Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gay New York IV

Today I am continuing my New York links with student resources. There will be no summations as normal so that I don't have to repeat the same things. Most student resources offer the same things. Those are education, support, and advocacy resources. A few will also offer social events and health resources.  There may be a future addition to this list. New York is unusual the way they work associations and schools. So as I further investigate it to determine its merits I will post them.

Vassar College has their LGBTQ Center

New York University has three Resources. The first being their LGBTQ Student Center. Second is their law schools OUTLaw. Finally their Business school has OUTClass.

Harvard has their Gay and Lesbian Caucus.

Dartmouth has a LGBT Alumni Association.

Syracuse University has two links but they seem to duplicate one another. I will list both anyways. This listing is their LGBT Resource Center.

Cornell University has an LGBT Resource Center and their business school has Out for Business.

Columbia University has three resources. The first is their Queer Alliance. Next they have a Pride Blog. Finally their Law School has OUTLaws.

St. Johns University has two resources. They have a Gay Straight Alliance and their law school has a Gay and Lesbian Law Association

Ithaca College has their Center of LGBT Center of Education, Outreach, & Services.

The Rochester Institute of Technology has two resources. The first is Their Gay Alliance. The second is their GLBT Center.

Barnard College has Q.

Hofstra University has The Pride Network.

Queens College has GLASA.

Brooklyn College has their LGBT Alliance.

Binghamton University has their Rainbow Pride Union.

Hunter College has Queer Student Union.

Baruch College has GLASS.

City College has an LGBTQ Alliance.

Yeshiva University's law school has OUTLaw.

The Culinary Institute of America has a Gay Straight Alliance.

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