Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Making a Difference

Today through January 1st there will be no new links. I post everyday offering help to whoever needs it. So these last few days of the year I challenge you all who read this humble blog to make a difference in our struggle. I want you to be the link.

Making a difference is easy. You can do something simple like write an elected official, speak out on national news site, volunteer your time to a LGBT cause or organization, even write a blog. There are many ways to make a change in our world. All I'm asking for is one act of change on your part. It all adds up in the grand scheme of life.

If you choose to accept my challenge please post a reply and let me know what you did. So please join in and make a difference!

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, December 27, 2010

Transgender Support & Resources IV

Here are some more resources for the T in our LGBT community. So today I give you what I have for the southwest.

Gender Education, Advocacy & Resources (GEAR) is based in Dallas. They offer many resources from education to support and social events.


TransHarmony is a Phoenix based support group. They have many links and articles listed.


Southern Arizona Gender Alliance is mainly a support and social network. They have various resources and references to local sources.


Tansgender NM Support Group is pretty much as it says. They have many links. I hope this site is helpful. I'm not sure since it talks very little about the actual process. If someone could do a review I would appreciate it.


Tmosaic Mutually Organized Support and Interactive Community is a support group based in Enid.



The Twofold Group is a support group for central Oklahoma. Very simple to navigate and decent resources.


Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's a Miscellaneous Day

No them from me today just some random sites to help. Everyone needs a little chaos now and then.

The LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education is a group of College and University presidents dedicated to mentoring and improving LGBT issues. They are still new so give them time to develop and check in.


Sexualiti Merdeka pride festival in Malaysia. They seek to educate, support, advocate, and raise community awareness through their annual festival.


FordhamOUTLaws is a LGBT student group from the Fordham Law School. It is in blog style. They seem to offer support and social events.


The Lesbian Lifestyle is a collection of stories from Lesbians. Take a look at life through that perspective. Love, hate, religion, and much more it certainly doesn't get routine. Check them out.


Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. May you be surrounded by the warmth and love of those most special in your lives. May your bounty keep you satisfied and secure. And may you all know joy in your life.

To my viewers who may not practice Christmas please take time to show those in your life that matter you appreciate their love and friendship. Show tolerance and kindness to all you meet. And please share your excess in life with all those who may not be so fortunate.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, December 24, 2010

Charity Begins at Home

Today I would like to follow up on yesterdays post of goodwill. Many of us can do things to help make a difference in the lives of the people in our community and we should. So here are some suggestions to begin your own initiative.

Although equality and equal protection is a great goal for our larger advocacy groups even if it passed tomorrow it would be many years before society catches up. Let's face it it takes time to undo social stigmas and prejudice. The area I have always advocated for is aiding those in need, whatever the need.

Become your own shelter or community center. Maybe you have a garage or extra storage area can you keep items in. Collect clothing and food from friends or the community and distribute to those in need. If you can cook you could cook a meal for the homeless youth in our community. That same garage could hold several people and you could play games, read, or watch a movie. Many times its a safe zone where those in need can escape to that keep them healthier.

If the direct approach concerns you then do so more discreetly. Find a shelter that takes in LGBT people and support them the same ways. Hold yard sales, bake sales, collect money, maybe your own telethon to members of the LGBT community in your area. Donate whatever you and your friends can. Volunteer your time and be a role model and offer encouragement.

Be a resource to those in your area. Find out what is available to them and be a point of reference for those in need. We all can keep a handy list or book of sources to turn to. Finding the right help is the most difficult thing for people. They have to rely upon word of mouth and that takes time.

Advocate! The process of advocating to help people is not just something for large organizations or groups. We can all do so. Ensure your community has equal resources for the LGBT community. Make people aware of the plight in your area. Inequality and injustice are usually fought by one person daring to stand for what is right.

Finally give freely without expectation of return. Our reward is in knowing whoever we have helped has a little solace from our efforts. If we can make one persons life easier and a little less bleak we have done a job well done. So please make a difference in the lives of those who need it, however you can.

Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good Will Toward All

Today I would like to highlight a couple of good causes. There are many others out there worldwide to local. I want to mention these though. They have struck a chord in me and I hope they will you.

My first cause is New Alternatives. I'll let Irene Monroe tell you more about it from the article I first read. The link to the site will be after.



The other cause is Hike for Equality. Please read about their mission and support equality.


Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gay Alaska II

By request I am listing more Alaska resources. I must admit they are difficult to find.

The Family is a Myspace site for the University of Alaska. It is mainly focused for support.


TransAlaska Pipeline is a social and support site for the Transgendered community. They seem to have a lot of information available. Many links are also listed.


The Imperial Court of All Alaska is sort of a mentoring and sponsorship group. I must admit they need to define themselves a bit more on mission. However they do offer scholarships, social functions and some links.


The Southeast Gay and Lesbian Alliance (SEAGLA) is a support and advocacy organization for the southeast of the state. They have a variety of links and resources.


Bent Alaska is a news and events blog from the Alaskan viewpoint.


The Alaskan AIDS Association offer many sexual health educational resources and links.


The Matsu LGBT Community Center. Their blog tells little about their services but support and social events are announced in the posts. Contact them for more information.


Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gay Wyoming

Wyoming the Equality State. Their motto is Equal Rights. I hope they live up to that. Today is your day. Unfortunately their is not much I've found. I hope this helps.

Wyoming Equality is a community center and advocacy group rolled into one. They offer resources on education and support, organize social events, and advocate. They operate a hotline for youth and have opportunities for volunteers.


PFLAG has a chapter in Jackson. They have little listed online but most PFLAG groups have more resources locally. Contact them if you need something. They should be able to help or direct you to help.


The University of Wyoming has its Rainbow Resource Center. They are available to help not only students and faculty but the community of Laramie and all of southeast Wyoming. They are mainly focused toward educational resources but do have references to social and support as well.


Love is Never Wrong

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gay Alabama

Alabama the Heart of Dixie. Today is your day.

PFLAG has chapters in Huntsville, Florence/Shoals, and Birmingham. The first two are only listings from the national PFLAG site. The Birmingham site has nice resources and is easily navigated. Check them out if you need anything.




The Port City Men's Chorus is open to Gay men and their supporters. Join in or go enjoy an evening of entertainment.


Mobile Alabama Pride offers social events, support, and tries to raise community awareness. Go, have fun, and meet new people.


Equality Alabama is an advocacy group.


