Saturday, October 24, 2015

Creating Fire

One of the earliest and most innovative things we as people learned was the ability to create fire. We learned to cook our food, warm ourselves form the cold, and light our world in the night. We took that fire and applied it to so many other things and found the world open up to many new discoveries.

However there is the other fire that is not as often discussed. That is the fire of your creation. I'm sure you know what I'm saying. It is that wonderful part of you that goes out and explores the world, that learns, and makes things better. It is the spark of a gracious heart.

Unlike physical fire, that which ignites from the heart burns brighter. It is honesty, integrity, and compassion. The fire within you leads that struggle to love, teach, right wrongs, and mediate peace. So much can spring forth from one heart, one soul.

To many of us forget that we are the masters of change. We as people create our worlds. Every action we perform contributes to the grand design that lays out before us. We may never know all the factors and we certainly obsess over them but there is one truth in all of that. That truth is we can never know it all and there will always be uncertainty and inequality.

I think that is the point though. We as people get stuck on the details instead of looking forward and overcoming what is before us. We strive to create perfection instead of knowing perfection is relative. You may love the world if it were colored in all the shades of blue yet another may see it as horrid and wish to see a vivid rainbow.

In your life you have the power and ability to change things. You can fight injustice, greed, exploitation, and so so much more. But it must be done by you. You must take that first step to help the wounded and fallen. You must extend forgiveness and dignity. You must correct the mistakes of the past. You must love.

All the problems in the world can not be solved overnight or in a thousand nights but the solution to them begins in a single act by you to make it better. No one expects you to solve it all but you can take one step toward radiance. You can and must.

Take that spark in your heart strike up a torch and light the world. Show the world you can feed its soul, you can warm the weary and tired, and you can drive away the dark night, You can challenge those that wish the world steeped in darkness and you can rise above a system that sells people and its self.

You are the spark! What will you do with your fire?

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Triumph of Love

I sit and watch people with so many goals go to and fro now days. They seek this and that. Many times they are lost in their own quests and illusions. Some are just lost and confused. Others sit hopeless and empty. They have lost their way. They have surrendured to despair.

Sadly I can not tell you what makes you happy. Only you can do that. I can not tell you how to occupy your time. I can not tell you how to choose goals that make you feel good. I can not undo the wrong visited upon you by others.

What I can tell you is the path that makes me happy. Maybe you will find truth in it as well.

I do not chase fame. It is a bitter companion that lifts you up when you are adored and drowns you when you are forgotten. It may be nice to be loved or appreciated by many but it is not personal and in that it truly only decorates your life not fills it.

I do not chase fortune. Fortune can make life easier and comfortable but it also a job to maintain and protect. It creates envy and in that emotion someone somewhere wishes to take it from you. It to does not fill your life except with things not substance.

I do not wish to live forever. Forever is a very long time. Imagine the heartaches of seeing friends, loves, people, and places that are special to you dies or be destroyed. Imagine having to contend with an existence where you have to live the same thing over and over simply because you have exhausted what there is to do. What a bitter existence. Only the sad live forever.

I do seek love. Love can fill your soul. It can send you to heights you have never known. It can come form places you never expect. It is the fuel of the heart. I am blessed I have loved some and one still fills my heart and one day I hope I see him again. I hope he remembers me. And I hope he holds me at the end.

I seek freedom. I seek freedom so all people in this crazy existence can live and choose their lives as they will. I choose freedom from those who seek to force their will upon others. I can say I have failed many times at this but I can also say my failures were ignorance not malice.

I seek peace. Peace is so precious. It is the quiet time when we can breath safely and happily. It is a bright summer day on a mad adventure to where our mind wanders. It is the security that all people can live, grow, and heal from the dark times. Peace by far is the measure of free minds and love.

There are many people out there and each has their own life and story. Some have known pain and injustice others have created it. What is important though is to cast off that selfishness. Live for others. Lift them up. Make them your life.

You may ask why you should devote so much time to people who may not give back. All I can say is it more about the act than the reward. Think of love as sunshine falling on a gentle day. It warms your face, lights your way, and showers all without question.

What a wonderful thing. I create and show beauty, make things grow, and warm the cold. Imagine looking down and seeing all that happen. Is there no more perfect view?

Whatever you seek in life, whatever path, and whatever joy please do so in love. Because even if you fail in love or make a mistake it is an act given freely. It bears no malice for it is real and Human. Embrace your love and shower the world with it. Only then will things be clear. For it is the only path of hope.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


One of the greatest things we all must muster in life is courage. So many try to hurt us or drag us down for many reasons. However we must stand tall and face each challenge to us with courage. We must retain our dignity.

There are many forms of courage but only one is true and lasting. You will know it by four pillars of its definition. Love, Life, Liberty, and Peace! Some may question these fundamentals but they are in fact the definition of true courage.

