Friday, September 9, 2011

Gay Utah II

With the advent of so many new attacks on LGBT people in Utah of recent I have decided to try and find more links for those of you in that state. If you need help seek it. If you can help do. Either way it shows there is much education to do and fears to allay. I hope these links help.

Utah State University Pride Alliance is a site that seems a bit dated with no new info for a while now but it may still exist.

The University of Utah has their LGBT Resource Center. Everything from safe zones, to scholarships, and library materials are available. They have a mentor program and a Pride week. Check them out.

Southern Utah University has their Center for Women & Families. They have several resources listed.

Westminister College has their Diversity and International Center. It doe snot list what services they have so direct contact is necessary.

Weber State University has a Gay Straight Alliance. It is in the process of reorganization so here is their old name and site. There are a few resources listed.

Utah State University: College of Eastern Utah has a Gay Straight Alliance. This is only a listing. Direct contact is necessary for more information.

Logan High School in Logan has a Gay Straight Alliance. This is only a listing.

Pink Dot Utah. Pink Dot is a wonderful group I first came across in Singapore for my international viewers. There is now a group here in the Untied States. Pink Dot offers support, education, and advocates for equality. By all means check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

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