Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Life of Love

As I sit here this Christmas eve I can't help but think of those many many people in our community around the world who are facing terrible repressions, violence, and even death. The allegations against them may be religious, cultural, or even pseudo science. The truth ;however, is we are strong, creative, and people of passion and love. All these things threaten those who wish to control or dominate a society.

It is when you live a life of love that you dismantle all that the hatemongers have built. You shine light upon their misdeeds. Your efforts rekindle the light of hope in the distraught. You become a beacon of what life can be.

There are many good men and women around world. Light and reason always exists. It is like anything of worth though. You must invest your time and labor into it. Sometimes your very life must be put at risk to do the right thing, to be who you are. Such is love. Love of yourself and others.

So to all of you out there in places where life is not so kind, love and nurture those around you. Stand and demand your humanity. If you are an LGBT ally support us, be a Harriet Tubman, oppose the wrongs like Gandhi, preach truth and tolerance like Martin Luther King Jr. The world is and always has been blessed with good people. It is merely the courage to stand with love, honor, and reason that one must muster.

A life of love is not an easy road. It will be filled with trials and challenges. But if you face them with all sincerity of being who you are then the darkness that surrounds you will slowly fade and all that you have been looking for will be apparent. It has always been there, shrouded in the night.


Love is Never Wrong

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