You must love in life because without it you hold nothing dear. And if you can not hold something dear you have nothing to fight for.

Life must be precious. If you can not respect and hold life precious then you can not respect what it offers and brings to the world.

Liberty is by far one of the important issues for all of us. We must be free to live, think, and express ourselves. Without it we are a shadow of what is.

Peace is so precious. It is and must be our approach to others. It is easy to get lost in rage, anger, and fear. But peace allows all things to heal. And so much in life needs to heal.

Everyone thinks of heroic courage of a warrior standing for his nation or beliefs. But few look deeper. Why does a warrior fight for a place? He loves his home. He wishes to ensure he and his friends and family can live safely. He seeks to keep those around him free to live as they will. And finally he wishes for peace so no one else he loves must die.

All of these are the pillars of courage but know one must not be a warrior or a hero to have courage. You only need to stand. So how do we stand? We stand at every challenge in life. We may not win every challenge and we may very well leave a challenge hurt but still we must stand. We must greet what life gives us with courage.

If you are sick live as best you can with what you have. Love all the special people and things that make life grand. Give yourself the liberty to choose how you will be treated. Finally embrace a peace with what is and what you can achieve. Be at peace with what may come.

Several times now I have told you my personal motto of Live, Love, Forgive! All three require courage. Incorporate courage into your life. Let it guide you. Know that courage is only those four pillars and nothing else.

It is ok to fear, be scared, be confused, make mistakes... What matters is how you handle all those things. Do you face them with courage or do you allow them to grow like mountains in your life?

Face life with courage. Face others with courage. Face our actions with courage. Face our adversity with courage. I won't tell you how to live your life but I will share with you some wisdom of mine. I hope and pray it serves you well.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tending our Lives

You know one of the first reactions when I meet people in life is a sort of look asking if I am for real. Does someone like me truly exist in the world. Even amongst long time friends I have always been the safe harbor in the storm. Oh do not get me wrong I have my problems and issues like so many others. However that which sets me apart is my view of life.

In truth I am not so different. But as any other unique being I have my own perspective on things. So today allow me to present to you that special view that is my own. Maybe it will help you tend your life as well.

You are a being of exceptional power, strength, and beauty. You may not always see it or feel it but you are. Like a tiny sapling you spring from the well of life and the rich earth. From where you spring forth you carry that which has been. But now in new found growth you blossom into that which is new and different.

Over time you grow and shape. You change the world about you. Your very will and existence creates new fabric in the tapestry of life. It is this tapestry that many seek to change. And to some degree they can. They to are beings capable of changing their world. We all share an existence but we are masters of our own. 

Realize that which you put out into the world falls back down to the good earth and rains upon the well. Some may call this the circle of life. It is much more than any one description. Because everything you interact with your life takes on a piece of you.

One kiss can spark love. A smile can create hope. A touch can dispel loneliness. It is why I tell you all about love. It is ever so important to make that a foundation of your life. Because like the tree that releases its moisture in the day cycle to create the rains that eventually fall, that carries part of you with it.

If it is love then you nourish the soil and water to grow things filled with such things. If you carry pain, regret, and hate you to shall cause such to grow. Yes there will be those who try to carve into the trunk of your greatness to influence its outcome but it is only the foolish ramblings of those who do not understand love and life.

Like a real tree you must filter out that which is not good for you. You must hold the darkness and negativity in your body till your reign is done. Release only what is good for growth. When our time is done allow that which we held to rot in the body. For it is not worthy of propagation.

Take in the things that nourish you. In spite of being hacked, burned, and scrawled upon allow it to heal. Leave its darkness behind. Have you ever wondered why trees fossilize into coal? They leave behind their impurities. Things that burn have no place in a life showered with light and gentle winds.

Touch the sky, feel the night breeze blow through your limbs, rejoice in the morning dew. You are that which shapes life. You are that which weaves that which comes after. Do you wish to poison your well and the rich earth or do you wish to leave it rich and fertile?

Be the tree and stand tall and proud. Grow to such heights that you create wonder. Embrace all the life around you. Offer it shelter from the heat and rain. Filter the air so others breath clearly. Drop the seeds from which new life will grow.

Maybe I have over simplified things in this explanation. Allow me to say however it is not simple at all. Life is shaped and molded by every single thing you encounter from your first breath to your last. Never underestimate the power of a single event. For every event becomes part of your growth.

I've talked of legacy before. So here it sits. how do you chose to interact with the world? What do you put forth into it? Choose wisely for it is what you get back.

Please filter out the darkness and leave it to rot. Embrace the light and enrich that which sustains life.

