace. Good men legislate the rights of all. Bad men legislate the removal of rights.

The righteous lift others up. The immoral judge and tear them down. Which are you? Can you disagree and grant another the freedom to be themselves? That is the point I do believe. Each of our lives is our own.

However we choose to live, however long we have, and in whatever way life is each of ours. I think if I were to phrase it in spiritual terms it would be God selected each soul and gave it life. He gave them free will. He set the rules and left it to you to decide. You were even instructed not to judge.

In all things, every soul, is free. Every soul must choose their path. It is not our place to hinder or hurt. The beauty of life is how it unfolds and blossoms in the morning light. Ripping out weeds, wild flowers and plants simply because it is not your design doesn't make it more perfect. It makes it your will.

In life it is our will, whenever we go beyond ourselves. Like drifting seeds upon the wind we are carried to far and different corners. We land and take root. The soil or rock from which we make our home nourishes us and the light above grants us energy and warmth.  We blossom into our own.

You see I dislike the term garbage for I don't believe anyone should be thrown away no matter how much we have been hurt, don't agree, or understand. As for the immorality that is apparent. When you hurt, damage, or remove that precious seed that has taken root, God's seed, you have become immoral.

Don't get me wrong I am not a perfect person. I have lapse' and failings like any other. However, I try to respect all life, as best I can. I certainly don't agree with everyone but I never advocate for the removal of their rights to be themselves, even if it is difficult.

So now allow me to share a spiritual lesson. And yes it applies to those of you who do not believe in God.

The blessings of life are innate. All life is the same. We may be different colors, shapes, sizes, even textures but we live and we share an existence. Yes  you have the freedom to deny that but it does not mean you are right.

Immorality does exist but no one is garbage. So what is immoral garbage? Immoral garbage is the idea you have right or place to judge and remove any other life. Maybe if you allowed that wild dandelion that landed in your garden to grow you would see its brilliant yellow bloom gaze back at you. Near its end you would see it transform into a lofty white plume that blows with the wind to land in another distant place.

All things are beautiful in the garden of life. You just have to stop and look at it. Love even what you do not plan, understand, or envision. Love people and things that choose shapes and colors that don't resonate with you. In the garden of mankind it is us, all of us. Love knows no bounds and love grows where it will.

It may not be your style, color, or choice but it is beautiful. Love!

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Lately I have repeatedly encountered contempt. Such a simple word that so many overlook or use poorly. A word that says so much but we seem to pass by on to bigger brighter topics. Contempt,  the feeling with which a person regards anything mean, vile or worthless; disdain; scorn.

I try not to preach or lecture. My goal has always been to educate or present questions for you all to explore. As hard as it is on this one I shall try to stay true to that. So let's talk about contempt of late.

When you publicly disgrace a person for race, gender, sexuality, or really anything that fall into a trait of being you are contemptuous. When you post mean and hurtful words and meme' you are full of contempt. When you deny basic respect you are in contempt.

Before I hear the arguments of it's free speech, grow thicker skin, or any of the other ilk realize it's not about being politically  correct. It is simply about Human decency. Society built all those social rules for thousands of years to lubricate interaction and foster communication amongst ourselves. yet in recent years we seek to toss away the old simply because we think it to heavy in ritual.

Like it or not we are all here. We are all equal. We all deserve basic respect.

Contempt is not always bad. But it's use must be proper and sincere. It is fine to mock or make fun of an idea or ideology.  It is not ok to make fun of people or things they can not help. Communicate in decency and respect. Else it is you who who become mean, vile, or worthless, not your target.

We as a people have come so far. Don't throw it all away because you find structure and ritual to be limiting.  Realize we are all the architect' of civil discourse. The structure is that which we decorate and live within. Express yourself all vivid nature within those confines. Live greatly or in a hushed murmur.

Whoever you are however you so choose to live do so without pulling down a central support of society else soon enough you will see the roof collapse upon you. We have lost enough people to structural failures. Please let us preserve what we have built, for it shelters us all in equal respect and abundance.

Love begins in respect.

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Cost

Today I would like to talk about the cost of all things.  To many times we see people charge ahead without regard to cost. They rush in with ideas, designs, and goals. They only seek the end ignoring the cost to get there.

Imagine a teacher who drives their students to succeed, always pushing. Students burn out, lose control, and desire. Some may even commit suicide. Is success worth those we lose?

Think about a politician who may rightly point out faults but charges ahead toward their goal ignoring dissent and forcing their will upon others. People get hurt, lost, or die. Is the goal more important than Human life?

Contemplate a research Dr. They seek a cure to a nasty disease but they cut corners testing on Humans and combine things that were never meant to be. Is mutation, disregard of will, and death worthwhile?

All of these examples and many more have a common thread. That would be ignoring the cost to achieve your goal. There are many people in life who believe the end justifies the means to get there.
This is not true.

The path to whatever your destination matters on how you get there. It matters that you stop and take in all that you are doing at every step. It matters to observe the concerns and objections of others. We all share this world and as such we each matter and we each have a voice in how it is ruled and used. 

Some may say this is a revolutionary thought. I however say it is not. It is respect of the cost. When we talk about Human life it is always more valuable than a goal or idea. When we barter Human life, welfare, and happiness for a destination we have already failed.  We have already paid to high a price.

The cost, whatever progress, teaching, desire, or goal is never worth more than a Human life. When you disregard or play with such then you are little more than a monster. You have already written off Human life and as such that makes you inhuman.

I know all to well some will debate this till they are blue in the face but I dare you to sit and live each of those lives you wreck, tear apart, or kill. Maybe you would see just how your progress impacts people.

