Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random Links

Today I have some random links. For my International viewers I have some new ones for you as well.  Hopefully they help you along life's journey.

Thats So Gay Live is a nice site with many videos covering News, Information, and Entertainment. Watch or join in and become a local reporter. It is a very inclusive project. Please check them out.

Project Blue Sky is a project for people to make videos to encourage LGBTTQ people in Calgary, Canada. I just discovered this group via their It Gets Better video. Check them out.  (Canada)!/blueskyyyc

Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook is a project aimed to remove the most vile and hateful of attacks and comments on Facebook sites.

Belong To is a project to support LGBT youth in Ireland. They have many links and resources. (Ireland)

Athlete Ally is a project by Hudson Taylor, wrestling coach at Columbia University. He is a Ally to our community and seeks to encourage more Allies to step forward and make a difference wherever they are.  He does a good job.

Love is Never Wrong

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