Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gay Indiana II

Today with heavy heart I must again post more for my home state. I just recently read the news account, from the CDC, where 17.2% of our states teens thought about committing suicide. The national average being 13.8%. Add in 22.8% of our students have been bullied. The national average being 19.9%. I am quite confident there are quite a few LGBT kids in there. Please its time to stop the hate. No ones life should ever be played with in such cruel manner. If you live in Indiana and see or know about bullying or someone thinking of suicide, Please get them help. Life is precious!

The Bloomington Beacon offers a safe space for the LGBT community. Support, education, community events and basic services are some of their many offerings. Volunteer opportunities are available.

Middle Way House offers solutions and refuge to women and children suffering abuse and violence. Sometimes you have to get away. If your in need check them out.

If you attend Indiana University here is a link to their GLBT Student Support Services office. They can offer you support and direction.

Indiana University also has OUT a project through their student union. It is primarily for support and community but we all need that.

If you live in Jay County there is a local chapter of PFLAG. Please seek them out for support.

The University of Evansville has PRIDE which offer social and support services.

The University of Southern Indiana has Spectrum which seeks to create safe havens and support for LGBT students.

Fort Wayne has a chapter of PFLAG.

DePauw University has an office of LGBT services. The site seems basic but there may be more to it in person.

Butler University has a GLBT Straight Alliance. Support to advocacy is their mission.

Indianapolis has a chapter of PFLAG.

Lafayette has a community center, Pride Lafayette. Of the sites I've review they seem to offer the most. If you are in or near Lafayette check them out.

Ball State University has Spectrum. Social and support options plus safe zones for LGBT students.

Earlham College has Teetor House, a LGBTQ cultural center. There is only basic info so you will have to research it more yourself.

Seymour has a chapter of PFLAG.

The GLBT Resource Center of Michiana serves norther Indiana and parts of southern Michigan. The have various support services.

The Purdue Queer Student Resource Center links you to three groups. The Queer Student Union, Delta Lambda Phi, and ALLY are represented. All offer resources that can help.

To all my fellow Indiana residents in the LGBT community I pledge to continue to offer you support when I find it. Please hang in there and realize we are trying to make the world better for you.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, October 30, 2010

LGBT Friendly College's and Universities

Having been asked a question on another site, for rankings and lists of LGBT friendly higher education, today's links are to help you review your options. Please remember to write down any questions or concerns you have before searching and see if your potential match answers them. Always verify resources claimed. Good Luck in your search!

Campus Climate Index offers ratings of schools, links to financial aid, and nice resource links. This site seems to be the best choice for searching. has a nice list of things to consider when looking for LGBT friendly schools and a list of some of the best.

Inside College list a good set of school links with notations of scholarships and more info.

Gay Rights Watch lists the top 20 LGBT friendly colleges.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, October 29, 2010

Links of Love International III

As always I am happy to help all my international viewers. With such an upsurge this week today I offer more for you.

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network advocates on behalf of people with HIV/AIDS for everything from equality to education. The site is available in English and French.  (Canada)

The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby advocates for LGBT equality. Volunteer positions are available. (Australia)

RFSL or The Swedish Federation LGBT Rights offers education, advocacy, and general information. (Sweden)

Shanghai Pride is the only pride event I could find in China. So if your if your in country there are still a couple days left in this years event. This site is available in Chinese and English. (China)

Gay Russia is a community site that offers forums and general support and information within the Russian Federation. So far it is the only Russian site I have been able to find. (Russia)

Bullying UK is an Anti-Bullying resource covering all manner of topics. They offer education, support, and good resources. Resources are available for educators. Many of the tips are useful wherever you live so please check them out. (UK)

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Never Again!

Throughout my project I have tried to maintain a respectful distance in my statements so as to allow everyone their own views and ideas. Today I make exception to this. Please hear me out.

When, in our society, we deny Human rights to any individual we deny Humanity. When we diminish the Human spirit, be it words or fear, we diminish life. If ones life is then deemed less worthy, it becomes ridicule and harassment. Harassment, becomes violence. Violence can become death.

If you forge the first link in the chain of hate, you are not long to cast many more. Life is precious, no matter who it may be.