With this we come to personal sacrifice. This one is more tricky. However the cost must still be weighed but the one thing that separates it is that it's the choice of one, over themselves. It may impact others but it is their determination.

All this being said there are many things in life worth the cost of a goal. However those things usually take into account the welfare of all involved. Disregard that and you will find your ledgers in the red.

Never barter, trade, use, or even disregard Human life and welfare. The cost is to precious. Even considering it treads upon a darkness that is catastrophic. You can justify whatever you want in your own mind but let's be honest anything beyond you is us, all of us.

I hope and pray you all consider the cost of things in your life. Realize the value of what have and seek. Some things you can never replace. People can not be replaced. New ones may appear but there is always a hole with those we lose.

Be frugal with your goal and life. Know when to invest and when to withdraw. Sometimes the price is to high. Barter and trade in love for it only grows and returns dividends that are priceless. Realize wealth is vested in the welfare of all.

Pay in love! Progress in love! Celebrate in love!

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Always Question!

Sometimes we forget we must always explore and vet events and people around us. Just as terrorism seems more prevalent now days maybe we should question it. What would history teach us on that?

Always question! If you do not you will never see anything except what some may want you to see. Sometimes it may just be the surface event others much deeper.  Either way be sure for the road to darkness is built on ignorance and fear. I think the world has enough of that. Let's love a bit more.

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Being You

Today I would like to talk about being you. I know so many people have different perspectives on it and even you may not know who you are yet. It's ok because you are an ever changing rose. Your bloom may change colors or shades depending on the day, weather, and nutrients you take in. What matters most however is you.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you who you are or how to get to being who you want to be. Each of our journey's is our own. We have been given so many tools to grow and blossom. But there is one truth. You and and you alone must be you. No one and I mean no one has a right to define you.

Now this is where society and family tends to go wrong. There is a fine line between help, instruction, care, and faith. At some point you begin to oppress and hurt in your efforts. Maybe your goal is well intentioned, maybe not.

It's very difficult for people to not want to mold the world to their thoughts and beliefs. By proxy they sometimes go beyond the physical into the realm of the living. Our lives! Being LGBT I don't think I can relay just how much this is true. I think some people would be utterly shocked just how much this impacts our lives.

The Human trait to ignore what does not apply to them can be strong. People may not see the insults, denials of existence, safety, and even legitimacy of life. Would some be surprised that Lesbians are raped in some places because "they just need a man to correct them?"  Would people be surprised at the hateful jokes, words, insults... you can hear in one day, all aimed at your existence?

Society....people...families need to understand everyone deserves the right to be themselves. Just because something is not your belief or way does not mean it is not valid. I know many get caught up in tradition and faith when it comes to our community but you need to understand an important fact.

We are here. We have always been here. Think about that. Your tradition is based on history. Look and you will find us there staring back at you. Your faith is based on belief. Observe us, we worship just as you.  We create families and have children. We are in every profession and every city. We are your friends, neighbors, teachers, leaders... We are!

There is no greater crime than to deny a person the right to be themselves. There is no greater crime than to deny yourself. It always begins with a lie. I recently talked about truth maybe you should scan down and view that before going further.

Lies are all around us. Sometimes we wrap ourselves in them. However, even that is a lie. We may not be able to control the actions of others but we can control ourselves. So let us begin by telling our self the truth, our truth.

When you have begun to tell yourself the truth then and only then can you focus on being you. I can't tell you who that may be but I'm sure your flower will be a sight of beauty. I can't tell you others won't hurt you but I can tell you, telling your truth stops you from hurting you.

Be you. Be happy you are you. If you have to completely switch genders, uproot your lives, or even abandoned those closest to you then be you. Truth is the beginning, acceptance is the struggle, and love is the conclusion. Just like the rose you will grow and blossom and like it's thorns your vigilance will deter those who wish to pluck your brilliance.

Being you is a journey of love. It is a lot of work and you must navigate the thorns but the sight is precious. If I have lost  you then let me say this. Let the truth be your fertilizer.

To borrow a line from a song:

"Just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun's love,
In the spring becomes the rose"

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Greatest

Not long ago one strand decided to rip out forty-nine others in a horrific way.  We were left with holes and strains on many others. Human spirit and potential was lost. The artist, Sia, decided to honor the fallen. Let us all remember what we lost and to ensure it never occurs again.

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


I saw this video today on the Advocate news site. I think it is a nice step forward in transgender respect. Hopefully the Department of Justice can make more impacts like this and help in training.

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


You know I am really tired of political machinations. It does not matter which side you look at you will find lies, deceptions, and all out greed and selfishness is running rampant. Unlike others I won't tell you who to choose but I will tell you who not to choose.

If anyone has outright lied and been caught doing so then don't support them.

If anyone calls for anyone's harm, at any time, then don't support them.

If anyone in their life has manipulated the system for their own benefit then don't support them.

If anyone refers to the good old days instead of seeing the potential of now and the future then don't support them.

If anyone supports taking away your rights or has participated in doing such then don't support them.

If anyone is part of a political dynasty then don't support them.

If you don't like either side then don't vote for either side. Demand and get better!

Most importantly vote and do the right thing. You are the last barrier between freedom and the darkness. The power is and always has been yours. You just have to realize it. You have to seize it back.

So to all those politicians who fit any of those above keep walking, thank you for your time, and go quietly unto the files of history. It is time the people, all of the people, get their due.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, August 7, 2016


So much lately I hear about crime. I hear about such horrible things people have done. Then I hear the manufactured crimes against LGBT people. Who am I to avoid a a discussion on society? So let us compare lists.

All things must have a beginning.  To the family member who raped and abused me for more than a decade I charge you with child rape, abuse, and cruelty. I will never get my childhood or innocence back. Your crimes will forever haunt me to some degree.