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, October 15, 2015


One of the hardest things many of us have to learn is survival. We can not always speak our thoughts and hearts. We can not always dress as we would desire or act as we feel. Many times we can not express our love or pleasant joys of gazing upon beauty. We learn to hide. We learn to survive.

As a survivor I can tell you there is a secret to survival. It is not a complex thing but sweet truth. Memorize it well because it is ever so important. Existence is not living. There are many things that make us go into a mode of survival. But the one truth we must hold before our soul is to live.

I know many of you will ask how? I can't... I am not allowed. I will be hurt. It's really is not about that which is outside yourself. It is about you. Never forget who you are. Never be ashamed of who you are. Never stop being who you are.

The world may force us to hide or survive but we must always be us even in the darkest times. Nurture that beauty you can not show. Let that precious heart sing. Allow those amazing thoughts to flow. You are and always shall be beautiful.

No one can take that which is you from your soul. Only you can do that. That is why I tell you existence is not living.  You must live and you must be you. If you must hide or cloak yourself in costume to survive then do so. We need you in this world but don't become the character in this grand play forced upon you. Be the actor who in the quiet after the performance returns into full blossom of themselves.

Know there are many ways of expression. If one closes for you then open another. If a cloak is forced upon you then make it a brilliant feathered mantle that lets you fly. If your voice is taken from you paint the world all the shades of your heart. If the world breaks your bone and sheds your blood stand and release a dove of peace.

Live, Love, Forgive! Never stop being you. Never become what you are not. Never just exist!

Please watch that beautiful sunrise in your soul for we Humans stand on this Earth for only a brief time. If we always hide in shadows we can can never see the sun. Besides you should remember after every storm a rainbow appears somewhere at sometime. And what a sight to behold when it does.

Enjoy the warmth of a bright heart and mind. Enjoy being you. And never settle for anything less than beauty. Because existence is not living. Survive but do so in love and life.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Creating Change

I'd like to remind you all we are at a crucial time in history. Humanity is opening up in so many places and sadly closing in many others. It is a struggle as much for freedom as anything else. You have the beacons of light and the harbingers of darkness.

You must stand and create change. You must live. You must love. This is life for not only you but others and future generations. It won't be an easy journey. It may be very hard but it is one we all must take.

If we look at histories legacy on change it is a long dark one paid for in flesh and blood. Enough has already been paid but some don't see it. Some need to be reminded we are all Human. Some must be taught we are all equal. Still others must learn hate is not an option.

Go forth and stand. Stand united and in love. Let your beacons of light drive back the darkness. Let them know we are here and always have been. Let them know we are Human and we are love. Don't let them exact more payment for change.

Humanity is not a commodity to be price gouged. It is not a thing to be consumed. It is not a thing to be thrown away. I implore you go forth and stand. Do so in pride and love. That which is can only be changed with one voice and one will. And that must be from all of us.

Change begins in you. Change begins with your first action of love, dignity, and will. It's ok to feel fear. We all do. But stand anyway. Be that brilliant light that stops the long dark night from falling. Have we not slumbered enough? Have we not had enough nightmares?

Please, create change. Hope and love are what you need. Nothing more and nothing less. If you create it, anything is possible. If you do not this world truly ends in darkness.

Create the change. Be you! Be love!

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

To Be Human

You know one of my greatest pleasures is exploring other people in life. Talking to them, doing things with them, and loving them. Everyone is different and we all take different journeys in life but when you get a chance to share a path with someone it is so special.

To touch anothers life gives you so much knowledge and emotion. If we are wise we learn and we share with them as well. Maybe they lift us up or us them. Even those who seem so alien to us have stories to tell. It is the beauty of life.

Regardless of our views, choices, or differences we can rest assured we are all Human and share a goal to navigate life. I've mentioned we each take journeys and people are the majority of those.

This world is vast place with billions of us upon it. No two are exactly alike. We all look, sound, and act differently. I think that's the beauty of it all. If we were all the same would there be much to explore in life?

I know some fear change and that which is not like themselves but why fear? If you are in the presence of another Human is it so unknown? Are they so different? Are they so unlovable?

People are people. They feel, hurt, cry, and love. They struggle just as anyone else. They are the same as any of us on this world. For we are one. We are love. We are Human!

So the next time so you come across another that seems so unlike you may I suggest you take the time out of your journey and explore the soul before you. Say hello, start a conversation, help them if they are in trouble, and share your life.

Many have searched for the purpose of life but few have pinned it down. Maybe the purpose of life is the journey and the people in it. Maybe the Human legacy is love. Because what a wonderful gift to leave the world.

Maybe one day if we honor that legacy and we honor Humanity this world will be a beacon of beauty and love. A place where as one we banish  fear, hate, and cruelty. We open ourselves to that which is more than ourselves and embrace truth.

