Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Solution

I keep hearing, most of my life, this or that is the solution to our problems. It does not matter what the issue, from personal to the world. People rush to and fro trying to fix the many broken things in our lives. It is not my goal to proclaim the solution to all the problems that exist but I think I can safely say what is the path to fix them. So today I offer a solution.

The solution I offer is one most people will not like. It requires much work and it upends our society on every level. People typically do not like change. My reply however is if it has not been solved and it is still broken then maybe we should try a new path.

The first step to any solution is unity and compassion. You can not solve hunger, poverty, discrimination, and so much more unless you finally begin to set aside your selfish ways and think of everyone as your equal. Everyone matters and everyone deserves to thrive.

Throughout our existence we have dabbled with basic concepts along these lines but we never seem to fully embrace them. The truth is yes we are individuals but we make up a whole. As I have written some time now both are inseparable. Both are vital and valid. The problem is people wish to take them to extremes.

The one, the few, the many, the whole are all the same. It is when we we finally put into perspective that my neighbor is part of me we begin to understand how to effect change. A person before me is hungry. I have food. You feed them. A person before me needs clothes. I have extra clothes. You clothe them. A person before me has horrible scars or problems, to much for them to bear. I can listen and help them find help. You share their burdens.

It is not about politics or religion. There is a fundamental force in the universe. It surrounds us and it is the very thing that sustains us and connects us. Call it whatever you will. The fact is it binds us all and runs through us. It nourishes us. Philosophers and spiritualists have delved into it for as long as recorded history.

Quite essentially everyone has endless potential. It is us however who limit it. When we begin to believe there is no other way or solution we have given up. Never give up! Anything and I do many anything is possible. There is no shortage of resources, their is no shortage of time, and there is no limitation.

I know that concept can be frightening and quite overwhelming. Some have a hard time seeing beyond their arm and some see endless competition or conquest. But then again those to are limitations. The truth is if you understood true power you would never need to go beyond yourself.

Oh I know many will dismiss this as new age nonsense or whimsical idealism but is it? As I already said if we begin to see each other as an extension of ourselves and cared for them as we would our self then would those issues that affect us begin to fade?

If you are hungry and have food would you not feed yourself? If you are hurt and have medical supplies would you not tend your wounds?  If you are scared would you not try to alleviate your fears? If your neighbor is part of your body then that is exactly what you would do.

The energy of life, the soul is bound by that very force I mentioned. We may not see it but it is there. All the oxygen on this world is shared by us all. We breath in and breath out. What has gone into me has been in another. It has been been rejuvenated by plants as a filter. The water we drink enters us and exits. Later it it is consumed again by another. Existence its self is a connector.

If you stop and think the welfare of the one or few ripples throughout the whole. You may not see the ripple but you certainly encounter it. One ignored homeless person can spawn desperation, crime, distress, and so much more. But did it have to be when so many walk by them every day? How did it come about? Some began to place themselves separate or above others. They began to ignore what they assumed they could not or would not change.

Remember you may be one but you are one among many. Each of you are unique. Each of you are one. Maybe if we embraced love, that golden force, we could look into the endless void and see that which is begins with each of us.

There is no hunger when we feed us.
There is no wound when we tend us.
There is no fear when we comfort us.
There is no discrimination when we see us.
There is no...

Never limit yourself. Never ignore the part of you that goes beyond your body. Never dismiss the grand connection that binds us all and sustains us. True power, true solutions come in the knowledge it is we, all of us, from the most meek to the richest and most famous that matters. No one is more important than another. By the same right the whole is not more important than the individual. Why you may ask. For we are one in the same.

You can hoard wealth, resources, knowledge, even influence but it is still a limitation to your life. It is just as much an obstacle as a being poor and ignored. Yes your cage may have more gilding's and things but you to struggled to keep and maintain such things. You must secure things from others who wish to have your abundance. You have fears of losing. You to have people who ignore you. Ironic the same situation just different amounts of resources at your disposal.

Do not get me wrong this is no some advocation of any political belief. It is a reality. The food on this earth can sustain us all. The water on this earth can sustain us all. The compassion on this earth can sustain us all. The only question is when do you choose to accept the reality of infinity and you are part of it? When do you choose to love?

I know some of you are probably scoffing right now. My question for you all however is why not?

If you are super rich and you can buy all the food, drink, wish then that means the resources are there.

If the labor to build all the hospitals, schools, homes... exist then the resources are there.

If that ignored or persecuted person is part of you then the resources are there.

If true power comes from within then the resources are there.

Hmmm... If we have all that we need what do we lack?

Love! Love every part of you, every connection, every part of the whole. The solution is not gold or iron, men, or machine. The solution is love. Pursue all things in the knowledge that you are a part of all things.

Love begins in you. It's expression flows out. Now there is a ripple that sustains.

Love is Never Wrong!

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