Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In Love, We Trust

It is the waning hours of Valentines day and I wanted to talk about love and trust. Two wonderful expressions that go hand in hand.

When we love we extend many layers of trust to others. We trust that we will be treated fairly, our interests will be observed, even we will be defended. Whether you love a friend, parent, or spouse it is the same. A bond of trust that lays the foundation for anything more.

This trust is a sacred acknowledgment from person to person. It is the sign of a open heart and generous soul. Love can not exist without trust. To remove it would denigrate the feeling to obsession, lust, or even something much darker.

Trust is not easy and we may be hurt by it but it is lifting and certainly liberating. Trust can work wonders in life. Have you ever known someone who raised your suspicions and you knowingly extended trust and love? They may surprise you. When you extend such grace in life you lift people up and give them a dignity they may not have otherwise. You show them a path of light. You raise them up in honor.

Love is a splendid garden with countless paths that take us to wondrous views and happiness. Each path is paved with stones of trust. They may grow old and crack, become covered in moss and dirt, or even become whitewashed from the sun but it is the path we should acknowledge as much as the garden for without it the wonders before us would never have been known.

Many people pay excellent lip service to Love and trust but the truth is in the stone. For in love, we trust.

Love is Never Wrong

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