I have sit and watched of late as government officials openly chime hatred and  condemn the LGBT community, children and young adults are harassed and beaten, youth pushed to the brink of suicide, thugs brutally assault gay men only to claim their leader made them do it, religious radicals go town to town claiming hate based on religious doctrine, and now news groups asking if gay rights will be the downfall of our nation.

This reminds me of a slogan, 'Never Again!' It is usually attached to Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. Today I assert our right to it as well.

Never again will we be deemed less than Human,
Never again will we be silent , hiding in the night,
Never again will we tolerate brutal hate,
Never again will we refuse to fight.

Never again will you take my Human rights!

Some may consider my words inciting and controversial. I advocate no violence. Consider this though not to long ago in our history a similar situation occurred. It was a forward thinking time. Human rights were on the verge of expanding greatly then the unthinkable happened... maybe we need to relearn this period in history because you will find it shocking how easily rhetoric became the first link in a chain of hate that extinguished millions of Human lives.

Today's only link is The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Do a search on 'gay' and you might be surprised at what you find. To all the people who suffered and died in those times I honor you today. I will not silence my voice or go quietly into step. We are all Human, deserving of respect,  and equal rights.

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Education and Support

Ever striving to find more resources for our youth I have found some more links to help with education, support, and and many other topics.

Project 10 seeks to educate student and communities on tolerance, safety, and equality for LGBT students. Their goal is a safe environment for everyone. Resources for educators are available as well links to other sources.

The Pride Foundations funds groups and advocacy and offers scholarships to student in Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Washington.

COLAGE is a group supporting children of LGBT parents. This is a nice link since children sometimes have need support in this as well.

The Lambda 10 Project is a site dedicated to LGBT issues in the Greek system of Sororities and Fraternities. Hosted by Indian University if your interested in the Greek issues check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's go Blogging

Today I have more blogs for your viewing pleasure. Read, join in, and have fun. Maybe be inspired and meet friends. It's a personal touch.

Matthew Woolfrey is a YouTube blogger with a wonderful voice, fun and introspective mind, and thoughtful examining perspective of the world.

Matthew Brown what can I say but WOW! He is a master of visual storytelling. He will make you think and inspire. You may or may not consider him controversial but you will feel his work.

The Republic of T. is very much a personal opinion blog. However he offers a very unique point of view many do not hear. Like him or don't but diversity should always be welcomed and examined.

ExplorationB will take you on an offbeat look at GLBT topics. He can be funny to serious but always heartfelt.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's an L day

Having covered the gay side so much I wanted to dedicate today to all my Lesbian sisters. You add a great charm and voice to our community and that should be recognized. So today's links are for you.

Autostraddle is a mixture of news, culture, and entertainment from a uniquely Lesbian point of view. Funny, informative and proactive. Check them out they have some good writers.

Cherry Grrl is a nice Lesbian entertainment news and culture site. It has more magazine feel and is updated weekly.

Lebiatopia is a group blog that cover many issues and topics. Advice to sex and everything in between are topics that will keep your interest.

eurOut is a lesbian news site for Europe. If you want to know whats happening in Europe check them out.

Lizzy the Lezzy is a animated comedy series. They have their own site and on YouTube.

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, October 24, 2010


It is not enough to be defined by a sexual act or identity. We are much more than that and it is good to share in those expressions with others. LGBT culture is as diverse as any other. Let's celebrate that!

The Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival strives to serve the cultural needs of central Texas. They combine serious topics with entertainment.

Lambda Literary is an online resource that reviews LGBT authors and offers support resources for them. If you love to read check them out. They have many links to groups and sites.

The Reeling Film Festival is in Chicago. They offer everything from full length films to shorts. Supporting the works and need of the LGBT community is good cause. Laugh, cry, have good time.

LOGO TV offers a wide variety of shows, documentaries, and movies to entertain you. Most everything is available online.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Life Planning and Aging

In my daily research to find resources for everyone I notice a distinct lack of good information on life planning and the aging in our community. There are so many obstacles to us already in life let's not hinder ourselves and forget the older among us. Plan ahead and take care of those who are veterans of life. They paved the way for you.

Queercents is a good site full of tips on many different financial topics. Check them out.

The Gay Retirement Guide is a nice site with links covering topics on retiring and retirement communities. The links are the most worthwhile.

