Friday, August 1, 2014


Being LGBT we know a lot about extremism. Many of us have felt its pain or we have shed our blood to it. Still it is an entity that we still struggle with. Extremists are usually not bad people but they are people who allow fear, the unknown, and change to whip them up into a frenzy that leads them to make bad choices and create pain.

One of the greatest dilemmas we have is how to deal with those in the in the throws of this frenzy? The answer is simple but the act is not. Time, patience, and vigilant education are what change peoples minds. I know this seems a tired explanation but we must realize this is not a battle or a war. This is a struggle for liberty, freedom, and love.

The people who march under the banner of extremism did not get so overnight. Usually they are people of principle or values that have seen the erosion of teachings they have known their whole lives. Things their families, their church, or even community leaders have bestowed in them. Slowly the fabric of what they hold dear has begun to unravel and at a certain point they say no more and they take up a battle to preserve what they have left or dream of days when things were better. This is the struggle of traditionalism and liberalism. 

It is not wrong to hold on to values and traditions if they are positive and do not hurt others. There are many wonderful things to preserve but there are also many that should be changed. By all means say please and thank you, open doors for others, volunteer your time, be good to your family and friends, and lift people up in life.

Our first steps in dealing with extremism must be life, love, and respect. We are dealing with other Human beings and if we can not extend to them what we seek we have no ground for which to stand. It wont be an easy task to undo that which may have persisted a very long time. We must do so peacefully as I already mentioned its a struggle not a war.

Each connection you make in life show another who you are. It changes a view in someone of what they think something is. When it becomes tangible and personal it is no longer a threat. They may not understand and they may not agree with you but it is a step that removes a stone from their eyes and hearts.

Only in love and mutual respect can we then begin to converse and find out that each other are really not so different. We might even be surprised that we share many similar views. And in that we can return our attention to the traditions that are worth saving and do not hurt others.

I know this all sounds so easy but it is not. It takes time. We must give it time. To much to fast and we leave those who struggle with things with their heads reeling and feeling disoriented. You can disenfranchise their voices. And that is not what we want. Equality can only begin in respect and openness.

In some places those who lead the struggle may fall. It is then another needs to rise and take their place. Pick up the banner of equality and carry on. If another falls pick up the banner and carry on. It is a not a war but it is a struggle. In that, our will can burst from our hearts and we can shape the world.

Love, honor, respect, and most of all live. Be the whisper of all those wonderful values and traditions and watch the wind of our voices blow the storm clouds away so we all may dance under the rainbow and live in peace.

Love is Never Wrong

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  1. Hating in the abstract is easier than hating someone you know. Yes, of course it can happen, some people can hate so easily its down right scarey. But the more of us that are open with who we are the less and less simple that hate becomes. If you dont know anyone from a hated group, the lies spewed about them seem they could be plausible.

    Living within a cocoon of sameness closes the horizon to the wonderment that other cultures, religions, political views can bring to that bland beige world of sameness. Living ensconced with like minded folk slowly closes the mind to the point where anyone else living any other type of life is perceived as wrong or ugly. Thats why integration in schools and neighborhoods are vital for a culture to continue moving forward.

    Why the mingling of different ideas is so threatening to so many different religious people boggles my mind. Belief should be strengthened by rubbing shoulders with others, rather than diluting it. The need of hate to bind them closer is something one would think would be contrary to any religious belief system.

    Great post! Glad to see you posting again.