The Alabama Gender Alliance is focused toward support for the Trans community and their friends and family. Probably one of the more inclusive sites I've found like this so far. They have little direct information listed but there are links to their other sites.


Central Alabama Pride is a social event. The site is a bit aged but there may still be something of use. If someone has more information on this group please forward it to me.


Auburn has Spectrum. It is a gay-straight alliance. Poorly maintained site.


Birmingham-Southern has Allies. This is a gay-straight alliance.They have decent links to resources and links to their other sites.


The University of Alabama Birmingham has the Gay/Straight Student Alliance. They offer education, support, social events, and some advocacy. They have news blurbs of note but few online resources.


The University of Southern Alabama has GLBT Alliance. They have education and support resources, social events and do some advocacy.


The GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services is a sort of online community center. Basic resources are listed as well as local links. Volunteer opportunities are available.


The University of Alabama has Spectrum. It is a gay-straight alliance. They offer many basic resources, support, and advocacy.


The Birmingham Alliance of gay, Straight, and lesbian Youth is a Facebook support group for high school  and college aged youth in the Birmingham area.


Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Struggle

A small glimmer of renewed hope occurred yesterday. Congress, here in the U.S., repealed their Don't Ask Don't Tell policy from the military. It is a good step but it is only a step. Jubilation should be reserved for the day we all have equality and are treated with respect and dignity.  Our work goes on and should not waiver. Still smile and take a moment to hug a friend or loved one in celebration. It has been a long march to this point and we owe all that came before us and began our struggle. We are reaping what they have sown. Never forget the work it took to get here and the work yet to come. Certainly we have much left to do.

Today I want to offer some words for all those out there who still struggle. Please listen and take them to heart.

I know the journey we all must take to self discovery is a difficult path and the conflicts we must over come seem insurmountable. But know this, a colony of termites can fell the strongest tree and a swarm of bees can defeat the greatest foe.  Our strength is in unity and numbers. Stand strong and be unyielding. You are not fighting for a privilege delegated from some benevolent group. You are fighting for Human rights. They are not granted, they are an endowment simply because we exist as Humans. Never let anyone dehumanize you.

We are all beings of light. Shame, fear, and pain have made many of us dim our luminance it a dingy gray glow. Life can be difficult. It can be so difficult. We can feel like we are drowning in a sea hate, alone and naked in cold watery depths. Please realize that's not true.

Our sea of misery is from our own tears. It is our pain and our creation. You are a being of light. Stand and let yourself shine for the world to see. Yes we may suffer insult, injury, and great pain. We however can look upon our transgressors with dignity and pride. Realize that ocean is not a cold lonely sea. It is the pain of countless generations struggling to be free and live life in peace.

It is not a body that you can sink or drown in. It is the sea that shall engulf all those that have wrought hate, pain, and atrocity. You are a being of light that shall always rise above its waves and walk upon it like a serene meadow. Your light is a beacon to all those like you lost amongst the storm of intolerance and fear.

Shine! Shine your life, your love, your very soul. Unlearn the fear, unlearn the hate, unlearn the intolerance. We always have been, are, and always shall be Human! We are good! We are deserving of love! Realize that!

We are not an abomination! We are the product of or our creator or of creation. There is no flaw in us. We are as we are meant to be. Shine your light upon those who seek dark paths. Glare your disapproval with your head held high in security of knowledge that the abomination is in them.  An act of hate is a denial of love. To deny love is inhuman.

Know that you are never naked and alone in this world. Love is your mantle and what a beautiful raiment it is. Loneliness is not our destiny we need only shine for all things are attracted to light and love conquers all. If you seek comfort always do so in the light of yourself or others who shine. Honesty and love are your guides.

Like a star in the heavens you have your place and radiate from it. You are one of many great points of light glimmering in a great chorus. All that we are and desire is all that we should be. Use your glow to luminate others and show them how to shine. And like the stars twinkle, for laughter is stronger than tears. What a wonderful warm embrace it is.

Save your tears for those destined for the sea. For they can not see in the darkness of its cold lonely depths. They have ceased to even glow. That is why they seek to steal the light of those who shine.

Shine! Know that this point of light welcomes you to join our cosmic dance through the heavens. So again I say Shine! We await with love, compassion, and understanding for you on your ascent.

Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sports II

Here are some more ways to stay fit, get involved, and meet new people. If nothing else go out and enjoy a spirited game.

The Shady Ladies is a softball team in Austin, Texas. If you have seen their It Gets Better video they certainly define support and positive role models.


The Atlanta Bucks is a Rugby team.


Boston Flag Football seem to be a wonderful team. They organize volunteer and social event as well as play. Check them out.



Different Spokes is a cycling club in southern California. The lead rides every weekend on easy and moderate levels. If your not into competition try cycling.


Hotlanta Volleyball Association offers social and support events as well as playing volleyball. Go out and join in or support them them seem well organized.


The South Florida Tennis Club offers camaraderie and exercise through tennis.


Love is Never Wrong

Friday, December 17, 2010

Being LGBT & Jewish

Today I want to offer some resources to those in our community who not only deal with being LGBT but Jewish. I think we sometimes get lost in our own struggles of just being LGBT and forget about others who may have multiple discrimination's. We all deserve dignity, respect, and equality! No one should suffer for existing. I wish I had more to offer today but sorting through a sea of bad humor and hate can be difficult.  If anyone has more good resources please let me know.

Keshnet offers education and support, social events, and advocacy for the LGBT Jewish community. They have a wonderful list of resources that I won't duplicate here but certainly check them out.


The World Congress of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Jews is an advocacy group. Their efforts are international.


Gay Jews is a Facebook site. Its more for social and support.


Strength Through Community is wonderful site dedicated to stopping hate, bullying, and suicide. Many wonderful videos. Check them out.


Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gay Nebraska

Nebraska, the Cornhusker state. Equality Before the Law is their motto. I hope they live up to it. Today is your day.

PFLAG has chapters in Omaha, Hastings, and Lincoln. PFLAG has resources for not only the LGBT community but their friends and families. We all need help and support now and then.The Hastings site is only a listing.




Citizens for Equal Protection is an advocacy group.


Nebraska Equality is an advocacy group.


Nebraska Pride offers social events, education and community awareness. Go mingle and meet others.


GLSEN has a chapter in Omaha. This is only a listing.


