Monday, February 20, 2012

The Power of Compassion, The Power of Change

Recently there has been a study put forth that links those who discriminate with a low IQ, or lesser intelligence. I find this to be a morbid pill offered as an answer to peoples views. IQ tests are neat and scientific studies that work within the confines, or parameters, set by the observer. They do not measure passion, emotion, or even tradition. They do not measure Humanity.

Although people may generally score lower on such tests and hold the views in question, it is not a measure of themselves. One can not fault a person who has not learned as much others or even been motivated the same. We can not judge those who have their whole lives been told something is wrong. They are Human as much as we are.

In our lives we can work to make change. We can educate people and show them the trueness of love and Humanity. Only when we work tirelessly to undo the the fear, misinformation, and hate can we seek an answer. In the business of all things Human we should extend dignity and respect. We should reserve judgment to our very souls.

Never dismiss those of differing views, emotions, or even traditions. Every thread of Humanity is a different color, texture, or material. Some may be worn or coarse but it does not dismiss them as part of our fabric. They should not be judged by their presentation, else we judge ourselves in the process.

I do know regardless of a persons raw intelligence or learning to date they are Human. They carry within them all the things taught to them, shared with them, and all the love or lack there of given them. It is very difficult to understand or accept intolerance, pain, or hate but the burden of change us upon us not them.

People change when they see, know, or learn, a better or proper way. They gain respect when shown it and allowed to express who they are or have been told they are. Whether or not it is right is relative. What is important is the extension of compassion, love, and respect. When you appeal to Humanity wonderful things can flourish. Change can come quickly. But the work must be done by us.

It is not easy for people to let go of a life's lessons and teachings. It is not easy to unlearn fear or hate. Only love and compassion can bring forth change. Judge not a person by the narrow confines of their knowledge or teachings. Judge them by their Humanity. Only when you do such can you truly evaluate a persons ability to change.

By all means fight for justice, equality, and love. Just do so with Humanity or our fight is naught but a ruse of superiority over a different view, which is the fire that consumes that which you object to.

I trust in Humanity, not intelligence. What do you trust in?

Love is Never Wrong

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