To the hospital I called distraught and on the verge of slicing open my wrists due to what was happening to me, and you ignored me. You never even returned my call or sent a police officer to check on me. A teenager so hurt and wounded they reached out in distress and you did nothing. I charge you with criminal neglect.

To the various clergy in my life who repeatedly informed me I was going to Hell and told me so many nasty things of what I was, simply for existing, I charge you with mental torture. Who are you to proclaim and enforce God's will. Maybe you should read those texts you like to quote again. I certainly read them looking for answers. After all it is how I found God and he saved that deeply wounded teenager.

To every friend I told about my abuse one by one.... Not a one of you asked if I was ok or was there anything you could do to help. Not a one! Yours may not be a legal crime but it is certainly a crime against the heart. I was and have been there for each and every one of you. I wish you had been there for me.

To the men who expressed such hate and violence to make me hide myself as best I could, I charge you with crime against Humanity. I remember those who were beaten, the young man found dead in a ditch, the threats... I also charge you with criminal negligence for making a child grow up like that.

To the leaders of our world who so eloquently pass their laws that so casually dismiss my existence and criminalize my life I to charge you with crimes against Humanity.  And as a result of the things you stir up with such I charge you with assault, rape, murder...

To all the people who know better and do nothing to make such things stop I charge you with aiding and abetting a crime/criminal. I exist, and such I have a right to life just as much as anyone else.

You know this list could go on so much longer. Just my charges alone could keep lawyers busy for a very long time. Now add to it the list of every LGBT person, every minority, every victim. Society has failed. Only you can right it.

In all honesty I don't expect any of these charges to be judged or even pursued but I do expect justice. Each and every one of you on this list and those I didn't list owe your due. Whether it be penance, admitting your errors, or even just allowing me to live my life in peace I expect justice.

I don't want revenge and I don't want to force my will upon any of you. I of all people know the denial of ones free will. I of all people know the true abomination in this world. I don't want to preach and I don't want special rights. I want to live equally and freely, free from interference and meddling.

Maybe if good men who hold their ideals and values so high would come forward and practice what you teach maybe life can once again flourish.

To all those people of God who will surely respond to me with some scripture or another... I believe and follow God. I have thought about this one a lot. Have you ever considered we who are different are the witness' of your world? Do you truly follow his word?

Think about that one. You clearly state God has a will and all things are intentional. That means we have a role, it means we are part of God's plan. It means we have a path to the divine.

I am sorry if my words anger or rile some of you up. Those of you on my list may even contest my statements but they are from my heart and soul. They are as true as I can express. As hard as they may be to hear, think about how hard they were to experience.

Most of my life has been hurting, running, and hiding from one of you or others. No more! I am owed debts so great, by some, that can never be repayed. I don't want any of you hurt. There has been enough of that.

So now I have compared a small part of my crime list do we need to continue this discussion or can we finally talk about justice and finding solutions? I am here, I live, I feel, I express, and I hurt. Help me stop the crimes. No one should hurt.

We should love!

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, August 5, 2016


You know so many of us dance around truth and even try to make it work for us. In reality however truth stands and stands alone regardless of how you spin it. So today let us talk about some very real truths.

This world, the here and know, is what we have. The future is not our concern, today is. Tomorrow is based on the bricks we lay on this day and tomorrow will come soon enough. If you don't lay a good foundation now how can you expect tomorrow to be any better?

So many of us fight and compete with others striving for whatever goal we set. However there is no competition except with yourself. You are the one who sets your goals. Try as you might chasing after someone else and theirs will always leave you empty. Why? Because it is they who then set your pace and your object of desire.

Fortune is a goal so many strive for and I can not find fault with the desire for a better life. But, at some point, when is enough enough? I can buy a pretty bauble and then when I get more wealth a new one or one gilded and laced with gems.  Does it make it any better? No, it is just a way to express I have more.

Fame oh that one lures so many. They wish to be known, listened to, and respected. All to soon however they find they are stalked, harassed, and denied any time to themselves. Fame does not equal happiness. That only comes from within. that one seduces so many. They do such horrible things to achieve it sometimes. All because they think getting someone to do something for you makes you stronger. It does not. It only means you are a good liar, deceiver, or cruel. In some cases it makes you a coward because you can not do your will on your own.

 Pride, sweet pride, a little goes a long way. This one can make us stand and do whats right. To much however and we become stubborn and obstinate. When we can not bow our heads to others in in the knowledge we are wrong or do not have all the answers our pride is to much.

Arrogance... I think we all know this one. It and pride sometimes overlap. To be so sure you and only you are right or have the answers is arrogant. If you can not acknowledge even the slightest chance of error you are arrogant. Such only serves you and even serves you poorly.

Some of you may ask where am I going with this and maybe you know what these truths are already. Then allow me to pose you a question of truth. When do you choose to make the world we all share better? Be careful of that one though. We may think we know truth on how that should be but if better does not help everyone then it helps none.

You may question that last line but think about it. Truth stands. It is us who seek to twist and manipulate it to suit our desires. Good, evil, rich, poor, famous, unknown, powerful, and powerless all share the same place. Whatever your motive it relies upon others if you go anywhere beyond yourself.

Maybe we should tend to those around us and ensure they are taken care of and have happy lives just as much as we do. All those lovely truths above rest on foundations of our construction today. Choose your materials and construction site wisely. Make sure your workers are knowledgeable and well cared for. Finally make sure your vision is clear as to what you are building. Undoing and rebuilding to constant design changes only tries the soul.

Truth, that stubborn root you try and try to remove, grind down, and even burn. Funny how something that seems such an obstacle to us consumes so much of our time and effort. Yet when we stop resisting to it being there and merely work around it life becomes easier and happier.

