Sunday, April 23, 2017


Most of my life I have dealt with those who want to erase me from existence or at very least erase me from public view. The reasons are many, shame, revulsion, fear...

That time is done! We exist! We love! We are Equal! We're here, we're queer, get used to it! 

Shine! Let them see that rainbow. Color their world all those vibrant hues. We've had enough black and white.

You want to dictate religion? Guess what we are in the pew sitting next to you. Some of us are in the pulpit. You want to pass laws? Guess what we are in office as well. Some of us are at the top. You want to take the fight tot he streets? Guess what some of us are the greatest fighters and athletes in the world.

Crusades, Jihads, abominations, degenerate... Words of hate still being uttered. A tired old list of lies.

I only have one word for you all, Love! I find it sad so many run from such a warm and pure thing. it is sad to see people run from the light into the darkness  over that list of lies. 

I have stumbled in dark rooms, fallen, and broken many things crashing into the unknown. Turn on the lights. You will find life a lot less scary and things so far away are much closer than you think. It's all about love and always has been.

I love you all but you have to love you. You have to love others. That must begin in you. And in that sentence we both share commonality. As I said we are not so far apart, we are just a light switch away.


Love is Never Wrong!

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