Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Silenced/Ignored

Today I want to talk about something that affects society as a whole. However; it is quite problematic for our community as we can be the ones most unheard. I want to talk about child abuse. I need to talk about child abuse...

To often children are being used as punching bags, sex toys, cash machines, and targets for all sorts of demented rage. I've shared some of my own experiences in the past and I have heard countless more from others in my life.

Part of me wants to get everyone the help they need and then the other part says some people should not reproduce or be around kids. Either way we have an epidemic and it is festering. We complain about the oozing pus but never seem to truly treat the wound.

We have parents who use their kids as cash machines trotting them out like made up dolls just to make a dollar. We have some who think it is alright to sexualize a child... I don't think I need to go further down that path in this article. It says enough with just that. We have...

In our community we face beatings for not conforming to our gender. We face sexual abuse both to "correct us" and because we are the most vulnerable being the smallest minority in society as a whole.  We get bullied for being different, even into adulthood. We grow up most everyday hearing some form of condemnation that we are some form of evil. I have to say who abuses a child in such a way that is not themselves a monster for such words or actions?

In my own life I recall all the time hearing such words. I recall the hate and violence expressed that someone might even be called gay. Back then it was only gay or straight they really didn't recognize anything beyond that. My point is you have no idea how hard that is to hear for someone who knows they are different. You have no idea how hard it is to develop hearing such things.

Now imagine the further threats on life. In my own case I recall the young man found dead in a ditch after he came out. There was no hate crime laws then. The talk then was he's just a fag. He got what he deserved.

Then we have the subtle abusers. I don't care what you do as long as its not in my face. I'm sorry two people holding hands, kissing, or smiling and having a flirty conversation offends you but we deserve to find love. We deserve to be loved. To the religious...  If you know love you know God.

To many children walk with bruises, tortured souls, scars that may never completely heal, and check out of life before their time. You know I find this harder to write than I thought. There is to much to say and to much pain for all involved. We hurt and we have little to no justice as a whole. It is time for wounds to heal.

When will society treat the wounds and begin taking care of those hurt and lost children?

We certainly have been taking about this for some time. It's even in our music. Maybe we should listen to all those songs that were viewed, some hits, and listen with our hearts. Maybe, just maybe, we would do the right thing.

The above are a few of many voices talking about crimes that have been and are being committed. When do the silenced and ignored get their justice and are allowed to heal? Can they all be healed? I hope so. I hope there is enough love in the world because the tidal wave of hurt could wash away a continent.

I hope, I pray, one day there is no more pain and all can find peace. We all deserve peace.

All my love to the others.

Love is Never Wrong!

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