Wednesday, May 16, 2018


It does not take much to look around the world today to see so much chaos, violence, and despair. The truth about all this is that so much of it is quite intentional. There are those for whatever reasons choose to hurt you, divide, you and even confuse you.

If they can achieve these things they can direct you where they will. They can delegate what and how much you get. They can choose who lives or dies. They set the pace and it never out does them. But then that is their weakness. They see the brillance that is you and can only achieve by bringing you down.

Oh I know this not apply to all but it does apply to many. To many are hurt, stirred up by , or oppressed by a small group of very selfish people. To many suffer.

I am not telling you anything I am sure most of you know. That is not what this post is about.  What I do want you to know is love. I talk about it so much.

You see all the things that make you who you are go beyond the physical body and into our hearts, minds, very soul. What you need to know is good people can do bad things but good people learn and grow. They seek forgiveness and try to right wrongs.

No matter what happens to our bodies no one can take our very core. That is ours and ours alone. It is why some hurt and oppress. They wish to crush that resistance in you. However only you have that power. They can't touch that which is us. Only we can.

If we base our core on love and try to live, love, and forgive then all their work is for naught. And in the end it only takes one lonely, tired, and very hurt soul full of love to undo all their hate and division.

Many times I have told you all to stand int he light. Evil things can't hide themselves there. It means they will be seen and that very sight is an account of their wrongs. It is an account of things they must pay for. And with time and love they shall.

The only thing that truly matters is what is inside you. Hopefully it is love for it heals and sustains all.

I wish you all love.

Love is Never Wrong!

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