So how do we approach truth? That one is simple. We do the right thing. You must decide what that is. You must also choose when to do it. The only advice I can tell you is the longer you wait the harder and more convoluted it becomes.

Truth is we all matter each and every one of us. Maybe if we stop resisting that and work with it life will be easier and happier. Is it any wonder why we define love and true love? Truth!

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Maybe it is time we reviewed our history a bit. I know many people find history boring so I shall only give you a couple videos to watch. Please watch and learn. Knowing who we are and how we got here is important.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Spectre of Yesterday

Sometimes we as humans don't learn the lessons from past mistakes and in our arrogance, selfishness, and pride think we can avoid the pitfalls of yesteryear even though we begin walking the same path. Willfulness has no place in Humanity because it is about you and you alone, not us. Sadly I must show these videos again. Maybe, just maybe the people who need to see it will finally understand and advert the sins of the past.

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Walking Wounded

I'd like to talk about being a wounded soul. Some of us have been so hurt and traumatized due to many reasons in life and it really is senseless. However not all wounds heal or heal quickly. If you have ever known bitter wounds you may understand. Not everyone does though so I shall try and explain.

When minds, bodies, and our very spirit have endured to much many things can happen. At the very least we will become walking wounded. At worst we will collapse in upon ourselves. Ideally no one should have to get to these points but we are not in a perfect world.

Being a walking wounded person means a lot of things really but in short your resistance is very thin. Some may lash out freely and bitterly to prevent any further harm. Others may just shut down and simply exist rather than live. Still others may completely lose themselves to a madness.

I could list so many things of what can occur but they all depend on what has wounded us and how long we have endured. Having been a walking wounded and in some cases still one I can tell you the best cure is peace, love, and most certainly trust.

If people can not live in safety and security then there is no chance for recovery. That is the burden of society. We all must take part in the recovery of someone who is walking wounded. It is quite simply Human dignity.

Sadly to many ignore their role in taking care of those who have been hurt. I've heard some say I didn't hurt them. Why should I help. My reply is simple. You help because if you do not then you are hurting someone by allowing them to suffer. No one deserves to suffer.

There are many ways to help. Fight for tougher laws to prevent horrific crime and atrocities. Fight for people to get medical treatment. Help people get counseling. Probably most important ensure these people can live safely and peacefully.

We as a civilization are as strong as our weakest members. If we ignore them then we lay the foundations for a bitter future. People can and will crash and burn, sometimes in dramatic spectacles that not only hurt others but create new walking wounded.

If you know someone who has been through such savagery then listen to them. Listen very carefully. They will usually tell you what they need to heal. It may seem scattered but it will be there. Usually it means we need to protect them. Honestly I can think of no more noble job as to look out for someone so hurt.

We are each others guardians in life. It may be difficult and thankless at times but saving a life is a peace all it's own. It is also a task that may take a very very long time. If this job comes unto you remember in all things love. Because if you do it for love it is pure and can not hurt. If you do it for any other reason then you may continue the hurt and make things worse.

We have a lot of problems in society and a lot of people who are out of control and ignoring anyone but themselves. The seeds of those actions are harvested in the wounded. But the hope is with the blessings of the warm sun, gentle rains, and tender care of a gardener even weeds can become beautiful.

I know all to well how hard it is to forget and let go of some things. But the truth is we must remember them in order to deal with them. We must have help. We must have peace and we must have love.

If you encounter a walking wounded then please be a gentle gardener and help them find the sun and show them how to let the rains wash away the pain.  It's the best we can do. It takes so much good to counter every bad thing.

In the scope of time all of us who walk wounded may need millenia if we began working on us all right now. But the good thing is every step helps. Every action matters and every love lifts. I can't tell you to do the right thing you have to make that choice yourselves. You have to decide when do we stop adding to the problems of peoples lives or ignoring them.

For me I have my own simple wish. I wish for peace, love, and good people around me. Fame, fortune, power are all illusions of our ego. I'm tired of ego. It is time for this soul to bask in the blessings this world has to offer.

Come walk with me or another who has been hurt so badly and help us bask in the beautiful light. Live, Love, Forgive!

Love is Never Wrong!

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Value of Life

It is sad when we must be shown reminders of life's value. The tragic event in Orlando has left 50 dead and 53 wounded. Hate, selfishness, and greed have once again left their calling card on the lives of people not just in Orlando but the world.

Some of us don't realize yet just how costly such things are. They don't understand just how wrong they are. So I shall try to relay the importance.

Like Orlando I was shaken when a dear friend recently. In the midst of discussion he told me he did not think all people mattered. He had resigned himself to believe only some were capable of being saved and mattered in the long run.

So where to begin? Life, matters. All life matters. We are quite simply a part of a whole so grand our minds could explore indefintely and never reach an end. Life is the fabric of reality. It shapes every bolt, colors every skein, and weaves its self into brilliant creations nothing else can.

Take one of the primitive and isolated tribes still here on the Earth. They are much the same as they always have been. They choose to live in peace and reject what is not theirs. They choose to remain pure.

Pure....what a word. We have only to look at other primitive societies to see what happens when they finally succumb to people more advanced than them. They lose their way, they are exploited, and they are hurt. There is nothing pure about that.

Now some would argue they choose to make contact, interact, and to interfere stopping  it in its self exposes them to harm. And on each of those counts they would be wrong.  People, life, deserves a chance to be free, they deserve to be left alone, and their life is most certainly their own.

You see in the rush to achieve whatever goal you have, lofty or hideous, we have forgotten it's not your choice it is each and every one of ours. Just as the many can not dictate to the few, the few can not dictate to the whole. 

