Thursday, July 17, 2014

Charity Begins at Home V

Today I have some more suggestions on how we all can contribute to better helping those in our community who may be in need. As always we all can do something to help someone, somewhere. It only takes the kindness of one to set in motion good things for others.

One of the greatest issues facing society today regardless of LGBT or not is hunger. People need to eat and they need to eat healthily. From homeless youth to the sick, and elderly we have many mouths to feed. Obviously there are the traditional sources but they are overwhelmed.

We should begin using our existing community centers as food pantries. Support is essential but so is health and well being of our community. Many more people can usually give food than money. And in the end it all adds up.

Another option for local communities are food co ops. Pool together your buying power to create purchasing options that will be cheaper for all involved. The more money we can free up the more it helps us and gives us the ability to help others.

The next issue is housing for so many of us. Some larger communities have dedicated LGBT housing but its few and far between. Our biggest need is to help the young, the elderly, and those whose health is faltering. Allocating special funding from traditional programs is unlikely in most areas. However we do have options.

Those of us who have spare homes or rental properties can create affordable options to those with lower incomes. Maybe we can advocate our existing centers create overnight sleeping areas so people at least have a safe place to sleep.

We can also take a lesson from many college communities. Create co op housing. Giving people a home from which to safely stay, an address for which to look for work, and others that can understand and support them is a great goal. They learn community, working together, and even sharing expenses.

One thing we can all can do is offer some form of labor. Maybe we should organize time banks, and work programs for those that need it. Many of us have things we need done and we spend money on them.  Whether it be our lawn being mowed, a car washed, a house painted, or even an artist to create things for business or enjoyment. Whatever the skill someone out there can fulfill that.

If we trade services or work with our centers to create job postings or time banks we create work and ways for people to get things for their efforts. Pride in achievement is so important and can lift us up. Sometimes we have to look beyond traditional methods and create new ones.

As I began today it only takes kindness and a bit of effort to set things in motion. Our goal should be to lift all that we can up in life. Give them pride, meaning, health, life, and most especially love. If we can not do that then our efforts fall short. And when you fall short with Humanity we all lose someone.

All efforts help from the smallest to the largest. Please do what you can where you can.

Love is Never Wrong!

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