Thursday, May 12, 2016

Restroom Privledge

So all over the news lately is the battle over can LGBT people use the restroom they identify with. Specifically it targets those who are transgender. The need to use a restroom is a fundamental thing all people must do. To eliminate them from public facilities is quite unfair.

So let's look at the argument against. The main thing I am hearing is the fear women and children will be hurt by people dressing up as women. Can this happen? Yes it can. The problem is I see no one fighting to limit other problems. In recent news a man forced a 9 year old into a restroom and began kissing her. A priest took pictures of children and women using a restroom.... And these happened in non integrated places.

There are dangerous people in the world. I can understand caution but I can also realize you can not hold all people accountable for the action of one or a few. As of me writing this there have not been any instances of transgender people abusing another person in a bathroom of their identity.

So we are back to is limiting transgender people the right response? No, it is not. If you are so concerned about assaults, rapes, or abductions why not stiffen penalties for those who commit them? Preventing those who do no harm form using a restroom, a basic Human need, is not right.

If we look at pictures transgender people have published you can see a woman walking into a men's restroom or vice versa to coincide with their birth identity is just foolish. You make everyone feel threatened and place people in danger of being hurt.

So now we have a situation where you claim to be protecting people but are hurting others by decree. That's not a good law or policy. That is merely fear and misunderstanding. I understand some of us out there don't know what to do and they fear what might occur. However we must learn to accept difference and extend trust. If we can not do that then fear will always be our guide and that only causes pain.

What I do see developing is reactionary movements instead of discussion and understanding. A man just in the last day dressed up in a wig and skirt and paraded in and out of a women's restroom to prove a point and he bragged about it. He claimed he was warning people of danger.

What did he accomplish? He made customers fearful for their safety, not from being preyed upon but  from a man in a costume who did not identify as female using a restroom. He did so and bragged about it nationally. Now with attention I'm sure one of two things will happen.

The real people with mental disorders will try to copy the act and some may get hurt. The other possibility is a zealot with a martyr mentality will attempt to prove a point to have validation for their cause. Both of these happen when issues of this sensitivity occur. Congratulations or creating a new problem.

Hurting some to protect others is not right or a good balance. Giving ideas to those who truly can cause harm is even worse.  Acting in fear and stirring more fear up is never right. So what are our options?

I think first we need to agree all people should be able to use the restroom. If you are transgender you should use the bathroom you identify with. Should their be tougher laws to protect those who use restrooms? Yes. By all means create new laws to protect children, women, elderly and whoever is hurt in a restroom. These are places where we are all vulnerable in.

However laws should punish the crime and protect those who can not protect themselves. They should never block those who have never done anything wrong.  And I think that is the point. Guilty until proven innocent and guilty by definition are not good laws or policies.

Think about your actions. Learn what you do not know. Hear what all sides have to say. And reach out in love and understanding to all involved. In all things be firm and fair. Allow justice to reign when there has been a crime. Be vigilant to those who truly cause harm. Trust people and give them a chance.

So whats my simple solution? Maybe the people you are trying to protect others from are those who have proven to hurt others, not those who have not. Be honest, humble, and willing to listen and learn. We are all Human. Treat all people as Humans.

Love is Never Wrong!

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