Wayne State College has Pride. They offer support, education, and some advocacy. Not much is listed on their site. You will have to contact them for more information.


The University of Nebraska Lincoln has two resources. The first is their Queer Ally Coalition. They are student led and offer support, social events, and some education. The second resource is LGBTQA Resource Center. They offer education, support, and advocacy.




Hastings College has Alliance. There mission is to educate, offer support, offer advocacy, and foster social events and safe zones. Minimal information is online. Direct contact is necessary.


The Rainbow Outreach Metro Omaha GLBT Center offers wide range of resources. Support, education, advocacy, social events, and a hotline are among things they offer.


Proud Horizons is a youth focused group. Youth from the ages of 13 to 23 can find resources on everything from coming out to support, and advocacy.


The River City Mixed Chorus uses music to offer support, and advocacy for the LGBT community. Join in or go and listen. Music can help the soul.


Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gay New Hampshire

New Hampshire, the granite state. Rich in mountains, forest, and lakes it shines as a self-sufficient state.

Outright has chapters in Seacoast, Manchester, and Concord. Outright is a youth focused organization offering many resources to LGBT youth. Check them out they may have what you need or be able to help you find it.




PFLAG has a central New Hampshire chapter with lists to the local ones. PFLAG is a wonderful resource for the LGBT community and their friends and families.


The New Hampshire Gay Mens Chorus offers concerts and outreach. Go have fun or audition and join in.


Women Singing Out is a Lesbian chorus. One of the few lesbian ones I have found so far. Please support them or participate.


The University of New Hampshire School of Law has Lambda Law. It is focuses on support and advocacy.


Franklin Pierce University has a Gay/Straight Alliance. Their mission is to offer Education, support, and advocacy. Not much info is online. It requires contact to find out more.


Colby-Sawyer College has Safe Zones. They offer support and advocacy.


Dartmouth has Gender Sexuality XYZ. This is a facebook site and minimal information is listed. Contact them directly to find out more about their resources.


Kearsarge has a Gay Straight Alliance. This is another Facebook site. Very little information is listed. If someone knows more about them please let me know.


Women Meeting Women is a Lesbian social and support group in southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts.


The New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition is a Advocacy group with outreaches in education and support.


Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Transgender Support & Resources III

Continuing my pledge to offer more Transgender resources today's focus is Michigan.

Trans Youth Family Allies is dedicated to education and support. They strive to to make life better and our communities safer for those dealing with Trans issues. Resources for educators are available.


TransGender Michigan offers education, support, social events, and advocacy.


TransCend offers support, education resources, and advocacy. There best resource is their list of resources. Check them out.


The University of Michigan Health System has their Comprehensive Gender Services Program. It is focused on health care, support, and education.


Love is Never Wrong

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gay Oklahoma

Oklahoma the Sooner State. Rich in a diverse people and part of the great Plains. Today is your day.

The University of Central Oklahoma has their Gay Alliance for Tolerance and Equality (GATE). It is student led and their mission statement states they offer support, education, advocacy, and social events. They have no information online so you will have to contact them for more info.


The Center is located in Enid. They are still building their website but they list a lot of services that can be of use. Please check them out if you need something.


Oklahoma City Pride is a social event striving to offer support, education, and community awareness. It's good to socialize with other who share our struggle in life. Volunteer opportunities are available.


Oklahoma city Lesbian Moms is a support group on Yahoo.


Ponca City pride is a facebook support group. Not much information is online.


Oklahomans for Equality is a multi-tier group. They are a community center, support group, social event, and advocacy group all rolled into one.


The Equality Network is an advocacy group.


The Oklahoma Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus is an advocacy group.


PFLAG has chapters in Norman and Tulsa. Both have minimal online information but PFLAG groups usually have much more not listed. If you need something please contact them.



The Rainbow Youth Alliance Network (RYAN) is in the style of a gay-straight alliance. They focus on youth no matter what school they attend.




Oklahoma City has Youth United. They are a fairly new group and still forming so information is limited. What I do see however is very encouraging  and I wish them success. They do have some good links.


Oklahoma City Community College has a gay-straight alliance.  They offer support, education, advocacy and social events.


The University of Oklahoma has GLBTF. It is a gay-straight alliance. They have some basic resource online.


Cameron University has PRIDE. It offers education, support, and some advocacy.


Enid has its GLBT group. They seem to be part of the greater PFLAG organization. They nicely break down topics of interest. Check them out.


Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Justice for the Holidays!

I'm doing a special second post today so I can share with you all this wonderful video by Sean Chapin. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


Love is Never Wrong

The Blog Life

It's been a while since I listed blogs. So today are a few more I enjoy and you may as well.

Fightdog is a special guy. He is the true Renaissance man. He'll cook, sing, show you martial combat and offer unique thoughts and views. He is most certainly LGBT friendly.


RickonEarth is a good guy. He may be muscle bound but there is a deep thinker and sensitive soul under it, if you you choose to look and see it.


Guy Dads is a unique twist on gay family life. They talk a bit about everything.


The San Francisco Gay Asian Men blog is a look into our community with a different perspective. But in the end it show we are all one.


Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gay Arkansas

Arkansas the natural state, abundant in life. Today is your day.

Northwest Arkansas Pride is a social organizing group. They offer support, entertainment, and raise community awareness.


The University of Central Arkansas has Prism. They offer support, education, advocacy, and social events.


The Northwest Arkansas Center for Equality is a community center. They have a host of resources and services to offer. Check them out.


The University of Arkansas Little Rock has The Alliance. The offer resource to support, educate, and advocate.


Little Rock Black Pride is focused for the GLBT African American community. They focus on support and social events as wll as community awareness.


PFLAG has chapter for Northwest Arkansas and Little Rock. Both are Facebook pages and offer only basic info. For more info contact them directly.



Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Youth, Advocacy, & Bullying

Today I wanted to post some more resources to help those that need it most, our youth. Life can be hard enough in normal situations but toss in issues facing our youth and they need help. So here are some more links to help and hopefully make you thrive.

The Gay Youth Corner is a support group for LGBT youth where ever they live in the world.


The National Youth Advocacy Coalition fights to ensure LGBTQ youth are safe both physically and emotionally. Volunteer opportunities are available.


Advocates for Youth is a organization dedicated to improving youths sexual health and knowledge. They are not LGBT specific but have a lot of information for many levels from youth to educators.


Reachout is a support group for bullying and other pressures youth must face. They have a hotline.


