Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Movie Night: Take III

Today I thought we should have another movie night. Maybe some thing to make us think and remember the many issues we all deal with in the LGBT community. So here are some short films.

No Son of Mine is a dark and sad film dealing with a couple of topics that have been too prevalent of late.

Pristine Books is a familiar tale of young and old, abusive relationship, and struggle with confidence. It made me sad and I think the implications go far beyond the description noted on the video description. It does have a lot to teach however.

Signage is a film about discrimination and fear. It is not the typical take on it however.

Thirteen or so Minutes is about love, sexuality, and nature.

Who We Are is another short film about discovery, coming out, and family. It's a story many have known.It has two parts.

The Boy Next Door is a short film about fear, selflessness, and discovery. It has two parts.

One on One is a story about Pride and coming out.

Love is Never Wrong

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