Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking to the Stars

A while ago I came across a piece arguing for celebrities to come out and do more to help our community. It was a decent piece laying out why they should. I can't disagree the value of celebrity role models and presence to so many of us, especially our youth.

The stars today are asked so much. Not only must they act, sing, perform...they must promote, do charity, tell us their private lives. All just to catch peoples attentions. If we add the LGBT to the equation it becomes much more.

I've thought about this topic many times now since I first saw the video on it. The call, to me, should be one of caution. If made it should be a request not a demand.

The one sure thing about coming out is it should always be our own choice. As an extension of that sharing the information with people, let alone millions, again our own choice. It is so easy to look at the situation from the outside and say you should do this or that. In fact we should never put such pressure upon others.

Very few of us truly knows the impact such actions can cause. Will ultra conservative communities ban them? Do they increase risk to their lives in some areas? Will the message get drowned in politics? The questions are many.

As valuable as celebrity role models are I think we need to stop looking up. Look around us first. To me it is much more valuable to have local role models. If I am bashed or threatened is their an LGBT police officer to help me? If I'm concerned about my health do I have a LGBT doctor to visit? If I'm coming out do I have a LGBT center to visit?

The greatest impact in our lives are those who touch us. The people who care and understand. Those people should be the ones around you. My call is to them. We need you far more than a dreamy actor or actress in some far off place.

Security, confidence, inspiration... All are wonderful things we need in life. And all should be a call away at most. Role models are a powerful thing. Maybe we should realize they are all around us. And that is a far more powerful resource.

Leave stars and clouds for dreams and desires. If we need help, support, even comfort look around, we are everywhere. The challenge is being visible. But know if your always looking up the brightest thing may be missed.

Love is Never Wrong

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