Make it Better is a very nice support site for youth and adults. They have many links and videos. Check them out.


Fierce is a New York based advocacy and support group for LGBTQ youth of color.


Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Movie Night

With the nights getting colder we all need to snuggle in. So today I want to offer some short films to entertain and enlighten. Grab your popcorn or favorite snack, some tissues and settle in.

Our first film is Holocaust by Matthew Brown. It's a powerful and moving short. We sometimes forget to have been homosexual under Nazi occupation also meant you were sent to the camps. It is after all how we came to have the upside down pink triangle. This tribute is beautiful and sad.


Next on our list is O Beautiful by Alan Brown. It is the story of gay bashing, self hate, and penance. I think it will touch us all. There are four parts. Pt. 1 has brief nudity so you will have to sign in to view it.





Our final short for today is Davy and Stu. Its a sweet love story with and excellent backdrop and story. Always end on the positive I say.


Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gay Delaware

Delaware, The First State, is certainly a symbol for independence and liberty. Today is your day.

The Rainbow Chorale of Delaware serves the LGBT community through musical expression. Join in and let you voice be heard or make the time and listen. Either way let your heart sing in unity.


Delaware Pride is a social event. They seek to educate and raise community awareness, while supporting the LGBT community. Go and have fun and be amongst those who will inspire and set you free.


The University of Delaware has two resources. The first is their Office for LGBT Community Issues. It offers resources, support, and advocacy. The second resource is Haven. They are student run and offer support, education, social events, and advocacy.



PFLAG has a chapter in Wilmington. They have a wonderful set of links. Like most PFLAG sites they should be able to help with whatever need you have or direct you to help. Please check them out.


The Delaware Liberty Fund is and advocacy group.


AIDS Delaware has many many resources and program available. Everything from testing to support, to youth. They are a very good site.


CAMP Rehoboth is a community center. They offer education, community awareness, social events, support, and advocacy.


Love is Never Wrong

Monday, December 6, 2010

Links of Love International VI

I don't have a lot today as I am not feeling the best but I wanted to send a few updates for my international viewers. I hope you find them useful.

Stonewall UK has a YouTube channel. (UK)


Pink News is a wonderful all around News site. (UK)


Gay Radio UK has podcasts, streaming programs, and some social links.  (UK)


Pride Radio broadcasts for the world. (UK based)


My thanks to Ryan for helping me with most of these UK based sites. Please check out his YouTube channel and say hello.  (UK)


Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gay Vermont

Vermont , The Green Mountain State. A rich pride in work and liberty embody this small state. Today is your day.

The Lesbian Grandmothers is a support group for older Lesbians. A lot is not listed on the site so if your interested e-mail the organizer.


The AIDS Project of Southern Vermont is a wonderful resource for testing and people living with HIV/AIDS. Check them out.


Outright Vermont is an organization dedicated to education, support, and advocacy. They also offer free HIV testing and run a crisis hotline.


The University of Vermont hs two organizations. The first is their LGBTQA Center. They have a great many resources and services listed. The second site is Free 2 Be. They are student run and focused on support. social events,  and advocacy.



Pride Vermont seems to be a social/support group. They don't list much online but may have more depth. If anyone can tell me more please do so.


RU12 is a LGBTQ Community Center. They have extensive links and resources. Everything from social events to educational and support services are some things they make available. Check them out.


Middlebury College has the Open Queer Alliance. Like most gay-straight alliances they offer education, support, social events, and advocacy.


Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gay New Mexico

New Mexico beautiful mountains, desert mesas, and  a rich Native American history. Today is your day.

The New Mexico Gay Men's Chorus offers several shows each year. Go watch and enjoy or join in.


The Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival will educate, entertain, and make you think.


Equality New Mexico is and advocacy group.


The University of New Mexico has a Queer-Straight Alliance. The info is a bit dated from earlier this year but they may just be lagging on updates. If anyone knows more about them please let me know.


Albuquerque Pride is a social event seeking to educate, support, and raise community awareness.


PFLAG has a chapter in Albuquerque. They only have basic group info on the site. Most PFLAG groups have more info though so check them out.


PFLAG has a chapter in Carlsbad. This is only a listing.


Las Cruces has a GLBTQ Center. They offer education, social, support, health, and advocacy resources.


The Human Rights Alliance is an advocacy group.


PFLAG has chapter in Santa Fe and Silver City.



Love is Never Wrong

Friday, December 3, 2010

Gay Hawaii

Hawaii, tropical paradise and one of the few states to have been their own nation. Today is your day.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa has two resources. The first is the XYZ: Student Union. It is focused on support and social activities. The second resource is LGBT Student Services. They offer education, support, and advocacy.



COLAGE has a chapter in Oahu. The site is a bit menu heavy but its worth exploring.


The Hawaii Gay and Lesbian Cultural Foundation is a LGBT organization seeking to educate, offer pride and support, and raise awareness. They sponsor a film festival and monthly films. Check them out. We all need to entertainment, socializing with our peers, and awareness.


LACEHAWAII or Lesbian Arts and Cultural Exchange Hawaii is an online social and support group.


Equality Hawaii is an advocacy group with a bit of news thrown in.


Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Transgender Support & Resources II

Today I have some more resources for my Transgender brothers and sisters.

Crossport is located in Cincinnati. They offer social, education, and all manner of support services. The site is simple and easy to navigate.


The Trans & Queer Wellness Initiative seeks to educate, support, and advocate.


TransFamily offers support, education resources, and advocacy for the Trangender community and their families.


TransOhio offers a great variety of education resources, support links and general information. It is a nicely done site.


The Dayton Valley Gems is a support Group.


Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day

This years theme to World AIDS Day is Universal Access and Human Rights. So I urge you all get tested, remember those infected and we have lost, and by all means get involved to find a cure and help raise awareness.

Today's only link is the World AIDS Campaign. They have listings of events, articles on whats going on and links to many involved. Check them out.


Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pride & Definition

Today I am taking a break from links to address an issue that is all to prevalent in our community. I want to talk about Pride and Definition. Two topics that are so mixed up and hard for so many to grasp.

Pride is a simple concept and most of us struggle with it. Society has not made our journey to self discovery easy but when we do come into our own we should have pride. Pride is not only about ourselves but of all those who share our struggles. We are one no matter how we try to define ourselves.