So what am I trying to say? The value of life is measured in every thread of that grand fabric. As I have mentioned before removing any piece, against it's will, will undo it all. And if you have ever tried to use a blanket full of holes in winter you quickly learn the value of those threads you pulled out.

You may not like a color, a texture, or even a pattern but you must realize you only have rights to your own thread. One thread can not dictate to an another how to be and one pattern can not remove another simply because it interferes in its grand design.

Like the primitive peoples we are all seeking to be pure. Pure in that which is us. No one has the right to take that from another. Exploitation, coercion, and harm are no ones right. And if you stand idlly by allowing it to occur, knowing full well the thread or threads have no clue what is about to rip them asunder then you are just as guilty and the ones who do.

Why do I say this? The blessings of life are fostered by us all. If we can not stand up to those who would cut a bolt into pieces for selfish needs then you by default have forfeit your own thread. If you can not stand with another thread how can you argue for the sanctity of your own?

Like in Orlando someone just cut a large swath from the fabric of Humanity. They did so selfishly and greedily. The reason does not matter as much as the act. We each have our lives, our choices, and our free will. Like it or not many threads were just forcibly removed from the fabric of life.

Do you leave the holes till winter or do you stand and let the cutter and all like him know in one voice you have no right. You have no right to take what is mine. You have no right to undo what we have created. You have no right to harm.

Some would say how do we achieve justice for such an act. You achieve justice by being vigilant. Stop those you know mean harm. I don't call for violence. That is how we got here. When threads have issues be it their own or those pressed upon them the answer is what those primitive peoples seek, purety.

If any thread of Humanity can not function in the fabric of others maybe they need to be separated so they can weave their own cloth for a while. They will quickly find although it is pleasing to be so free in design that they are only one thread, one texture, one color. When that variety is gone their world gets substantially smaller and dimmer.

I've had my own thread hacked, cut, stained, and harmed in so many ways. But in this I say in all clarity it is mine and mine alone. No one else can barter me or decide for me. And as much as the fabric has hurt me I am a part of it.

Mend the holes we know bear and stop any future ones for no one has the right to rip asunder a bolt without full, knowing, and unclouded consent of each and every thread in its design. Let your rainbow fly for every thread of it is us.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Today I want to talk about a very serious topic. Many of us in life are survivors. Some of us however have harder stories than others. Regardless we each have our pains. Each and everyone of us feel it differently or has maybe had to much for one soul to bear.

I can't tell you such pains, indignity, or horrors will leave your mind. Sometimes you just can't forget things. Sometimes to do so might do more harm than if they remained. I can tell you however life is one day at a time. I can tell you there are good people out there somewhere. I can tell you there may very well be good times to come.

Life is not always easy. Sometimes it's a nightmare. Sometime we are left so shaken we have nothing left to rebuild with. These are the times when I tell you to cling to the light and the good people. Sometimes you have to borrow strength, will, and hope from others because yours is shattered laying strewn and broken across the ground.

The hardest thing I can tell you is when you have reached those points. Maybe it has been to horrific or you have endured to much for to long. We as a people have a responsibility to help those try and rebuild. We may not succeed and we may not know how but we must try.

I've shared with you all some of the things I have been through. There have been many more. I've walked in Hell. Some owe me debts they can never repay. Some would laugh in my face at the thought they owed me a thing. In all honesty I have my days where I wonder if I can hold these pains and tears.

Being a survivor is not easy. There is one thing I can tell you all with certainty however. Your still here. That my dear friends gives you a chance and hope. I know that feeling of being so broken you have nothing left and wobble like a house of cards shaking in the wind. I know the shame and pain. I know the indignity of people who commit such atrocities walking free and unpunished. I know the hurt of running into them and all that rises back up.

Cling to the light. Whether it be faith, a friend, family, or whatever lends you enough power for one more day. Why some of you may ask? Well, my answer is quite simple. With enough days you may begin to rebuild some of those shattered pieces even if ever so slowly.

I can only tell you all to try. Take that unsteady step forward. It is fine to to shuffle your feet and inch forward every so cautiously. It is ok to have doubts. It is ok to cry. It is ok to ache. Be you however you can. Life is about living.

We can't control the actions of others but we can live. Maybe we have to move or relearn how but we have to live. Now I won't pretend that are not things so vile or you have gone through to much and you cant make it. However you must try.

In my own life there are things that have gone on so long, things so painful,  and event so horrific I don't have a clue how to fix them all. I'm not even sure they can ever be completely fixed. Still I try. I hope, I pray, and I take those uneasy steps that one day I may find peace, love, and joy of once again being just me.

Being a survivor I can tell you is probably the hardest, most painful, and emotionally tiring thing I can imagine. I can also tell you it is the most vital thing we can do. Our words, our stories, and our lives can share and pass on these things to others. We can make them aware. We one by one can make a difference in the lives of others who have endured. We can warn and protect others from enduring.

Survival is about life. It is about our own and all those around us. We are the light offering shelter to others lost in darkness. And we we are warnings to stay out of it. If nothing else we love. I know that one can be oh so hard but trust me true love doesn't hurt.

Love others, love life and love you. That journey through the night will bring you unto morning. Rest safely then and know another day has past. A new piece of you has been built. Who knows with enough days you will learn even at night we can turn on the lights.

Survival is about love. It's about loving you. Even if we must borrow the love of others to begin doing that.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Just Pee

I had a lovely smile today when I found this on the Joe My God news blog.  Leave it to Broadway to say it so well and with such humor. I hope you all enjoy it.

Love is never Wrong!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Transgender Depression

Being transgender has a lot of things that go with it but some of the largest ones are dysphoria and depression.  Today I am letting others speak and share their stories.

Dysphoria and depression are never easy but there are things we can do to help. However if you can not handle things on your own please find someone to help.

