Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today I have Y-CARE a short by the Trevor Project talking about suicide prevention. It has some good basics we should all know.

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Movie Night: Take III

Today I thought we should have another movie night. Maybe some thing to make us think and remember the many issues we all deal with in the LGBT community. So here are some short films.

No Son of Mine is a dark and sad film dealing with a couple of topics that have been too prevalent of late.

Pristine Books is a familiar tale of young and old, abusive relationship, and struggle with confidence. It made me sad and I think the implications go far beyond the description noted on the video description. It does have a lot to teach however.

Signage is a film about discrimination and fear. It is not the typical take on it however.

Thirteen or so Minutes is about love, sexuality, and nature.

Who We Are is another short film about discovery, coming out, and family. It's a story many have known.It has two parts.

The Boy Next Door is a short film about fear, selflessness, and discovery. It has two parts.

One on One is a story about Pride and coming out.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gay Oregon III

Here are some more various links for Oregon.

Love, Commitment, Marriage is a marriage equality group. I believe they are part of Basic rights Oregon.

CAUSA is an immigration rights group. They do however support LGBT rights as part of their core principles.

South Oregon Pride Festival is a good social event that promotes equality, peace, and basic rights for all people.  The event is held in Ashland.!/SOPrideFestival

Queer Eugene is an online resource for many local events, resources, and other items for the LGBTQ community. They primarily serve Eugene and Springfield but also cover Lane County, Corvallis, and Salem.  They have a lot of good information. Be sure to check them out.

Eugene/ Springfield Pride is a pride festival. Like most festivals they are a great resource to meet new people, gain education, and finds helpful resources.

Rainbow Vista is a LGBT retirement community. It is gay owned and operated. They are located in Gresham.

Outside In helps homeless youth and others find self sufficiency. They are not LGBT specific but are friendly.They are located in Portland.

Q Center is located in Portland and has many resources. Please Check them Out. One program I want to point out is their Persons with Disabilities group.  I usually don't find many of these so use it if you need it.!/qcenter

Portland Pride or Pride Northwest is a festival offer many resources. Get out meet people, learn, and find support. We should all have pride.

Capitol Pride is a festival in Salem. They have resources online and offer many at their event.

Love is Never Wrong

Gay Oregon: Transgender Oregon

Today I have some resources for the Trans community in Oregon. I hope they are helpful.

Northwest Gender Alliance is a group fostering education, support, and social events.

Trans Active offers education, support, and advocacy resources.

Laura's Playground is an online Chatroom and Suicide prevention help center.

Salem Transgender Network is an online resource and referral site.

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Cold Star

I always try to support gay cinema and LGBT friendly shorts. So today I have Cold Star a unique short with many lessons to teach. Some not so blatant. So I hope you enjoy this link.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today I have something light for your enjoyment. Games, most of us enjoy them but maybe now and then we want to get a perspective or just play with others who share who we are.

Gay Gamer is a gaming site focused toward the LGBT community.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Power of Change

Since my friend Biki asked this question I thought I would answer it for everyone. How do we change people who bear us ill will?

In my experience such things come from from fear, ignorance, or anger. The first two are usually taught or a lack of willingness to change. Anger is usually a sense of being wronged or generally being upset their lot in life is being ignored.

Needless to say the power to change anyone's point of view is not yours. People have to change on their own. They have to be willing to change and as much as you will them to, you can not make them. In fact most people will rile harder against you the harder you try to force change.

So how can we make change. True and lasting change always begins in you. Will you get bogged down in a war waged in hate or rise above it and continue your life? Will you allow people to vent there venomous tirade while remaining calm and unwavering? Will you extend an olive branch even after a dagger in the back?

The path to change as I said begins in you. You have to be willing to love even when your hated. You have to be willing to do good when you are portrayed as evil. You have to educate when ignorance is afoot. You have to be you, a truer thing in deed.

Only tireless vigilance can begin the path of change but ultimately people have to make that change in themselves. So vanquish the fear with love, educate away the ignorance, and reply to anger with love. Then, and only then may change begin to occur.

