Wednesday, September 7, 2011


If your mind knows the sting of words, love. Though your body feels the stone, love. If your tormentors threaten your life, love. Stand, stand for love. Love never dies. When you touch someone or something it shines. It shines because you shine. What a wonderful thing to add to this world.

As much as anyone tries you can not erase love. You can not stop its brilliant radiance. For all it touches is transformed. It becomes the legacy of us all. It may not be apparent or visible but it is there and it does matter. It does make change.

If I smile at you, do you? If I laugh, do you? If I love you, do you love me? It is that simple, a chain from man to man that illuminates us all. A chain that can not be broken because as much as anyone tries you control what is in you.

One kiss to a love, goes to a hug to parent, that goes to smile to a friend. Like a flash of lightning loves warm embrace radiates out lighting the dark night. It's power makes the strongest tremble. So love and know though our time is not ours to know, our love is.

Love is Never Wrong

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