Sunday, July 3, 2011

LGBT Emergency Services

Today I would like to offer some links that focus on the LGBT Emergency Services around the world. Police, Firemen, EMT's and Paramedics are just a few of the many people who help us every day. So today is for them.

Gay Officers Action League of New York (GOAL-NY)

Gay Officers Action League Chicago

Gay Officers Action League New England

Michigan Gay Officers Action League  (MI-GOAL)

Blue Pride is a LGBT Law Enforcement discussion board.

Protect and Defend

Gay Peace Officers Association of Southern California

Florida Law Enforcement Gays and Lesbians (LEGAL)!/flalegl

FireFlag/EMS is dedicated to serving the LGBT Firefighters , Fire Officers,  Emergency Medical Technicians, EMS Officers, and Paramedics. It is New York City based.

Law Enforcement Gays and Lesbians International

Serving With Pride  (Canada)

Gay Police Association  is still under construction so check back.  (UK)

European Gay Police Association

Gay Cops Austria  (Austria)

Polis Aperta   (ITALY)  This site is in English and Italian.

Pink Cop  (Switzerland)

VelsPol  (Germany)

Queer Officers Switzerland  (Switzerland)

Love is Never Wrong

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