Sunday, October 16, 2011

Faith: Vision or Version?

Today I would like to talk about faith. Many of us have faith but we have been alienated or had our beliefs turned against us in life. We are subject to men who twist religious text for their own power and vanity. They preach fear, hatred, even death.

So how do we combat such usurpers? We love and reclaim our faith as our own. Faith is a personal relationship between you and whatever God you worship. No one has the right to condemn you or deny you that. Faith is more powerful than any mans will.

Know those who lure you into dark places by their grim mantle. Do they blame others for causing God's will? Do they use natural disasters to reinforce their points? Do they preach hate, intolerance, or even advocate death to those who do not meet their demands? All are hallmarks of a dark cleric, priest, or minister.

I may not be an expert on every religion but I do know God. If God wishes something done it will be so. Bear that in mind when you are told you do not conform or you are a heretic. Is it not interesting that man murders in the name of God? Bible, Koran, Torah... whatever your faith is the message love or death?

When you answer that last question you will know who and how you have been raised to worship. I'm not here to tell any of that. My effort here today is inspire you to ask yourself what do you believe?

Is the faith you practice or listen to vision or version? Vision comes from within. Version comes from outside. When you discover your vision with 20/20 eyes adhere to it because it yours and whatever God you believe in. And know that relationship can not be broken by any man. It's well being is solely dependant upon you.

Love is Never Wrong

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