Friday, August 5, 2016


You know so many of us dance around truth and even try to make it work for us. In reality however truth stands and stands alone regardless of how you spin it. So today let us talk about some very real truths.

This world, the here and know, is what we have. The future is not our concern, today is. Tomorrow is based on the bricks we lay on this day and tomorrow will come soon enough. If you don't lay a good foundation now how can you expect tomorrow to be any better?

So many of us fight and compete with others striving for whatever goal we set. However there is no competition except with yourself. You are the one who sets your goals. Try as you might chasing after someone else and theirs will always leave you empty. Why? Because it is they who then set your pace and your object of desire.

Fortune is a goal so many strive for and I can not find fault with the desire for a better life. But, at some point, when is enough enough? I can buy a pretty bauble and then when I get more wealth a new one or one gilded and laced with gems.  Does it make it any better? No, it is just a way to express I have more.

Fame oh that one lures so many. They wish to be known, listened to, and respected. All to soon however they find they are stalked, harassed, and denied any time to themselves. Fame does not equal happiness. That only comes from within. that one seduces so many. They do such horrible things to achieve it sometimes. All because they think getting someone to do something for you makes you stronger. It does not. It only means you are a good liar, deceiver, or cruel. In some cases it makes you a coward because you can not do your will on your own.

 Pride, sweet pride, a little goes a long way. This one can make us stand and do whats right. To much however and we become stubborn and obstinate. When we can not bow our heads to others in in the knowledge we are wrong or do not have all the answers our pride is to much.

Arrogance... I think we all know this one. It and pride sometimes overlap. To be so sure you and only you are right or have the answers is arrogant. If you can not acknowledge even the slightest chance of error you are arrogant. Such only serves you and even serves you poorly.

Some of you may ask where am I going with this and maybe you know what these truths are already. Then allow me to pose you a question of truth. When do you choose to make the world we all share better? Be careful of that one though. We may think we know truth on how that should be but if better does not help everyone then it helps none.

You may question that last line but think about it. Truth stands. It is us who seek to twist and manipulate it to suit our desires. Good, evil, rich, poor, famous, unknown, powerful, and powerless all share the same place. Whatever your motive it relies upon others if you go anywhere beyond yourself.

Maybe we should tend to those around us and ensure they are taken care of and have happy lives just as much as we do. All those lovely truths above rest on foundations of our construction today. Choose your materials and construction site wisely. Make sure your workers are knowledgeable and well cared for. Finally make sure your vision is clear as to what you are building. Undoing and rebuilding to constant design changes only tries the soul.

Truth, that stubborn root you try and try to remove, grind down, and even burn. Funny how something that seems such an obstacle to us consumes so much of our time and effort. Yet when we stop resisting to it being there and merely work around it life becomes easier and happier.

So how do we approach truth? That one is simple. We do the right thing. You must decide what that is. You must also choose when to do it. The only advice I can tell you is the longer you wait the harder and more convoluted it becomes.

Truth is we all matter each and every one of us. Maybe if we stop resisting that and work with it life will be easier and happier. Is it any wonder why we define love and true love? Truth!

Love is Never Wrong!

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