Friday, December 27, 2013

A Gift of Hope

Every year I try and post ways to help our greater community. I try to encourage you to do what you can to make at least one persons life better, happier, and safer. This year I wanted to wait till after the main holidays had passed.

All to often like the holidays our spirit to help fades till another event comes along to remind us. This year I have only one suggestion to add. Make giving part of your life not an event in it. No donation is to small when it comes to lifting another Human being up and giving them life, dignity, and pride.

Reach into yourself and help another.

Love is Never Wrong!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

To Sochi with love

I've been quiet for some time. Life can throw things in your path that takes up your time or energy. Today however I want to talk about Sochi Olympics. It has been a topic of great discussion in our community of late.

The issue before us all is Russia's drastic and cruel anti-gay laws and the brutal violence it is spawning against us, simply for existing.

Some are calling for a boycott or even moving the Olympics to a nation that respects Human rights. Others stress an embargo of any Russian product. The suggestions are many but I think they all sort of miss the point we should be making.

Condemnation rarely works in authoritarian societies. It only sets them against you and entrenches them further in their beliefs and ideology. An embargo unless on a huge scale may hurt companies but does little to touch a government. To boycott or move the Olympics does not change beliefs. It will be viewed as an attack on values.

So how do we make an impact on a society set on dehumanizing a group or hurting them?  You love! Man may hurt you, lock you up, even condemn you. But it does not mean you can not do a thing. Love! Kiss, hug, hold hands, even dance. Love is not propaganda it is a connection. If you do not have that then your message is a voice in the wind.

Be who you are and stand. Refuse censure. Be proud and show love. Only in that purity can hate face the light of truth. When you see and know love before you it becomes much harder to hate. When you see it the lie that it is not natural begins to falter. When you stand, in love, you cause surety to waver.

I know I make it sound easy but it is not. To undo hate, violence, and miseducation takes time and many brave souls standing in unity and love letting that which society has unleashed know we are here and our love is not wrong.

Reject hate and do not allow it to flourish by inaction or complicity. Love and let the world see it. Let Russia see it.

Love is Never Wrong!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking to the Stars

A while ago I came across a piece arguing for celebrities to come out and do more to help our community. It was a decent piece laying out why they should. I can't disagree the value of celebrity role models and presence to so many of us, especially our youth.

The stars today are asked so much. Not only must they act, sing, perform...they must promote, do charity, tell us their private lives. All just to catch peoples attentions. If we add the LGBT to the equation it becomes much more.

I've thought about this topic many times now since I first saw the video on it. The call, to me, should be one of caution. If made it should be a request not a demand.

The one sure thing about coming out is it should always be our own choice. As an extension of that sharing the information with people, let alone millions, again our own choice. It is so easy to look at the situation from the outside and say you should do this or that. In fact we should never put such pressure upon others.

Very few of us truly knows the impact such actions can cause. Will ultra conservative communities ban them? Do they increase risk to their lives in some areas? Will the message get drowned in politics? The questions are many.

As valuable as celebrity role models are I think we need to stop looking up. Look around us first. To me it is much more valuable to have local role models. If I am bashed or threatened is their an LGBT police officer to help me? If I'm concerned about my health do I have a LGBT doctor to visit? If I'm coming out do I have a LGBT center to visit?

The greatest impact in our lives are those who touch us. The people who care and understand. Those people should be the ones around you. My call is to them. We need you far more than a dreamy actor or actress in some far off place.

Security, confidence, inspiration... All are wonderful things we need in life. And all should be a call away at most. Role models are a powerful thing. Maybe we should realize they are all around us. And that is a far more powerful resource.

Leave stars and clouds for dreams and desires. If we need help, support, even comfort look around, we are everywhere. The challenge is being visible. But know if your always looking up the brightest thing may be missed.

Love is Never Wrong

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pray The Gay Away

You know I have so many feelings on this topic and they stir such emotion in me. Quite simply Love is love. God made no mistake and we all play a role in this world, exactly as we are. So without saying more here is Shawn's confrontation. Please view it and let him know things are alright.

Shawn's difficult process began here.

Love is Never Wrong