Thursday, February 10, 2011


I sit here and write this tonight for all of you out there who are younger. This blog is a  response to all the suicides by our youth. In recent days while doing my searches for links I have had the chance to read many sites and replies by many younger people. I have hope for all of you and I hope you do as well.

My concern is so many think it acceptable to be pessimistic and complacent in the status quo. Please don't be one of those people. Hope! It is not a fleeting emotion that is the luxury of the few. It is something you must create on your own.

Hope is all that you aspire to be and wish to change. Without it there is no life, only stagnation and despair. Set your goals, strive to achieve them, and make the world as you would dream it. Will is a powerful force of change in the world and you are a powerful force in in it.

Never accept things will never get better. Never accept the place others will relegate you to. You are the master of your own life. Remember that and live life with hope.

I am not saying life is not difficult but do not dwell in it. At some point we have to pick ourselves up and realize hope is always there, because we are. So many of us know pain and cruelty. So rise above that and soar in the knowledge you will not continue the bitterness and pain.

Maybe we all need to change our points of view. That mountain that seems so insurmountable before you can become a pile of rock if we all take a pick to it and begin change. We are a force and so are you. All things are possible. And yes things can change and get better.

I know to many of you I am only the words on the screen of a computer before you. But I am a person just like you. I have hopes and dreams. I have known pain, fear, and darkness. Of all the things I have learned in life hope is the most important.

Craft your hopes and dreams like a master architect. Build them with care, paying attention to every detail. Take pride in its construction and share your joys with all those in life who matter. When completed gaze at the beauty you have given not only yourself but the world. All from a humble hope.

To the young man who inspired me to write this please know hope is alive. Open the window of your heart and let its story soar forth. All you need is you and hope. From there all things can change.

Love is Never Wrong

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