Suze Orman is a well known and respected financial advisor. Her site offers basic advice and more detailed information can be purchased.

Gay Finance is a UK based site offering information on many financial and legal topics for the LGBT community. (note if a UK viewer would mind confirming some of this for me please reply)

Gay Financial Advisors is a listing of LGBT adivisors by state. They also have links to lawyers, accountants, and insurance brokers. If you need to find someone take a look.

Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders or SAGE advocates for the elderly on all life issues. They offer links and education. Volunteer work is available.

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change is a group for over 60 Lesbians. They offer support, advocacy, and education resources.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, October 22, 2010

Live! Stop the Hate!

I began this humble project to offer resources to anyone in need, whatever the need. Hopefully to stop the suffering and death of so many of us in the LGBT community. In the wake of even more suicides this week it is disheartening but I shall redouble my efforts and strive to make more sources available to everyone. If you need help and can not find a link here to address your situation please leave a comment. You are important and worthy of love and dignity.

Project Life Vest is a group striving to create safe spaces for LGBT youth. It is a small group but sincere help is always welcome.

Welcoming Schools is a branch of the Human Rights Campaign. They seek to create LGBT inclusive schools and educating on equality and tolerance. Resources for educators are available.

Stop Bullying: Speak Up is a guide put out by the Cartoon Network. It is simple but a nice view of the basics.

The Queer Youth Leadership Awards seeks to create positive role models for Queer youth and create more safe environments for better living.

Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth is a New York based group covering Nassau and Suffolk counties. They offer support, education and advocacy to GLBT youth.

The Anti Violence Program is another New york based organization eliminating hate and violence toward the GLBT community. They offer counseling, education, and advocacy.

Youth First Texas is a Dallas based group. Their mission is to offer education, support, and general service to LGBTQ youth.

Campus Progress seeks progressive change on many issues. They offer information on many topics and inform how to get involved and make positive changes.

Safe Schools South Florida focus's on safe learning environments for all LGBTQ youth. Resources for educators are available.

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Links of Love International: Gay Canada

Today I celebrate our northern neighbor, Canada. Canadians are probably the most GLBT friendly nation in North America. They're extension of equality to the LGBT community is a model many should follow. So to my second most numerous viewers today is for you.

GayCanada is a an excellent site offering links to may resources throughout the country. This is a good place to begin your search. Menu navigation could be improved but it does serve its purpose.

Youthline is a Ontario based resource run by youth for youth. They have a hotline and referral database.

Egale Canada advocates for equality and safety for the LGBT community.

PFLAG Canada is the Canadian branch of the wonderful PFLAG organization. Parent, families and friends, of Lesbians and Gays. They welcome everyone surrounding the LGBT community.

Outlive is a simple but to the point resource. Simple tips for LGBT life. The site is in both English and French.

Supporting Our Youth is a Toronto based group. They have extensive resource listings and like all things much translate beyond its local focus. Volunteer opportunities are available. Please check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Youth, Our Most Precious!

Today we remember those we have lost. Please join Spirit Day and show your support!

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Politics & Advocacy

Politics, one of the two most debated topics in GLBT society. With elections nearing I present groups that support the major parties and offer advocacy. It's your choice who to support. Be informed and follow your beliefs.

Stonewall Democrats is the LGBT group for the Democartic  party.

The Log Cabin Republicans are the LGBT group for the Republican party.

Project Vote Smart is a volunteer organization that offers collected information on candidates from voting records to public records. Volunteer options are available.

SoulForce advocates the end of discrimination of LGBTQ people. They operate  non-violently to bring about change.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, October 18, 2010

More Health Resources

With so many new studies coming out on GLBT health and an increase in HIV infection I wanted to refocus on health issues today. Please practice safe sex and make yourself more aware of sexual health.

The AIDS Action Committee offer extensive resources on HIV/AIDS and other STD's. They have a hotline for information, offer advocacy, and have positions for volunteers. They are based in Massachusetts but information is valid.

The Body: The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource is another extensive resource for HIV/AIDS. Every question I could think of I found and answer to. So check them out.

On Becoming Positive is a personal blog covering different solutions to living well while being positive. Always consult your physician before trying new things.