Take pride in being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or whatever identity or orientation you are. Take pride in those who struggle much the same way you do. They may be worlds apart in expression but it's a common journey we share and that is our Pride! We do not walk alone and should never think so. We should never hold the differences we share as excuses or as a hindrance to ourselves.

It can be easy to separate ourselves from the people in our community who stick out the most because we are not like them and society frowns upon them. We must struggle against those thoughts. The concept that someone is doing something wrong or not being normal is our biggest enemy.

The first step to making a better world for all of us is to shatter stereotypes. No one should be held to someone else' mould. We are all unique and beautiful people. We have to realize that though. Which is an important part of pride.

There is a reason why our community chose a rainbow flag as our symbol. It represents all the variations that make us up and define us. We are a beautiful spectrum of life and like the rainbow we are all unique and wondrous.

I know our struggle to define ourselves can be so difficult at times. We all have our challenges. So allow me to offer some advice from my own struggles. First and foremost define you. Don't worry about others definitions worry about your own. We can never be anyone else. We may be similar but never the same.

When you realize and accept you are you and others are themselves then you begin to have pride. People may try to rationalize you or compare you but don't allow it and certainly don't buy into it. Once you have that pride be proud. If that means you act feminine or masculine, you do drag, or even become vivid and colorful in a gay pride parade more power to you.

Only you know what makes you happy and how you are supposed to be. The same can be said of others. Respect should always be given, especially to those who are most different to you. Everyone deserves respect and dignity. Never dismiss or condemn them for expressing who they are.

When you are sure of yourself be proud. You have probably gone through one of the toughest journeys of self discovery we as Humans experience. Be proud that everyone else who struggled is now who they are. because in the end we are all a family of the rainbow. We come in many shapes, colors, sizes, orientation, identity', and definitions. Most importantly we are ourselves and because of that we are a unity of difference.

So to borrow a line from a song  "...I see your true colors, and that's why I love you, so don't be afraid to let them show, your true color, true colors are beautiful, like a rainbow."

Love is Never Wrong

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gay Kansas

Kansas, the heart of the Great Plains. A sometimes controversial state with a tumultuous past. Today is your day.

The Kansas Equality Coalition of Southwest Kansas is an advocacy group. Volunteer opportunities exist.


Emporia State University has Pride. It is mainly a support and education group for LGBT students. There is not a lot listed online.


The University of Kansas has Queers & Allies and its LGBT Resource Center. Queers & Allies is in the style of a gay-straight alliance and offers education, support, and advocacy. The resource center is more focused to support and education.



Lawrence area schools have a gay-straight alliance. They have some decent links. Check them out.


Flint Hills Pride is focused on support and social events.


NetworQ is an organization dedicated to LGBT education, support, and advocacy.


PFLAG has chapters in Flint Hills and Lawrence/Topeka. Flint Hills is only a listing. Lawrence/Topeka has lists of resources.



GLSEN has a chapter in Kansas City.


Pittsburg State University has a Gay-Straight Alliance. They offer education, support, and social events.


Wichita State has That Gay Group. They seem more focused on support and social events.


Wichita Pride is focused on social events to educate and support the LGBT community.


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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gay Maine

Maine, forested rolling mountains and beautiful coastline. Today is your day.

Bowdoin College has two resources. The first is their Queer-Trans Resource Center. It offers education, support, and campus advocacy. The second source is the Bowdoin Queer Straight Alliance. They are much the same as the first source but student led and more focused on student advocacy and support.



GLSEN has chapters in Downeast Maine and Southern Maine. They are basic sites. They should be able to offer similar resources as the national one.



The University of Maine has their GLBT Services. There are several links to other campus groups and resources.


Southern Maine Pride is a group dedicated to education, outreach, and social events.


Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine (PRYSM) is a support and leadership organization for LGBTQ youth. Volunteer opportunities are available.


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gay Wisconsin

Wisconsin from its highlands to the lowlands its heavily forested. Your never to far from water however. Today is your day.

PFLAG has chapters in Madison and Oshkosh. Both have only basic online information. If you need info or help contact them however. Most PFLAG chapters have great resources to help.



Fair Wisconsin is an advocacy organization.


The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center offers health and education information, advocacy, and some social events.


The LGBT Community Center of the Chippewa Valley does have good links and resources. It however is the only one I have seen so far the requires a membership fee.


OutReach is an LGBT Community Center in Madison. There is a great deal to view here. Volunteer opportunities are available.


La Crosse Pride is a social event that seeks to educate and celebrate our community. Go and have fun!


Lawrence University has GLOW. It seems to be mainly supportive in nature. Not a lot is online so check into yourself.


The LGBT Resource Center Seven Rivers Region offers education, support, and safe havens for the LGBT community.


The University of Wisconsin at La Crosse has two resource sites. There is the Pride Center and Rainbow Unity. Rainbow Unity is in the style of a gay-straight alliance and is more  supportive and education group. The Pride Center seems to be a support the whole life approach to their students, faculty and families of both. Check them out.



Positive Voice is a LGBT news and information site. They cover the northeast of the state. Many links and resources are available.


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Friday, November 26, 2010

Gay Utah

Utah from the mountains to the basins and the desert you will find a wide variety of terrain and natural wonders. Today is your day.

Utah State University has a listing of LGBTQA services. I wish there was more description but at least its something.


The Ogden OUTreach Center offers education, support, and social services to the LGBT community.


Equality Utah is an advocacy group. Volunteer opportunities are available.


Ogden also has a PFLAG chapter. Various resources and support can be found here.


The Utah Pride Center is located in Salt Lake City. They offer a wide variety of resources and links. Everything from support to advocacy. Check them out.


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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Here in the United States it is our holiday of Thanksgiving. It's a day where we give thanks for what we have throughout the year. It can be the people in your lives, blessings of fortune, or even our triumphs over adversity. Today I have no links to share. Instead I am leaving this day as a point of reflection for all of us.

Remember the people and things in your life that have made it more special or even doable. Maybe thank them or tell them you love them. If it was a triumph think how it changed you and made you a better person. And most importantly return all kindness in life. We can all make the world  a better place.

To all my viewers, thank you for visiting. I hope I have helped in some small way. Happy Thanksgiving!

Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Transgender Support and Resources

For all my Transgender brothers and sisters I hope these links help. The only links I am leaving out are PFLAG. They are universal support for all the LGBT community so check those out as well. They are listed by state in my blog. I will begin adding new Transgender links at least once a week.

