Sunday, October 16, 2011

When do we care?

I've read a lot of things lately as I have taken much time off from updates this year. Some of these have disturbed me. One of those is a casual lack of caring by many. A cruel mindset that only seeks to make life a colder and darker place to live.

One of the many things I see is "No Drama."  It might be a personal ad, a blog, or even a YouTube channel. It is a attitude becoming more prevalent. Sadly it is also a attitude causing harm. Drama/problems/trauma are Human and everyone has them. They may not admit it or they may suppress them but they are there. They do occur and exist. Don't deny it or those with them.

When you exclude people in life that may be having rough times you deny someone. You deny them Human contact, help, even an outlet. People are not a selection on a computer or shelf that you can pick and choose from, they are Human. As such they deserve respect.

I am not saying you should date or be friends with someone who does not click with you. I am saying love and extend care to someone in need. How many  of us in life have had vulnerable times and we reached out only to be slammed back? How many have we lost because we did not care?

Life is not always grand or glorious, recognize that. No one is asking you to have all the answers or do everything but you can care, refer, or help those you meet in life. Who knows what impact  a polite bit of mail or a simple chat my bring. Maybe, just maybe, you might lift another person up and help them regain stability of life.

I care. Do you?

Love is Never Wrong

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