Sunday, December 16, 2012


One of the greatest acts that can benefit a person in life is unity. The simple effort to stand by someone, give them dignity, respect, remove fear, even allow life. But many fear to do so. They fear being labeled negatively for it.

Unity should not be about fear but about what is right. It's not an easy task all the time but it is a correct one. For we should lift each other up in life. We are each other have.

When I was in high school  I remember a certain class party our teacher was giving us. It had been a successful time and we were celerating. As I sat talking to others and sipping on my drink I continued to notice from the back of the room a group of young men being loud, laughing and pointing at another classmate.

This concerned me. The young man was being oh so quiet and sullen. Finally he shuffled forward to the table with refreshments I think more to escape his tormentors than to get a drink. That is when I approached him. First grabbing a cookie and just being friendly. I tired to put him at ease.

Finally I asked him why they were giving him a hard time. He said "Because I'm gay." At the time I was far from dealing with my own battles of identity but still I knew what was right. So I put my arm around his shoulder and told him "It's ok I'll talk to you."  As he looked down trying to process someone accepting him I gazed up staring at the others in the back disapprovingly. It was their time to go quiet, look away in shame and consider their actions.

Unity is usually a simple act of dignity, respect, compassion, maybe even life. It is an act of what is right.

Unity = Human + Human

Maybe if we follow that equation we will see it's not gay rights. It's Human rights.

Regardless of the differences in beliefs, life choices, or identity we are all Human. In that we should all be treated Humanely.  Stand! Stand with a fellow Human and give them life, love, freedom, respect, and dignity that we all deserve.

For our legacy as Humans is marked in how we treat each other. Nothing else is added to the equation.

I guess the question is will you add to Humanity or subtract?

Love is Never Wrong