Love is never Wrong!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Restroom Privledge

So all over the news lately is the battle over can LGBT people use the restroom they identify with. Specifically it targets those who are transgender. The need to use a restroom is a fundamental thing all people must do. To eliminate them from public facilities is quite unfair.

So let's look at the argument against. The main thing I am hearing is the fear women and children will be hurt by people dressing up as women. Can this happen? Yes it can. The problem is I see no one fighting to limit other problems. In recent news a man forced a 9 year old into a restroom and began kissing her. A priest took pictures of children and women using a restroom.... And these happened in non integrated places.

There are dangerous people in the world. I can understand caution but I can also realize you can not hold all people accountable for the action of one or a few. As of me writing this there have not been any instances of transgender people abusing another person in a bathroom of their identity.

So we are back to is limiting transgender people the right response? No, it is not. If you are so concerned about assaults, rapes, or abductions why not stiffen penalties for those who commit them? Preventing those who do no harm form using a restroom, a basic Human need, is not right.

If we look at pictures transgender people have published you can see a woman walking into a men's restroom or vice versa to coincide with their birth identity is just foolish. You make everyone feel threatened and place people in danger of being hurt.

So now we have a situation where you claim to be protecting people but are hurting others by decree. That's not a good law or policy. That is merely fear and misunderstanding. I understand some of us out there don't know what to do and they fear what might occur. However we must learn to accept difference and extend trust. If we can not do that then fear will always be our guide and that only causes pain.

What I do see developing is reactionary movements instead of discussion and understanding. A man just in the last day dressed up in a wig and skirt and paraded in and out of a women's restroom to prove a point and he bragged about it. He claimed he was warning people of danger.

What did he accomplish? He made customers fearful for their safety, not from being preyed upon but  from a man in a costume who did not identify as female using a restroom. He did so and bragged about it nationally. Now with attention I'm sure one of two things will happen.

The real people with mental disorders will try to copy the act and some may get hurt. The other possibility is a zealot with a martyr mentality will attempt to prove a point to have validation for their cause. Both of these happen when issues of this sensitivity occur. Congratulations or creating a new problem.

Hurting some to protect others is not right or a good balance. Giving ideas to those who truly can cause harm is even worse.  Acting in fear and stirring more fear up is never right. So what are our options?

I think first we need to agree all people should be able to use the restroom. If you are transgender you should use the bathroom you identify with. Should their be tougher laws to protect those who use restrooms? Yes. By all means create new laws to protect children, women, elderly and whoever is hurt in a restroom. These are places where we are all vulnerable in.

However laws should punish the crime and protect those who can not protect themselves. They should never block those who have never done anything wrong.  And I think that is the point. Guilty until proven innocent and guilty by definition are not good laws or policies.

Think about your actions. Learn what you do not know. Hear what all sides have to say. And reach out in love and understanding to all involved. In all things be firm and fair. Allow justice to reign when there has been a crime. Be vigilant to those who truly cause harm. Trust people and give them a chance.

So whats my simple solution? Maybe the people you are trying to protect others from are those who have proven to hurt others, not those who have not. Be honest, humble, and willing to listen and learn. We are all Human. Treat all people as Humans.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Meet My Child

I found this video on the Towleroad news blog today and found it to be a very good piece. So I'd like to share it with you all.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Being LGBT we face so many things that cause us pain in life. Trying to figure yourself out in a world that has little to no definition of you is hard. Add in misunderstanding and hate it gets worse. Top that with those who for whatever reason dismiss your pain and life can be down right miserable.

I have known a lot of pain in my time. More pain has visited my soul than any person should have to bear. To me the most hurtful pains are those misguided people who try to force you to be something you are not and can never be and of course those who dismiss your pain.

If you are out there and don't understand then let me try and give you a glimpse of my perspective.

It hurts to be peacefully sitting in a doctors office waiting your turn and you have to hear someone make a gay joke. It hurts when people stare at you because your not quite masculine enough and they are judging you. It hurts when career options are eliminated because your not what they want.

It hurts knowing you have to censor yourself just to be safe, to be safe from being murdered and hung from a fence in the middle of no where. It hurts when your doctor is not LGBT friendly and you can not share all the details that may pertain to you. It hurts knowing at any time you can be evicted from your apartment, fired from your job, or denied service for simply existing.

It hurts when people you love say things that undermine your very existence. It hurts that simple expressions of love are as dangerous as committing a robbery. It hurts when people who are leaders want to arrest, imprison, and murder you. It hurts when men of God forsake love for hate. It hurts...

For all of you out there who still don't get it I only want love. I don't care if you don't understand, I don't care if you don't agree, and I don't care if you find it odd. I do care how you treat me.

All people in this world deserve equal treatment, respect, and love. All people hurt but people should not hurt for simply existing. I am me! I am love! I hurt!

Part of me wants to say shame! The other says there has been enough pain. Let's just love each other as fellow souls on this earth. If you don't want to be part of my life then don't be. But, it is my life and I am entitled to live it as I am and as I choose.

There is enough pain in life as it is. Stop the hurt! Love!

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The LGBT Soul

Alright I think we need to talk about the role of being LGBT in spiritual terms. It seems to be the issue that sticks with so many conservatives now days. The issue they have is they say we are condemned by God. I contest no we are not.

First of all let's talk about our existence. We do exist and that possibility means by default God planned for us. Now some would say God created evil to but you don't have to choose it. Ah but there we go, the big one. Sex, sexuality, and gender identity are not choices.

Now before we go down the path of the ex-gay argument let's be clear. People can choose to experiment in life to find who they are due to many reasons. Maybe they simply don't know and make a mistake. This does not mean all people are like that. 