If you want change, be it. Its that simple. You may not always succeed but change is not always about just what you perceive. Sometimes your efforts affect things in ways you never know. And that benefits us all.

So be the change and live a life of love.

Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, August 21, 2011

To Struggle

One surety of being LGBT is we struggle in life. It is the one thing we all share and try to make less harsh for the generation after us. It is a long and difficult road and we must constantly repair flat tires, fill in potholes, and avoid sudden perils darting in front of us.

Lately I have heard so many share their struggles and that is a good thing. We make people aware of what we must endure. However it is also a sad thing. The hate, cruelty, and intense sadness that covers so many peoples lives can suck you in if you allow it. But that's not always a bad thing either.

So many of us turn our sensitive sides off to avoid the hurt and pain being waged against us. We try to deny it power but in the process take power from ourselves. One must integrate the negative things in life to truly grasp the positive. If someone lashes out at you remain calm and rise above it but allow it to sting or hurt. We should not lose our sensitivity to such things. If we do we then begin the path toward hate and unconcern. There is enough negativity in the world, don't add to it.

Our struggles are also with who we are. Society as a whole has few definitions of us. If they do it is usually wrong or badly interpreted. This adds to our difficult journey because most of us have to define ourselves and without the support of society many of us never feel comfortable or truly sure of ourselves.

Its not easy living life without role models, reassurance, or positive images of who you identify as. Many of us never know any accomplishments of the LGBT community or even that we can achieve. That is our struggle of education. Never allow the flame of knowledge be denied fuel to light the way. We are its caretakers and the guardians of those who follow us.

In life to be LGBT also means we are more likely to be abused, hurt, raped, abandoned,  mentally ill, even killed all because someone somewhere refuses to acknowledge us as Human or love us unconditionally.  It is a legacy of hate.

Still with all that is stacked against us I say be proud, stand tall, and be you. I would rather take my chances with the many perils of a road of horrors than to succumb to the smooth path of hate and intolerance. I would rather live a life of love and be alone than hide in fear. Denial of who we are does not serve us, in any form.

Survival sometimes mandates us to detour from ourselves but it should only be a temporary thing, not a lifestyle. Be true to yourself and one another. Be humble and know life's journey can be harsh. But most of all Love. Love yourself, love others, and love life.

Your path is your own and never fear walking it. It is only when you deviate from it you truly regret.

I know today I have listed many of the things so many don't talk about or mention when they give advice but they are there and to deny them denies your journey in life. Be proud of every pain and scar you receive because you are here and you are living your life as it should be. You are the triumph over hate and intolerance.

Love or hate? It's your choice but we all know what hate has wrought so try love. Life is not about the destination but the journey to it. So why even bother wasting precious time on things that will only make you miserable and tired.

You are the struggle! It's up to you to claim victory.

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundatiuon

Today The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation launched its website. They are striving to end bullying and advance LGBT equality. Funds they raise go to the Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN, The Trevor Project, Campus Pride, The Matthew Sheppard Foundation, Stonewall (UK), Bully-Free Zone (UK). Please help them make a difference.

The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation

Here are links to those who are helped. Many of these have been listed before but they are always good links.

Human Rights Campaign


The Trevor Project

Campus Pride

The Matthew Sheppard Foundation

Stonewall (UK)

Bully Free Zone (UK)

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Fabulous Disease

My fabulous Disease is the interesting story of Mark S. King and his journey as an HIV + gay man. I have followed Mark for some time in his writings on Bilerico Project and now and then on his YouTube channel. I like his spirit and openness. He truly has things to teach you and share. So please check out his story and learn what he has to offer.

Here is Mark's YouTube channel.

Here is Mark's latest article on Bilerico Project.

Mark's website, My Fabulous Disease.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sex, Gender, & Sexual Orientation

Chris is a very fun lady that found me on YouTube. After watching her videos I liked her spirit so I accepted a friend invite. One of her better videos is this one on sex, gender, and sexual orientation. I think it helps identify and demystify things. So here's Chris's breakdown. Enjoy!

Chris's channel is here.

Love is Never Wrong