Today's last link is another resource from It cover many basic gay health issues from depression to STD's. If you need basic info and links also try this site out.

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Links of Love International II

For all my international viewers today's update is for you. We all need resources so I hope these better help you.

Gay UK News seems to do a fairly balanced account of news and entertainment relating to the UK. Give them a view if you need to keep up to date. (UK)

Xtra is a Canadian GLBT news site. (Canada)

Accept Romania is a site dedicated to support and equal rights. I do have a language barrier on most of it but what I can see looks to be good. (Romania)

LSVD: The Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany is a group dedicated to support, education, and equal rights. (Germany)

Stonewall Youth is the youth specific site for my earlier link of Stonewall in the UK. If your a GLBT youth in the UK try giving this site your perusal. (UK)

As always I would love to hear reviews or comments from natives of these countries. Let me know if these do help. I do have language barriers at times.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Blogs

Today deserves the personal touch from the serious to the fun. Here are some more blogs to make you think and entertain. Please enjoy. :)

Sean Chapin is a YouTube blogger that address' many important GLBT issues and blends activism with inspiration.

The Gay Comic Geek entertains you with all things comic, animation, and convention. He has a cool personality and fun aura.

Ryan James Yezak is another YouTube blogger. He will entertain you with his versions of popular music videos and humorous takes on things.

Gregory Gorgeous is YouTube blogger that is funny and upbeat. He will educate you on all things fashion, make up, and hair. Now and then he also answers questions and goes into important issues of the GLBT community.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, October 15, 2010

GLBT Military Veterans

Those who served and have served our country have long bore a double duty and burden for us. Not only have they served and defended our liberty but made to do so while concealing their very nature. If they were ever found out it was a swift reason for discharge and not always honorable. Today I dedicate these links to all who serve or have served in the military. You have my gratitude.

The Service Members Legal Defense Network seeks to lift restrictions on gay lesbian and bisexual service members, provide protections for them, and secure the right to serve openly. They have a hotline and many excellent resources to peruse.

American veterans for Equal Rights is a group dedicated to equal rights for all current and former members of the U.S. armed forces. They have some nice links and information.

Knights Out is a group of West Point alumni, staff, and faculty supporting equality of GLBT service members to openly serve their country.

Blue Alliance is a group of U.S. Air Force Academy Alumni seek to address service members serving openly.

Also check general links to national GLBT sources they may be able to help you as well.  If anyone knows any other veteran support links please let me know. So many seem to be outdated and inactive.

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Even More Support

I am always amazed the nice things you can find when you search through the internet clutter. Continuing yesterdays support list are some more nice resources. I hope you enjoy them. is a wonderful LGBT guide to YouTube.

The Gay Alliance of the Genesee valley is a group fostering safe and inclusive environments for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. The is a New York based site.

The Deaf Queer Resource Center serves the deaf GLBT community by providing news and information of note. This is a volunteer run site.

The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging offers resources and technical assistance to help improve the lives of our older population. They appear to be in the formation stages so keep an eye on them and let me know if they are helpful

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Support

More avenues of support are always a blessing to the myriad of problems we face. So here are today's links. I hope they are helpful.

The Gay-Straight Alliance Network seeks to create safe school environments and educate people on GLBT issues. Fostering understanding is a noble cause. Check them out.

The Safe Schools Coalition offers information to educators and families to make school environments better.

Youth Pride Inc. offers support, education, and advocacy for youth and young adult in Rhode Island  Even with its state specific  nature it has some good information that may help you.

The GLBTQ Online High School is a online school for all the youth in our community seeking a safe school environment where they can be themselves and interact with other students like themselves. The site is based in Minnesota so if your interested check its validity in your state.

The Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition works to create safe environments for students, teachers, and families to thrive in. It is Oregon based but has lists of good resources.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gay Indiana

What can I say about my home state. It is a good place to live and there are good people. That said there are many problems here. The tragic suicide of Billy Lucas is a shining example. So today I dedicate my links update to him and all those of us in the state needing resources.

GayIndy Now is an excellent resource offering local GLBT news and many links covering the needs of our community. Based in Indianapolis it is a little heavy with those listings but still good.

Indiana Equality focus' on securing rights for the LGBT community.

