Thursday, September 29, 2011

Remember The Fallen

Let's take a moment to remember those we have lost.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Charity Begin at Home III

Last year I wrote about how we as individuals can make a difference to help the LGBT community. Today I would like to offer some more suggestions.

So many of us take the small things for granted in life and our own community. But I would like to point out it is the small things that matter most. It's the small things that those in need, need the most.

Simply be there for someone. I'm not talking of major commitments but simple ones. Maybe smile approvingly at someone or chat with them over coffee. Even a a pride symbol can offer encouragement. For every person who is out, there is at least one who is not. Open your heart and let them know its ok and someone is there to stand with them.

Another important thing is to stand. Stand for what is right. Stand for equality. In or out of the closet this is something we can all do. It is not gay or straight to fight for Human rights. It is simply the right thing to do.

In my other posts I have already talked of donations of time and resources but here are a few more ideas.

Mentor our youth. We all know how hard it is to discover ourselves and resources are usually not that good. So simply be a role model. You don't have to be perfect to do so. A good mentor simply shows a path in life that is successful. It can make a difference to someone to see a LGBT person living, working, in love, even a family.

Educate! Education can take many forms. Whether you are giving a lecture, advising on life topics or even donating to a LGBT scholarship. We have to many hurdles to jump, let us not leave anyone behind because they don't have a chance to learn.

Ensure those in need can communicate with our community. Maybe a LGBT center needs computers or Internet access. Maybe start a social group. Being who we are is hard enough sometimes. Lets not do it alone.

Finally extend dignity. Offer help but always allow dignity. Sometimes in our rush to fix a problem we do things for people and that can squelch pride and independence. Help people help themselves. In the long run we will be much more successful if we allow people such dignity.

I end this today with a challenge to my readers. Make a difference. I have listed many ideas in these three posts. Choose one or make one yourself and make a difference. I'm not asking for grand schemes or success just make a difference in one life. Love can can change the world.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gay Utah: Transgender Utah

For my Trans friends I have some new listings for you. I hope they are helpful.

Transgender Education Advocates of Utah I wish I could tell you more about this group but they don't have a lot listed. You will have to do direct contact to find out more.

The Utah Pride Center has been listed before but if you search on their groups category they have many listings for Transgender. Check them out.

Engendered Species is a social and support group for the greater Trans community and their friends and families.

Love is Never Wrong

Gay Utah II

With the advent of so many new attacks on LGBT people in Utah of recent I have decided to try and find more links for those of you in that state. If you need help seek it. If you can help do. Either way it shows there is much education to do and fears to allay. I hope these links help.

Utah State University Pride Alliance is a site that seems a bit dated with no new info for a while now but it may still exist.

The University of Utah has their LGBT Resource Center. Everything from safe zones, to scholarships, and library materials are available. They have a mentor program and a Pride week. Check them out.

Southern Utah University has their Center for Women & Families. They have several resources listed.

Westminister College has their Diversity and International Center. It doe snot list what services they have so direct contact is necessary.

Weber State University has a Gay Straight Alliance. It is in the process of reorganization so here is their old name and site. There are a few resources listed.

Utah State University: College of Eastern Utah has a Gay Straight Alliance. This is only a listing. Direct contact is necessary for more information.

Logan High School in Logan has a Gay Straight Alliance. This is only a listing.

Pink Dot Utah. Pink Dot is a wonderful group I first came across in Singapore for my international viewers. There is now a group here in the Untied States. Pink Dot offers support, education, and advocates for equality. By all means check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


If your mind knows the sting of words, love. Though your body feels the stone, love. If your tormentors threaten your life, love. Stand, stand for love. Love never dies. When you touch someone or something it shines. It shines because you shine. What a wonderful thing to add to this world.

As much as anyone tries you can not erase love. You can not stop its brilliant radiance. For all it touches is transformed. It becomes the legacy of us all. It may not be apparent or visible but it is there and it does matter. It does make change.

If I smile at you, do you? If I laugh, do you? If I love you, do you love me? It is that simple, a chain from man to man that illuminates us all. A chain that can not be broken because as much as anyone tries you control what is in you.

One kiss to a love, goes to a hug to parent, that goes to smile to a friend. Like a flash of lightning loves warm embrace radiates out lighting the dark night. It's power makes the strongest tremble. So love and know though our time is not ours to know, our love is.

Love is Never Wrong

Marriage Equality

I came across a wonderful and informative video today on the Joe My God news blog. It touched me and reminded me of a different perspective on LGBT marriage equality. The video is focused on Ireland but its message resonates globally. Please watch it.

Rory's Story

Marriage Equality (Ireland)!/marriagequality

Love is Never Wrong