Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Cost

Today I would like to talk about the cost of all things.  To many times we see people charge ahead without regard to cost. They rush in with ideas, designs, and goals. They only seek the end ignoring the cost to get there.

Imagine a teacher who drives their students to succeed, always pushing. Students burn out, lose control, and desire. Some may even commit suicide. Is success worth those we lose?

Think about a politician who may rightly point out faults but charges ahead toward their goal ignoring dissent and forcing their will upon others. People get hurt, lost, or die. Is the goal more important than Human life?

Contemplate a research Dr. They seek a cure to a nasty disease but they cut corners testing on Humans and combine things that were never meant to be. Is mutation, disregard of will, and death worthwhile?

All of these examples and many more have a common thread. That would be ignoring the cost to achieve your goal. There are many people in life who believe the end justifies the means to get there.
This is not true.

The path to whatever your destination matters on how you get there. It matters that you stop and take in all that you are doing at every step. It matters to observe the concerns and objections of others. We all share this world and as such we each matter and we each have a voice in how it is ruled and used. 

Some may say this is a revolutionary thought. I however say it is not. It is respect of the cost. When we talk about Human life it is always more valuable than a goal or idea. When we barter Human life, welfare, and happiness for a destination we have already failed.  We have already paid to high a price.

The cost, whatever progress, teaching, desire, or goal is never worth more than a Human life. When you disregard or play with such then you are little more than a monster. You have already written off Human life and as such that makes you inhuman.

I know all to well some will debate this till they are blue in the face but I dare you to sit and live each of those lives you wreck, tear apart, or kill. Maybe you would see just how your progress impacts people.

With this we come to personal sacrifice. This one is more tricky. However the cost must still be weighed but the one thing that separates it is that it's the choice of one, over themselves. It may impact others but it is their determination.

All this being said there are many things in life worth the cost of a goal. However those things usually take into account the welfare of all involved. Disregard that and you will find your ledgers in the red.

Never barter, trade, use, or even disregard Human life and welfare. The cost is to precious. Even considering it treads upon a darkness that is catastrophic. You can justify whatever you want in your own mind but let's be honest anything beyond you is us, all of us.

I hope and pray you all consider the cost of things in your life. Realize the value of what have and seek. Some things you can never replace. People can not be replaced. New ones may appear but there is always a hole with those we lose.

Be frugal with your goal and life. Know when to invest and when to withdraw. Sometimes the price is to high. Barter and trade in love for it only grows and returns dividends that are priceless. Realize wealth is vested in the welfare of all.

Pay in love! Progress in love! Celebrate in love!

Love is Never Wrong!

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