Friday, November 11, 2011

Why We Sing

Recently I had a discussion with someone about the value of song in our struggle for equality. We ultimately did not agree but there was value. So allow me to share my thoughts on why we sing.

When one of us sings in our community we tell of our pain, struggles, love, even victories. The melody can educate others to things they may not know. Maybe we bring ourselves together in unity for a common cause. Of course lets not forget the essence of song, us.

When we sing we add our voice to the world. We share what matters to us and our lives. It doesn't matter if it moves others or makes great change because singing is our liberation. If anyone else is moved or empowered then we have a common bond.

Song is our story, our life, our very soul. If we express it in love then the value is priceless. Singing may or may not touch someone but I don't think it has ever been about that. I think song its self is valuable because one person rose up to say something that mattered to them. Being LGBT I think we all know that alone is sometimes a victory of a lifetime.

I say sing in whatever tune you can muster and let the world hear your voice. What do you think?

Love is Never Wrong

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  1. Music is such a personal thing, as it should be. We sing because we need to, because we want to, and for some, because they must. What I am unsure of is if song can change a closed mind. If it can teach the unknowing. If it can soften a hardened heart. But even the a slim hope of opening someone's heartland mind makes it all worthwhile. And for those the songs are about, it can mean the world, and quite often tethers some of us here, until life becomes an easier option.