Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gay Oregon

Oregon, the Beaver State. Today is your day. I will begin with education resources.

The University of Oregon has UOut It offer education, support, advocacy, health information, and even financial advisory.

Oregon State University has their Pride Center. It seems to be a complete community center style service. So many resources are available. Their Frequently Asked Questions section is a good place to begin. However much is not online so direct contact is required for more.

Southern Oregon University has their Queer resource Center. They have support and education resources. They also appear to have mentoring programs. There is not a great deal online so direct contact is needed.

Eastern Oregon University has their Office of Multicultural Affairs. They don't list much but the inclusion of a Gay-Straight Alliance, Pride events, and support are mentioned. Check them out.

Portland State University has a Queer Resource Center. They offer education, support, advocacy, and some social events.

Pacific University has their Center for Gender Equity. Not much is listed about their details so please contact them if you have specific questions.

Mt. Hood Community College has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Lewis & Clark Law School has OutLaw.

Willamette University's College of Law  has Lambda Legal.

GLSEN has a chapter in Oregon.

Love is Never Wrong

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