Thursday, September 8, 2016

Being You

Today I would like to talk about being you. I know so many people have different perspectives on it and even you may not know who you are yet. It's ok because you are an ever changing rose. Your bloom may change colors or shades depending on the day, weather, and nutrients you take in. What matters most however is you.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you who you are or how to get to being who you want to be. Each of our journey's is our own. We have been given so many tools to grow and blossom. But there is one truth. You and and you alone must be you. No one and I mean no one has a right to define you.

Now this is where society and family tends to go wrong. There is a fine line between help, instruction, care, and faith. At some point you begin to oppress and hurt in your efforts. Maybe your goal is well intentioned, maybe not.

It's very difficult for people to not want to mold the world to their thoughts and beliefs. By proxy they sometimes go beyond the physical into the realm of the living. Our lives! Being LGBT I don't think I can relay just how much this is true. I think some people would be utterly shocked just how much this impacts our lives.

The Human trait to ignore what does not apply to them can be strong. People may not see the insults, denials of existence, safety, and even legitimacy of life. Would some be surprised that Lesbians are raped in some places because "they just need a man to correct them?"  Would people be surprised at the hateful jokes, words, insults... you can hear in one day, all aimed at your existence?

Society....people...families need to understand everyone deserves the right to be themselves. Just because something is not your belief or way does not mean it is not valid. I know many get caught up in tradition and faith when it comes to our community but you need to understand an important fact.

We are here. We have always been here. Think about that. Your tradition is based on history. Look and you will find us there staring back at you. Your faith is based on belief. Observe us, we worship just as you.  We create families and have children. We are in every profession and every city. We are your friends, neighbors, teachers, leaders... We are!

There is no greater crime than to deny a person the right to be themselves. There is no greater crime than to deny yourself. It always begins with a lie. I recently talked about truth maybe you should scan down and view that before going further.

Lies are all around us. Sometimes we wrap ourselves in them. However, even that is a lie. We may not be able to control the actions of others but we can control ourselves. So let us begin by telling our self the truth, our truth.

When you have begun to tell yourself the truth then and only then can you focus on being you. I can't tell you who that may be but I'm sure your flower will be a sight of beauty. I can't tell you others won't hurt you but I can tell you, telling your truth stops you from hurting you.

Be you. Be happy you are you. If you have to completely switch genders, uproot your lives, or even abandoned those closest to you then be you. Truth is the beginning, acceptance is the struggle, and love is the conclusion. Just like the rose you will grow and blossom and like it's thorns your vigilance will deter those who wish to pluck your brilliance.

Being you is a journey of love. It is a lot of work and you must navigate the thorns but the sight is precious. If I have lost  you then let me say this. Let the truth be your fertilizer.

To borrow a line from a song:

"Just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun's love,
In the spring becomes the rose"

Love is Never Wrong!

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