Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Power of Change

Since my friend Biki asked this question I thought I would answer it for everyone. How do we change people who bear us ill will?

In my experience such things come from from fear, ignorance, or anger. The first two are usually taught or a lack of willingness to change. Anger is usually a sense of being wronged or generally being upset their lot in life is being ignored.

Needless to say the power to change anyone's point of view is not yours. People have to change on their own. They have to be willing to change and as much as you will them to, you can not make them. In fact most people will rile harder against you the harder you try to force change.

So how can we make change. True and lasting change always begins in you. Will you get bogged down in a war waged in hate or rise above it and continue your life? Will you allow people to vent there venomous tirade while remaining calm and unwavering? Will you extend an olive branch even after a dagger in the back?

The path to change as I said begins in you. You have to be willing to love even when your hated. You have to be willing to do good when you are portrayed as evil. You have to educate when ignorance is afoot. You have to be you, a truer thing in deed.

Only tireless vigilance can begin the path of change but ultimately people have to make that change in themselves. So vanquish the fear with love, educate away the ignorance, and reply to anger with love. Then, and only then may change begin to occur.

If you want change, be it. Its that simple. You may not always succeed but change is not always about just what you perceive. Sometimes your efforts affect things in ways you never know. And that benefits us all.

So be the change and live a life of love.

Love is Never Wrong

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