The Chicago Gender Society is an education and support group. I think we all could use that.


Genderwork is a support and advocacy group aimed at female to male members of the Transgender society.


Illinois Gender Advocates is an education and advocacy group.


TransKids Rock Support Group is focused for parents and family of Transgender people. We all need support and understanding so check them out. This is only a listing.


The Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance is an education and advocacy group.


Indy Boyz is a female to male support group. They have some good resources.


If anyone know of resources for a state I miss please inform me so I may add them.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gay Alaska

Alaska our northernmost state and probably most wild. From the mountains to the many bays its a beautiful land. Today is your day.

PFLAG has chapters in Juneau, Fairbanks, and Anchorage. The first two only have listings so I will include them here. The Anchorage site is simple and easy to navigate with good basic information.




Alaska Pridefest is a social event that seeks to educate and support the LGBT community.


Alaskans Together for Equality is an advocacy group.


Identity is a community center. They offer many resources to educate, support, and offer social events to foster such. Volunteer opportunities are available.


GLSEN has an Alaska chapter.


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Monday, November 22, 2010

Gay South Dakota

South Dakota home of the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, and many other wonderful sites. Today is your day.

The Black Hills Center for Equality is a community center that offers education, support, health resources, and advocacy.


Centers for Equality is mainly an advocacy group. They do offer support and resources however. Volunteer opportunities are available.


Equality South Dakota is an advocacy group. Volunteer opportunities are available.


PFLAG has a chapter in Sioux Falls. They don't have much listed online but most PFLAG groups have a lot of resources at hand.


The University of South Dakota has the 10% Society. They in the style of a gay-straight alliance and offer many resources. Check them out.


Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gay North Dakota

Sorry for today's late post but I took part in Davey Wavey's day without the Internet. North Dakota today is your day.

Dakota OutRight is kind of a news/blog. But they also offer education to business' and work for some advocacy.


PFLAG has a chapter covering the central portion of the state. Lot's of good links and resources are available. The only negative is the latest info on the front page is dated 2009. So they may no longer be active. If someone knows otherwise please let me know.


The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition is a general advocacy group.


The university of North Dakota has a student group call the Ten percent Society. It is int he style of a gay-straight alliance. Education, support, and advocacy are their main goals.


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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today we remember all those we have lost from the Transgender community. Sadly there have been to many. Unlike the rest of us in the LGBT community they have the fewest numbers and may suffer some of the harshest struggles.

Many people may not understand Transgender and why they wish to do such drastic changes. I think that is where people get hung up. It's not about the change as it is about discovering who you are and trying to be that person. That is essentially what its about.

We all go through self discovery in life. Being LGBT only makes it harder. When we get to the T portion of that list it's probably the hardest. Trying to find yourself and struggling to find definition when the definition that is you is another sex. I admire all those that endure this test and do discover their place.

Violence and discrimination at our community is bad. For our Transgender brothers and sisters it can be downright harsh and deadly. I can only imagine the fear they face at times. It can't be easy to to have to reassign yourself and deal with such hatred. I'm sure that why so many try to live silent lives.

If you don't understand Transgender issues then please learn about them. We are all Human in this wonderful spectrum of life. The Transgender among us add brilliant hue to our rainbow. Please be there for them, support them, and remember them in our struggles. We are one and our issues are the same. Only the details change.

Noting I have not addressed Transgender resources enough myself. I hearby pledge to redouble my efforts to find them for all of you. Look for a special post this coming week with more links.

Transgender.org does a wonderful job listing ceremonies and telling us why we celebrate this day. Please check them out. A special thanks to Dan Heagney for making me aware of this link.


Love is Never Wrong

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gay Rhode Island

Rhode Island our smallest state, the ocean state. Some beautiful coast and diverse lowlands. Today is your day.

PFLAG has a chapter for greater Providence. This site covers many of the basics and has links to the national web site. Like most PFLAG sites can offer you much information and support. Check them out.


Brown University has two LGBT resources of note. The first is their LGBTQ Resource Center. They offer education, support, mentoring, social events, and some advocacy. The second site is the Brown Queer Alliance. It is more a social and support group.



Marriage Equality Rhode Island is and advocacy organization.


The Providence Gay Men's Chorus is a great way to get involved to just go and enjoy. We all need to socialize and get out now and then. So check them out.


The University of Rhode Island has a gay-straight alliance. This is a Facebook site so there is not to much info on it. It seems focused toward social and support issues.


Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gay Nevada

Nevada, the silver state. Entertainment to gambling and a primarily a desert environment. This state has a lot to offer. So today is your day.

Las Vegas Pride seeks to educate, offer support, and provide a social environment for the LGBT community to meet.


The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada offers support, education, and social events to the LGBT community. A nice set of links and health resource round this site as as a very good one. Check it out.


Equality Nevada is a advocacy group. They also offer education and outreach programs.


The University of Nevada, Reno has The pride Collaborative. They offer support, education, social events, and some advocacy.


Reno Gay Pride is a social event offering support tot he LGBT community and education to the greater community.


Spectrum Northern Nevada primarily a social group supporting the GLBT-Q  community. They also strive to improve community relations and educate.


Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Links of Love International: Gay Italy

From ancient times to today Italy have served as a rich cultural hub. Mild climate and varied terrain makes it an ideal place to live. So to my Italian readers today is for you.  Rispetto e dignità solo provengono da uguaglianza.

Torino Pride is a educational and support event for the LGBT community.


Arcigay is an advocacy group seeking to educate, support, and put forward LGBT rights.


Roma Pride is a wonderful social and support event. It fosters community and educates people we are not so different.


Polis Aperta is Italy's gay police network. They are an advocacy group and strive to create a safe environment for the LGBT community.


GAY.tv is a Italian language multimedia site. Check it out.


Arcilesbica is a national lesbian association. A bit much for my translator. Could someone please give me a review of it?


Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Links of Love International V

For all my international viewers I have more links for you. I strive to find helpful resources for all those who view. If there is something you need please ask. I will do my best to help you find it. A note for tomorrow I will have a special Links of Love International. Check back to see it.