The Bilerico Project: Indiana  is the local version of the greater blog. There are thoughts and opinions concerning state issues relevant to the GLBT community.

The Word is the main gay news paper in Indiana and covers several adjoining states.

Indiana Youth Group support the need of LGBT youth. I must admit I have never heard of them till stumbling upon them on the net.

My final link today is not a direct site but a list of community centers in the state from

Hopefully these state specific sites can help those in need here in the state. Be sure to check the national sites already posted as they too have lists of state resources.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Gay Family

The gay family, something we hear little of in most places. Marriage, civil union, even adoption are all parts of the gay family. Beyond that we have the larger family of our identity and unity to protect one another. A family is a fundamental right to all people. To deny the creation of families for the sake of the family...imagine that irony.

Freedom to Marry is national campaign to end the exclusion of of same sex couples from all the inherent rights of marriage. They have good resources and news on the issues.

The Family Equality Council works to to ensure the equality of all GLBT families, parental protections, adoption, and marriage rights. They also seek equal protections on many other issues such as health insurance reform and safe schools.

Lambda Legal seeks equal rights for the entire GLBT community. Family issues are only some of those but they deserve note here.

The Gay Wedding Experience is a personal blog of Tom and Brian. They document all the planning and events up to their wedding. It's funny, heartwarming, and full of love. Check it out and wish the couple your best.

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, October 10, 2010

College & University

Finding money or resources for higher education can be difficult enough in normal situations. Being in the GLBT community can sometimes add more pressure to the issues. So lets take that small part of our whole and make it help us.

FinAid has an excellent listing of scholarships and financial aid to help you with your education. If you are looking for extra help with school costs check them out.

Campus Pride is a volunteer group seeking to make a safer environment for members of the GLBT community. They have some good links that can be helpful.

The Point Foundation seeks to help students who are marginalized for being GLBT. They not only offer financial aid but mentor and off encouragement to help you along the way.  If your having difficulties check them out.

If you have not fully explored my earlier listing of the Human Rights Campaign they do have a nice list of scholarships available nationally and by state.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Links of Love International

I must confess I had not considered such a large international group of views. We all need help and resources so today I'm listing some non US sites for those who need them. My disclaimer is I do have language barriers and I can't verify the helpfulness of these links so if someone native to these areas could review them for me please do so. I will make an effort to list more as I find them.

Association des Medecins Gais is an association of many people in all areas of the medical field. (France)

Stiftung Stonewall is foundation for gay and lesbian cultural and political projects. (Switzterland)

Queer Screen is part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. I always support culture and ways for people to connect and enjoy life. Check them out. (Australia)

Stonewall is a advocacy and education group that has some good resources and offers a help line to offer support. (UK)

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, October 8, 2010

Entertainment & News

Keeping up to date on important issues lets us focus on what may affect us and what we can do. Everyone should at least browse GLBT news now and then. It most certainly affects us all. That being said we should also nourish our soul with entertainment.  If it makes you smile or happy it is reward enough.

The Advocate is a large news source. It is both a magazine, online site, and has several broadcasts on their site. If you want news of note, local to worldwide check them out.

365Gay is a mixture of many news stories. Headlines to pop culture are included. If you want a basic overview of news and events start here.

AfterElton and AfterEllen are all things pop culture and news relating to it. Want to find out about GLBT characters, reviews of shows, even some behind the scenes info check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Equality is one of the biggest needs to making life for all GLBT people easier and happier. We are all equal and that makes it Human rights. Sometimes we must remind people of such things else ignorance and fear can leave us marginalized by society.

The Equality Federation is an alliance of local and state based advocacy organizations. It is a great site to find groups near you.

The Human rights Campaign seeks basic Human rights and safety for all in the GLBT community.

The NOH8 Campaign is a silent pictorial campaign seeking to end Human rights restrictions on the GLBT community.

This next link is not a site but a good list of suggestions on how to support our rights. Please check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Health concerns abound all around us in the GLBT community. They can be everything from fitness and working out to safe sex and dealing with long term issues. Knowing your options and educating ones self are very important.

Researching for today's links I found many  sites. Most were local in nature. My advice is if your looking for specific advice check several out. No one may have all the information you need.

The Gay Lesbian Medical Association is a online resource to find providers near you. They also engage in some advocacy and education.

