Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Life of Love, A Life of Pain

In our quest of love in all its wondrous forms we tend to hide the pain. For many of us we live in pain. We hide ourselves, conceal who we are, and what we feel. We spare the others in our lives the very woes that trouble us because we don't want to pass on the pain.  So many of us live in pain when we should live with it.

Pain for all the misery and heartache it brings, is not a bad thing. Only those that create pain can be termed bad. The pain we have in our lives from the smallest to the insurmountable is really the same. It is a struggle to hold on to us and not be swept away in the hurt that afflicts us so.

When we are told we are disgusting or unnatural we may brush it off and move on. We may bury it deep inside and allow it to fester eating at our very soul. Neither is healthy. We must acknowledge the trauma it has caused and change it to love. We must affirm ourselves and ensure the pain stops with us.

When when our flesh bleeds and our bones ache the physical will heal, but our mind fears repercussion. We stray away from that which hurt us. We hide, if just a bit more. We allow the strife raging across our black and blue bodies to quiet us. Physical pain can go far beyond the obvious. We must confront it and strengthen our lives to be who we are in spite of it. We must love those who cause it.

When we are oppressed by law, society, or even religion we try to conform to a mold that is not us. We try to lose ourselves in a form that only inflicts grievous torture. We suppress our very identity to please those that rarely fit their own mold. In fact though we should be who we are and embrace our distinction. No one else is like us and can be no one else, without pain.

Love and pain often go hand in hand. It is through our pain we learn to be compassionate to others. We learn sympathy, patience, even humility. The key to life with pain is to acknowledge it and bring into your life. Take all that hurt and change it to love. It won't be an easy thing to do and you may very well have days when the pain has the upper hand. Still our search for love must begin within. We must take all that pain change it.

Allow for the pain in your life. But also allow for it to be love. Take those unkind words and tell someone their beautiful, you love them, or even you appreciate them. When our bones heal and wounds fade, tend to the injured. Share your love and make their journey a little less hard. When people oppress you confront it, change it. Break down the lies and hate one person at a time, if you must. The path of love is not an easy one but it is a good one.

Love and pain are not one in the same but we can choose to take one and make it better. Love has to start somewhere so why not in you?


Love is Never Wrong

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  1. Society has never been kind to those who are seen as different, the trick is to not let it force us into a mold. And for many, that is easier said than done. It takes stamina to live outside the box, to be a maverick, and not all of us have that ability to pull off.

    Love is never a waste of effort or tears, ever. But loving those that dont seem to love you back can be soul killing.