The AIDS Trust of Australia raises funds to prevent, treat, and find a cure for HIV/AIDS. (Australia)


The Feast Festival is held in Adelaide. They are mainly a social and support event for the gay and lesbian community of south Australia. Volunteer opportunities are available. (Australia)


Taiwan Pride is a growing LGBT social event. (Taiwan)


The Argentine Homosexual Community offers many links and resources. (Argentina)


La Fulana focus' on women, lesbian and bisexual. There seems to be many links and resources. If someone speaking Spanish could help with a better review please let me know. (Argentina)


COC Nederlad is a organization dedicated to LGBT advocacy, education, and support. They have some good links and resources. Check them out. This site is available in English, French, and Dutch. (Netherlands)


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Monday, November 15, 2010

Gay South Carolina

From the mountains to the low country South Carolina has many natural wonders to occupy you. City life to rural it's a well balanced state. So today is for you.

The Alliance For Full Acceptance (AFFA) advocates for LGBT equality in the state.


The Citadel Gay and Lesbian Alliance (CitidelGALA) offers support and advocacy for Citadel community. It is a gay-straight alliance.


South Carolina Equality advocates for LGBT equality.


The South Carolina Gay & Lesbian Business Guild serves to foster gay business and their allies.


We Are Family is based in Charleston. It supports the LGBTQ youth between the ages of 16 and 23.


The Charleston Area Transgender Support is more a link than a site. Since I find so few Transgender sources I am listing this. If someone could provide more info on them please let me know.


The College of Charleston Gay-Straight Alliance offers education and support.


The Medical University of South Carolina Gay-Straight Alliance offers education, support, social events, and some advocacy.


Charleston Pride seeks to educate and offer social events for the LGBT community. They also fund scholarships to teens.


The Clemson Gay-Straight Alliance offers education and support. Not a lot of online material but check them out.


PFLAG has a chapter in the Anderson/Clemson area. Like most PFLAG sites they offer a variety of resources.


The Harriet Hancock Community Center is in Columbia. It serves the LGBT community by offering education, support, social events, and some advocacy.


South Carolina Pride offers education, support, and advocacy.


PFLAG has a chapter in Greenville. A variety of resources are available.


Love is Never Wrong

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gay West Virginia

West Virginia, the heart of Appalachia. Vast natural wonders and a hard working people. Today is your day.

Fairness West Virginia is an advocacy organization. They strive to bring equality and safe environments for the  LGBT community at home, work, or school.


Rainbow Pride West Virginia seems to be a social and support group. They don't define themselves to much online. If anyone knows more about them please let me know.


Marshall University has a LGBTO Outreach Center. They offer education, support, and social programs. Volunteer opportunities are available.


West Virginia University BiGLT Mountaineers is a gay-straight alliance style group. They offer education, support, and social resources.


Shepard College Allies is a gay-straight alliance. They are a general support organization with some nice links.


Love is Never Wrong

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gay Iowa

Heartland of America. Iowa is one of the few states that allows gay marriage. So today is your day.

Iowa State University has a LGBTA Alliance. They offer coming out resources, health information, and support.


One Iowa is an advocacy and equality organization.


The Des Moines Gay Mens Chorus. Join in song or listen in appreciation. Either way have a day of fun. Check them out.


Iowa Safe Schools is LGBT group advocating safe environments for students and a good anti-bullying resource.


The Iowa Pride Network works with students to educate, support, advocate, and create safe school zones for LGBTQA youth. Materials for educators are available.


PFLAG North Iowa offers education, support, social events, and advocacy for the LGBT community.


A note of warning to people doing their own searches for Iowa resources. Several sites for this state triggered security warnings for my system. The ones listed here are fine but be careful in your searches.

Love is Never Wrong

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gay Arizona

Today's focus is Arizona. Continuing my states series I hope to address the states that have no links so far first. So Arizona today is your day.

Bisbee Pride is mainly a social and support group.


PEAKS Pride is a volunteer organization dedicated to offering support and service projects. The cover Flagstaff and northern Arizona.


Flagstaff Pride offers education and social events.


Northern Arizona University PRISM offers education, support, social events, and advocacy. This is only a listing for the group. Let me know if it helps.


PFLAG Flagstaff is your standard PFLAG group. They offer education, support, advocacy and other general resources.


PFLAG Payson offers education, support, social events, and advocacy.


One Voice Community Center is located in Phoenix. They offer many social and support services, education, and a friendly environment. Volunteer opportunities are available.


GLSEN has a Phoenix chapter. If you are a student and need help check them out.


PFLAG Phoenix is probably one of the most organized and detailed PFLAG sites I have seen. Lot's of wonderful resources and links to help you. By all means check them out.


1 in 10 is a youth group serving the whole LGBTQ spectrum. They offer many resources and social resources to help. Check them out.


Sedona Pride offers various social events for the LGBT community. Go out meet new people and have fun.


PFLAG Tucson offer resources and links on education, support, and advocacy.


Love is Never Wrong

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gay Tennessee

Tennessee the true crossroads of America. From Appalachia to the Mississippi there is much to see and do. Country, Jazz, Blues, and rock music can fill your soul. So today's links are for you.

PFLAG in Nashville covers the central portion of the state. It is a basic site but like most PFLAG groups contact usually reveal much more help.


The University of Tennessee Spectrum is a gay and straight alliance.


PFLAG Chattanooga does not have their own site but here is a listing for them.


Tennessee Valley Pride is an organization devoted to support, education, and advocacy for the LGBT community.


The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has the Lambda Student Union. They offer education, support, social events, and some advocacy to students.


PFLAG Knoxville is another basic listing for the local PFLAG chapter. Still make contact they should be able to help you.


PFLAG Maryville is a more organized site with decent links and resources. Check them out.


The Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community center has many helpful resources and links


The Tennessee Equality Project seeks to educate and advocate for the LGBT community.


The Vanderbilt Lambda Association offers education, support, social events, and advocacy for students. It is a gay and straight alliance.


Love is Never Wrong

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gay Texas

Today I focus on the state of Texas. Asher Browns tragic Bullying suicide was one of the motivations for this site. So Asher today is in your honor.

Equality Texas advocates for equality for all LGBT people.


The Resource Center Dallas is a community center with quite a few resources and social events for the LGBT community. Check them out and get involved.


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Aggies is the campus organization for Texas A&M University. There is not much on their site but it is worth investigating to find support.


The Gender and Sexuality Center at the University of Texas at Austin has a nice site with links and helpful resources. Check them out.


OUTstanding Amarillo offer many resources for the LGBT community. Everything from education to social events. Volunteer opportunities are available.