GMHC offers online resources educating on a whole host of issues for our community. They also do advocacy, research, and open to volunteers.

The Mautner Project is a national Lesbian health organization. They provide some good resources and education. Volunteer work is also available.

Trans-health is a online magazine for transsexual and transgender individuals. They cover most any topic relating to those topics of health. The site is volunteer run.

For my UK viewers here is a link to the NHS site on gay and lesbian health.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Support and Education

Support and Education are one of the most needed resources to many of us. Not only those of us in the GLBT community but for our friends and family around us. We sometimes forget they have little preparation for what we are going through as well.

The Gay, Lesbian, And Straight Education Network seeks to improve school communities and make them safer for all, regardless of orientation and gender identity.

Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays is an organization that supports the whole life approach to being GLBT. It includes not just those of us going through life but our families and friends as well. Many resources are available here.

The GLBT National Help Center is a online source to find resources near you and offers national help lines.

The Coalition for Positive Sexuality is a general education site covering many topics from health to sexuality. If you need the basics check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, October 4, 2010


Blogs are a wonderful way to meet others, exchange ideas, and find out things. For some it may one of the few contacts we have to the GLBT community. They can be found in great numbers and cover many topics. So here are a few of my personal favorites to start you off with.

Break the illusion is a wonderful site run by Davey Wavey.  His blend of humor and self discovery/improvement are the hallmarks of his nature.

Davey Wavey also can be found on YouTube and a free fitness blog he operates trying to make us all healthier. Check them out as well.

Couver87 is a young blogger on YouTube with a common sense approach to life. He accepts questions and tries to answer them in his video replies. No bells and whistles but his kindness and openness will endear him to you.

GDProphetXVII is another YouTube blogger who's humor and wit combine to educate you on many topics important to the GLBT community.

Michael Buckley operates two YouTube blogs. His more popular one is What the Buck and light hearted and tongue in cheek review of entertainment news. His alternate channel Dear Buck is a more internal look at himself and he answers viewer questions on many topics not just GLBT.

Depfox is a channel run by Jay & Bryan. They show gay family life with their two children. California Prop 8 brought them into blogging to show gay family life is just as healthy as any other.

By all means not all the blogs of note but these shall get you started. I will continue to add more over time.

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rape, Incest, and Abuse

Rape, Incest, and Abuse are not exclusive to the GLBT community but I do believe it can be more serious issue. Being already marginalized by society and struggling with gender identity tend to make many of us easy targets in these crimes. If we consider the fears already inherent due to our nature combined stigmas many of us do not seek help or do so to late.

No one deserves to be a victim! If you are struggling with being a victim of these please seek help. Make your voice heard for you and others who could be hurt. Let's stop the pain and begin healing.

The Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) offers a wide variety of information from hotlines, locating rape and counseling centers, and education.

The National Center for Victims of Crime advocates for victims of crime and offers resource links.

The National Alliance To End Sexual Violence is an organization helping national advocates in Washington, DC.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Suicide and Crisis Information

For all of you out there in pain and needing help here are some links for you. Please reach out and tell someone your problems.  Just hold on and give those of us who want to help a chance. We are trying.

The Trevor Project is an excellent source for GLBT youth and suicide prevention.

Matthews Place is a online center for youth.

Pacer Center is a community resource for bullying and education.

Listen and contribute to the It Get's Better Project!

Love is Never Wrong

My Mission

Welcome to my Links of Love site!

In the wake of so many recent suicides by gay youth I have struggled to find ways to help those in need. To many people suffer and die in the GLBT community. So began my journey to make a difference.

Searching online I encountered a hectic mess of sites with various agendas and little coordination. I found it very frustrating to find even basic resources. An entire day of searching yielded outdated and removed sites, groups with no way to verify their intent and mostly Blogs and personal efforts.

This is unacceptable! If someone is in need they may not have the time to scour for bits of information and dead ends. If you are in pain or need reaching out alone can be difficult. So this is my solution.

In the coming days I hope to create a simplified resource so all people in our community can find the help they need. If you know of a link I should add to this site please leave a comment. If you need help finding a resource please ask. I plan this to be a work in progress and help is welcome.

Love is Never Wrong