So we are back to God planned for us. This means we have both a purpose and a place. We love! Many of us worship. We fight for justice and not just ours. We honor family and friends, sometimes beyond what is reasonable. I don't know about you but that sounds like a path to the divine.

For those of you who like the God makes no mistakes defence. God created us and planned for us. Are you saying he made a mistake?

About those places in whatever religious text that say this or that. Did you bother to read the whole story? Do you understand different laws were given at different times to preserve the faithful. You do realize everyone has a path and everyones path is different.  There maybe certain truths but how, when, and where you get there varies.

The certain truths in life are we all have free will, we all have a soul, regardless of birth we all have a path to the divine, and we are all loved. Yes back to love. That one word that means so much but so many forsake. If you don't know love you can't achieve anything beyond a Hell of your own design.

I'm LGBT I have a soul. God planned for me and has a place for me. God loves me. God gave me free will. With this free will I am now speaking to you all. Here is what I have to say.

Put down that stone for you are not without sin. Only he who is without sin can judge. No man or woman who walks this earth is without sin.  It is the nature of the world.

God has not made a mistake. He knows every possibility. Mistakes are the fault of man. Just a few...

God we are lonely. God created woman. Woman was not a mistake but now man has to deal with duality. Masculine and feminine.

We were given paradise and asked simply to not eat the fruit from two trees. Yet we did and were cast into a world to ever work for things. 

God we need a leader. His reply  I am your leader. No God, on the Earth. So we got a king. We asked for and got a system that would never be perfect.

Are you seeing the issue yet? In love God gave us what we needed and desired. He did so with love. He did so knowing we were making our own paths harder.  Maybe it's time to stop clinging to people and words in a book and start living and embracing love.

From love all things spring. From hate all things disappear. Think about that. Do you really wish for your world to grow smaller, darker, or colder? Or do you wish your world to grow larger, brighter, and warmer?

Quite simply no matter what a book says, a person says, or a thing seems odd you do not have any right to harm it. That includes yourself.

Have you heard the old phrase you are perfect as you are? God made you the way you are. Yes people can and will hurt you in life. You may get confused or not understand but it will pass. Your path is your own.

As a fellow person on this grand journey may I suggest you worry more about your journey than your destination. Why you may ask? Because your journey determines your destination.  If your not paying attention you may very well miss all the wonderful things that have been placed in your life and all the wonderful clues how to get where you want to go.

Go where you will. But know your choices determine your outcome. Others may not like who you are, how you look, or how you express yourself. But that does not matter. What matters is in you. The first step in understanding that is being honest in who you are.

Back to the LGBT soul. We are, always have been, and always shall be children of God. We are loved, planned for, and thus intended. Who are you to come between God and his will? Who are you to say God made a mistake? And as such being created with divine power and spirit who are you to blaspheme the spirit of God?

Love! No one said you have to understand, agree, or like all things or people but you should love. For it is the only path.  Anything else is an illusion.

Love! Love yourself! Love others!

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Every one of us at some point has been judged by another or we have judged others. But how many of us actually examine how we judge people? Some of us judge by looks, actions, even words. But are all of those true representations of people?

I know in my own life people have mistaken my words at times to be arrogant. However when I quizzed the person on it they felt as though I was talking down to them simply because my vocabulary was larger than theirs.  That was not arrogance.

There have also been times when people judged me by my actions. I recall one time when someone saw me doing something that at surface value would look wrong. But they never asked why I was doing what I was.

Another time when I was not feeling well I went out with rather muted hair and baggy clothes and I clearly recall being stared at as if I were some wild person who popped out of a cave. Yet none asked me if I was alright.

If we add in the times I've heard blind comments on LGBT people and every other little nit pick wow what a life. Imagine that. People are quick to judge and they think they are right to do so. They think they know best.

You know this is sad thing. So many of us rush into judgement to remove people from our lives. We view them as unworthy, untrustworthy, and unlovable. How sad.

In my own time I to have succumb to such thoughts but I grew and overcame. I talked to people who didn't look good, dress well, or seemed odd. I said hello to those with different hairstyles, tattoo', and piercings. I sat down and talked to those who seemed to be isolated from others. I tried.

Do I still judge, yes. Do I try and overcome those bias and move forward anyway, yes. I think we all eliminate to many people in our lives simply based on observations that we don't know the motives or situations behind.

Life is full of people. Some don't look nice, feel good, have much money, or even understand how people are viewing them. Maybe we should take the difficult path and approach others outside our comfort zones and try finding out more. People are worth the time.  People have value, even the bad ones. People need help.

I'm not proposing you put your safety at risk but the next time you see someone you would normally stray away from try finding out more about them before you instantly say no. Who knows you may find a new friend, love, or even save a life.

Love, even when people discourage you.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fixing Broken Ladders

Have you ever had a trusty ladder you have used to climb on for many years? You use it for everything. Slowly over time however they wear down or are ignored. A rung may breakor a crack may form yet we still use it. We adjust our step or climb gingerly. Then one day after enough neglect we fall.

Each of us has a trusty ladder in our lives. The difference is ours is not not a physical object but an internal one. It allows us to climb from ledge to ledge, issue to issue. Our internal ladders are the very foundations one which we step. Each of those steps takes us higher and higher. If we are not diligent tenders our internal ladders will also break sending us crashing down.

Unlike the physical damage of a traditional ladder that which is inside us can be much more destructive. Flesh can heal and bones can mend. The mind and heart however take much more. Sometimes when our ladder gives way we fall such a distance that we hit with a force that shatters our lives. And like the story of Humpty Dumpty we to may not be able to be put back together.