Allgo is a statewide resource for queer people of color. The offer cultural, advocacy, and education resources.


Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Struggle of Being LGBT

Recently I had two experiences that disturbed me. The first was shopping in a store and seeing a child dancing about and his mother grabbed him and scolded him, to not act gay. In that moment I prayed he was not, because what a house to grow up in.

The second event was a friend telling me he could not support gay marriage. If it had been anyone else I probably would have dismissed it as their right to their beliefs but this was a friend that knew a good deal of my story in life. The more I sat and thought about it the more I felt rejected. I realized maybe I had insulated him from the realities of my situation.

I wanted to find some links to try and cover this issue that I am sure others have gone through but no one covered all the implications. So today you get a rare post from me. I will be the link to cover this.

To all the heterosexual people out there who do not understand what its like to be gay I implore you to listen. We are Human, we feel, and do things much as you do in life. When you define us by a sexual act you do insult us. We are more than that and deserve respect and dignity.

I'm not sure many people truly understand the struggle that is our lives. When you grow up in a society that has an unclear definition of your being it can make life so hard to figure yourself out. If we toss in the hate speech and condemnation it makes our early journey of self discovery very painful.

Those words may be in your vocabulary and you do not realize it. "That's so gay", "Don't be a fag", and "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" are some examples. Would you go up to a black man and use the N word? Would you approach a woman in a supermarket and tell her to go home because women should be barefoot and pregnant, in the kitchen? It's the same thing. Hate is hate.

I respect your right to disagree, hold different views and values, but in the process you have lost sight of something so important. That is the fact I am Human, I am a citizen, and I am being oppressed. Yes oppressed is the correct term. I know it may be hard to see but it is true.

Being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender carries many issues in our society. Do you realize in most parts of our nation I can be evicted from an apartment for my very nature? I can be fired for the same thing. If I fall in love I can not marry. I can not receive benefits or any financial protections for myself or my partner. I can not adopt or if I do I am under scrutiny others do not have. I must always be aware of my surroundings because I never know who will be the one to carry hate into violence against me.

It's so hard to try and relay a life's worth of events to you in words but I shall try. Maybe you will see some of my perspective.

I can remember being a young child and hearing all the adults discourage me from doing anything that did not fit their view of being a boy. It was routine to hear don't be girly or don't do that. Can you imagine constantly hearing who you are is wrong? Do you know the self doubt that instills? If your a parent with a child that does not meet your views of their sex, please stop that. You hurt them and their development.

A child is going to be what they will be no matter what. You forcing a view upon them will only hurt and repress them in an unhealthy way. Worry about teaching your kids structure, values, and love. You are their examples in life. Do you really want them to grow up knowing hate and the feeling of being unloved?

Hate...I now it so well. I was with a friend one time, with a bunch of his friends. One of these people began spewing forth such hate and disgust for anything gay that he worked himself to a frenzy. Taking a bat and repeatedly hitting a tree as if to kill he continued his rage. Can you imagine the silent fear I had? Praying that you are acting straight enough?  Will he turn that rage upon me? Not being out yet I was spared possible injury that day, luckily.

Where does this hate and violence come from? When is it acceptable to hurt or kill?

I hear many cite religious text for their justification. Being a person of faith myself I have to ask are we reading the same book? If so can you please point out where it is acceptable to commit such horrible actions? More importantly are you casting judgements reserved to God alone? It is easy to fall into the trap of listening to others make misinterpretations and to quote lines out of their context. Please read and discover the message yourself. You might be surprised how it may differ from how many define it.

Gay marriage and all the rights associated with it. Many people disagree with this and that is fine. We should all have our beliefs in life and hold true to them. Where it is unacceptable is denying me and others our rights. It's not a redefinition of marriage or even a thing to be voted on. It is a fundamental civil right.

If you are a church, synagogue, mosque or temple and you choose not to perform such marriages that is your right under freedom of religion. If you are an officiant and you conscientiously object to performing such marriages that to is your right. It is not your right to deny me mine.

Is it so wrong for two people who are in love to want to marry? Is it wrong for them to want to have children? When did it become acceptable to discourage the creation of families and family values?

In a nation where 'all men are created equal', 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' are expressed, and 'We the people' are given our rights it is disturbing that we must constantly deny someone those very rights.

If we were to look at our history and how the majority wanted to keep things in this nation it would be a very different place. Asians would be driven to live in underground cities relegated to menial labor. Blacks would still be enslaved. Women would not have the right to vote. Catholics, Mormons, Jews would be forced into ghettos or driven to rural areas because you were not Protestant.

So I ask you all why do you think so lightly of denying me of my rights? Why is it acceptable to believe you have the right to do so? To all those who have been through this in history why are you oppressing me now? Have you not learned that lesson yourself?

Maybe I have failed, so far, to impact you so let me tell you of what this dangerous attitude has wrought.

Ryan White, the first major public reaction to a child with AIDS. It didn't matter if he was gay or not AIDS was considered a gay disease. The fear, hate, and discrimination unleashed upon him was horrific. When only after international outrage you begin to change is very sad.

Matthew Sheppard a young man beaten so brutally and left naked tied to a fence in the middle of no where to die simply for being gay.

Children bullied so intensely and so long they believe suicide is their only option. So many have done so recently and those are only the ones you hear of. There are many more if you search.

A transgender woman denied care at a hospital and called 'it' simply for being.

A street gang brutally beats and sodomizes gay men because of who they are.

Gay families forced to fight for their rights to have children even though they are good stable homes. Yet abusers and neglected kids are ignored. 

The military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. Did you know when the courts suspended it there was not a single issue arise. No lack of unit cohesion or disturbance. The defence department's own survey found most soldiers don't care and don't find an issue with it. Most of our allies have openly gay soldiers. We all ready work with them. So why is it being so strongly fought if its not an issue?

These are just a select few of the issues out there. Consider what I have said and please realize the path we walk. Because when you begin that path and legislation permitting discrimination you can quickly turn into a Uganda where gays are listed in newspapers for execution. You are rounded up and arrested. Or worse yet you take Nazi Germany's path and send us to concentration camps and mass graves.

It's not about religion, it's not about you being forced to agree with something you don't. It's about democracy and fundamental rights for all. Be careful the minority you seek to limit for we all fall into some minority and who knows when someone will come to judge you.

Please end the hate and realize we are all Human. We all deserve dignity, respect, and equality.

Love is Never Wrong