Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sand of Life

One of the saddest things I find in life is how many of us struggle with who we are. The visible people in our lives that influence us are distant or share views that may defy how we were raised. Society in general has no true definition of us or if it does, does so badly. Like the sand of beach waves crash upon us washing us about and erasing our form and shape.

But what is sand? Sand is the countless variations of earth, rock, and life. If we were to magnify it you would see tiny shells, crystals, even soil. I think we are all like that. All the myriad of wonderful things that shape and create us are represented. A true beauty.

Sand is such a fine material. Its is blown by the wind, tossed about by the waves, and molded by man. But in all this it never changes. The wind may pile it into great dunes. The water may wash away design. Man may try to shape castles. But the sand does not change.

In life we are the sand. Many things try to sway and shape us but it never really changes us. Only we can change our selves. Even when the ocean of our life in in full storm and lashes out at us with such fury, we are the sand.

We are still here. We will always be here. We are the culmination of many great things. We know violence and pain. We know who we are. We just have to realize we are the sand. Things come and go. Life may toss us here and there but we are still here. We are still beautiful. We are still us.

Take all those things in life that matter to you let them be the grains of your life and be like the sand. If the wind blows you, start life in your new location. If the sea ravages you, know the storm will end and when the sun shines again you are a pristine beach, a place of beauty. And when man tries to shape you into the castles of its will know things of free particles crumble.

A grain of love can change the world. So be the sand of life and embrace the beauty that you are.

Love is Never Wrong

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