Sunday, February 28, 2016

Drowning in Good Intentions

Have you ever had people who know your problems and struggles, but only the surface knowledge, rush to help you, advise you, and fix you? They rush in forcing themselves into your life causing chaos, pain, and much much deeper damage than what you were dealing with?

I have known this struggle to often in life. It's not like finding someone interesting and hoping to get to know them or pursuing an attractive person. It's willful invasion of your life and forcing their views upon you. At times it may be lies and deceptions, and even darker things in the name of their "goal."

It can be hard sometimes to deal with this when you know these people want to help. But I think they forget a fundamental principal in life, we all have free will. This does not give you the right to force yours on another. It gives you the right to live your life.

So sometimes we get stuck with good people doing harm. Allow me to give you all some advice from one who has at times suffered greatly from such actions. Advise but know your limits. If someone is not receptive stop. Help if asked. Not everyone needs rescued. Some can heal all by themselves if you have faith in them, are there if they need you, and leave them be.

Now, yes it can hurt knowing someone you know or love is in such pain. It is hard to not try and repair their hearts and world. I'm not saying don't reach out. I am saying do so with the responsibility of knowing they may say no and not want you there. In that case stand back and just wait and be prepared if they do call upon you. Love, always love.

For the other side be clear. Let them know you may appreciate their efforts but do not want them. Also be aware you still have to fix you, even if its not them. If people can not respect your boundaries make the hard choice. True friends, loves, and families will give you faith and love. If they don't do that then maybe the foundations of your relationship needs examined. Either way you fix you. If you need help get it. Just make sure its what you choose and who you choose.

I can say I have made my errors in life to. It is hard to let go of those in your life and when you love them so much it can rip you asunder as much as them. It's not a magical answer, I know, but you have to just love them. If you can not give them what they need then just be there for them. No one is a crusade. No one is a cause. But at one time or another we are all lost, lonely, or hurting.

TLC (Tender Love and Care) is the best prescription. If this is your life to please breath, cry, pray, and reach out in love. If your observing be a light for them to find a way out of their darkness. Don't venture in unknowing.

I wish you all love. I wish you all peace.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Different Path

I had a deep and interesting conversation with a old friend recently and I think I left him unbelieving, more understanding, and a bit sad. We talked about so much and for the first time I put my life into some perspective for him. At the end his eyes looked lost and he was shaking his head. Sadly in my telling him my reality he learned just how cruel life and some people are.

Maybe I walk a different path that others is what I came away with. I have hope for the world, each and every one of you. I think every one of you matters. I want you all know love and peace and live, live a good life. And yes, unlike the hollowness of some who say this, I love you.

I know many in our world have lost their way. Somewhere along the way they bought into  the belief more is better, they are more important, and people with less are not worthy. The attitude if your not helping me you are not important has flourished. 

You know I am not perfect, I do not have all the answers, and I won't pretend to tell you how to live your life. Maybe ;however, you consider my thoughts to be silly and naive. One thing I can tell you is we all matter. We all love and if we can not tap into that feeling for another Human we are doomed.

Everyone maters. Everyone deserves the ability to live. Everyone deserves the ability to live peacefully. Everyone deserves love. Most importantly everyone deserves the ability to learn, live, and grow of their own free will.

Free will what a wonderful gift, yet a thing so many seek to destroy. Exert your power, share your love, lift others up, and please give them the space to be themselves. You don't have to agree, you don't have to understand, and you don't have to sacrifice you.

The only sacrifice I think anyone must make is love. Touch someone in need. Give someone understanding. Be sure they can be who they are. Make sure all can live.

Maybe my words are scary. Maybe they are alien. Maybe it's not how the world works but it does not mean it can not. The blessings of tomorrow are born today. This world can be a wonderful place now. All it needs you to do the right thing.

Who knows your single act may teach another and then we have two. Two can become four and eventually a multitude. Love that wonderful emotion shared and spread across the breast of Humanity. It's not just a dream. It is a dignity, an honor, and a grace that is so sacred.

Walk your path in this world but look around you. Feed that person who is hungry. Help the person who struggles. Defend those so hurtfully taunted. Show others how to grow.

Love! Go figure, such a simple thing. A simple thing that only took you to take a little time and reach out.  Live for today and do the right thing. Those are the harvests of tomorrow and feed billions.

I invite you all to walk my path. Share the joys of a journey so grand that even becoming lost is a wonder.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When a Letter Says It All

I was going through my daily news and found this on Towleroad. Listen to the video if you can but at the very least read the text of the letter. Sometimes a letter speaks such truth and passion it becomes much more than what it is.

Love is Never Wrong!

The Burning

I try not to do negative posts but instead lift people up. There is to much pain and cruelty in the world as it is. However today I am going to make an exception and touch on darker things. Bear with me.

Right now the world in the midst of change. It could go good or bad. There are people right now who could be or are leaders of the world, who think noting of burning the world and slaughtering millions in the name of their beliefs or desire for power.

We as a people have worked so hard to come above that. We fought for thousands of years to create a society where we can be free and secure, each one of us.

There is no time left. You must act. You must embrace this world and everyone in it and come to peace. Lift each other up and remove those who so hatefully seek to march over the blood and bones of others.

Each of you has the power to say no. Each of you has the will to stand up for what is right. It is not right to hurt. It is not moral. It certainly is not the will of any God.

I can not make you act but know this. When the world burns remember you had a choice. When those flames finally reach you your cries will join the host of others.

Put out the fire before it is out of control. It's your choice.  If you do we can grow. I you do not the world burns. This is not an exaggeration or distortion. This is fact.

I wish us all love and peace.

Love is Never Wrong!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


In life we face many obstacles sometimes these are so difficult and heart breaking. Sometimes you find a depth of cruelty no Human should ever know. Sometimes we suffer unjustly. No matter how hard the path we must walk it.

I have known some very cruel people and paths in my life and I can tell you, you must stand. No matter how much you hurt, ache, or bleed you must stand. You must stand and resume your journey. The things and people who bring us down should not keep us down.

It's never easy when we walk a dark path. The Human journey in all its glory also carries many tears and shattered lives. Sometimes it's hard to see the light with the dark phantoms that haunt some lives. Sometimes those shadows walk in the light.

So the answer is simple. Stand and walk. Walk to a bright place and bright people. Be! Know those shadows only follow you because they can not exist in the light. Know you dispel them by becoming beings of light. Dispel the darkness. Be free!

What I propose is not easy and many in this world will hurt you and try and keep you down. But stand anyway. You are Human, you have dignity, and you have beauty. Leave dark things to their places of misery and bask in brightness.

The simple truth of life is power comes from within. Every soul matters. Cry out your beautiful song, dazzle the world, and send out vibrations through the very fabric of Humanity. Let them know you matter, you exist, and you love.

Blind the unjust with truth and stand in glory. Such a simple thing of me to say but such a difficult task. Don't fear though this soul has already reached out to you. I'm telling you it's ok. I'm telling you live your life and love. Most especially love you.

When you finally stand please take a sweet moment to smile. Smile in the knowledge you just got up. Smile in the hope your act of strength has now inspired others. Most importantly smile in the knowledge you can and have overcome.


Love is Never Wrong!