From one traveling Human to another I wish you well and pleasant paths. If we ever meet I hope we can chat about each others experiences long into the night and with loving smiles welcome the morning sun content another shares our hopes and dreams...

To Be Human!

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Links of Love International: Gay Ireland

Today I have some new links for my international readers.  is a help and support line.

Cork Gay  Community Development Company is a support organization.

Transgender Equality Network Ireland

OutWest is a social and support group for western Ireland.

LINC is a Lesbian and bisexual women's support and advocacy group.

Outhouse is a LGBT community support center in Dublin.

Outcomers is a social and support group of the LGBT community in North-east Ireland.

The Out Most is a free LGBT magazine.

LGBT Noise is an advocacy group.

Belongto is an LGBT youth support group.

Love is Never Wrong!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

To Fall

Today I want to address all those all those religious conservatives who so blindly condemn me. Yes you who wish to pick up that stone, reprogram me, throw me into prison, toss me into a concentration camp with others on some island, and yes you who wish to kill me.

Believe it or not many of us who are LGBT have faith. I am a person of faith. We go to churches, mosques, synagogue, and temples. We hope and pray and we most certainly try to live good lives and help others. We study the word ever so closely, because of you! We love!

Now you with that stone... allow me to take that heavy weight from your hand. Why? Because no one on this Earth is without sin. And lets be honest be both know judgement is God's realm alone.

Those of you who think you can fix me... come now. Do you really so foolishly think love is an issue to be repaired? Do you really wish to come between a mans soul and God? By all means choose. We all have free will.

Yes some of you wish me imprisoned for merely existing... I'm an inconvenience in your perfect world of doctrine. It's ok though you are in familiar company. I'm sure Roman centurions would find you great company.

You who want me and all like me locked in some distant island to purge your world of our kind... Interesting you wish so casually to eliminate other souls of God from your life. What do you fear? Can your truth stand against our faith and our love?

Finally those of you who wish me dead for my existence... Murder is a sin. Maybe you should talk to Cain and Abel. Go and read my message to those with the stone. And please learn to love, turn the cheek, and be a peacemaker.

Allow me to pose a question for you all who seem so sure of your faith. Assume you get to Heaven. You have reached divine peace, security, and love. Now realize many you love are still toiling on the Earth. Some may never join you. What do you do?

Is Heaven truly paradise knowing your friends, your family, your loves are not with you or may never be? Now think about all the other wonderful people on Earth. What about the kind lady who took time to play with you as a child, the teacher who spent so much time working with you to become better, the stranger who helped you up when you fell, the person who took time out of their life to sit and comfort you, the person who first made your heart beat fast and your mind feel ever so light...

Could you stay in Heaven while so many others suffered? Could you turn your backs on them when you had found the path to forever? Think carefully about this.

I can't answer for you but I can tell you my answer. I would fall. I would return to the Earth and do my best to help others and give all the love I can and soothe those who ache ever so much. I would give purpose to the lonely. I would love.

Yes of my own free will I would suffer this world time and time again. Why? Because Heaven is not paradise without everyone. No one should have to suffer. No one should be left behind. No one should be denied love. I would be so selfish an uncaring to not tireless give people chances to become better, to find redemption.

So do you fall or do you watch? Choose wisely for one is Heaven and the other Hell.

Love is Never Wrong!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Music From The Rainbow

I think we all can use music we can connect with and touch. Music that is about our lives. Here is some wonderful voices form the rainbow. I hope you enjoy!

Love is Never Wrong!


Have you known the need to be free? If your religious you may know the struggle of salvation and damnation. Some refer to it as the eternal struggle. Whatever the name it is the journey all of us in the world must undertake.

This journey is good, bad, knowledge, feeling, and most everything that is. We seek to be free and battle so hard to do so. We fight for equality, freedom, and even life. We appeal to those around us and up high. We seek the end to struggle. We seek peace. We seek love.

Allow me to pose a thought to you all. What if you suddenly you realized there is no struggle. Peace is a choice. Freedom is up to you. Salvation or damnation is your own domain. Whatever your belief or lack of there are certain truths.

Some of these are that you are the power that shapes this world. It is molded by your thought, your actions, and your vision. You can choose whatever path you want. What a miraculous thing.

You are love, hate, joy, pain, desire, indifference...  You are master of your life, your destiny, your actions. To many times we get lost in our trek looking for things and places beyond us. We forget the journey is about us.Your destination is  your journey.

Now please think about that. What do you seek? Who are you hoping to see or be with? What do you want to achieve? Most importantly who and what do you love?

I can't give you those answers. They are unique to you and only you. However I can tell you if you know where you want to go maybe you should make it your journey.

If you seek peace trying accepting it in your self. If you want love, give it. If you want salvation, offer it. If you want... be it!

Liberate your life, your soul, and your love!

Love is Never Wrong!