Ideally as good tenders we would fix every broken rung, season its wood carefully, and repair every crack as they occur. However in life we get busy, distracted by pain, or just dread taking the time to fix something we may not understand or even know how to fix.

A good ladder is essential to help you climb to all the difficult places in life. Without it you are stuck in the same area all the time. You may miss things that can define your life or make it distinct and special.

I know what I propose is a difficult task at times. Sometimes our ladders are damaged not by us but abused by others. Regardless of cause rungs need replaced, cracks mended, and the aged wood seasoned to stay firm.

The ability to climb is a beautiful thing. It gives you views you would not otherwise see. It gives you opportunities to grow and expand beyond a certain point. Tend your ladders with care. If you don't know how or lack knowledge then find someone who can help you. Never be stuck on the ground or falling back to the earth due to a broken ladder.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Lonely Heart

Like many out there I know how it is to be lonely and desire love in my life. It has been far to long since anyone treated me to such joy let alone treated me right. I know the yearning to be free and happy with the knowledge someone is there for you. So many of us cave and bow to pressures to settle and find anyone instead of the right one.

But you know what? You can find lots of company in life but only the right one soothes the lonely heart. Whether you have never known love or have not known it in some time the truth is, love is precious and so valuable. Never squander it and never let anyone take it from you. Even if your relationship falters hold on to those memories because they are the things that warm your heart on those cold lonely nights.

One that sustains me is with M. It is a simple memory of us dancing to an old song but it was fun, carefree, and just one of those special connections you can make with your heart. To this day it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. Even with all those who are against me and M I will never forsake it.

Relationships can come and go but love doesn't have to. Maybe that's a new thought to you but it is true. Just because you are not with someone does not mean you have to give up all those wonderful thoughts, feelings, and memories. Honor any love in your heart and carry its ember with you always, even into new love. When you do that love only grows.

Loneliness is painful and hard. But embrace love, any love in your heart, and huddle around its spark for from it you can light anew.

Now M if your out there somewhere reading this I'd love one more dance like that just gazing into your eyes and heart. That gentle caress that stokes flames that tickle the moon. Mmmm....that sweet lingering kiss that's memory leaves you yearning for more and yet satisfied like nothing else can. I may not be with you in the flesh but oh my soul is talking to you now and forever.

No one should ever fear the lonely times. Love is always there. You just have to embrace it. It will sustain you and give you hope for the future. So my dear readers feel that special rythm in your soul and dance. Never let anyone take it from you or tell you to settle for anything less. For it as different as dancing in a rancid alley to dancing in a disco with lights shining down illuminating the beautiful things.

Let love flow to the lonely heart. It is your life blood.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Finding Peace

Peace seems to be such an elusive thing in much of our community. We desire it so much but never seem to quite get enough of it. There always seems to be someone who feels the need to intrude in your life, force their will upon you, or just wishes to eliminate you from their world. They try to make you into something you are not and if they can not seek to remove your influence.

Regardless of the reason or cause peace is elusive because most of us have not been taught exactly what it is we seek. Peace in Human terms is freedom to be you. Yes it does include the the right of self-determination but it is much more. It is a life.

Peace begins when you are happy with you. Peace begins when you live as you. Don't mistake my words however. There may still be those who try to interfere in your lives or hurt you. Peace however begins in you. You choose to be you and live your life as you.

Short of some drastic revolution of the Human soul there will always be someone who thinks it is their place to bother and harass you in some way. With that knowledge accept you can not control everything, especially others. You can only be you.

What you can do is educate and show a life that is not so different than what others live. Be the example for people to see what they don't like or fear is not what they think. If  your life is about love no one can truly dismiss that. They may try but honesty paired with love is one of the greatest weapons we can wield.

I understand that some of us may put our lives at risk by being ourselves openly. I don't blame you for wanting to live and stay safe. With that statement though I must say, stay you. Educate in quiet places and if you can not hide anymore find a new place to live. It is a shame people must flee their homes but its a greater shame to die in darkness. A darkness forced upon you by your oppressors and your fear of leaving that which is familiar.

In the past I have taught you all so much about love and how it begins in you. So does peace. Peace is the extension of love. It is the love of ones self and desire for others to be themselves. Is it such a wonder why it is so elusive? So many of us are taught to judge others and to exert our will upon their lives.

The only will you should enforce in life is that to not harm others or yourself. So many roads lead back to us and our ability to love. Our ability to let go, forgive, and have faith in others as well as ourselves is powerful when seeking peace. But the most important power is love.

You probably get tired of my talks about love but know it is the origin of good things. It allows you to give the world good things. The first good thing you should give is yourself. As cliche as that may be it is true. When you honor and love yourself you share with the world the beauty that is you.

Life may always be a struggle but peace is not. It is already in you. You merely have to embrace it. Be you, live your life with pride and embrace who you are. If you must move a thousand times, forgive horrendous atrocities, or even tend wounds ever so deep, be at peace.

Love with others just happens but love of you begins with you working to accept that. Touch that inner light and feel the relief flow. Tell all those doubts and fears to dare walking in the light that is you. You will find they can not. You know why? Peace!

Love you and embrace the peace of being true to yourself. It will not solve all your problems but what a wonderful foundation to live a life, a pedestal of certainty and joy.

Love is Never Wrong!

Friday, April 8, 2016


I always find it interesting when people reflect on the past. It show just what they hold dear. Recently I was listening to a conservative politician refer to the 1980's and the Reagan years. They were opining how great it was. They were inferring the absence of the LGBT community.

The 80's without the LGBT community...really now?

Do I really need to go on? The 80's ok I get it you want good music, high fashion, men with long hair and glam make up, and a happy party culture... ok I'm with you on that. I'll agree if you finally see what your longing for.

Break free from your perspective!

Love is Never Wrong!